Love Is In The Air

Still emotional and on a high from the Royal Wedding, YHC decided to take the Pax up as high as he was for a trip to Love Circle.

Conditions were PERFECT for the 13 pax in attendance.

QIC: T-Cell PAX: Princess Aurora, Bad Boy, Trapper Keeper, Hawkeye, En Fuego, The Baptist, Porcelain, Right Said Fred, The Jeweler, High-Viz, Blue Mule, Reveille.

Mosey to tennis court to get this crew stretched out. Good Morning Apocalypse to start out, followed by WMH, SSH, Squats, and some little, tiny baby arm circles to wrap. We had a long journey ahead of us, so we took off from there.

After a LONG mosey to the top of Love circle and a moment to reflect on the beauty of a sunrise from the best view in Nashville, we paid some homage to the Royal Family. First up was King Phillip, in which we did 96 (his age) SSH’s and then made a loop round LC. Next up was the Queen (92) crunches and then a loop. Finally, we gave Prince Charles (69, his age!) due with some Monkey Humpers. A nod to not only his rumored past, but his somewhat monkeyish appearance. These were brutal.

From there we made the long mosey back via West End. All in all, we covered about 3 miles and were feeling every bit of it when we rolled back into Westeros.

Finished with a bit of Mary – Flutters and Freddie Mercury to finish.


  1. Great showing on Saturday at Sylvan Park fest. Probably good to do a few more of these, just need some better signage, etc.
  2. 4:13 kick-off on Thursday. Come out and support these guys!
  3. Stay tuned for a new AO on Tuesday’s led by En Fuego and Foggy Pirate
  4. Prayers for Jeweler’s mom who is sick
  5. Forgot to mention, but NO WESTEROS next week. Memorial Day Convergence at Concord Park.



96,348 Hours of Pure Marital Bliss

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Bad Boy, Porcelain, En Fuego

QIC: En Fuego

6 PAX greeted the 41 degree gloom at Westeros this morning – ready, willing and able to celebrate YHC’s 11 year wedding anniversary.   PA plants the Shovel Flag, 5:30 arrives, and with that, celebration commences…

Kick it off with 9 burpees, then mosey throughout AO, making four pit stops along the way for 6 burpees, 3, burpees, 4 burpees and 8 burpees – representing the 96,348 total hours of official marital coverage that has been outkicked by YHC.  PAX then huddle, disclaim, knock out a couple additional warm-ups, and details of how this anniversary party is going down are given.

Like any great marriage, we first partner up.  Then, 3 rounds of exercises focusing on the numbers 11 (years) and 132 (months).

Round 1:  Start at bottom of parking lot along Bowling entrance; Partner 1 Bernie Sanders to top, perform 11 hand-release merkins at top and then back to bottom.  Partner 2 is doing burpees.  Flap-jack until Partner 1 and 2 have collectively knocked out 132 burpees.

Round 2: Same starting point; Partner 1 forward run to top, perform 11 Lieutenant Dans and then back down; Partner 2 is doing storm squats (imperial walker with 2 added squats, 4-count = 1 rep; PA calls T-Cell out for poor form, at which point we realize we have 3 different forms going between the three PAX).  Flap-jack until collective 132 storm squat reps reached.

Round 3: Mosey to playground; same flap-jack theme, exercises being 11 pull-ups and 132 dips.

Mosey back to bottom of parking lot hill for one AYG up the hill.  10 strides in and its PA and a cloud of gloomy dust.

Three minutes of Mary, COT and YHC officially shuts the party down.  Great work by all the PAX – on average each knocking out 96 burpees, 66 storm squats, 66 dips, 22 Lieutenant Dans, 22 pull-ups and 22 hand-release merkins while traversing 1.71 miles worth of AO.

Honor to have led and appreciative to live out the gloom with each of you.  Remember our calling as leaders begins in our homes – may we choose to be intentional in embracing and owning that leadership mantle.

