Westeros – 02/19/18 – “Friends and Lovers”

QIC: Princess Aurora 

The PAX: Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Crawfish, En Fuego, Blue Mule

It was a veritable steamy morning chock full of lessons in love at Westeros. 7 men came.

The Thang:

In need of a little blood flow to get things started, 6 PAX took off on a quick mosey from the parking lot when who should appear coming in hot but our dear LIFO, Pop-A-Lock. Continue to lawn outside of the gymnasium and circle up for some foreplay filled with laughter (isn’t it always?).

  • SSH x 69
  • LBAC F x 15
  • Air Press x 15
  • LBAC R x 15
  • Chinooks x 15
  • Squats x 20 finished with 20″ air chair

Take a quick lap to get focused before inserting ourselves into the main event.

For this portion, we focused on control, lowering slowly to 4 ct cadence:

Split Squats x 9 e/s

SL Deadlifts x 9 e/s

Take a lap, then RnR slowing our tempo down even more.  Another lap, then, because it’s always advisable, we upped the rhythm AND the duration. 20 reps each exercise, followed by one more lap to regain our composure.

Over to the jungle gym to work on our pushing and pulling out in this wonderful weather. 10 pull-ups followed by 10 merkins. 9 pull-ups, 9 merkins…all the way down to 1 of each, resting as needed.

After some brief fumbling around, we finally got situated again for the final stretch. To work on our power, 3 sets of 10 dragon flags and 10 glute bridges. A lucky female pedestrian was able to take it all in before continuing on her stroll. I’m sure we all would’ve stopped to let her go by, but our eyes were closed and we were past the point of no return.

One final sprint to the finish and we circled up for a much needed cooldown with a glute melting 7-way hip progression complete with awkward moans, groans, and sighs of relief.



Starting a gofundme for Pop-A-Lock’s new alarm. Pop-A-Clock?

Thanks for enduring the awkwardness and inconsistency with the Q today. This has never happened before, I swear.


Memorial ruck on 3/4 for Jerome Gonzalez, a GRT who tragically passed after collapsing during the Bragg Heavy. Consult Pop and Slack for details.

Prayers for The Jeweler and his wife as they navigate some hardship.

Clear your calendars for Saturday, June 23. YHC is planning a community service CSAUP: Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck. This will be a fun event that does some good, too!

Also, while you have your calendar out, go ahead and save September 22 for what will be a truly epic CSAUP. I mean it

PA out.


12 February 2018 5 7 19 21

32 ish degrees as the 5 RedPillers anxiously awaited the arrival of YHC.  Disclaimer given at 0530 and off we went down Bowling Ave up to the Bowling Ave. entrance of WEMS.

SSH x 21, Imperial Walkers x 5 Squats x 7, GMA x 7


The numbers 5, 7, 19 and 21 would be integral to today’s workout as we made our way down Bowling to Woodmont to Sharondale to Elmington and back to StartEx.

Head down Bowling to Whitworth Entrance for

5 Burpee’s, 7 merkins, 19 plank jacks, 21 mountain climbers

To Richland Place (?)

5 Burpees,  7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Woodmont and Bowling

5 Burpee’s, 7 downhill burpees, 19 donkey kicks, 21 lunges

Guardrail on Sharondale

5 Burpee’s, 7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 Irkins, 21 Dirkins

To Sharondale and Elmington

5 Man makers, 7 merkins, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Whitworth entrance on Elmington

5 Curb thrusters, 7 curb dips, 19 curb thrusters, 21 Dirkins

To Whitworth Racket Club (where YHC plans on making a sales call later today)

5 Bear crawl merkins, 7 merkins, 19 squats, 21 walking lunges (starting to feel unwelcome)

Back to StartEx for Endex


Plank, Beast R/L, Flutter kix, Mariah Carey R/L


PAX: Bicentennial Man, Bad Boy, T Cell, Third Person, Hi Viz, Bagger Vance (QIC)


Always good to explore the space and see some PAX that don’t make it out to The Shire much.

