Bomber 9-6: Limited Running

Hit with a request to limit the running, YHC devised a simple — but challenging — swansong to the workweek for the 16 HIM who showed.

GLOOM FACTOR: Nil. Damn near perfect.

PAX: Blue Mule, Crablegs, Crawlspace, FNG TomTom, Bareback, Studio 42, Toothless, River Dawg, Bad Boy, T-Cell, Firefox, Trapper Keeper, Lunch Lady, Right Said, Princess Aurora, Hi-Viz (QIC)

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed.

WOR: Brief Mosey, followed by SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Squats, Air Presses, LBACs, Reverse LBACs, and 6-Count Burpees.

Brief Mosey to the driving range path.

Bear Crawl Burner. PAX partner up for encouragement, as it’s each man on his own to bear crawl the distance of the driving range. At each post, rotate the bear crawl 90 degrees. SSH for the 6. #CrowdPleaser

Brief Mosey to the parking lot.

Ciabatta time! 20 on/10 off for 8 rounds of Squats, Merkins, Alabama Prom Dates, & Plank Jacks.

Brief Mosey to the cars.

Mary included LBCs, Plank Shoulder Taps, and Flutter Kicks.



  • Welcome to FNG TomTom, named for his apparent lack of cross country navigation skills, as witnessed to by Bareback. TomTom serves in the Navy and heads back this weekend. We’ll hope to see him come December, when he’s back in Nashville.
  • 5-Year Anni celebration is next weekend. Details on Slack!

Pleasure to lead you this morning. Great work all around.

Viz out.


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