Bomber 9-14-2019: River Dawg’s NFL Combine

19 HIM arrived at Bomber to start the day with River Dawg’s NFL Combine.

PAX:  Pumpkin Spice, Dinty Moore, Princess Aurora, Bareback, Cootie, Trapper Keeper, Pop-a-lock, Vector, Hi-Viz, Studio 42, Lunch Lady, Cub Cadet, Right Said, Crawl Space, Toothless, Bad Boy, Harvey Updyke, T-Cell, River Dawg

Warm Up/Disclaimer

–          15 lil baby arm circles (FWD, BKWRD)

–          10 Side lunges each way OYO

–          15 Pushups in Cadence

–          25 Sit-ups OYO

–          30 Seconds freestyle stretch (get whatcha need)

Mosey to Station 1

Yellow Hurdle Footwork Drill: Repeat rep if a hurdle is displaced (max of 2 repeat per set)

–          1 foot in each X2

–          2 feet in each X2

–          Side Shuffle Step-Over X2

–          Side shuffle weave X2

–          Vertical weave X2

–          Double leg hops X2

–          Single leg hops X2

Station 2

30 yard hill speed work

–          High Knee 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2

–          Side shuffle 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2

–          Bound 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2


Each PAX chooses an exercise for up to 5 reps…I have NO clue how we got through everyone, but S/O to the boys because we were MOVING down the line on that.

(Notably we had one set of 3 “reverse burpees?” I don’t know what kind of kale salad eating, beanie in July wearing, cross-fit competing crap that was, but for the first time in a long time I learned a new exercise today.)

COT/Prayer Requests:

  • Praise for Alysia’s CAT Scan coming back clear!
  • See everyone tomorrow morning – 0600 @ Stonewall for 5th Anniversary Celebration!

River Dawg

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