En Fuego


Westeros – 04.09.18 – “Three Amigos”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: T-Cell, Hi-Viz

It was a beautiful morning for the three of us who escaped the fartsack to get a little better than yesterday. After some chatter about the intimate number, we took off on a medium mosey down the parking lot and around the school and circled up at the drop-off loop.

The Thang:

COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 15
  • LBAC F x 15
  • Air Press x 15
  • LBAC R x 15

Skip over to the playground for a light circuit:

  • Merkins x 50
  • Split Squats x 50 (each side and all reps must be completed before switching)
  • Imperial Walkers x 50
  • Squats x 50

Long mosey to Fairfax and Marlborough for a brutal Jacob’s Ladder. Once all PAX were in, mosey back to the start.


  • Boxcutters x 15
  • Flutter Kicks x 15
  • Leg Raises x 15



A small but quality trio today at Westeros. We got 3.07 miles in by my watch, and I think we had the energy to get another 2 if there was time. Saved by the bell!


  • Continued prayers for strength and peace for Spicoli and his family through his cancer treatment.
  • Congrats to the men who suffered the Bataan Tough last Saturday. I heard nothing but brutal things, but we can all rest knowing it was not even close to what those men who experienced the true death march endured.
  • Get signed up to Q. There’s no reason there should be any blanks on the schedule for the next month. If you’re waiting until you’re sure you can make it, you’ll always have an excuse. Sign up now, and then manage conflicts as they arise. Be a leader.

PA out.

Westeros 02 APR 2018 — 6 PAX Own Coupons

Westeros 02 APR 2018 — 6 PAX Own Coupons

PAX:  Blue Mule (Q), Reveille, T Cell, Right Said, Bad Boy, En Fuego

I turned 31 last month.  This week is the BLUE MULE WEEK OF COUPONS to celebrate.  This was work out one of four.

Weather was about 40 degrees and drizzling.  Sun was not up.  Very gloomy.

The PAX managed three coupons during this post.  Each coupon was a set of six wrapped bricks, weighing approximately 25 pounds.

Start with mosey from parking lot around park to side of the school.  PAX traded off with who carried coupons.

Warm-o-rama:  squats, Willie Mayes Hayes, arm circles front and back, seal claps, good mornings.

Disclaimer:  have fun, pace yourself, don’t hurt yourself, modify as needed.

Coupon Event One:  31 Coupon Burpees:  All PAX pair up.  Each pair must do a combined 31 burpees with the coupon.  If you are waiting your turn for burpees, you must do side straddle hops.

Coupon Even Two:  31 Coupon Duck Walks:  All PAX pair up with a different person this time.  Each pair must do a combined 31 trips from the wall to the side walk and back doing a duck walk and holding the coupon, approximately 20 meters total duck walked.  Round is completed when the coupon is duck walked back and forth 31 times.  If you are waiting your turn then do merkins.  This round got the PAX all huffin and a puffin.

Coupon Event Three:  31 Sprints.   All PAX pair up with a different person this time.  Each pair must do a combined 31 sprints to the parking sign and back, approximately 50 meters total sprinted.  Round is completed when the coupon is sprinted back and forth 31 times.  If you are waiting your turn then do wall sits.

About this time one of the PAX said “Blue Mule, why didn’t you turn 9?”

Coupon Event Four:  62 Overhead Presses.  All PAX pair up with a different person this time.  Each person must do 62 overhead presses.  If you are waiting your turn then do side straddle hops.

Coupon Event Five:  31 Thrusters.  All PAX pair up with a different person this time.  If you are waiting your turn, then hold plank.

Coupon Mosey back to start, then do 10 burpees, and that’s all she wrote.

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure leading you.  SYITG.

Blue Mule out.

Threes Company

Q- T-Cell

Pax – Blue Mule, High Viz, Porcelain, and Bicentennial Man.

The 2.0 turned 3 this weekend. Since I haven’t stopped eating cake since Friday, it was time the PAX helped me work off his 3rd birthday. It was snowing. Blue Mule was wearing summer attire. He said his app this morning read 50 degrees. Crap app.