The importance of 5 7 19 21 is that on May 7, 1921 the site we ran around was Chartered as the original location of Richland Country Club which was formerly Nashville Country Club.  Fun facts can be found at https://richlandcm.wordpress.com/club-history/

A point was made to re EH PAX that had been out a while, Megatron, Right Said, Butch Please, etc.


F3 Nashville Serves Qd  by Dupree has lots of neat things coming up, please reach out to me or him directly for more info.



Westeros – 01/15/18 – “Half Blaster”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Right Said, Crawfish, Porcelain

4 PAX got their Monday holiday off to a warm start at Westeros.

The Thang:

Long mosey over to the grassy area outside the gym, avoiding black ice along the way. COP, all IC (memory is a little foggy on these):

  • SSH
  • Lunges
  • LBAC F/R
  • Air Presses
  • Squats

Porcelain joins us just in time to wrap up the squats, and then we mosey over to the tennis court for some real fun. 6 rounds of 6 Burpees followed by 6 shuttle sprints to far court (each way is one rep).

Sufficiently warm, we mosey over to the playground to introduce the leg blaster, or half of it anyway. 10 Squats, 10 Lunges (5 ea), 10 Jump Lunges (5 ea), and 10 Jump Squats. Follow that up with 10 pull-ups and repeat, subtracting 2 pull-ups each round. YHC shocked the world when instead of 2 pull-ups for the last round, we upped it back to 10.

All wrapped with our back work, mosey over to find a good spot for Dora 1-2-3.  This was standard issue Dora with one exception: at the halfway point up and down the sidewalk, the runner had to do 5 Jump Squats.

Time was up somewhere in the middle of the last 50 reps for everybody, so we headed back to the launch point for COT/BOM.


Great to have Right Said back in the mix. I know we might have had a few more numbers if not for the 5K4MLK, but I’m not going to complain.


F3 Nashville PAX Lookout! placed second in the race according to T-Cell. Safe to say he could’ve gotten first if he was more consistent with posting. Come back out if you’re reading this!

PA out.

A Merry Westeros Christmas

THE PAX: BadBoy, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Megatron, Butch Please, Porcelain, Crawfish

QIC: Hi-Viz

Fresh off last night’s Garth Brooks (19-hour?) concert, YHC was more than excited to spend a quality 45 minutes with seven of his ‘friends in low places.’

Quick mosey to the school’s front steps.

Good Mornings X10 OYO
Little Baby Arm Circles X15 IC
Overhead Claps X15 IC
Reverse LBAC X15 IC
Thrusters X20 IC
Chinooks X15 IC

Even though YHC heard endured Brett Micheal’s version of Jingle Bells on the way this morning, he fought to remain in a festive spirit in teeing up a take-off on ’12 Days of Christmas.’

PAX complete an exercise in a corner of the soccer field, mosey to the next for the next one, adding on until completing all 12.

1 / Partridge In A Pear Tree: Diamond Merkins
2 / Turtle Doves: Plank Jacks
3 / French Hens: American Hammers
4 / Calling Birds: Carolina Drydocks
5 / Golden Rings: Burpees
6 / Geese A’Laying: Jump Squats
7 / Swans A’Swimming: Flutter Kicks
8 / Maids A’Milking: People’s Chair
9 / Ladies Dancing: J-Los
10 / Lords A’ Leaping: Split Lunges
11 / Pipers Piping: High Knees
12 / Drummers Drumming: Shoulder-Tap Planks

Most every good song has a key change/chorus repeat at the end, so why not? Let’s double the counts for good measure.

-Freddie Mercury X25 OYO
-Plank variations for 4ish minutes.



-Had a blast with y’all this morning. Thanks for the encouragement. Seemed like everyone had a bit of fun and wound up appropriately smoked.
-Thanks to PA for being my eyes in the dark. (NOTE: 8-point handwriting on a jam-packed Post-It is nearly impossible to read. #Duh)

-BOLO for several upcoming CSAUP events, including this one on May 12th.
-New Year’s Day: 1/1/18 at 7 at The Hill with PA taking the lead. Don’t miss it. Let’s get those HCs on the books and start the new year off on the right foot.

Viz out. SYITG.

Westeros – 12.11.17 – “MONSTER”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX:  Megatron, Porcelain, Right Said, Butch Please

5 brave souls posted at Westeros to do battle with the MONSTER.

