Tour de 12 A Redux of Sorts

TEMP : 80
PAX: Aaaaayyyy, Specimen, Foxtrot, PA, Black Lung, Care Bear, Boy Band, Deep Dish, Porcelain, The Jeweler, Hambone, Life Champ, Bagger Vance
Double Slaughter Starter
10X Burpees
10X Squats
High Plank while reviewing the following:
F3’s Mission – To Reinvigorate Male Community Leadership Through Small Peer Led Workout Groups.
5 Core Principles – 1) It’s Free 2) It’s Open to all Men 3)It’s Held Outdoors Rain, Snow, or Shine 4) It is peer led in a rotating fashion 5) It ends with a COT
VAPE – A Virtuous Leader has a Vision, that is Articulated to a Purpose while Exhorting that VAP in others.
5 Cs of Leadership – Candor, Commitment, Contentment, Courage, Competence
Thang Explained – In Indian Run mode we will pay homage to T Cell aka The Point and go on a Tour de 12
1st Stop – Whites Mercantile for Merkins
4 Sets (a nod to our 4 years in existence) x 12 reps IC (12 S hood)
2nd Stop – Halcyon Bike Shop
Freddy Mercs
4X12 IC
3rd Stop – 12 S Tap Room
4×12 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
4th Stop – Hambone Hill
Lt Dans 4X12 single count w 12 IC Plank Jax between each set. After set 2, switch to reverse. Plank and wait for 6.
5th Stop – Frothey Monkey for, wait for it, Monkey Humpers 4 sets X12 IC.
6th Stop – Wall Sit right hip stretch x 12IC, Superman feet on the wall x12IC, Wall Sit left hip stretch x 12IC, Balls to the Wall (Kotters to BTTW) x12IC
7th Stop – Fahrenheit Yoga for some Burpee math followed by 17 burpees per PAX, box jumps X12 single ct w 12 single ct merkins between sets
8th Stop – Picnic Shelter I for 5’ of Cindy:
5 Pullups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
(Disclaimer: We are on the 2X4s so watch out for nails, pins and staples)
Less running than YHC would have liked but the Indian Run was a nice twist to keep the PAX together. PAX kept in order for the entire am, another little mental test that proved no issue. The math at Fahrenheit Yoga was too much for YHC and thankfully, Aaaayyyy, from Austin crunched the numbers while the PAX did some burpees.
There seemed to be some disgruntled customers with the DJ mix this am, YHC takes full responsibility. The Spotify mix was not as hard and fast as expected, will be better next time or maybe it won’t…
Big turnout this week, first time in the teens in a bit.
Good to have PA in the mix and Black Lung even showed up early. Worlds are colliding Jerry.
Hambone was rocking the Mustache like a true champ. He may or may not have offered free mustache rides to a couple of bride tribes near P Brew.
Foxtrot coming off a bout of the butt flu acquitted himself nicely. It was obvious he was under the weather as his entry into the parking lot didn’t send PAX scrambling for their lives.
Porcelain is reppin 12th Man this month and has asked us all to Push the 12. PA and The Jeweler were 1&2 and shared their Thanksgiving for work rhythm and life rhythm.
Lots going on in the next few months. Head to Slack for more accurate info…this is what I remember 13 hours later:
This week we have Libeery with Bicentennial Man on Q.
On the 20th Porcelain is hosting a cookout.
Foxtrot is hosting a Lamaze class at his office on Tuesday at 1015.
Yuck Ruck in the works for August.
5 Year F3 Nashville Anniversary 14 Sept.

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