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With good weather, and the promise of a Whale’s Vagina, comes many PAX.

circa 475 BC

As the crowd gathered, YHC had to make some quick audibles to ensure there was room to accommodate. Get ready for updates regarding a new Monday AO.  My friend Donuts got the ball rolling with a quick mosey around the bus loop including some lunges and side shuffles before returning back to the parking lot.

SHH x20 IC
Good mornings x10 IC
Slow and low merkins x20 IC
Willie Mays Hays x10 IC
Baby arm circles forward x2 IC (yes 2)

YHC took the reigns at this point and led the PAX on a mosey down to the bottom of the holler where everyone spread out shoulder to shoulder to get started on the Whale’s Vagina 3.0…

WOR (already done)
Hill Humpers – 25 humpers of your choosing at the bottom, run to top for 25 humpers, run back to bottom for 25 humpers and finish with 25 humpers on top. 100 total humps.  Mosey back to parking lot.
Atomic Broad Jumps – Ever so slightly different than Burpee Broad Jumps (in name only). We did these back and forth across the parking lot with WWI situps for the 6.  Pop-A-Lock may or may not have had a ruck on during this workout.
Lap around the new baseball/ADA path and back to the parking lot for some
Elevens – Simple.  Merkins and Jump Squats.  Effective.
Squats – Like, Greasetrap deep squats x25 oyo

Various Exercises – Started by D’Mish in Whale’s Vag 1.0, improved upon today.  PAX scatter and listed to me tell them what to do.
AMRAP – 60 seconds of good solid D’Mish-type merkins
Get Ups – 15 get-ups with good form.  No hands to help get up if possible.  Lots of MC related to the coccyx. Mosey back down to the pavilion for some
Incline Merkins – Find a bench…x25 oyo. SSH for the 6.  X20 OYO SSH for the 6.  X15 OYO, SSH for the 6
Nelson Mandelas – It took a minute, but we soon got the obligatory terrorist chatter from Yard Sale as we started 10 OYO and then 5 more OYO.  These really suck…just ask Yard Sale.
All You Got – Three standard suicides in a row (the short dimension of the parking lot)

Things were turnt back over to Donuts at this point:

Flutter kicks right into Slutter Kicks, Supermans (aka Pecker Rinne’s), Hello Dolly’s (aka Barry Squashers), Scorpions (including a high foot five between me and Ludwig) and a few good mornings as cool down. Done.

COT/BOM by D’Mish

First Friday lunch next Friday at the Cookery at 11:30am. Make a point to stop by.   Beer night at Cowboy’s this Thursday at 8pm. See 2nd F channel on Slack for deets.   Go Ruck Death March is next Friday night. Beware.

Always great to bring back the Whale’s Vagina. For those that don’t know, I was born and raised inside the Whale’s Vagina (San Diego) which was the original inspiration for the workout. Continued prayers for Olin Mills’ dad, El Maestro and all those in need.

Until the next time,

CCR on behalf of my better half, DoughNutz

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