Having sent out the message that there would be a 10 Manmaker penalty for showing up in long sleeves, it was apparent that neither Porcelain nor Megatron saw that message. That, or they just didn’t care. Since we couldn’t just watch them, the rest of us held People’s Chair while they paid their dues.


Quick mosey down Elmington over to the gym entrance for COP. All exercises IC

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • LBAC x 15 F w/ 20 second hold
  • Overhead Press x 20
  • LBAC x 15 R w/ 20 second hold
  • WMH x 16
  • Merkins x 10

Mosey over to the main entrance for West End Middle to explain today’s torture: The MONSTER. 100 reps of the following exercises, and exercises may not be partitioned. Oh, and 5 Burpees EMOM.

  • Merkins
  • Overhead Lunges (which turned into hands on top of head lunges)
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Smurf Jacks
  • Turkish Sit-up (similar to Get-up. Legs flat and arms above your head like a bench press. Sit up keeping your arms perpendicular to the ground, and return.)
  • Extenders (Like a Reverse Crunch, but it starts with an E.)
  • Rosalitas



Great work by all. This thing was tough. YHC was on his 39th rep of Rosalitas when time was up, and everybody else had at least gotten into the Extenders. Next time (yes, next time), we will reserve at least 40 minutes as I believe we started the routine with 33 remaining. That also means we did 165 Burpees in the middle of all that mess.


YHC will be taking the reins for another special New Year’s Day workout. Details still to come, but you should definitely mark your calendars. No George Michael this year, I promise.

PA out.


GrowSchool 2.0

0600 Time to Go…Couple of Stragglers coming in on Two Wheels
Mosey to Soccer field w side shuffle L/R, Politician, High Knees and Butt Kickers
WOR (Princess Aurora)
All IC
SSH X 20
The Dirty McDuece
Count off 1s and 2s to partner up
Round I
Merkins, Squats, Ola Dollies x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round II
Atomic Merkins, Lunges, LBCs x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round III
CDD, Jump Squats (OYO), Reverse Crunches x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round IV
Burpees (OYO), Jump Lunges, Flutter Kix x 12 IC
Run 400M
High Plank on Hill for some of the Genesis of F3 Nation.
Looooong Aunt Bea like wandering mosey around the football field, softball field past the playground through the woods, slalom through the red tips.
Plank Progression in parking lot. More on F3Nashville’s beginnings.
Cross country over to JOHS baseball field back up to rear parking lot. Plank progression on Leadership, Fartsacking and the like.
Why do they call it Mary, CCR? From the famous car ride scene in Something About Mary…look it up.
High plank, low plank, flutters x30 IC, American Hammers x20 IC, Mariah’s x13 IC, j-los x13 IC, 10 burpees oyo
Goal today was to replicate the Qs of OBT & DREDD of GrowSchools and GrowRucks of the past. Must say, think we nailed it! Great work by Qs to explain what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Nice work by the PAX in chiming in w the MC and hard work. Probably the most Forward Leaning Rest/Listening Position/High Plank on record.
Proud to be a part of this great group of men. Thank yall for your hard work and dedication to the reinvigoration of male leadership in our communities.
If anyone knows of some small men that may need this, please a little EH on em.
Lots of great stuff going on right now…many opportunities to serve. Please reach out to me if you feel led to serve in any of the roles we mentioned this am or in any other way we would love to help.
I will get all of the GrowSchool info in one document and see about getting it on the interwebs.
Bagger Vance
Bicentennial Man, Brother @ Law, Right Said, PA, CCR, Floppy Disk, FTTAL, TOGA, T Cell, Traffic Jam, HiViz, Bad Boy, Pappa Lock, Frugal McDugal, Life Champ, Dupree, Numbtucks, Nimbus 2K (FNG), Black Lung, Hambone, Crawfish, PreVac, Lewd Wig, Foggy Pirate, Chum, Vegemite, Big Stick, Deep Dish, Cowboy, BV

Daddy is Back

Great to be pack with the fine men of West Nashville Westeros after paternity leave. Luckily everyone was sleeping and quiet when I left the house, so my conscience was clean as I depart for the AO.