The Thang:

Mosey round the back half of the school to try and find some shelter neath the gym overhang. It sort of worked.

Squats X 30 IC, SSH X 30 IC, WMH X 10, Imperial Walker X 30 IC, Merkins X 10 IC and some tiny and big baby arm circles. Mosey to the tennis courts.

The plan was for 3 laps around the two courts. Broad jumps down the sidelines, LT Dans down the baseline, and ending with a suicide. We got thru 2 of these but we were eating time and needed to make it to the hill, so we pressed pause and headed for Love Circle.

Ran to the base of the road leading to LC. The plan was for 3 trips up with 10 burpees between sets. After 2 trips, we were all thankful the 2.0 didn’t turn 5, or 12. But he will one day and that day will suck for Westeros.

After finishing there, we ran back over to the tennis courts to blow out the candle on our 3rd trip around the court. No time for Mary as we headed back to the cars for COT.


YHC is a man of the people and kept the PAX dry, so it was a leg heavy day. Although the workout was rep light, the trips up the hill are worth the price of admission alone.


Need to get a Q signed up for Titan on Wednesday. Vector makes his VQ on his 48th birthday on Friday. Be there!

Still room to join us at the Ruck in Nashville.

30 degree weather, snowing, dark, and a time change to mix in makes this Monday a tough one. Grateful for the guys who made the decision to get up and get better. I wouldn’t have been out there if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.

As I shared coffee with Bagger Vance this afternoon, was reminded once again it’s more than a workout fellas. Don’t ever forget that. Grateful for each of you .


Glad We Ain’t Norway

QIC – T-Cell

The Pax – Hi-Viz, Crawfish, En Fuego, Blue Mule, Porcelain

Looks outside at the house, heres the patter of rain, cusses under his breath, walks outside, feels nothing but dry and 47 degrees. That’s a win.

The Thang:

After some Amy Grant mumble chatter, we headed out of the parking lot and straight into a dead end. Not a good start to the workout. Circled back and headed toward the school. Twas a good thing because Porcelain rounded it about the same time as we did. The dead-end saved him some searching.


Good Mornings X 10, Willie Mays Hayes X 20, SSH X 30, Squat w/ thrusters X 30, Imperial Walkers X 20, BBAC, maybe something else thrown in. It was time to go.

Mosey around the back of the school to what I can only describer as the car-rider circle in front of the gym. The circle driveway was perfect for paying homage to the finale of the Olympic games. And like any good Olympics, we started with a time trial. Took us 57 sec to loop the circle. This was a number we needed to stay in the green with when hitting our splits.

After some discussion on the Olympic ring colors, it was finalized it was blue, yellow, black, green and red. Our workouts would follow these colors. And our reps were determined by the amount of medals won by the US. Luckily it was a paltry 23 or this thing could have turned into a real smoker.

First up was 23 burpees, followed by another lap. If we did not beat our time of 57 sec, the burpees would double on the next trip. We made this next trip by just a few seconds. After a quick warning to the pax that we were close, we settled in for the next exercise round.

23 burpees and 23 Y-Ups. Followed by another lap. This would continue with us each time adding an exercise. The ultimate exercises were Burpees, Y-Ups, Big Boy Sit-Ups, Groiners, and Reverse Burpees.

Upon completion, mosey back to the parking lot via Indian Run.


Not gonna lie, this workout snuck up on the pax, including the Q. YHC tried not to be too offended when Porcelain said he wore long sleeves because he wasn’t fearing a Princess Aurora smoke show. He was however smoked and I will not forget that comment. Ever.


First Friday lunch this week 11:30 at Cookery.  Be there before CCR finishes all the Australian Down Under Meat Bonanzas.


Westeros – 02/19/18 – “Friends and Lovers”

QIC: Princess Aurora 

The PAX: Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Crawfish, En Fuego, Blue Mule

It was a veritable steamy morning chock full of lessons in love at Westeros. 7 men came.

