Westeros – 10.15.18 – “Wet Willy”

4 PAX splashed around at Westeros this morning.

Conditions: Steady rain, heavy runoff, and soggy feet

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Porcelain, Right Said


Took off on a quick mosey to the WEM Gym overhang for one of the three times we’d have cover during the workout.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • LBAC F/R x 15 IC
  • SnL Squats x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 15 IC

Long mosey to the corner of Marlborough and Fairfax, and it was time for some no frills work. Run up Marlborough to the top of the hill at Acklen. 40 Squats. Back down. 5 Merkins. RnR subtracting 5 from the squats and adding 5 to the Merkins each round until ending with 5 Squats and 40 Merkins.

Indian Run back to the start, making sure to run through every 3″ puddle along the way, and take cover under the bus stop for a little Mary.

  • Bench Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Bench Reverse Crunches x 10 IC

Noticing we’d covered 2.91 miles, YHC took the PAX on another brief mosey over to the new-ish 440 Greenway Map at Bowling Ave. Here we did some planking before a quick jog back to the start for 3.04 miles total.



As Hi-Viz reminded us all on Twitter, the best thing about rainy workouts is that you only get wet once. If you’re like me, once you’ve stepped in a deep puddle, you begin to relish each time you do it again because it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re just a bunch of grown men reliving our days as dirty, messy, adventuresome boys. Tclaps to those who did the hard thing and got up to brave it both at Westeros and across Nashville.


  • You have until this Thursday at midnight to order your shirts. Don’t be caught this winter without some warm F3 swag!
  • Q sheet is looking mighty barren right now. Just because we’re not doin the Ironclad challenge right now doesn’t mean you can’t Q! If you’re looking to Q for the first time, tell somebody. You know you’re ready!
  • Continued prayers for our sick and injured brothers as well as those affected or displaced by Hurricane Michael.
  • Got the Wolfpack at home this weekend and ready to hand them their first loss of the season. Maybe we’ll hand them a few laptops, too. Dude, you’re getting a DELL. Go Tigers!

PA out.

Westeros 100118: 7s & Double QPs

PAX: Right Said, Blue Mule, En Fuego, No Bars, Cockpit (Both visiting from F3 Swamp Rabbit in Greenville, SC.)

QIC: Hi-Viz

Conditions: PDP (Pretty Damn Perfect)

Mosey to front steps of the school.
Squats X 20 IC
Reverse LBAC X 15 IC
Good Mornings X 20 IC

Hold People’s Chair for a minute.

Mosey to the tennis courts.
Quarter Pounder 1 (Bear Crawl between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Carolina Dry Docks (#CrowdPleaser)
-100 LBCs

Quarter Pounder 2 (Lunge Walk between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Monkey Humpers
-100 Flutter Kicks

Hold Bridge for a minute.

Mosey to the drop-off loop.
7s: Merkins on one side of the loop. Squats on the other.

Mosey to the parking lot.


NMM: Nice to have No Bars and Cockpit with us from Swamp Rabbit. Great effort all around.

Have a great week.

Drop a beat down

70ish, clouds, gloom, but no rain yet.  Yours truly QIC Porcelain was motivated to demonstrate how to make people hate music.  The dancers in the circle were: PA, TK, Bad Boy, Reveille, Studio 42, Crab legs, Hawkeye, megatron, soft wood.  Disclaimer before play was hit on the designated playlist.

warmarama: Blacked Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started run.  Every time they say “started” jump squat.  Got into the tennis courts just in time for Moby, Porcelain to come on for some calming COP.  20 windmill, 20 ssh, 20 little baby arm circles, 20 overhead arm claps, 20 reverse little baby arm circles, 15 good mornings.

The thang: music continued no rest for the wicked between songs.  Next up my deep version of sally.  Moby Flower “up” = stand, “down”=squat femur parallel to ground, “ground”=deep squat as low as you can with knees back chest up.

The Police Roxanne hold plank “Roxanne”=merkin, “red light”=plank jack.

Eminem&Rhianna Love the Way You Lie on your 6.  Rhianna singing=flutter kicks.  Eminem rapping=WW1 sit-ups.

AC/DC Thunderstruck ssh in place.  “Thunder”=burpee.  Moleskin: yes, Rev, thunderstruck counts as thunder too.  Shifted to run in place during about halfway through.

