A Classic-(al) Beatdown

Low 60s made for a welcome respite from the 70s and high humidity we’ve been experience lately.

14 HIM posted for a beatdown history lesson celebrating YHC’s classical music upbringing.

CCR, OchoCinco, Venus, Too Tall, Tampa Libra, Big Pipeline, Topanga, Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, FoxTrot Talks A Lot, Movin’ On Up, BV, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

WOR: Very Standard

SSH, WMH, Good Mornings, LBAC (r), But Kickers, Air Presses


3 well-known classical pieces served as the soundtrack for our day. Not exactly the most pump you up and get you inspired to work hard music, but they still served our purposes effectively. CCR served as our Spotify maestro.

1 – 1st movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Slow ‘n Low squats the entire piece without stopping. To keep the musical explanation simple, the piano has a “1 2 3 4 5 6” pattern the entire piece. Down on the first 3 beats, up on the 2nd 3 beats. Roughly 140 total.

Ran a capri lap after the piece.

2 – 1812 Overture – As noted previously on Slack, this piece is popular at American patriotic festivals, leading to the popular and incorrect belief that is has something to do with the war of 1812. It was composed by Tchaikovsky to commemorate the 1812 Russian defeat of Napoleon and the invading French.

18 Plank Jax, 12 Merkins, 18 Mountain Climbers, 18 Burpees – entire superset X2, then run capri lap. RnR until piece is complete

3 – Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2 – 2nd movement

Melody serves as the verse in Eric Carmen’s 1975 hit “All By Myself.” He believed Rachmaninoff’s music was in the public domain by that time, which it was, in the US only. Rachmaninoff’s estate informed Carmen that his compositions were still under copyright protection internationally, and so Carmen agreed to a 12% royalty outside the US.

Piece was composed in 1900, which was the also the same year the modern zeppelin first took flight — so we did some BLIMPS. Two rounds of BLIMPS, then run a capri lap. RnR until piece is complete.

Just enough time left for a little Mary.

18 flutter kicks, 12 WW1s oyo


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