The Thang:

In need of a little blood flow to get things started, 6 PAX took off on a quick mosey from the parking lot when who should appear coming in hot but our dear LIFO, Pop-A-Lock. Continue to lawn outside of the gymnasium and circle up for some foreplay filled with laughter (isn’t it always?).

  • SSH x 69
  • LBAC F x 15
  • Air Press x 15
  • LBAC R x 15
  • Chinooks x 15
  • Squats x 20 finished with 20″ air chair

Take a quick lap to get focused before inserting ourselves into the main event.

For this portion, we focused on control, lowering slowly to 4 ct cadence:

Split Squats x 9 e/s

SL Deadlifts x 9 e/s

Take a lap, then RnR slowing our tempo down even more.  Another lap, then, because it’s always advisable, we upped the rhythm AND the duration. 20 reps each exercise, followed by one more lap to regain our composure.

Over to the jungle gym to work on our pushing and pulling out in this wonderful weather. 10 pull-ups followed by 10 merkins. 9 pull-ups, 9 merkins…all the way down to 1 of each, resting as needed.

After some brief fumbling around, we finally got situated again for the final stretch. To work on our power, 3 sets of 10 dragon flags and 10 glute bridges. A lucky female pedestrian was able to take it all in before continuing on her stroll. I’m sure we all would’ve stopped to let her go by, but our eyes were closed and we were past the point of no return.

One final sprint to the finish and we circled up for a much needed cooldown with a glute melting 7-way hip progression complete with awkward moans, groans, and sighs of relief.



Starting a gofundme for Pop-A-Lock’s new alarm. Pop-A-Clock?

Thanks for enduring the awkwardness and inconsistency with the Q today. This has never happened before, I swear.


Memorial ruck on 3/4 for Jerome Gonzalez, a GRT who tragically passed after collapsing during the Bragg Heavy. Consult Pop and Slack for details.

Prayers for The Jeweler and his wife as they navigate some hardship.

Clear your calendars for Saturday, June 23. YHC is planning a community service CSAUP: Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck. This will be a fun event that does some good, too!

Also, while you have your calendar out, go ahead and save September 22 for what will be a truly epic CSAUP. I mean it

PA out.


12 February 2018 5 7 19 21

32 ish degrees as the 5 RedPillers anxiously awaited the arrival of YHC.  Disclaimer given at 0530 and off we went down Bowling Ave up to the Bowling Ave. entrance of WEMS.

SSH x 21, Imperial Walkers x 5 Squats x 7, GMA x 7


The numbers 5, 7, 19 and 21 would be integral to today’s workout as we made our way down Bowling to Woodmont to Sharondale to Elmington and back to StartEx.

Head down Bowling to Whitworth Entrance for

5 Burpee’s, 7 merkins, 19 plank jacks, 21 mountain climbers

To Richland Place (?)

5 Burpees,  7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Woodmont and Bowling

5 Burpee’s, 7 downhill burpees, 19 donkey kicks, 21 lunges

Guardrail on Sharondale

5 Burpee’s, 7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 Irkins, 21 Dirkins

To Sharondale and Elmington

5 Man makers, 7 merkins, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Whitworth entrance on Elmington

5 Curb thrusters, 7 curb dips, 19 curb thrusters, 21 Dirkins

To Whitworth Racket Club (where YHC plans on making a sales call later today)

5 Bear crawl merkins, 7 merkins, 19 squats, 21 walking lunges (starting to feel unwelcome)

Back to StartEx for Endex


Plank, Beast R/L, Flutter kix, Mariah Carey R/L


PAX: Bicentennial Man, Bad Boy, T Cell, Third Person, Hi Viz, Bagger Vance (QIC)


Always good to explore the space and see some PAX that don’t make it out to The Shire much.

The importance of 5 7 19 21 is that on May 7, 1921 the site we ran around was Chartered as the original location of Richland Country Club which was formerly Nashville Country Club.  Fun facts can be found at

A point was made to re EH PAX that had been out a while, Megatron, Right Said, Butch Please, etc.


