Short-order Q

PAX: Umbrella, Olan Mills, Soft Serve (Kotter), Black Widow (Kotter), Hugs Not Drugs, Not a Sport, Redskull, Toga (QIC), Old Fashioned, Soccer Tease, Offshore, One more?

Gloom Factor: Nada= 70 and sunny, per usual

Thang: Lunge from Racetrack start to pull-up bars to begin Black Widow’s “I can’t run” special order Q.  It went like this:

  • 11s with Pull-ups and Atomic Merkins
  • 11s with chin-ups and Werkins
  • 11s with inverted rows and clerkins

Lunge back to parking lot for Mary.

COT: OM took us out.

NMM: It was great to have a good size group at ye ol’ Racetrack this morning.  The PAX seemed to appreciate an upper body focused workout per Black Widow’s special requirements.

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