Titan – Sweating it out with FitDeck

Workout to pay homage to my B-school classmate (Phil Black, Navy SEAL, Yale / HBS, Firefighter, GREAT AMERICAN) who was TWICE rejected by the Sharks on Sharktank, yet invited back for third try.  His first attempt was “Fitdeck” (no, not Fitbit)- which he eventually sold for a nice penny, I’m sure.  We used Fitdeck for our workout today.

PAX (10) – Pumkin Spice, Blue Mule,  Siri, High Viz, Right Said Fred, Bad Boy, Michelin Man, Drago, Cub Cadet (QIC)…and wow I feel like I’m forgetting somebody.

Gloom – minimal. 70 and humid.  Nothing to complain about.

Warm-up: Short jog, SSH, GM, WMH, LBAC (F/B), SC, OHP, SOYO

The Thang:  Rounds of 4 cards each (Full body, upper, middle, lower), reps cary from 10-25, some for distance.  Between rounds sprint 200M, jog back, next round.  Exercise cards included: Regular Push-ups (Merkins), Bonnie Blairs, High Knees, Freddie Mercurys, Crab walk, LBC, Wide Arm Push-ups, Lunges, Staggered Arm Push-ups, Kick-backs, Squat Thrusts, Flutter kicks, Side Legs Lifts, Burpees, Negative Push-ups, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Reverse Curls

Ended up back  a COT where we gave thanks for all our blessings, including recovery of Bad Boy’s co-worker’s father.

Good times. I was smoked, not sure about the rest….CC

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