8/19/19: Harvey said I W.A.S. on Q

Location: Westeros

Conditions: Low 70s and not as humid as it could have been

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Bad Boy, Bicentennial Man, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Porcelain, Reveille, Right Said, Siri, TK, Vector, WL – Brown Shorts (F3 Swamp Rabbit, AKA Greenville), WL – Padre (F3 Swamp Rabbit, AKA Greenville)

The night before we converged upon Westeros to exercise our minds, bodies, and hearts — we collectively discovered that Pumpkin Spice would be on Q in the morning, myself included. Harvey Updike was strategically absent to avoid his solo Burpee Apocalypse punishment for such an ambush Q-signment. But, alas, we were all better for it. Moreover, part of the workout was themed around the fact that Harvey said I “WAS” going to Q.


After a brief disclaimer, the PAX made their way towards Love Circle, stopping at the bridge over 440 for some Warmorama.

Warmorama :

  • WMH x 10
  • Good Morning x 10
  • High Knees x 10
  • Butt Kickers x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Hillbillies x 10

We moseyed a little further to the frequently visited intersection just about 200m short of the stop sign that dead ends in to Love Circle.

The Main Event

The PAX paired up to complete a WAS themed workout. On PAX would Bernie up the hill to the stop sign (~200m) and then run back down to the start. The other partner would perform an exercise at the starting point until their partner gets back. Flapjack until both have travelled and done the exercise. This cycle was repeated for three exercises:

  • WWIs
  • American Hammers
  • Squats

I led the PAX in some Mary while we waited for the Six. After the Six was in, we Moseyed to the top of love circle for some Mary, assuming People’s Chair while waiting for the Six.

  • American Flutters x 30
  • Freddie Mercuries x 35
  • Box cutters x 20
  • Cutter boxes x 20
  • Happy Crunchy Frogs x 10
  • Stretch out the groin and the quads

After completing the Mary, we moseyed back to the Shovelflag for COT. Blue Mule led the PAX in some more Mary until I got back with the Six.


  • Many guffaws were heard once the WAS travelling was announced. The PAX completed this exercise like champions nonetheless.
  • Reveille estimated our 200m distance was a quarter-mile. Maybe next time I’ll give us a quarter-mile Bernie, Rev. Great idea.
  • The PAX enjoyed meeting our WL’s today, finding out they are in town for the Sing conference for worship teams at churches from all over the world. Pretty cool.
  • Porcelain came in a little too hot to the workout and somehow magically found us over a half-mile from the Shovelflag. Some serious navigation and tracking skills there.


  • Be praying for Siri’s family, especially his brother and sister-in-law Nathan and Hannah. They just lost their newborn child after complications from an unexpected delivery. We’re here for you, Siri.
  • As teachers and students are going back to school, let’s be praying for them in this important start to the year! Also be praying for Vector to find some excellent podcasts in his new hour-plus commute to FRA and back.
  • September 14th is the 5-year convergence at Stonewall. Be there, or Fartsack and let us make fun of you for the rest of your live long days. PA wanted 100 PAX. Let’s give him 150.
  • The Swaggy P games are in full effect tomorrow at iii Pillars. This is an effort to drive better attendance on Tuesday/Thursday workouts. See you all there!
  • It was an honor to lead you HIM today, as always. Excellent work! Way to push yourselves and each other.

– Pumpkin Spice

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