5 Pax (YHC, Bad Boy, Megatron, Crawfish, High Viz) departed the parking lot and  wait, who is that appearing in the darkness, PA and Porcelain! Lucky 7 for the morning. Could tell everyone was moving a little slow either from turkey or last weekend’s GrowRuck.  We pushed on..

Here is what went down: 

Mosey to the school for COP under the lights – 30 SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Good Mornings.

Mosey to the playground for today’s route o pain:

Suicide on the tennis court, bear crawl down the sidewalk, 10 pull ups, and  a trip through the tunnel. Rinse and Repeat X5. Doesn’t look like much, but it was. As evidence by my wheezing and the rest of the pax.

Finished with about 10 minutes of Mary with the highlight being a perfectly executed Dixie Stamped. Indian Run back to the parking lot.


Great to be back after a few weeks off. Thanks to all the guys who have stepped up the last week or so as we’ve had guys out due to Grow Ruck recovery and holidays. You know who you are and it does not go unnoticed.

Megatron let us know about a great event that Parks Church PCA is hosting on Friday night. Details below. Also, Megatron is making his VQ debut on Friday. BE THERE!

7PM Friday, December 1 free event at the Cafe at Thistle Farms on Charlotte Pike.  Dessert and holiday drinks provided.  Songwriters round and Christmas tunes!


65 and steamy, YHC was on two wheels coming into the lot at Westeros and hit the ground running like Forrest Gump.

Fast mosey down past the port-a-jon up to the school to pick up Willie Loman AKA Foxtrot from Cape Fear and back up to the top of the lot on West End.

Quick Disclaimer for Slaughter Starter

11 Burpees per Minute for 11 Minutes to the stylistic tunes of Punk Rock on Pandora…it’s not commercial free because we all need to know what time the Steve Harvey show comes on the WB!

Finish that up with Max Burps in the 11th Minute (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey down to the Gaming field for


SSH x 11 IC

Mariah Rt x 11 IC

Bridge Hold x 11 IC

Mariah Lt x 11 IC

Superman x 11 IC

Scorpion x 11 IC

Hillbillies er Imperial Walkers x 11 IC

Hillbillies x 11 IC

Main Thang:

11s w Merkins and Jump Squats

Get up the Hill w the Reverse Mosey aka Politician and get back down the hill with Bear Crawl…this is the ode to the Upside Down

As time was getting short, PAX instructed to finish #9 and #10 merkins and #2 and #1 squat jumps consecutively.

Back to the top of the hill for Minor Thang:

Stationary 11s

Reverse Burpees and Reverse Crunches


NM: Fantastic work this am paying homage to 11 from Stranger Things.  Nice to pick up Foxtrot from Cape Fear.  He got the Uber or Air BnB as T Cell calls it from the Lowes.

Nice to finally post w my buddy Megatron.  Keep up that shoulder PT brother!

Had a fairly good representation of the GR05 Pax in the crowd.  Tried to incorporate some team work at the end to help get all PAX pushed through MT 11s.


Keeping Foxtrot’s 2.0 in our TAP as she is entering week 4 at Quantico.  Thank you for sharing with us.

Keeping the T Cell’s in our TAP as #2 is on the way, stubborn little sucker was supposed to show up on Sat and is still warm and cozy.  Please pray for comfort for his M and peace as they go Man to Man on the homefront.

Really grateful for you HIM for pushing me and for allowing me to push you from time to time.  Remember what we discussed this AM…”no discipline seems pleasant at the time…” This goes for our time in the Gloom, our time at home and work and our time as The Lord is sanctifying us here on earth.

Please reach out to someone who needs F3 today.  There are plenty of HIM waiting to be unleashed, they just need you to help AWAKEN them.

Highly encourage you to come up with your goals for ’18…Personally, Professionally and Financially.  How are you going to strengthen your walk with the Lord?  How are you going to Pursue your Wife better?  How are you going to love your Children better?  How are you going to Leverage yourself for others?

Remember be Men of Action not reaction, be Men of Activity not passivity, be Men of Intention not of circumstance.


