Animal Grid

High 60’s and gloomy.  Clouds did break some for a nice sunrise.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Bad boy, hambone, frequency (kotters), TK, crawl space

Slow start after disclaimer.  Mosey around the Parthenon field to the ellipse behind the pagan temple. cop-20 sshs, 14 Willie mays Hayes, 10 slow and low squats, 10 slow and low merkins, 20 seal jacks.

Mosey to Parking lot north of Parthenon for the thang.  Around 50 yards from the first light to the second to last.  Movement repeats back and forth.

First trip out: Duck walk with 20 each leg Zebra butt kicks at the end (plank, one leg hi 90, Kick skyward).

Trip back: Crab walk with 20 crab humpers at the end.

2nd trip out: Frog hops with 20 Werewolf (dive bomber pushups) at the end.

Trip back: Sneaky gorilla (low squat, hands on ground lateral lunge to move turn 180 and alternate) with 20 donkey kicks at the end.

Third trip out-Crawl bear with monkey humpers at the end.

Trip back: Alligator merkin (2/3 back)-Inch worm (last 1/3 back) with cadence 20 low country crab at the end.

mosey to front of Parthenon for Mary.

20 cadence Starfish crunch- hold legs out, 1 left leg right elbow, 2 back, 3 right leg left elbow

20 cadence manatee- Superman position on stomach, left hand right ankle, right hand left ankle

 1 minute Dying cockroach hold

20 cadence Crunchy happy frogs

COT: Q school at stonewall weekend of 29th.  Good news on our prayers for bad boy’s family and spicoli’s remission are progressing well.

VJ-Lo Day

70F clear and gloomy.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Bagger Vance, hambone, blue mule, plinko, hail state, studio 42, Harvey Updike, Crab Legs, Trapper Keeper, Hawkeye, DaVinci, Reveille, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Crawl Space, Vinyl Signs, BnB

Disclaimer into a quick mosey to the field south of the Parthenon.  Warmarama: 20 don quixotes, 20 ssh, 15 slow and low squats, 15 slow and low merkins, 10 mountain climbers.

The thang: Indian run half mile for Indian Independence Day was but a ruse/setup for the main event.  The Japanese surrendered on the 14th by telegraph but it was not announced to the world until the 15th of August.  Moleskin YHC could not have scheduled better pax numbers.  Shortest to the front of the Indian line to break into even height groups of 6 for the 3 picnic tables.  We won the pacific campaign by an island hopping strategy.

Pinewood Derby Island Hopping campaign: Lift practice 10 ground to overhead.  Travel ~100m with table to different islands (trees) around the south field.  Island 1: Each table Group reps- 48 shoulder to overhead.  Plank for the 6 table.  Island 2: each pax oyo 20 each leg Bulgarian split squat using table bench then 20 air squats, hold low squat for 6.  Island 3: oyo 20 derkins then 20 burpees, plank for the 6.  Island 4: 48 bent table rows as a team then 20 oyo Carolina dry dock.   Island 5: 48 exaggerated leg raises off side of table oyo then 20 crunchy happy frogs off side of table.  Island 6: returned to home base 48 step ups oyo 10 Lt dans oyo.  Moleskin YHC was prepared to talk with the grounds keeper that drove past us but he did not stop.

Mary: Moved to edge of south field and got on line facing the shovel flag 100m opposite of us on the other side of the field.  Vacuum cleaners- wheelbarrow 10 steps then 5 derkins, each buddy 10 j-los then flap jack.  Repeated until time with most pax 2/3 of the way across the field.

COT: always fun seeing BV especially with kotters for hail state. Q calendar is looking sparse at time looking for pax to step up.  I pray we never have a total war like WWII ever again.  6 for coffee at three brothers.


Titan – 08.08.18 – “88, Ain’t it Great”

CONDITIONS: Temp was mid-seventies, not humid, less light every morning.

PAX:  Bad Boy, Reveille, Harvey Updike, Fetch, Right Said, Crawlspace, Razor, Venus, ABC, Craig Thompson (FNG), Vital Signs, Crab Legs, Blue Mule ,Keep the Change, DaVinci, Trapper Keeper, Porcelain, Hambone, T-Cell, Hi-Viz

QIC: Studio 42


WARM-UP/CoP:  Mosey to the amphitheater (aka to McDonalds for that wonderfully greasy aroma) for a warm-up

  • Side Straddle Hops (20 IC)
  • Seal Claps (20 IC)
  • Squats (20 IC)
  • Overhead Claps (20 IC)
  • Clap Merkins (15)
  • Mountain Climbers (15 IC)
  • Willie Mays Hays (10 IC)


1st Indian Run

  • 1 mile loop around park, 2 lines in tandem (well, it started that way…), Pax in rear does 5 jump squats, then sprints to the front

88, Ain’t it great… to do this with a partner instead of on your own.