Drowning Pool Bodies hold the downward dog yoga position because this song is so relaxing.  “Let the bodies hit the floor”=donkey kick. Counting “1,2,3”=Carolina dry dock on each number.

Cupid Cupid Shuffle lunge walking around the volleyball court.  “Down”=air squat, “left, right”=lunge in that direction, “kick”=like the dance or pistol.  I didn’t see anyone pull it off.

Mosey to playground.  Partner dance, buddy up.  Mark Robson & Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Dora style 100 pull-ups runner up the short steps.  Pull-ups add on “uptown funk”=hanging knees to elbows.  Continued exercise in to Daft Punk Get Lucky with same stipulation.  Plank and wait for 6 then mosey toward the cars.

Michael Jackson Beat It mosey.  “Beat It”=merkin.  Arrived back with time and music left hold plank for Mary and maintain merkins to time.

Pray for me that I don’t quit my day job quite yet.  Sixth man Hawkeye is raised up and ready soon for the next leg on his mission to Cameroon to help train surgeons there.  Next stop is France for language training.  Always an honor to lead you men.

Son Of A Monkey Humper

(Thanks to Porcelain for naming this Backblast, in what was either a moment of inspiration or exasperation. Either way, well done.)

Conditions: Pristine.

PAX: Porcelain, Bad Boy, Studio 42, Keep The Change, Trapper Keeper, Harvey Updyke, Blue Mule, Vector, Hawkeye, Walker (Visiting from Rock Hill, SC!), Da Vinci

QIC: Hi-Viz


Mosey to the tennis court for WOR.
Good Mornings X10 IC
Squats X 20 IC
Merkins X 10 IC
Carolina Dry Docks X 20 IC
Mountain Climbers X 20 IC
Air Presses X 10 IC

Mosey to the field for 11s.
Hand-Release Merkins on on side, Lieutenant Dans on the other with a full run across the field.

Plank and wait for the 6.

Line up. Bear Crawl to the mid-line. Monkey Humpers X 25 IC. Rinse & Repeat back to the start line.

Line up. Duck Walk to the mid-line. Carolina Dry Docks X 25 IC. Rinse & Repeat back to the start line.

Mosey to the parking lot for Mary.
Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
LBCs X 20 IC
Boxcutters X 10 IC
Plank Variations
J-Los X 20 IC



-Great to see Hawkeye back this morning. Keep him and the family in your prayers as they navigate the visa process in Atlanta in the coming days.
-Strong work all the way around. Nice to have Walker visiting (and setting the pace) from SC. #Respect
-Q sheet is looking a tad sparse. Need some guys to step up and sign up. Studio 42 has his VQ on Wednesday at Titan and I’ll be co-Qing with TK at Bomber on Friday, which is also #FriendlyFriday. Let’s get those EHs going and keep the momentum on the West Side going…

YHC turns 38 today, and the older I get, the more thankful I am for men like you who want more — and better — for their lives.

It’s an honor to hang with you.


Westeros 30 July: 14 PAX rinse and repeat Indian run and merkins

Westeros 30 July: 14 PAX rinse and repeat Indian run and merkins

14 Pax: Blue Mule (Q), Vector, T-Cell, ABC, Porcelain, Studio 42, Keep The Change, Right Said, Trapper Keeper, Crab Legs, Rocket League, Reveille, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz

Mid 70s with average humidity – about the best conditions you could hope for in the South in the summer.

Extremely simple Q.

Mosey from start to school circle.

Warm-o-rama: Squats, Willie Mayes Hayes, side straddle hops, imperial walkers, bumpkins, and arm circles to get the blood flowing.

Indian Run from School to Lover’s Circle — ~1 mile, mostly up hill.

Circle of Pain: 10 overhead arm claps in cadence followed by 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat, adding five repetitions each time. Stop when complete 30 repetitions. That’s 100 total exercises.

Indian Run from Lover’s Circle to School — ~1 mile, mostly down hill.

Circle of Pain: Rinse and repeat.  Brings exercise count to 200.

Sprint from school to parking lot.

… And that’s about all there is to it.


Blue Mule


Jazz in Music City


Making progress! I recorded the CoR this time….but it  didn’t save to my stupid phone, so let’s see how well I do.

Blue Mule, Princess Aurora, Crab Legs, B&B, Porcelain, Vector, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Bad Boy, Trapper Keeper, Studio 42, Harvey Updyke, and Voucher. (Thanks for the assist Vector!) I swear, one day I will get the HC right.


