Bomber – 12.13.19 – “Casino!”

18 gambled away their Friday morning at the Bomber Casino and still managed to walk away winners. Conditions were oh-so-nice.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Cunning Linguist, DFrost, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Panhandle (WL-Cherokee), Pop-A-Lock, Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice, Reveille, T-Cell, Vector, Wilbur (WL-Wilderness Road)


Quick disclaimer and a medium mosey taking the long way to the upper lot for a little COP featuring:

  • SSH x 13
  • SnL Squats x 13
  • Merkins x 13
  • Plank Jacks x 13
  • LBAC F/R x 13

Mosey back down to flag for our first tango with Lady Luck. PAX played a bit of Craps: F3 Edition. Utilizing the exercise progression of B.O.M.B.S. (because that’s what my craps usually are) and a single 20-sided die, PAX bet on the roll to determine their reps. PAX had two choices: play the odds and do 13 no matter the roll or take your chances hoping the shooter rolls something less. Most played it smart and played the odds while a brave few risked it all most of the game and did a lot of 13-rep sets.

Thoroughly crapped out, it was time to hit up the Black Jack (Webb) table in the upper lot for a 1 to 3 Merkin to Air Press ratio all the way to 7 (and 21!). Black Jack!

All that standing still meant it was time to get moving with a little Roulette Run. PAX formed a single file line and ran a designated lap around the upper lot acting as the roulette wheel. The first PAX in line then assumed the role of the ball and sprinted the opposite direction until catching back up to the new line leader to tag out and rejoin the back of the line. Round and round we went until all PAX had rolled.

What would a trip to the casino be without a little visit to the slot machines to work on our pulling muscles? In groups of six, find your spot on the monkey bars and crank out sets of 7 pull-ups until you reach 35 total, and then hold People’s Chair for the six.

After some dirty looks from the Pit Boss, it was time to stop pressing our luck and make our break for the door with our winnings still in tact. AYG to the flag!



PA is bad luck. You heard it here first. YHC was almost always on the wrong side of the Craps rolls, especially T-Cell’s double or nothing 39-rep shot. The bright side is more #gainz. T-claps to Vector for the “lucky/unlucky” playlist. Heard he’s available for parties now!



  • Vector’s friend’s son suffering from anxiety
  • Pop-A-Lock’s friends experiencing close loss
  • Praises for the diagnosis and prayers for Wilbur’s mother’s treatment for C. diff
  • Speedy recoveries for Bad Boy and Hipster post-knee surgery


  • 16 are confirmed for the Inaugural Gentleman’s Dinner on 01.16.20 at Jimmy Kelly’s. Reveille reserved it for 20, so see him for your second chance if you missed out the first time.
  • 5th Annual NYD workout at The Hill on 01.01.20. Guaranteed to be special as together F3 Nashville starts anew!

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