  • Mosey to the playground and partner up, do each exercise for 88 rep’s switching with your partner after 8 rep’s (or whenever suits you), partner counts when not doing rep’s
  • Exercises:
      1. Pull-up’s on the monkey bars
      2. Monkey Humpers
      3. Incline Merkins on the picnic bench
      4. Jump Squats

2nd Indian Run

  • A short run, then back to the start for Mary


  • Head to the statue platform for Hands of Time
  • Finished with some Burpees and Good Mornings



  • Friendly Friday this week, so bring a friend.
  • Be praying for Bad Boy and his wife as they navigate some difficult waters.
  • Shoutout to FNG Craig Thompson, now known as “Soft Wood” (briefly known as “Hatchet”… sorry brother, it was an incredible name for like 10 seconds).


It was a pleasure leading you men for my VQ today, just what I needed in the middle of a trying week.  I’ve only been with y’all for a month, but it’s been a great month – awesome to be part of a group of men that are pushing me to be a better version of who God intended me to be.

Studio 42 out.

Mary’s Ugly Sister Dora

70F and clear.  The true gloom is starting to return to 0530.  The challenge is keeping it going through below 40F and rainy/snowy.  18 brave pax there to meet the challenge.  Porcelain (YHC Q), Blue Mule, Hambone, Studio 42, ABC, TK, Harvey Updike, Rocket League, Crab Legs, T-cell, bicentennial man, hi-viz, crawl space, Huggy, DaVinci(FNG), Reveille, Right Said, Stang.

warmarama: slaughter starter mosey 1/2 mile with stops every 200m for 10 burpees.  Circled up at playground: Don quixotes x10, ssh x20, low and slow squats x15

the thang: buddy up for Dora mod.  Partners could start at any workout. Running route around the art center.

50-pull-ups with knees to chest


150-picnic table step ups

alternating planks for 6 then mosey to the green for extended Mary.  3 orange cones (not placed by Q) there worked out perfect for group on line sprints about 20m with a called an ab exercise for 10 reps called out by each pax working down the line before each sprint then a new ab exercise.  Some of the exercises were: v-ups, leg raises, alternating Superman, burpees, Freddy Mercury x2, American hammer, lbcs, ww1s, inverted crunch, flutter kicks, plank, j-los, the alphabet, crunchy happy frogs

cot: glad to have another FNG DaVinci running strong with the team.


Titan – 07.25.18 – “Run, Run, Rudolph”

17 PAX including one Willy Loman from COLA and one FNG posted for Christmas in July Co-VQ delivered by Santa Crab and PA the Late-Ass Reindeer.

QIC: Crablegs/Princess Aurora

PAX: Frequency, Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Eldrick (COLA), FNG Fetch, Porcelain, Rocket League, Harvey Updyke, ABC, Third Person, Blue Mule, En Fuego, Keep the Change, BnB, Reveille

Quick story: YHC had his alarm set for 4:30 per usual and had promised Crablegs to be there by 5:20 to finalize the “bag of toys” being delivered. Well, much to my surprise, I wake up, notice it being lighter than usual, and roll over to see it’s 5:23. Apparently my volume was basically 1 decibel above mute (probably from watching Instagram vids in bed). Good thing Viz still had his phone when I texted as he led the PAX on the mosey and warm-o-rama.


Little fuzzy on the details here as I arrived at 5:36, but there was some running and a COP involved. Only I didn’t hear that the COP part and made a fool of myself when I circled the PAX up once again. I took the opportunity to shame myself for my tardiness.

Handed over the reins(!) to Crablegs where he explained Christmas in July and reminded us that we have 5 months to do our shopping. Then it was over to the Hill of Sisyphus for a doozy of an acronym to work through: S.A.N.T.A., each letter corresponding to the mode of transportation up the hill. Plank and wait for six each of the first 4 rounds. Elf Jacks after the final round.

