QIC: Noble Virus
PAX: Noble Virus, Iditarod, Schnitzel, CDL, Aristotle, Yosef, Woodshed
Warmup lap around the square with a Mozy, cherry pickers and politicians.
7 merkins- 4 sets in honor of July 4th
17 burpees and 76 LBCs in honor of 1776.
Mozy to the parking garage
Bear crawl up the incline with 17 burpees in the middle
17 Star planks (opposite arm/leg reach)
76 Side Straddle Hops
Mozy to the courtyard
17 burpees
17 box jumps
76 American Hammers
Mozy back to the square
17 burpees
Circle of Fire
Modified Indian run, PAX in the back dropped and did 8 burpees to complete the set of 76. Remaining PAX lunged, bear crawled, broad jumped instead of running.