Couplets Therapy – The Pound 10/3/19

18 PAX: Huggy, GlenGarry, Playboy, Swinger, Typo+, Kermit, Professor X, 3rd Degree, Numbtucks, Nimbus, HushPuppy, MicDrop, Show Me, Barney, Stats, Staples, Gaylord Focker, Tebow (QIC)

WARM UP: quick lap, SSH, Hillbillies, Imperials, GMs, Inch Worms, Skaters

Mosey to the Brewery for a little happy hour / couplets therapy

(bear crawl / crawl bear after each set)
*Started with 4-count skaters and switched to 2-count after set of 8; skaters were fun but not 4-counts worth of fun

3 rounds:
1 min of burpees
30s rest

MC (2-count)
(sprint / politician after each set)

Finished off with 3 rounds of sprint/politician together

A bountiful source of mumble chatter was the playlist selected from the Ken Burns Country Music doc soundtrack. It was all I hoped for and more. Side note related to the recently finished IronPAX challenge – I heard it through the grapevine that “so and so” from St.Louis did 322 burpees in the same three minute burpee workout that we did today. Amazing.

Great times and great work, everyone


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