  • S – San Antonio Shuffle (L Lunge, R Lunge, Merkin, Plank Jack)
  • A – Alligator Crawl
  • N – Nadal (creative license on the baseline-to-baseline sprints) x 2
  • T – Traveling Burpees
  • A – Ape Crawl (Bear Crawl with your hips up and legs straight)

Back to me with just enough time to share my gift of C.O.A.L. with the PAX:

  • Crunchy Frogs x 25 IC
  • “O’s” (making circles with legs extended, feet together) x 12 CC, 12 CCW
  • American Hammers x 12 IC
  • Leg Raises x 15 IC



  • I’ve said enough already, so I’ll keep it brief. While I hated being late, I was glad to know that any one of the guys could’ve taken over if I hadn’t texted Hi-Viz. Tclaps to him and to you all.
  • Welcome FNG Paul Barnett aka Fetch! He’s from Natchez, MS, a Bulldog fan (the maroon kind), and works in supply chain management for Mars Petcare. Apparently he’s been following us on social media for a couple of years but has been afraid to ask us out.
  • Also glad to have Eldrick joining us from COLA. He’s a Clemson Tiger, so he’s welcome back anytime at all.
  • Awesome job by Crablegs today. He’ll be Qing all by himself before we know it. Who’s next!?


  • Big thanks to all those who rucked and donated for the TN CAN RUCK this past weekend. It was an awesome event, and we will do it again soon.
  • 4:13 Strong is back in the rotation. With 10 guys in this class, let’s make sure we get enough of our own out there to have 1-to-1 opportunities with them.
  • Third Person’s last hurrah is tomorrow morning at Bomber. Show up (assuming you’re reading this at 10:20 pm).

PA out.

Everything Under The Sun

Q: Hambone
Pax: Right Said, BnB, Keep The Change, Harvey Updike, Crablegs, Porcelain, Reveille, Hi Viz, T Cell, Studio42

11 Pax showed up for what has already been done under the sun (a lot). My Qs are about as original as a McDonald’s hamburger. I like their hamburgers.

Disclaimer about the Disclaimer: I think it was right.

19 x SSH IC
13 x Toy Soldier IC
14 x IST
Good Morning OYO
10 x Willie Mays Hays IC

Pearls on a string (running with COPs interspersed), but with a little bit of order:

1st Pearl
10 x Merkin IC
10 x Slow and Low Squat IC
10 x Monkey Humpers IC

2nd Pearl
11 x Merkin IC
12 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

3rd Pearl
12 x Merkin IC
15 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

4th Pearl
13 x Merkin IC
13 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

5th Pearl
14 x Merkin IC
14 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

Run to Parthenon Facing Hill and Perform “Fours”
Up the hill, 1 burpee, back down
Up the hill, 2 burpees, back down

Up the hill, 4 burpees, back down


Naked Man Moleskin:
Great work by all to go through with the 2.7 mile run total. Porcelain knew what was coming and unearthed the flag to make the journey with us around the ‘non.

Reminder: Warpath and TN Can Ruck are coming up this weekend. Pick one or both. TCell says he will honor you greatly if you do both #TruthNugget

Independence is taking the land

  1. ~80F and sunny and heating up during the workout.  0530 start.  Q’s: Porcelain, Big Bang, and Funyuns. Pax: Rocket League, 3rd degree, Vegemite, Torch, Offshore, Crab Legs, Hi-viz, Black Lung, Bicentennial man, Right said, Casual Friday, Frugal Mcdougal, Robin Hood, 3rd person, Waterboy, POP-a-lock, Hambone, Harvey Updike, Princess Aurora, Red Skull, Ebola, Hot & Ready, Razor.  27 total.
  2. Warmarama: circled up behind the statue.  No FNGs but read disclaimer verbatim because this was going to be CSAUP (counts for Ironclad?).  Q’d up the music for Sally (play Moby “Flower”) to warm up, Q’d by “up”-stand, “down”-thighs parallel, “ground”-deep squat.  Great hip opener warmup.  13 reps each (get it?)- SSH, LBCs(fwd-reverse), overhead arm claps, merkins.

