It’s FALL Y’ALL!!!!

It’s FALL Y’ALL!!!!!!

Crisp morning for some BEAR CRAWLS!!!!

Pre-Party: had 4 PAX show for some early love…..

Mosey to Bear crawl Bridge

Bear-crawled and then CrawlBeared, courtesy of NumbTucks

Pre-party Attendees: MicDrop, SexEd, Staples, NumbTucks

PAX in attendance, Main Event: Barney, Glen Garry, Stats, Swinger, Hushpuppy, Nimbus1500, Little Miss Piggy, NumbTucks, Staples, Inspector Gadget, Professor X, SexEd, Old Hickory, MicDrop

14 showed up for a MicDrop shin-dig (less the medic)…Next time I’ll bring the jams…all COUNTRY just for NumbTucks.

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop X20

Baby Arm Circles → Make them Bigger X15

Good Morning x10 OYO

Low Slow Squat x10 Cadence

Willie Mays Hays X10 OYO

MOSEY….. to Mill Creek Brewery Parking Lot

Thing 1 – x5 laps

25 merkins → Bearcrawl to halfway point 25 Mountain Climbers (1=1) → CrawlBear to other side → 25 shoulder taps ///decrease amount by 5 each lap

MOSEY…to BearCrawl Bridge … Lunge Walk it

Thing 2 – Amish Paradise (parking lot)

Each PAX grabs a parking spot, every other spot if possible…reduce bottlenecks..?

  1. 15 SSH → Jog to parking curb …. Politician back and over to next spot
  2. 5 Burpees with jump squats → jog to parking curb…Politician back to next spot
  3. Bearcrawl up / Bear Crawl Back

***REPEAT the 1-2-3 order until 1 circuit of the entire parking lot is achieved

Thing 3 – Take Shelter

Dips, Squats, Merkins … 9/5/1   ->   8/5/2  ->  7/5/3 … etc.

Mosey back to parking lot for brief Mary’s

Freddy Mercury’s x20 (in Cadence), Flutter Kicks x15 (in Cadence)

CoT: RollCall, announcements, Prayer Requests: Barney, Hushpuppy and Little Miss Piggy

No Post-Party …. No Coffeeteria….. gloom and disappointment was apparent….what are we paying these guys for…!!!

—In lieu of no coffeteria, 3 PAX met for an impromptu 2ndF/coffeeteria…Staples, does it count? LOL  Attendees: Old Hickory, Barney, MicDrop

Thanks for letting me lead you guys this morning. Have a great day Fellas.

In Christ,


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