Dre Day in Darkness & Downpour

Gloom Factor:  Windy, Sideways Rain, Darkness but warm with help from by a Dr. Dre playlist (with commercials)
Pre-Party:  Kermit, Nimbus 1500, and Staples
PAX in Attendance:  TV Guide, Huggy, Stats, Pocahontas, Nimbus 1500, Little Miss Piggy, Staples,  Best Balls, Topper, Professor X (Respect), Barney, Old Hickory, Sex Ed, Tebow, Sterno, FNG (Kodiak), New Juice, MicDrop, Kermit
Warm Up:  Mosey to football field with coupons, Disclaimer, Prayer (w 2 Pac playing in the background – “Holla If Ya Hear Me” Lord), 50 yard Butt Kicks, High Knees, Skanks w Arm Swings (side to side / up and down), Right/Left Leg Crossovers. Followed 1×10 exercises – Crab Reach,  Loaded Beasts, and Dwarf Kicks (no offense to short people)

Thang 1

Partner ladder work – start at goal line and work way to 50 yard line with Ape Walks as mode of transportation in between each set.

Yard lines = total number of reps (10,20,30,40,50): 10 Crab Reaches, 20 Loaded Beasts, 30 Dwarf Kicks, 40 Merkins, and 50 Mountain Climbers.

Mode of transportation back to starting line – “”Wounded Bear Crawls. Mode of transportation back to 50 yard line – “Coupon Push.”

Thang 2

Partner ladder (w/coupons) work starting at 50 yard line back to goal line with walking lunges as mode of transportation between each set. Yard lines = total number of reps (50,40,30,20,10): 50 Squats, 40 Squat Thrusters (Squat + Overhead Press), 30 Overhead Tricep Extensions, 20 One Arm Merkins (1 arm on coupon – 20 each side), and 10 Blockies.

Thang 3 

Partner work at midfield:

  • 10 (total) one arm “push” merkins (1 hand on coupon, push-up, push coupon to partner’s free hand, push-up, etc.)
  • 20 “coupon tosses” to partner

Thang 4

1 lap around track – 2 single file lines with 2 sets of 10 “Centipede Merkins” as a group (place both feet on shoulders of partner behind you and do merkins in unison). Mosey back to 50 yard line for more partner work. Wheel barrel Walks to other end zone and back (switching partners). “Coupon Pushes” back to original starting line.

Cool down with mix of Loaded Beasts and Flutter Kicks (2 min total)

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT
Prayer Requests

  • Continued prayers for LMP and his wife
  • Prayer/praise for the soon to be “new baby Sterno”


  • Ironclad signups – encourage everyone to step up to the challenge.

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