The thang-counted off 1s and 2s to form 2 groups.  Indian run in these groups about 1/2 mile with shovel flags to the sand volleyball court.  YHC had pre-staged necessary equipment to claim around 1776 lbs of sand in two different cubic yard nylon sacks.  (100#/ft3 for sand 3ftx3ftx~2ft high).  Bottoms of sacks were already secure.  Items that could be used to execute this task were 4~10foot steel poles, 2-shovel flags, 2-reusable grocery bags, 2-garbage bags, 1-lap counter, 1-20oz cup, 1-banana, and 2-oranges.  Designated the youngest pax (Harvey Updike and Rocket League-great work men!) on each team to lead the group in filling the bags then lifting them to move them around a quarter mile to the Parthenon.  Raise over head 13 times for the original 13 colonies.  Claiming the ground and raising it for a democratic constitutional republic.  Bags were filled quickly even with those not involved in filling doing Lt Dan with the flags.  Test lifts were conducted during filling for safety and YHC called the bags full enough at a bit more than half way.

Moleskin break: two sacks were used because the number 2 is very involved with our independence.  Only 2 men actually signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July (John Hancock and Charles Thomson).  The vote for independence by the Second Continental Congress actually took place on the 2nd of July 1776.  Most of the signers of the Declaration did so on August 2nd.  Q audibled to only go to the front of the Parthenon where we were met by a loyal Nashville police officer.  YHC’s stinky sweat got close but still managed to convince the officer      we were not a threat but completely stupid.  When we tried to EH the officer before he left he invited us to go to a gym to spar with him.  I’m game!

T-claps to Big Bang not only did my co-q have the next activity fully Q’d up great with co-q Funyuns but Big Bang had me having flashbacks to a rather large log from Grow Ruck as he helped to organize and call the lifts for team 2.

Bags returned to volleyball court.  Around a half mile total movement with bags.  released bags at 0630 to turn Q duties over to Big Bang.

Moseyed back to statue.  Big Bang explained the 1776 Devildog shown in the pic.  Buddy teamed up and started with 76 burpee but in.  Then moving back and forth 50 yards out and back with partner picking one of the 17.

Moleskin freedom was the partial railroad tie drag Big Bang pictured prior to workout.  Sandbags here were at least 60 and 80 lbs.  Farmers carry 2×30# dumbbells.

Great work staying hydrated and thanks for the bagels Robin Hood.

Big Bang rallied everyone in a circle at 0725 for the 76 burpee buy out.  Most were close to complete.

Announcements: warpath and tin can ruck on 21 July.  Note cans will not pack as tight and are mostly water (62#/ft3)  so cans will be half the weight (scaling as necessary).

COT by Funyuns.  Thanks to those that have fought for our freedom in many ways.  Prayers for Spicoli.  Get out for Team Job bbq tonight if you can!

June 27 Titan: The Heavens Opened for Crawfish’s Final Post

PAX: PA; T Cell; Right Said Fred; Rev; Crotch Rocket (Charlotte and Expansion Man); CCR; Dupree; Vegemite; Hi Viz; Trapper Keeper; Porcelain; Crawfish; Keep the Change (Ya Filthy Animal) (FNG); Hambone; Brother at Law (Q)

15 scoffed at the conditions and made their way to the Parthenon for a cardio-heavy Titan.  YHC was very pleased to see Crawfish one last time; I thought he was gone!  Let’s go.

Mosey around the path with a quick 10 burpee speed bump.  Loop our way to the back of the Parthenon where the ducks play for…


SSH x40 (HBD CCR, ya old gray beard)

GM x10

WMH x10

LBAC w/ lunge x10

RLBAC w/ lunge x10

Seal claps x10

Overhead press x10

Hopkicks x10

Mosey over to backside of Parthenon for some SEVENS.  Imperial squatters at the bottom (squat with an imperial walker at the top counts as 1), with Mike Tyson Merkins (aka Punch Out! Merkins) at the top.  Plank and wait for the six.

Bear crawl the length of the Parthenon to the bottom of the big hill.  More SEVENS!  Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom with jump squats at the very top.  Two burpees at each concrete path or road on the way up.  A set of skaters at each concrete path or road on the way down.  The final stretch of the hill was horrible.

It really opened up at this point.  Felt like Andy Dufresne emerging from the sewage pipe.  Then…WHAT’S THAT!?!  Lightning, quite close (potentially).  Everybody get in under the  Parthenon, plank and wait for the six.  Crawl bear the length of the Parthenon.  Plank and wait. Slowsey back up front for….


FKs x20; Shouldertaps x20; GMs x10

Great to lead this morning.  Thunder and lightning woke me up repeatedly in the night, so I wasn’t optimistic about turnout, much less it even happening, so 15 was quite impressive.

