Bidding IronPax 2019 a Fond Farewell

Conditions: Tinge of Fall in the early morning air

Pax: BnB, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Drago, Harvey Updyke (QIC), Hi Viz, High Flyer, Preacher Man, Reveille, Salpal, Slim Jim, T Cell, Vector

14 pax finished off the 2019 edition of the IronPax challenge, with “Sugar’s Pick Your Poison”. After 4 weeks of beat downs, the pax expressed their simultaneous gratitude and disdain for our brothers in Greenwood through 45(+) minutes of dealer’s choice pain on the WEMS football field.



Run from meeting point (side note: hoping to have the official Westeros shovel flag up and running soon…) around the park, behind the school. Grab a regulation-sized coupon from the back of YHC’s truck, carry it down to one of the gridiron goal lines.


IronPax Week 4: “Sugar’s Pick Your Poison”

      • 100 cumulative: merkins and/or squats
      • 100 yard out, 100 yard back coupon carry
      • 100  cumulative: coupon swings and/or bonnie blairs
      • 100 yard out, 100 yard back coupon carry
      • 100  cumulative: coupon thrusters and/or traveling lunge steps
      • 100 yard out, 100 yard back coupon carry

Even starting the Main Event at 5:37, the above was more than enough to carry the majority of the pax beyond the 6:15 mark. We understandably lost a few pax around that point, but the majority pressed on until all 3 rounds were complete, and took pride in our collective accomplishment.


Toted the bricks back up the bleachers to the truck, and rode Beverley Hillbillies style back to the starting point for CoT.


    • 09/27 – Bourbon & Bacon Fest – contact Crablegs for details.
    • 10/29 – Libeery at Fat Bottom Brewery in The Nations. Time TBD. Book is “The Three Big Questions for Frantic Families” by Patrick Lencioni. AoM podcast interview is a good cliff notes.

Pleasure to lead each of you this morning, and to bid a fond farewell to our Greenwood-curated workouts for the next 11 months or so.


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