First cast the beam out of thine own eye

PAX: Big Stick (ofc), Dmish incognito as Bagger, PSL, Yardsale, AR, BoyBand, Locust, Venus, Pedialyte, Dupree, Movin’ On Up, yours Qly.

WOR: Good mornings for my boy Donuts, SSHx15, FIN.

THANG: Mosey down an unexpected and unfamiliar path through the Shire to a brief but very memorable lane called Brevity.

Partner up, grab a BAB (big ass beam), and lets roll.
Partner 1: Walk 300 paces holding beam in zercher position
Partner 2: 30 4-count flutters, sprint to catch up, perform 10 burpees before switching.
– RR

Partner 1: Walk 200 paces holding beam in back squat position
Partner 2: Walk alongside, 10 burpees (cant start until 150 paces are complete)
– RR

Partner 1: Walk 150 paces holding beam in overhead press position
Partner 2: Same, walk alongside, 10 burpees (cant start until 150 paces are complete)

Gather under pavilion: Both partners hold beam on right shoulder, Lt. Dan down. Turn around, flip to left shoulder, Lt. Dan back to start.

Partner 1: Suicide sprints
Partner 2: Irkins on (2) beams
– RR

Partner 1: Sucide sprints
Partner 2: Dirkins on (2) beams
– RR

Grab your wood, Indian Run the bus loop, and return to startex.

MARY: Dmish called for Megan Barry, Big Stick called for Alabama Prom Dates, YHC added single leg APDs, and we finished her off with Razer Blades™
by Venus.

COT: Be intentional

America runs on Dmish. Best coffee I’ve ever had, thanks.

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