12/16/19: Thundersacked

Location: Westeros

Conditions: 50s, Wet, and Thundrous

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: BNB, Crablegs, Crawlspace, DFrost, Drago, Hambone, Harvey Updike, Pop-A-Lock, Reveille, Siri, Vector


Warmorama :

The PAX moseyed their way behind the school for some WOR:

  • SSH x 15
  • LBAC x 15
  • rLBAC x 15
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 15
  • WMH x 10

It was after the WOR that the rain really started pouring. We then moseyed our way to the traffic circle for the main event. The theme of this workout was to increase attendance at #Atlantis, the finest AO in the land of the Nations. It is but a Hop, Skip, and a Jump away from #Westeros, so there’s no good reason not to start posting there. Am i right? Thus, the workout went as so:

  • Start by the covered area by the building entrance in the traffic circle
  • Travel around the circle to the sidewalk
  • Perform 25 Merkins
  • Travel down the sidewalk to the other side of the traffic circle
  • Perform 25 Merkins
  • Travel back to the starting point
  • Perform 25 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Rinse and repeat with the other traveling exercises

The three traveling exercises were as follows:

  • Side Travel Hop
  • High Skip
  • Broad Jump

Once all PAX were done with their three rounds of traveling, 150 Merkins, and 75 BBSUs, the PAX went for a long mosey and ended at the playground, where they partnered up. One PAX did 10 Pull-ups, while the other waited and did Iron Mikes. Flapjack until both have done 30 Pull-ups. Unfortunately, YHC only got through 20 Pull-ups before a decidedly large bolt of lightening struck but a mile or so from the AO. Thus, we were thundersacked and had to mosey back to the shovelflag to close things out for safety.


  • Crawlspace and Hambone didn’t seem to care about the traveling exercises — we modified the Side Travel Hop (by facing forward) in their honor to avoid people doing Karaoke instead. Similar mishaps were seen with the broad jumping, with a jump-step-step-step approach seen more common than not. I’ve been known to call this the Mule Jump.
  • Riverdawg has an excellent and apropos quote (among many) we should all learn to live by in our workouts — Do the exercises “As fast as you can, not as fast as you can’t.” Form matters gents, that goes for all of us.


  • The COT was foreshortened due to the Thundersack, so no BH for today. See you all at #Atlantis on Thursday!

– Pumpkin Spice

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