Bagger, Movin On Up, Tiny Dancer, Father Rico, Ocho Cinco, Old Fashioned, Pedialyte, Black Widow, Vegemite, Rambis (FNG), Uncle Jerry, Faulkner, Noodler, Topanga, Bogey, YHC

Bus loop mosey front, side, side, back. Scorpion, WMH, Rice Planters, LBAC Fr/Back, Air Press

100 merkins in sets of 10 with a 10-second low merkin hold in between each set. Accumulate 10 burpees and 10 4-count flutters for every 10-second pause you take. Looks like the average was about 5-6 breaks so that ~50-60 burpees and flutters.

100 jump-squats, thanks to Movin’ on Up for the demo. Sets of 10 with a squat-hold. Accumulate either 5 Lt. Dans or 15 flutters for every 5-second break, dealers choice.

Partner up for 2 rounds of buddy carries and 2 rounds of sprints.

On your 6 for 20 APDs, 10 single-leg APD each side, 40 APDs. Then 20 hand-release merkins, 15 hand-release merkins, and dealers choice of 10 hand-release merkins or 5 8-count body-builders.

4:13 signing day today
Prayers for Sinclairs, Duffeys, Penny Loafers, and Fogartys.

Sharknado Redux


21 unsuspecting PAX got the privilege of YHC’s short shorts and Sharknado BV style.

Tiny Dancer, School Girl, SofServ, 85, Old Fashion, Offshore, PSL, D’Mish, Dupree, A/R, Faulkner, Pedialyte, PREVAC, Ludwig, Insync, (FNGs) Liberal Arts, Buster Bluth, Bogey, The Situation, Fr Rico, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Mosey Big Loop w Lunge Walk to Reverse Lunge Walk to Bear Crawl to


Sharknado –
15 Burpees, 20 Diamonds, 20 Squats, 20 CDD, 20 Flutter Kix (4 ct)
Run lower loop
RnR until 0609

Back to main lot for

Plank x 1’
AL Prom Date x 13 IC
5 Merkins
Ola Dolly x 13 IC
5 Ranger Merkins
Box Cutters x 13 IC
5 Atomic Merkins
Flutter Kix x 30 IC


5 FNGs on the last day of the month? Dang right, hit our quota already.
T Claps to 🕺🏿&🐮🧍🏻on the EH. Hope that yall come back next week.

Prayers up for sure for CCR, Char and the Fogarty family. Please consider supporting them by purchasing a Char t shirt at charliesfightclub at gmail dot com. They are taking pre-orders now.



Titan Up

16 HIM celebrated the Titan’s run to the AFC championship with a TITAN UP workout, with an eye on advancing to the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon. Titans’ gear or blue colored attire was highly recommended. Good showing by the PAX on this front.

Bagger Vance, PSL, D’mish, Kurds (Willie Loman from Kansas City — how appropriate), Soft Serve, Pedialyte, School Girl, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, CCR, Calf Killer, Ocho Cinco, ‘n Sync, Uncle Jerry, Prevac, Bluedwig van OshKosh (QIC)

Bus loop mosey around the back of the school to the pavilion for WOR.

20 SSH
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 BACs  – forward and back
10 Butt Kickers – ‘cuz that’s what’s gonna happen to the Chiefs on Sunday
Finish with a pregame plank progression in honor of Coach Vrabel .

T – 10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes — lost Calf Killer after round 6

I – Indian Run from pavilion to Crievewood Baptist and back. Calf Killer returns.

T – 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes

A – Aiken Legs (modified) – 20 squats, 20 jump lunges, 20 lunges

N – Nines, like 11s or 7s – Jumpsquats and Merkins

U – Upper Body Circuit – 2 rounds of 10 rows, 10 hanging knees to chest, 10 swerkins

P – Plank exercises back in parking lot – 20 plankjax, 22 mountain climbers for Tractorcito

10 Good Mornings – D’mish guaranteed a Titans’ win because of this.

Good work today. Titan Up on Sunday.


13 on the 13th

Temp: 45
Gloom Factor: Low

PAX: CCR, D’Mish, PSL, Yard Sale, High Flyer, Dupree (6th Man), Prevac, Ludwig, Ocho Cinco, Pedialyte, Too Tall, School Girl, Bagger Vance

Mosey short loop and circle up for WOR:

All IC X 13
Nipple Rippers

Run 1 Mile
Grab blocks
13 Rounds –
5 Pull Ups
10 Merkins
15 Squats (Chest, Goblet, Sgl leg, OH)
Return Blocks
IR 1 Mile

Flutter Kix x 25 IC


Truncated Murph on the 13th.
Thank you to D’Mish o Nuts for allowing me to lead.