I figured it was time for the guys to get a taste of what I do for the army, so it was all about the Jazz this morning. Crab Legs brought out an FNG (B&B), so disclaimer happened as soon as we started a mosey at 5:30. After that, we circled up for:

Windmills x10, LBAC x 10, Seal Claps x10, OH claps x10, RLBAC x10, Willy Mays Hayes x10, Good Mornings x10 OYO, then mosey on to the soccer field


Lined up on the outside of the field to learn a couple musical terms:

Jump squats x10

Alligator Merkins x10

Zombie Crawls x10

Zombie Walks x10

2 rounds total to make sure they fully grasp the wonder of Jazz. Now that we’ve got the main genre down, let’s learn about some subsets of jazz:

Body Builders x10

Lt Dans x10

Up Straddle Hop x10

E2K x10

Stagger Merkin x10

Ipod got stuck on repeat, so we got to listen to a round of blues twice. Then studied a bit of:

Sumo Squats x10

Werkins x10

Imperial Squat Walkers x10

Non-Alternating Shoulder Taps x10

Gorilla Humpers x10

Of course, you can’t talk about jazz without studying one of the greats:

Merkins x10

Iron Mike x10

LBC x10

Elevated Merkins x10

Smurf Jack x10

Little to no mumble chatter, so the students must have been captivated by the music.

Now the interesting part: a little friendly competition with 1 round of Blue Falcon. 2 teams each have 3 minutes to come up with a workout for the other team. The team finishing last had a penalty of 15 burpees.

Team 1 created: Burpee Broadjumps x10, Manmakers x10, Hydraulic Squats x10, and Monkey Humpers x10

Team 2 put together: Burpees x10, Sprint to the end of the field, rinse and repeat 4 times with 1 final set of Burpees x10 at the end.

It was a close race, but Team 2 scraped by with a victory. They got to “rest” and do field sprints while Team 1 cranked out their 15 Burpee penalty.

Good workout today gents, and a hearty welcome to B&B! Vector asked to keep his family in our prayers as their son goes off by himself for a few weeks to camp. Also, please keep my cousin in your thoughts as she’s recovering, as well as my brother since he left yesterday on his second deployment.


  1. Stonewall is still happening Saturday even though there are a couple of other events going on the same day.
  2. TN CAN RUCK Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Touch base with Princess Aurora if you’re interested and haven’t signed up yet.
  3. Warpath takes place down in Franklin Saturday too. Feel free to double up if you’re feeling manly.


World Cup Westeros 7/2/2018

Apologies for the late backblast.

PAX: Third Person, Right Said, Vector, Crab Legs, Hi -Viz ,TCell, Hambone Voucher, En Fuego, Baptist, Rocket League (FNG)

QIC: Pop-A-Lock

Met at the new overhang/awning for a oddly-shaped circle warmup. It’s World Cup season, setting a theme for a wet and wooly Westeros.


Stuff. There were BAC, Seal claps, and other festivities.


Mosey to the field.

Forward, Reverse, Side shuffle, and Criss-cross halfway across the field. 3 burpees when you get there, 3 when you get back.

Quick mosey to recover.

4 full on sprints, one burpee at each end.

Mosey around the big field to recover.

Now that we’ve warmed up, time for soccer. Heavily modified Indian run – pax space out. Man in back dribbles the ball in between each pax. When he passes you, do three squats. Otherwise do SSH. Got through the line once before it was time to move on.

Next we move to the grinder portion. PAX count off, then partners do 15 Death-by-froggers. This entails PAX 1 in high plank, PAX 2 jumps over, crawls back underneath, does 5 merkins, then flapjack. Did in sets of 5. Total body crushing exercise.

Another modified Indian run – pax in back dribbles ball to front then leaves it for the back. Do around the field a couple of times.

Circle of love. All PAX in high plank. Pass soccer ball between pax. Every pass you do one merkin. If you miss you do 3 burpees. Halfway through switch to crab position. Pass with the feet. Every pass do 3 Alabama prom dates.


Props to Hambone for the very appropriate Rocket League moniker for our new, fast FNG.


7s & Double QPCs

PAX: Blue Mule, Reveille, Princess Aurora, Hambone, Bad Boy, Trapper Keeper, T-Cell, Voucher, Keep The Change

QIC: Hi-Viz

CONDITIONS: 73 and muggy. What else is new?


Mosey to the school’s front steps.