F3 Nashville Serves Qd  by Dupree has lots of neat things coming up, please reach out to me or him directly for more info.



Westeros – 01/15/18 – “Half Blaster”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Right Said, Crawfish, Porcelain

4 PAX got their Monday holiday off to a warm start at Westeros.

The Thang:

Long mosey over to the grassy area outside the gym, avoiding black ice along the way. COP, all IC (memory is a little foggy on these):

  • SSH
  • Lunges
  • LBAC F/R
  • Air Presses
  • Squats

Porcelain joins us just in time to wrap up the squats, and then we mosey over to the tennis court for some real fun. 6 rounds of 6 Burpees followed by 6 shuttle sprints to far court (each way is one rep).

Sufficiently warm, we mosey over to the playground to introduce the leg blaster, or half of it anyway. 10 Squats, 10 Lunges (5 ea), 10 Jump Lunges (5 ea), and 10 Jump Squats. Follow that up with 10 pull-ups and repeat, subtracting 2 pull-ups each round. YHC shocked the world when instead of 2 pull-ups for the last round, we upped it back to 10.

All wrapped with our back work, mosey over to find a good spot for Dora 1-2-3.  This was standard issue Dora with one exception: at the halfway point up and down the sidewalk, the runner had to do 5 Jump Squats.

Time was up somewhere in the middle of the last 50 reps for everybody, so we headed back to the launch point for COT/BOM.


Great to have Right Said back in the mix. I know we might have had a few more numbers if not for the 5K4MLK, but I’m not going to complain.


F3 Nashville PAX Lookout! placed second in the race according to T-Cell. Safe to say he could’ve gotten first if he was more consistent with posting. Come back out if you’re reading this!

PA out.

A Merry Westeros Christmas

THE PAX: BadBoy, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Megatron, Butch Please, Porcelain, Crawfish

QIC: Hi-Viz

Fresh off last night’s Garth Brooks (19-hour?) concert, YHC was more than excited to spend a quality 45 minutes with seven of his ‘friends in low places.’

Quick mosey to the school’s front steps.

Good Mornings X10 OYO
Little Baby Arm Circles X15 IC
Overhead Claps X15 IC
Reverse LBAC X15 IC
Thrusters X20 IC
Chinooks X15 IC

Even though YHC heard endured Brett Micheal’s version of Jingle Bells on the way this morning, he fought to remain in a festive spirit in teeing up a take-off on ’12 Days of Christmas.’

PAX complete an exercise in a corner of the soccer field, mosey to the next for the next one, adding on until completing all 12.

1 / Partridge In A Pear Tree: Diamond Merkins
2 / Turtle Doves: Plank Jacks
3 / French Hens: American Hammers
4 / Calling Birds: Carolina Drydocks
5 / Golden Rings: Burpees
6 / Geese A’Laying: Jump Squats
7 / Swans A’Swimming: Flutter Kicks
8 / Maids A’Milking: People’s Chair
9 / Ladies Dancing: J-Los
10 / Lords A’ Leaping: Split Lunges
11 / Pipers Piping: High Knees
12 / Drummers Drumming: Shoulder-Tap Planks

Most every good song has a key change/chorus repeat at the end, so why not? Let’s double the counts for good measure.

-Freddie Mercury X25 OYO
-Plank variations for 4ish minutes.



-Had a blast with y’all this morning. Thanks for the encouragement. Seemed like everyone had a bit of fun and wound up appropriately smoked.
-Thanks to PA for being my eyes in the dark. (NOTE: 8-point handwriting on a jam-packed Post-It is nearly impossible to read. #Duh)

-BOLO for several upcoming CSAUP events, including this one on May 12th.
-New Year’s Day: 1/1/18 at 7 at The Hill with PA taking the lead. Don’t miss it. Let’s get those HCs on the books and start the new year off on the right foot.

Viz out. SYITG.