Praise for Carter Santos’ first day of first grade (CCR)
Prayers needed for School Girl’s EEs family w health issues


Fartsack Friday

Black Friday
Temp: 44
Gloom Factor: As Expected

PAX: Pedialyte, Penny Lane – Wilmington, Nadia – Knoxville, Bagger Vance
QIC: Sharknado 2.0

Big loop to start then
SSH, IW, HB, Squats

THANG – Sharknado
Burpees 15
Merkins 20
Squats 20
Big Boy Sit Ups 20
Scorpion Dry Docks 20

Laps 1&2 went clockwise around bus loop
Laps 3&4 counterclockwise
Lap 5 clockwise w Bernie Sanders up speed bump stretch
Lap 6 clockwise high bound (ok, it was skipping) up speed bump stretch
Lap 7 clockwise butt kickers

Time called when Nadia finished his run and we headed to main lot for

Plank 1 min
Flutter kicks IC X 50
Side plank r/l 1 min
Pointer Plank r/l x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO


I expected a light crowd today but was pretty stunned to see how pervasive the Fartsack was today.

Room in the Inn Sunday night
413 dinner Thur night


8 November Robbie Miller Hero Workout

Temp: 32ish
Gloom Factor: Moderate

PAX: D’Mish O Nuts, Floppy Disk, PSL, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, School Girl, Ludwig, 85, Pedialyte, Movin On Up, Too Tall, Paul Blart (FNG), Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer

Lots of early MC RE: temperature, wind and proper attire…more on that to come.

Normal long mosey down Trousdale, up bus loop over to shed to pick up Coupons.

Circle up under pavilion. High plank for 6 …quick review of F3’s 5 core principles and our #Mission as well as another Disclaimer for our FNG.

SSH x 13 IC
Squats w Block x 13 IC
High Knees > Butt Kickers x 13 IC
WMH X 13 IC (YHC was reminded this is a stretch and to slow down)
NO GOOD MORNINGS to the chagrin of D’MON.
5 Ct Burpees x 5

Robbie Miller WOD from GoRuck’s Heavy Hitter Monthly Challenge.

12 Rounds:
6 Pull Ups
6 Burpees
6 Mountain Climbers (4 ct.)
6 Coupon Get Ups

Plenty of time left so we dropped off the ‘Pons and headed to the front wall for
6 Mike Tysons
5 Mike Tysons

Side Shuffle down Hogan and then Circle up for

6 MOM:
Flutter Kix X 50 IC to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of something that happened 50 years ago today.
5 Merkins
25 Ola Dollies IC
High Plank
5 Merkins
20 AL Prom Dates IC
5 Merkins
High Plank Yoga version for Too Tall


Sustained cold weather for the foreseeable future. All agreed that wind was the main culprit in today’s discomfort.
It’s Tights season once again for Too Tall.
Floppy gets all his hats for free and his Cabelas hat was on point today.
Ludwig will dress more appropriately next week to account for wind chill.
D’Mish O Nuts (stylized as D’Mon) needs us to chip in for a new pair of Ninja Ice. I thought he’d just bill CPA for some but apparently that’s frowned upon.

• Continued prayers for Sinclair family.
• Tampa Libra’s ongoing adoption process.

First cast the beam out of thine own eye

PAX: Big Stick (ofc), Dmish incognito as Bagger, PSL, Yardsale, AR, BoyBand, Locust, Venus, Pedialyte, Dupree, Movin’ On Up, yours Qly.

WOR: Good mornings for my boy Donuts, SSHx15, FIN.

THANG: Mosey down an unexpected and unfamiliar path through the Shire to a brief but very memorable lane called Brevity.

Partner up, grab a BAB (big ass beam), and lets roll.
Partner 1: Walk 300 paces holding beam in zercher position
Partner 2: 30 4-count flutters, sprint to catch up, perform 10 burpees before switching.
– RR

Partner 1: Walk 200 paces holding beam in back squat position
Partner 2: Walk alongside, 10 burpees (cant start until 150 paces are complete)
– RR

Partner 1: Walk 150 paces holding beam in overhead press position
Partner 2: Same, walk alongside, 10 burpees (cant start until 150 paces are complete)

Gather under pavilion: Both partners hold beam on right shoulder, Lt. Dan down. Turn around, flip to left shoulder, Lt. Dan back to start.

Partner 1: Suicide sprints
Partner 2: Irkins on (2) beams
– RR

Partner 1: Sucide sprints
Partner 2: Dirkins on (2) beams
– RR

Grab your wood, Indian Run the bus loop, and return to startex.

MARY: Dmish called for Megan Barry, Big Stick called for Alabama Prom Dates, YHC added single leg APDs, and we finished her off with Razer Blades™
by Venus.

COT: Be intentional

America runs on Dmish. Best coffee I’ve ever had, thanks.

27 September 21,15,9s

Temp: 70
Gloom Factor: Moderate

PAX: Black Widow, Olan Mills, Pedialyte, School Girl, Bueller, PSL, A/R, Movin on Up, Ocho Cinco, Ludwig Von Oshkosh, Offshore, Dupree, Venus, Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer + lock cars

Bus Loop
Lunge walk
Bear craw
Crawl bear
Rev LW

7 Squats

HB x 13 IC
IW x 13 IC
SSH x 13 IC

21, 15, 9s
All Work Sets Performed three times in 21 reps then 15 reps the 9 reps.