Bagger Vance

PAX: T Cell, Crawfish, Princess Aurora, Porcelain, 3rd Person, Megatron, Foxtrot (Cape Fear), Hi-Viz, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Westeros – 10.09.17 – “1492”

QIC: Princess Aurora aka Christopher Columbus

PAX: T-Cell, Hi-Viz, Megatron, Right Said, Bad Boy, Third Person, Porcelain, Crawfish.

The Thang:

Slaughter Starter and took off running. Put together some pearls on a string on our way to the big hill on Marlborough between Fairfax and Acklen. Short little COP featuring the number of the day, 16 (1+4+9+2), and then divided into three groups: the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

While PAX 1 runs up the hill and back, PAX 2 performs 16 reps of an exercise while PAX 3 holds the prescribed position. P2 and P3 alternate until P1 returns. Rotate through until each member of the group has ascended the hill.

Round 1: Clerkins and People’s Chair

Round 2: Lunges and Plank

Round 3: Big Boy Sit-Ups and Table Tops

Round 4: Jump Squats and Shoulder Taps

Line up for an Indian Run up the hill with the condition that everybody must have a turn before we reach the top or else we do it again. Thankfully, everybody was feeling fleet of feet and we nailed it first try. Then, we did an Indian Run all the way back to the parking lot, making it through three rounds just in time for 5MOM.


I continue to be grateful for everybody’s tolerance of my themed-workouts.


Get on that GrowRuck train! 11/18 in Chattanooga. Invite a friend.

Michael Anthony Monsoor 29 Sept 2006 Died

Another HERO WOD awaited the unsuspecting PAX that made the correct decision last night to get better this AM.  Temps were moderate and a little less humid than in the recent few weeks.

PAX: Hi Viz, The Baptist, Bicentennial Man, T Cell, Crawfish, Right Said, BV

QIC: Bagger Vance

Start with a Mosey out of the LARP lot over to the road, side shuffle right then left.  T Claps to Right Said for being the only man blocking the passing lanes during this portion of the WOR mosey.  Transition into Politicians, get to the front of WEM for Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 10 IC

GMA x 10 IC

WMH x 10 IC

LBAC F/R x 10 IC


Monsoor goes like this:

Four Rounds

800 M Run (Check)

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (traded for Hallelujah Squats)

20 Burpees (Check)

100 Yard Farmer Carry (subbed in bear crawl, High Skip…BC, Rev Lunge, Crawl Bear, Bear Crawl)

40 LBCs

We rinsed and repeato’d 3x instead of the prescribed 4x due to time constraints.


Thank you for letting me lead yall at Westeros today.  Hope yall had as much fun as I did.  The point of today’s Q was to honor another Fallen Soldier.  Regardless of your stance on the Flag and sitting v standing, there is no denying that millions of brave men and women have fought to give us our 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.  Too often we forget to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our Freedoms.

The other point of the exercise today was to partner up for encouragement, to push and to be pushed.  It was dark but there didn’t seem to be much shouldering of the load by PAX 1 that finished ahead of PAX 2.  I find it always refreshing to help my Pardsy with his work set and am grateful when he helps me with mine.  I am sure I could have made it more clear to stick together and to help bear the other PAX burdens.  Comz fail on Qs part!

Great AO with lots of options, please be sure to reach out to others in the area that may be interested in joining.  ABH…


First Friday Lunch coming up on Friday at 1130

Warpath 4 coming up on Saturday in Franklin, be sure to hit up Big Bang or Torch for details.

31 Marathons in 31 Cities in 31 Days coming to Nashville on 11/7…a Tuesday if yall can join for some or all it would be great. Check out Rob Jones story here at www.robjonesjourney.com

Please keep praying for Chase and Katie Kemp.  This is a time of transition for them and also a time when the Father of Lies could be lurking around the corner.  I pray that we stay vigilant with them!

GrowRuck05 coming up 17 November weekend.  Let’s shoot to have 24 PAX from Nashville/Franklin sign up to join.  This is a great leadership development weekend.  I am happy to share more with you or you could reach out to Funyus or Hambone.

Be sure to nominate a HIM that is Being that Somebody on the F3Nation.com/podcast site.


Bagger Vance