Where’s My Supersuit?? + Pop-A-Block

Conditions: 64 and beautiful

Pax:  Pop-A-Block, PA, Lemon, Toothless, PSpice, TCell, FireFox Hambone, Bareback, Crablegs Money Snake, DeFrost, Revelie Crawlspace, Wet Wipes (FNG)

Read below for a thrilling tale of supersuits, giant jenga, and a truck load of wet wipes.

QIC came in early with a load of giant jenga blocks and wearing a super suit prototype to make squats easy and running hard.


Disclaimer, each PAX picks up a giant jenga block. mosey to hill parking lot.


10x SSH

10x Forward and Backward BAC

10x Good Mornings (supersuit made this a workout)

10x WMH

10x Butt Kickers and High Knees

PAX pair off.

Bunny Hop Comp:

Starting with QIC, each team can do 3 hops for max distance. If they do not beat the previous record, all PAX do 15 squats. If they do, all PAX do 5.  Nonjumping pax SSH. Note: Q’s supersuit did not result in longest jump.

Toothless wins the long jump record.

Mosey to jungle gym. Q’s supersuit is choking Q and resisting the run.

Bunny Jump Comp

PAX gather at jungle gym area, by the swingset. Similar comp, with PAX required to touch the ground and the top bar by squatting then jumping up. 20 seconds to max reps. PAX SSH. If record broken, 5 shoulder taps. If not, 10 jumping split squats. While Crawlspace had the max at 21, he creatively grabbed the swingset pole to augment his numbers. So for pure form Pumpkin Spice owns this one.

Mosey to baseball diamond.

Bunny Hop Block Comp

Now the blocks come into play. Method of transportation between bases: Bunny hop, with a twist. All PAX must grasp block between their feet while jumping. If dropped, they collect a penalty point. Once they get to base they do 20 squats, but are required to squeeze the block between their knees. If dropped, they collect a penalty point.

Reveille made a point of extreme caution, and was moving slower than tar on a winter day. Q gave him a time limit lest he bring a penalty on himself. It was affectionately name the Reveille Shuffle.

After getting around all the bases, Q realized that the PAX were motivated and had few errors. So rather than each man doing his own 5xError Points Reverse Lunges, he called out for the worst record, and lo and behold Crab Legs hit a home run with 7…yes 7 errors. All PAX do 35 2 count Reverse Lunges.

Mosey to start for Mary.

All Mary activities involved, you guessed it, the blocks. Started with supermans, which quickly devolved into all pax slapping their block into the pavement in sync with the reps.  Next were LBCs with blocks between their thighs, whereupon Princess Aurora informed us he needed no assistance there, and he was made of a type of hardwood. Next were leg lifts with the block between feet – the Q just about dropped it…but managed to hang on. Some bicycles were completed.

Last but not least, we did planks, but in a stroke of irony you had to balance the plank of wood on your head. If dropped, then the time restarted. This turned out to be the hardest challenge, contrary to perception. At least 3 different PAX dropped their blocks. One was Crab Legs – at least he doesn’t need coordination for anything, like being a doct-……oh wait. Unfortunately, time ran out before we figured out if we could make it to 1-2 min without dropping our Jenga Blocks.


Libeery October 29th.

Another I forgot?

Welcome FNG Wet Wipes! Bring some chicken wings?

Honor to lead you men. Remember that in life our job is not drop the block when others are depending on us.

-Poppa Block

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