Bomber – Dec 6th 2019 – Greenway Indian Run

Dec 6th, 2019

Gloom: 50 and clear

PAX: Pumpkin Spice, Rightsaid, PA, Rev, Deuce, Covenant Eyes, Bicentennial Man, PopaLock Curve Ball, Vector, Michelin Man (FNG), Cub Cadet ,Bareback, Cunning Linguist , Porcelain Riverdawg, Defrost

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the circle , side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, LBCs, air presses, shanooks, RLBCs etc…

Work: Indian run around the greenway while lunging the bridges and periodic plank/pushups to keep the PAX together. Sprint to the finish for Mary.

Mary: hello dolly, LBCs, leg lifts etc…


YHC Crawlspace

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