08 February Hill-evens

PAX: Angies List Killer, Billboard, Red Bag, Life Champ, Umbrella, PreVac, Vegemite, Skid Mark, Too Tall, Venus, FTTAL, Big Bang, Funyuns, Pop a Lock, Frugal McDugal, Tampa Libra, Dr. Smartt, CAPSLOCK, BV

QIC: Bagger Vance

23 met the HIM of F3 Nashville this am. 0529:30 call was given to get thyself ready to roll. 0530 Disclaimer dispensed. Head out as some stragglers were streaming in. Quick mosey through the courtyard into the Amphitheater up the steps to the weight room. Each PAX grab a Med Ball, plank and wait in Amphitheater. All in, head out the other side and up to the Ticket booth dropping med balls in upper lot for


SSH X 13 IC, GMA X 10 IC, IW X 10 IC, SQUATS X 10 IC, HB X 10 IC


Simple 11s w 2X Speed Bumps

Squats at lower lot

Lunges behind concession stand at football field

Speed Bump 1 on way up 3 Med Ball or Sand Bag Burpees

Speed Bump 2 on way down 3 Med Ball or SNd Bag reverse Burpees

PAX instructed not to skip steps on way up and down … Penalty of 1 Burpee per skipped step. Apparently when YHC tripped that counted as a skipped step but everyone else hit every step ?

0608 PAX instructed to drop the running and finish reps in upper lot

0610 quick mosey back through FRA to return Med Balls


Plank for 90″



Fantastic to have Red Bag back out with us this am. Kotters to Too Tall as well for being back. Yall be sure to Re-EH a brother you haven’t seem in a while. He will appreciate it and we will all be better for it.

A little MC from YHC during Mary RE: Standards and Accountability. It’s a dichotomy of sorts when you try to enforce Standards after you’ve told PAX to MAN (modify as necessary). Maybe that’s just a personal dilemma.  Anyhoo, great to be able to lead.

As you may expect PreVac was at the front of the lead lap along w Red Bag. May be time for a piss test for those dudes.

Devo for 5-10 Minutes post The Hill next week will be led by Frugal, YHC will take week II, need takers for the next couple weeks.

Get your Full EH on, the days are getting longer and warmer, now is the time to get some Sad Clowns out in the Gloom with us.

Look for launch info for Nolensville…@unt Bea, Numbtucks and Tebow will be the Redwoods down there.

Service Project for Feb reach out to Dupree

F3 Dads camp is shaping up nicely.  Look for more details coming soon.



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