Everybody said final goodbyes to Crawfish, who will be missed.  But lots of mumblechatter at the end about visits and vacations to Charleston.

Crotch Rocket explained current Expansion efforts and sought input.  Detroit is final launch for first half of 2018.  So if you’re in Detroit this summer…

TN CAN Ruck July 21.  Counts as 1) a post; 2) a CSAUP; 3) a 2nd F; 4) a 3rd F; 5) a papal dispensation from all prior sins; and 6) a submission for the Nobel Price in Physics.

July 4 Convergence at Titan.  5:30-7:30.  Only counts as a post.

You guys are awesome.

Battle Brothers @ Titan

14 PAX Present at the inspiring Parthenon for a Brother-themed Q by YHC today.

PAX: Third Person, Porcelain, Bicentennial Man, Princess Aurora, Mickey Mouse, Reveille, Right Said, Hi-Viz, Smokey (Willy Loman from NC), Doubtfire (F3Knoxville PAX), the Bandit (F3Knoxville?), Blue Mule, Trapper Keeper, 3rd Degree (QiC)

Quick mosey to East side of Parthenon for WoR: SSH, SJ, Tempo Squats, IW, LBAC F and BaCs F

7s: Double shot of Jack-ees at bottom (Burpee with plank jack after merkin and SSH instead of jump at end), Piggy-Back Carry Partner up stairs, Lt. Dans at Top (Plank and wait for Partner PRN) Bear Crawl down stairs, Continue 7s alternating carrying-partner each time (Mickey really liked this one…Bicentennial Man almost got runover twice)
Mosey to John Thomas Statue on SW side of Parthenon
Speed Bump of Partner Leg Throws x20 each
Mosey to the Pain-ground
 One Partner High-Planks until other Partner performs 5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins and 15 squats
x5 rounds each partner
Mosey to Parking lot North of Parthenon:
Perform Mary exercise until Q yells GO! and then sprint to other end of parking lot
Alternating High and Low planks
Twisting WWIs
Flutter Kicks
Back to Statue for 3:6:10 of DIDs
Dips, Irkins and Dirkins (3 of each, 6 of each, etc)
LBCs x25 IC
Freddie Mercuries x25 IC
Supermen x 10 IC (Hold up on 1-3, down on 4)
American Hammers x15IC
CoT, Countorama, NameoRama
F3Franklin Hosts Warpath8 7-21-18 5am @ Battleground launch. 4 hours of Fun (~14 miles, with 10 short AOs interspersed. JUST SAY YES!)
BrewRuck that same afternoon (DoubleDip!)
F3Dads camp 8-10 through 8-12 coming up. Sign up by 8-1.
Ecclesiastes 4:9–12
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (ESV)

Titan 06-13-18

PAX: Trapper Keeper, Crab Legs, Hawkeye, Preacher Man, Third Person, Right Said, Hambone, Bagger Vance, Sand Lapper, T-cell, Hi Viz, Porcelain, Blue Mule, Crawfish (Q)

Conditions: couldn’t ask for much better

Short mosey to the ampitheater for warmorama: GM x 10IC, SSH x 10IC, WMH x 10IC, High Knees x 15IC, Butt kickers x 10IC, BAC f/r x 10IC

DIDs: 20 dips, 15 incline, 10 decline.

Mosey to playground for Hambone’s pullup special: 3 rounds AMRAP w/ 5 more partner assisted.

20 swerkins while partner holds peoples chair.

Mosey to Parthenon Ave hill for BLIMPS: 10 burpees, 15 Lt Dans, 20 IW, 25 merkins, 30 plankjacks, 35 smurfjacks. Run up to top of hill & back after each round.

Mosey to volleyball courts for partner sand sprint races x 5 rounds. Loser does 10 merkins each round.

Attempted assault on the HCA black miata at this point, but were quickly (and very politely) turned away by a female security guard.

Mosey back to Parthenon for mary: ABCs, LBCs x 20IC, J-Los x 20IC, 2 minute plank progression.

It’s been an honor to post with you men at Titan the past 3 years. This is the best AO in town. Keep it growing!

Bullhorn: Brew Ruck and Warpath July 21, Farewell beers for Third Person, Mickey Mouse and YHC at Edleys in Sylvan Park on 6/19 @ 8pm.