7 for Fun and Games at Titan 2/12/20

Gloom: Medium (slight rain, cool but no wind)


Ahab (FNG)
Pop a lock
Crawl space

Right Said


Warmup in the parking lot for Johnny-Come-Latelies


Good Mornings

Looong mosey around the perimeter of the park with 10 Merkin “speed bumps” along the way.

Circle up at end of Parthenon. Finish warm up exercises.

Don Quixotes





100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

Partner runs starts to Parthenon doors and back.


Fun and Games:

Crawlspace led PAX in game of “hacky sack run and ride.”

2 PAX with hacky sacks. Remaining PAX try to avoid being tagged with hacky sack, but must stay under the roof of the Parthenon. 10 Merkin penalty for being tagged. There was much running and many unsuccessful attempts to hide behind columns. Fun was had by all.

Welcome FNG Ahab (EH of Black Lung). Ahab provided a plethora of nameworthy stories from his past. Notable name candidates were Big Tuna and Junior Asparagus.

Coffeteria afterwards. Good discussion about what the Q-Source is and isn’t.


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