1/30/20: KOBe

Location: Atlantis

Conditions: Cold and Gloomy, 10 degrees off from Ironclad Credit

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, Cub Cadet, Porcelain, TK, Toothless


Warmorama :

We went for the customary loop around the field, then back to the imaginary shovelflag for some WOR:

  • SSH x 24
  • WMH x 8
  • LBAC x 8
  • rLBAC x 8
  • MNC x 8
  • Chinook x 8
  • rChinook x 8
  • Seal Claps x 8
  • High Knees x 24

After getting sufficiently warm, the PAX received instructions for the Main Event, in honor of the late Kobe Bryant. A criminal at worst and adulterous at best, none of us are perfect. Just because he was imperfect like us doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all the good things he did as a person and an athlete.

Main Event

The PAX would make their way across the parking lot by doing one “KOBe” in each parking space (total of 15), which consists of:

  • Knee-bender (Squat)
  • Overhead clap
  • BurpEe

Once at the end of the parking lot, the PAX then had to bear crawl around the other side back to the start (~35m). Once back at the start, the PAX then rinsed and repeated with the KOBe exercises, except they progressed walking backwards and doing Crawlbears on the way back.

After completing the forward and reverse KOBes, the PAX went for a nice mosey around the Laker (AKA Water Tower) and back to the parking lot. There, we performed one minute each of KOBE Mary:

  • happy Krunchy frogs
  • O’merican hammers
  • Big boy situps
  • Extenders (reverse crunch)

Another Mosey around the Laker and then the PAX rinsed and repeated the whole workout again, with forward and reverse KOBes and more KOBE Mary.

That’s all she wrote!


  • TK and his wife finalized the adoption of their three kids they had been fostering for around two years. What a tremendous example to us all of selflessness and humility — TK is an inspiration to us all!


  • Libeery coming up on March 10th at Fat Bottom Brewery. The book is “Essentialism”. Time TBD, but likely 7pm-ish
  • CCR’s son Charlie was able to unexpectedly go home for a brief time before he will need to go back for more treatment for leukemia. Continue to keep Charlie the CCR family in your prayers!
  • We continue to pray for Siri, Bad Boy, and Hipster as they recover from injuries/surgeries

– Pumpkin Spice

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