Detention 02-12-2018 – Station to Station

A pretty bold virgin solo-Q on my part insofar as I trotted in at 5:42.  Did you know you can turn an iPhone alarm on silent?  Heat went out in the Lenihan household this weekend so the boy was sleeping in our room with a space heater.  Tried to turn my alarm as quiet as possible.  Indeed.  Many thanks to Ludwig for kicking it off in my absence.  Here it is.

PAX: Sorry I missed the first few, was fumbling with my phone: Calf Killer; Off Shore; Skid Mark; Floppy D; Braveheart; Walter White; CAPSLOCK; Frogger; Black Widow: Vegimite; Shanked (that can’t be right, I’m sorry); Homeboy; Yard Sale; Pop a Lock; Umbrellla; PSL; Lunch Lady; Numb Tucks; Dupree; Ludwig; Brother at Law (QIC basically)

Ludwig kicked off the mosey and WOR: Moseyed around the bus loop with some lunges up the hill sprinkled in. Circled up in parking lot.  Disclaimer; at which he apparently said things were getting scary if I didn’t show up, which explains more than one person thanking me for showing up late I guess?


20 SSH
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 Butt Kickers
10 High Knees
10 Tempo Merkins


Partner up for some bear crawl/crawl bear suicides.  P1 performs suicide across width of parking lot, while P2 performs called exercise until P1 returns. Round 1- burpees, but then I arrive….

Today’s big event was inspired by Bowie’s seminal 1975 album Station to Station.  Count off 1 to 4 and find your group.  Mosey to pavilion while 4’s grabbed coupons.  Groups break out to corners of the pavilion for your respective stations.  Each station included five exercises, each performed for one minute, with a ten  second rest between each exercise.  We were supposed to mosey after the completion of each station, but because somebody showed up late, we only got to do it once.  Rotate to the next station after mosey.  Stations were:

Station 1 (legs): Jump Squats; Jump lunges; Lt. Dumps; Sumo Pulse; Jump Squats

Station 2 (core): Plank jacks; WWI; LBCs; Flutter kicks; Mountain climbers

Station 3 (merkin medley): Merkins; Burpees; Dips at benches; Atomic merkins; Carolina dry docks

Station 4 (coupon): Swings; Squat and press; Single leg deadlift; Mariah’s (with or without coupon); American hammers.


Announcements: Harvard tour graduate Calfkiller is starting a 4:30 AM nude summer workout, check Slack for details.  3rd F service projects are available (I believe) from June and forward, so think about partnering up and signing up.  February announcement from Floppy and CCR was either “pending” or “impending”.  I couldn’t hear, but that’s definitely a big difference so I should have asked.

Moleskine: Thanks to CCR for signing me up well in advance for my first solo Q.  Thanks to Ludwig for salvaging my first solo Q.  Thanks to Bagger for going to Westeros so that I was spared a deluge of shit talking while trying to get my wits about me in the Pavilion.  That’s kind of what it’s all about right there.

Brother-at-Law aka Brother-late-law (props Calfkiller).

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