Tour D Farce

Temp: 37
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Black Lung, Preacher Man, Bicentennial Man, Drago, Pop a Lock, Reveille, Crawlspace, Crablegs, Porcelain, Bagger Vance

Mass chaos broke out this AM as the parking situation was all FUBAR and the PAX were forces to adapt and overcome. YHC was the loudest of those griping and complaining as usual. Early mosey sent us towards front of park only to double back for Pop, Rev & Preacherman.

Head over to HCA for a Black Miata sighting and
SSH x 13 IC
WMH R x 10 IC
WMH L x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
ISW x ? IC (the PAX pre frontal cortex weren’t firing properly so we blew this one up)

Mosey past Sand Volleyball Courts where YHC shuddered remembering Sandman & his EH’s near death experience several years back. The rope defining SVC tripped the FNG (Sandman) & he laid there for what must have been 20 minutes as YHC shook my head ashamed of that EH. I digress.

Over to Parthenon for Bear Crawl Burpeepallooza

5 Burpees at Corner I CrawlBear to corner II, 10 Burpees, BearCrawl long stretch, 15 Burpees Corner III, CrawlBear to corner IV
Incline & Decline Bear Crawl to StartEx

All -In, head out east side of Parthenon towards St Thomas then head south towards West End & Lord Kensington. Successfully navigate traffic and arrive at LK. YHC regaled the PAX w tales of the 21 Burpee salute from summers past. We knocked out 21 reverse burpees at the bottom and made our way back to StartEx in Indian Run fashion.

Circle up in West Parking lot area for

F kix X 20 IC
10 Merkins


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