Bomber 11-1-2019: 2 Years and Counting

Two years ago, a was dragging my flabby self around McCabe c/o Hambone.  Today, 19 PAX celebrated a “2” themed Q.

PAX:  PA, T-cell, Hi-Viz, Pumpkin Spice, Right Said, Duplex, Hambone, Harvey Updyke, Crablegs, Firefox, Toothless, Bareback, Cub Cadet, Money Snake, Reveille, Cunning Linguist, Black Lung, Miss Cleo (FNG), Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   First sub-freezing Q of the season brought out more layers but not less enthusiasm and mumblechatter

Warm-o-rama:   LBAC x 22, Reverse LBAC x 22, Seal claps x 22, Imperial Walkers x 22, Willy Mayes Hayes x 22, Good Mornin’s x 2 (much to T-cell’s displeasure), SSH x 22,

To celebrate YHC 2nd F3 Birthday, a playlist, inspired by Cunning Linguist’s suggestion for a One-Hit Wonders playlist, was born: Two-Hit Wonders (only had 2 songs that hit the Top 40 ever)


Golden Earring:  Twilight Zone and Radar Love
Jesus Jones: Right Here, Right Now and Real, Real Real*
a-ha:  Take On Me and The Sun Always Shines on TV
Tone Loc: Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina

*Technically, PA was correct, as this song made Top 30 on the Top Alternative Chart but not the Hot 100.  The Management regrets the error.

Round 1:
Mosey to Upper Parking Lot for “22s” — Like 11s x 2.  Jump squats on one end, merkins on the other (2 and 20, 4 and 18, 6 and 15, etc.)

Round 2:
Mosey to Rec Center:  DIDs x 22 for 2 sets

Round 3: 
Catch-22:  Partner up.  Partner 1 sprints up hill while partner 2 tries to complete 22 of assigned exercise (squats, then manmakers, then lunges).  Reverse with partner 2 sprinting each set.

Round 4:
Ring of Fire Merkins with those PAX who did <10 doing and extra 10 at the end.  Them Mary with 22 reps of Flutter Kicks, Flutter Kicks (again), LBCs, American Hammers, and Crunchy Happy Frogs.

COT:   As I told the PAX, 2 years ago I came to Bomber c/o Ebola because I wanted to be in better shape, not realizing how much of a Sad Clown I was and how much I needed F3 and the HIM of F3 Nashville.  While there are still days where I wonder why I am out there (esp. as the “elder statesman”) and if I am just a poser hanging with the younger dudes, I am so thankful for everyone’s support and friendship.  Even little mentions, like a comment in a Backblast by PA about me improving, meant so much to keep me going.  This has been one of the best decision of my life, truly, and I thank everyone for that.  Iron truly sharpens iron.  So remember that even small remarks of encouragement can be so meaningful.  Look for the Sad Clowns among us and encourage them, get them out.

  • Welcome FNG Miss Cleo — hope to see you back out!
  • Prayers for Bad Boy and upcoming surgery and for a colleague at Vandy who died suddenly this week.
  • See Slack for PA’s “Knowvember” Challenge
  • First Friday Lunch now at Double Dogs today at noon (already happened, I know, but block your calendar for next month!)
  • Reveille is planning an Old-Fashioned Gentleman’s Dinner Jan 16th at Jimmy Kelly’s — see Slack for deets and HC by December 1.
  • Need a Bomber Q for next Friday – let me know if interested



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