Tuck Jumps / CDD
AYG/Politician drop off line btwn sets


Calf Raise / Row

Grab Coupons


Pull-Ups / Thrusters w Coupon

Coupon Jumps / WWI on basketball court
(Little twist here: crawl w block on way down, lunge on way back RD 1&2…frog jumps on RD 3)

Cool Down Mosey in drop off line x 8


Worked on proper flutter kick form


Lots of groaning today during the Fran Evolution of the Q only to be matched during the Sisyphus Evolution.

One thing YHC noticed is there seemed to be a lot of lolly gagging in between Evolutions, assuming that was to steady the heart rate and not an attempt to Whiskey Dick the workout.

Princess Aurora brought up 3S2T the other week after the 5 year, for the uninitiated that is Speed, Strength, Stamina Toughness (Physical/Mental). This was never more evident to me than during Sisyphus when the PAX were given less than clear directions and 1) had to figure some things out OYO & had to transport the coupon in a less than efficient manner. During RD III you could smell that hair burner smell as the coupons were drug across the court…such a sweet smell.

Ludwig’s M, Ocho’s dad, MOU’s dad.


Wall of Truth

16 beauts for chest day.

PAX: Bag of Ants, Cathy from Korea Town, Retainer,  Master Splinter, Big Stick, PSL, Yard Sale,  Big Perm, Dupree, AR, Movin On Up, Dine N’ Dash, Mayhem, Fantastic Dmish, FTTA, yours Q’ly.

– Partner 1 holds a coupon in a wall sit while Partner 2 does 25 Bulgarian split-squats on one side
– Switch and repeat until each partner has done 50 on each leg

– Partner 1 holds a coupon in a wall sit while Partner 2 does 25 derkins
– Switch and repeat until each partner has done 50 total derkins

– Jump back into Bulgarians until each partner has done 100 total each leg. Eventually stopped for time but each group should have finished at least 75 each side

– Partner 1 does 10 skater squats (5 each leg)
– Partner 2 does 10 runner squats (5 each leg)
– Switch and repeat x2

1 person in the middle doing max curls with 45lb bb. Minimum 20 reps. Rest of the group on MARY. Mix of:

      • Seated flutter
      • Captain Thor
      • Steel blades
      • Superman
      • Big Boys
      • Plank
      • Shoulder tap high plan
      • J-Lo
      • Scorpian

COT: White Russians dad has recovered. Ocho Cinco lost his mom this week to cancer. Prevac’s son diagnosed with Crohn’s, Bagger’s friend also diagnosed with Crohn’s, DND’s bride about to have kid #3. YHC encouraged PAX to commit to confessing sin to each other, praying for each other, and making this community about more than working out. YHC confessed he hasn’t been the best example of patience in his home this week. I pray we can be leaders in our homes as much as we try to be at work, in church, and in our communities.

Mumble Chatter:
Artsy Fartsy murals, recycling, trump straws, playing basketball over the age of 30, global warming, and dmish likes it rough.

2 August 2019 10s

Temp: 75
Gloom Factor: Nil

Jinxy Cat, Gaylord Focker, Black Widow, Dupree, Venus, Atlas, Yard Sale, PSL, Foxtrot, Sinkhole (FNG), D’Mish, Master Splinter, Movin on Up, A/R, Floppy Disk, Calf Killer, Rooms 2 Go, CAPSLOCK, Big Perm, Flying Tomato, Lumbergh, Edible, Hurricane Joel, Bagger Vance

0529:30 Disclaimer

Mosey to Trousdale, Bear Crawl Bump I switching to side BC L/R, Politician to the corner and Circle Up

Goof Balls x 13 IC
WMH x 10 IC
IW x 13 IC
HB x 13 IC

Plank for Thang and explanation of F3 5 Core Principles …

10 Pull Ups
20 Calf Raises
30 Merkins
40 Flutter Kicks (4ct)
50 Walking Lt Dans
60 Monkey Humpers
70 Plank Jax (sgl ct)
80 Side Straddle Hops (sgl ct)
90 LBCs (sgl ct)
100 yard top loop

RnR until Time called

D’Mish called on YHC late last night to Q so today’s festivities had to be something D’Mish-worthy.
Fantastic to have Rooms2Go back in the game. Long Island seemed to treat you well brother.
Welcome FNG Sinkhole from Bowling Green, KY, an EH from Foxtrot.
Jinxy Cat back for more w Gaylord Focker.
There was a bit of shenanigans during the Monkey Humpers, D’Mish I’m sorry please let that cup check pass.
Good work done by all. Glad to be a part of the action. Have a great weekend.

5 year anniversary 14 September at Stonewall.

IronPax Challenge hosted by F3Greenwood. See the link for details and sign up. Let’s get a ton of PAX signed up and win this thing.