Rain & Parking Lot Pain

Gloom Factor:  Dark and Rain…lots of it.

Pre-Party:  Nimbus and listening to the radio in our own cars debating whether or not we really wanted to workout in the monsoon.

PAX in Attendance:  Record attendance – Glengarry, Nimbus1500, and Creeper!

Warm Up: None.  Too much rain and little patience for baby arm circles and side straddle hops.

Thang 1

Mosey to bridge and Bear Crawl the length of it.  Mosey to parking lot of Pork Belly Farmhouse.

Thang 2

Each assigned their own “Parking Curb” (not saying that’s the technical term for it).  4 exercises using the curb as a foundation:   Plank Merkins x 25, Merkins x 50, Loaded Beasts x 75 (each side = 1 rep), and 100 “Rapid Fire” (each foot = 1 rep); MOT between each set = Bear Crawl to other “Curb” across from starting point and Mountain Climbers x 25 (1 leg = 1 rep), Bear Crawl Back to starting point.

Thang 3

Round 2 with own “Parking Curb”. 4 exercises using the curb as a foundation: Carolina Dry Docks x35 (Nimbus termed them “Dry Dicks” but I remembered what the third F of F3 means, so I didn’t use it…well, I guess I just did), Merkins x 50, Squats standing on Curb x 75 and 100 “Rapid Fire” (each foot = 1 rep); MOT between each set = Walking Lunges to other “Curb” across from starting point and Loaded Beasts x 25 (1 leg = 1 rep), Walking Lunges back to starting point.

Thang 4
Mosey back to bridge and Bear Crawl all of it.  Mosey back to parking lot.

No coffeteria, no music.  Just rain.  Straight up prison workout.

Prayer Requests
Continued prayers for LMP’s wife and his brothers recovery, families still recovering from the tornado.
Announcements                                                                                                                                     Reminder that the end of this month is deadline to give to the Alvarez family

Thought of the Day:  John 16:16-33 “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”    In this time of uncertainty, fear of the unknown is crippling a lot of us.  While this coronavirus is something not to be taken lightly, this passage is a great reminder of where our focus should be.  We will have trouble in our lives.  All of us have ran into some before.   This time would be considered troubling.  It’s on us to lead with no fear showing others what faith looks like even though it’s tough to do.  Jesus kicked death in the face (that’s my redneck translation of the last sentence of the passage).  So let’s kick fear in the face and live our lives with no fear, faith, and a servant’s heart.

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