Ironclad Challenge 2020 is here!


The Ironclad Challenge is back! For the uninitiated, the Ironclad Challenge is an opportunity to ensure we hold each other accountable during these climatically trying months and continue to engage in the mission of invigorating male community leadership in Nashville and beyond. Should you accept the challenge, you will participate in all three aspects of F3: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

The challenge will run until 3/31/2020, and new to this year’s challenge is the introduction of the Challenger, Pro, and Elite levels. Below are the minimum standards to be met, and each achievement will contribute one point to your total score. On the sheet, you will find the tiers and their associated score ranges.

 1st F – The Magnet – Improve your Fitness

  • Post 26 times, three of which must be in temps below 32 degrees.
  • Post at five “AwayOs” (workouts you don’t normally attend)
  • Q two times

2nd F – The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship

  • Attend at least two 2nd F events (lunches, happy hours, etc.)
  • Attend eight coffeeterias (or stick around in the case of tailgate coffeeteria)
  • Bring one FNG or Kotter (>six months since last post)

3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

  • Participate in one 3rd F opportunity. This can be a study of religious text, going through Q Source, community service, or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests.
  • Read one book on leadership (>200 pages) or Freed to Lead.

Additionally, you must complete one CSAUP in the 13-week period. This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, etc.


For successful completion of all requirements of the 2020 Ironclad, you will be eligible to purchase a custom Ironclad shirt* to show off at your next workout. Should you achieve a higher tier, you will have the opportunity to purchase the corresponding shirt color.

*Subject to minimum order requirement of 12. Price will be in the range of $24-27 and likely coincide with a spring F3 Nashville shirt order if you want to combine shipping with other items


Put your name on this sheet and get to tracking!


  • This challenge will be on the honor system, and you are responsible for updating your standings on the “2020 F3 Nashville Ironclad Sheet.” I would encourage you all as grown men to use your best judgement if you have questions about what does and doesn’t count.
  • Though we are already at 1/5/2020, you may retroactively apply any achievements from 1/1/2020 and later.
  • Solo Q’s for the Willy Lomans among us count toward your overall post total but do not count toward your AwayO total. Posting at other regions’ AOs do count toward AwayO total.
  • You may count up to 10 “Off the Books” workouts (organized runs, rucks, etc. that are not regularly scheduled) toward your post total.  However, rucking or running before a regular workout does not count as an additional post.
  • Please share your 3rd F book choice with the group! It’s always good and helpful to know what others are reading.
  • Lastly, please use this opportunity to take initiative and arrange your own events for the PAX.

Let’s warm up!

PA out.

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