The Dirty, Hurty, Wordy Thirty-Three

QIC: Aristotle
PAX: Iditarod, Yosef, Schnitzel, Aristotle, Grohl, CDL, NPR, Tiger’s Blood, a welcome back to Scraps, and a hero’s return to Omaha

YHC turned 33 on March 10. Decides to use his belated birthday Q to push his and all the PAX’s limits.


Long lap around the Square, counter-clockwise
SSH x33 IC
WMH w/BAC x11 IC
Good Mornings x11 IC
Hillbillies x33 IC


Mosey to the bottom of ‘Sweat Box’ parking deck between Maple and Walnut.

Simple math. Three Elevens = Thirty-Three. (Not 311 the band, though YHC wished out loud that he brought some portable tunes.)

First Eleven:

Squats at bottom, jump/squat thrust at the top. Four flights of stairs in between. So much thigh burn. Convene on the 2nd floor. Mosey to 3rd floor.

Second Eleven:

On one side, use the handily-placed concrete joist to attempt pull-ups. If pull-ups unsuccessful, try Negatives or a dead hang for as long as possible.

On the other side, do some ‘REAL MERKINS’ i.e. proper push-ups: glutes and abs tight, back straight, no humping the ground, break the plane and pop yourself back up.

Many midwife noises on those attmpted pull-ups. And bits of concrete in the hair…

Third Eleven:

Ascend to 4th floor. LBC at bottom of the ramp, brisk mosey to the top of the parking deck for alternating shoulder taps.

With time running out, cut this last Eleven short for WW1 x33 OYO

Mosey back to the Square.

COT: Jesus was also 33 when he was crucified and rose from the dead. Ergo, YHC dreamed up a moderately excruciating workout. Encouraged PAX to recall the cross until Good Friday and await the hope of resurrection Sunday aka Easter.