Pax: Crablegs, Harvey, Crawlspace, Drago, Defrost, Afib, Black Lung, BandB, Pop-A-Lock
Weather: Crisp

Warmorama: SSH, GM, LBAC F and Reverse, Squats, Overhead claps, overhead presses, butt kickers and high knees

1s and 2s. Each pax from each team sprints and touches 5 lines on the tennis courts. Meanwhile other pax do exercises. Losing team at end of relay does jump squats, winners do squats, x30.

Repeat doing backwards one way.

Run to bridge. Do same relay (sprint to end and back), except all PAX do group exercises called by the winner of the sprint.

Run to startex. Ring of fire, each pax calls out exercise. Tclaps to Black Lung for calling Burpees at end of workout.

Good work today men! Keep it up in the New Year!

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