Good Mornings X 10 IC
Squats X 20 IC
Overhead Claps X 15 IC
Reverse LBACs X 15 IC

Mosey to the tennis court for a Quarter Pounder on the corners. Bear Crawl between each of the following:
25 Merkins
50 Mountain Climbers
75 LBCs
100 Plank Jacks
Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey up the hill and around to the side drop-off circle for 7s, It’s Jump Squats on one side of the circle and Burpees on the other. Plank and wait for the six.

We’ve got time, so mosey back to the tennis court for a reverse of the Quarter Pounder. Crawl Bear for extra measure.
100 Plank Jacks
75 LBCs
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Merkins
Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the parking lot.



-Friendly Friday is this week. Vector has the Q at Bomber. Would love to see a good crowd and some new faces, so let’s give it away and get those EHs going.
-Still time to get signed up for the TN Can Ruck. See PA for details.
-Sorry to hear Rev’s cousin faces more injuries than first thought. Keep her and the family in your prayers.

Excellent work this morning. Always good to spend time with you guys.

If you’re looking for a new podcast, I might suggest the F3 Podcast, which has recently — it seems — been relaunched. I’ve been listening to it during my morning commute and would definitely recommend it. A lot of good principles about leadership, integrity, and living beyond yourself, plus some practical advice on getting the most out of — and more importantly, giving your best to — F3 and the men in our community.

SYITG. Viz out.

440 on the 440 and Double the AO’s

YHC was planning on rain. Didn’t happen. What a glorious treat.

12 showed for a little exploration of the recently completed 440 Greenway.

First we did a quick COP in the Great Lawn. WMH, GM, SSH, Squat, and Merkins. It was quick. Needed to get moving. I had no idea how long that sucker was going to be. Felt like an Aunt Bea Q.

We started at what will now be the official Westeros launch point at the Greenway entrance. We did 10 Merkins, 10 Squats. 10 Little Baby Crunches, and 10 SSH. This 40-pack would be repeated 10 more times (11 total sets)

We headed down the 440 Greenway, stopping occasionally for the 40-pack. Ultimately, in maybe what had not been accomplished since Ironclad 1.0, we arrived at Titan. Circled back and finished our 40 packs at the start. For those who weren’t tracking, we did 440 of the exercises. Greenway is approx 2.5 miles. Helpful to know for any future Ironclad events.

Wrapped up with some Mary.


  1. Wednesday is Mickey’s last day before he heads to Chapel Hill. Let’s send him out with a bang.
  2. Continued prayers for Vectors father plus Reveille’s brother and father. One is deploying to Russian border and father is coming home.
  3. GREAT having Harvey Updike back out. With Voucher appearing, enjoy seeing so many new-old faces. Who knows, maybe The Mighty Stork  is coming back next.


PAX:  Blue mule, En frego, Hi viz, Crab legs,  Vector,  T cell,  PA,  RIGHT SAID,  Bad boy, Porcelain, Trapper Keeper, Bicentennial Man, Revelry

13 PAX learn a lot more about Fatherhood this morning. Strength, Patience, and Endurance was all tested.

Temp: Cool 73 degrees with 80% humidy.

Warm up with a quick mosey around the neighborhood. New homes going up if anyone is interested. Medium price ~$800k…

COP: SSH x 30 IC, High Knees x 30 IC, Merkins x 15 IC, Mountain Climbers x 20 IC, Willy Mays x 15 IC Each Leg, Good Mornings x 15 OYO.

Each exercise represented a point in a fathers life where he would feel such pain or exhaustion in a muscle group. After each exercise, PAX completed a sprint up the hill with a mosey back down to complete the next exercise.

F – Fast sprints x 3
A – Air presses  x 60
T – Single Leg Thrusters x 30
H – Monkey Humpers x 30
E – Elbow plank progression
R – Reverse Lunges length of hill
H – American Hammers x 30
O – Overhead Claps x 60
O – Overhead squats x 30
D – Dips x 50

MARY: Fludder Kicks x 30 IC, LBC x 30 IC, Nolan Ryans x 15 IC Each arm


This Tuesday, June 19th, Send off for Crawfish, Third Person, and Mickey Mouse at Edley’s in Sylvain Park @ 8pm.

Tin Can Ruck – See PA’s announcement on Slack.  ~6 hours or running starting mid-Saturday morning, July 21st.

It was awesome to lead you men this morning!