Spontaneous Q

It was a gloomy morning on the Hill for a fun spontaneous q from yours truly, Frugal Macdoogal.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Pop-A-Lock, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Blood Clot, Too Tall, Big Bang, Tampa Libra, Skidmark, Vegemite, Cowboy, Money Shot, PreVac


Mosey to the football field.

SSH x 10; WMH x 10; GM x 10; Forward BAC x 10; Reverse BAC x 10; Overhead Claps x 10; Shoulder Press x 10; Seal Claps x 10


Football Field Suicides: Start on goal line. Run 5 yards and do one merkin; run back to goal line and do one deep squat.  Repeat increasing 5 yards and one merkin/deep squat each time.  Work up to running 100 yards and 20 merkins then running back to goal line and finishing with 20 deep squats.

PreVac led abs until all in.

Partner up.

Exercise 1: Partner Hamstring Curl x 20.  Partner One lays on ground in merkin position and pushes up to kneeling position using hamstrings to curl up then returns back down to starting position as controlled as possible to work hamstrings.  Partner Two provides weight on ankles to assist.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 2: Partner Leg Throws x 20. Partner One lays on ground on back holding the ankles of Partner Two.  Partner One then kicks their legs up to Partner Two’s chest and Partner Two pushes legs back down.  Partner One stops legs before they hit the ground to work abs and then kicks back up.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 3: Burpee Broad Jump x 50 yards

MARY:  5 Minutes of Abs – each PAX chooses an ab exercise to lead until time is called.

10 Burpees OYO


Great work today fellas!  There were some announcements about some biscuit run and some other dates that I’ve forgotten, but I’m sure BV has slacked about it, so check it out.

As a reminder, we’re planning on having a quick devotion after each Hill workout.  Today, BV shared about our calling as husbands to love our wives like we do Jesus and be intentional in our relationship with them.  It was a great work and encouragement to me as I definitely give leftovers too often when things get busy.   Pop-A-Lock will be sharing next week, but feel free to sign up on the Q signup beside The Hill workout Q signup.



08 February Hill-evens

PAX: Angies List Killer, Billboard, Red Bag, Life Champ, Umbrella, PreVac, Vegemite, Skid Mark, Too Tall, Venus, FTTAL, Big Bang, Funyuns, Pop a Lock, Frugal McDugal, Tampa Libra, Dr. Smartt, CAPSLOCK, BV

QIC: Bagger Vance

23 met the HIM of F3 Nashville this am. 0529:30 call was given to get thyself ready to roll. 0530 Disclaimer dispensed. Head out as some stragglers were streaming in. Quick mosey through the courtyard into the Amphitheater up the steps to the weight room. Each PAX grab a Med Ball, plank and wait in Amphitheater. All in, head out the other side and up to the Ticket booth dropping med balls in upper lot for


SSH X 13 IC, GMA X 10 IC, IW X 10 IC, SQUATS X 10 IC, HB X 10 IC


Simple 11s w 2X Speed Bumps

Squats at lower lot

Lunges behind concession stand at football field

Speed Bump 1 on way up 3 Med Ball or Sand Bag Burpees

Speed Bump 2 on way down 3 Med Ball or SNd Bag reverse Burpees

PAX instructed not to skip steps on way up and down … Penalty of 1 Burpee per skipped step. Apparently when YHC tripped that counted as a skipped step but everyone else hit every step 🙄

0608 PAX instructed to drop the running and finish reps in upper lot

0610 quick mosey back through FRA to return Med Balls


Plank for 90″



Fantastic to have Red Bag back out with us this am. Kotters to Too Tall as well for being back. Yall be sure to Re-EH a brother you haven’t seem in a while. He will appreciate it and we will all be better for it.

A little MC from YHC during Mary RE: Standards and Accountability. It’s a dichotomy of sorts when you try to enforce Standards after you’ve told PAX to MAN (modify as necessary). Maybe that’s just a personal dilemma.  Anyhoo, great to be able to lead.

As you may expect PreVac was at the front of the lead lap along w Red Bag. May be time for a piss test for those dudes.

Devo for 5-10 Minutes post The Hill next week will be led by Frugal, YHC will take week II, need takers for the next couple weeks.

Get your Full EH on, the days are getting longer and warmer, now is the time to get some Sad Clowns out in the Gloom with us.

Look for launch info for Nolensville…@unt Bea, Numbtucks and Tebow will be the Redwoods down there.

Service Project for Feb reach out to Dupree

F3 Dads camp is shaping up nicely.  Look for more details coming soon.




PAX: Bagger Vance, Dr. Smartt, Prevac, Skid Mark, Bartman, Yard Sale, Vegemite, Deck the Hollis, Tokyo Rose, Black Widow, Bicentennial Man, Funyuns, Venus, Big Stick, Lunch Lady, Jolene (FNG), Pop-a-lock, Tampa Libra

QIC: Tampa Libra

Mosey down to the bottom, across the lots, up the hill and back around. Circle up for standard F3 warmups: SSH, Willie, Good Mornings Butt-kickers, High Knees.

Mosey to the field to sharpen our mental game with some agility work on the ladder. 6 different workouts, two times through on each one. Jog to the 50 for a few more stretches.

Tabata: 4 exercises – 30 sec hard, 10 second break, 1 minute rest after each round.

Peter parkers, split squat jump, plank get-ups, burpees.

4 total rounds

Mosey to the back of the stadium and partner up. 1 Partner in a wall sit while the other partner does decline pushups with feet on their partner’s knees.


Bulgarian Split Squat using partner instead of bench. 5 each leg.


2 rounds of the above.


Sarah Michelle Gellar’s (wide leg, cross-over, situp) – 25
Eureka’s Castle’s (sit-up, v-up) – 16
Florence Nightingale’s (pulse ups) – 25
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s (heel touch) – 150

COT. Prayer.
A lot of sickness going around. A lot of tragedy across F3 Nation with deaths in the family or F3 brotherhood. Lunch Lady requested prayers for several students (age 8) with behavioral issues needing constant restraint.

We live in a broken world. Go and be Lights in it this week. Proud to walk with you all.

Winter Hillympics: Week 5

Week 5 of the Winter Hillympics is in the books as 12 strong braved the single digit wind chill and conquered the Mega Hill…basically FRA’s version of the Aggro Crag.

PAX: Frugal MacDoogal (QIC), Prevac, Tampa Libra, Bagger Vance, D’Mish, Funyuns, Blue Mule, Venus, Big Bang, Foxtrot, Cinderella, Faulkner


SSH x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10


We’ve done the Mega Hill in a previous workout and QIC thought it should make a return as a Winter Hillympics competition.  To even the playing field, instructions were given on the Mega Hill:  venturing from the lowest point on campus by the front gate all the way up to the highest point at the top of the bleachers while stopping at 8 cones along the way for an exercise.  It looked a little something like this:

Start at Cone #1:

Burpees x 10

Sprint to Cone #2 (about 80 yards):

Tuck Jumps x 20

Backward Run to Cone #3 (about 80 yards ending with sprint up 10 steps):

Merkins x 30

Sprint to Cone #4 (about 40-50 yards ending with sprint up 12 steps):

Mountain Climbers x 40

Bear Crawl to Cone #5 (about 15 yards and then 32 steps):

Toe Touches x 40

Broad Jump to Cone #6 (about 15 yards):

Merkins x 30

Crawl Bear to Cone #7 (about 15 yards):

Single Leg Donkey Kicks x 20 total

Stadium Steps to Cone #8 at the top of the bleachers (about 25-30 steps):

Squat x 10, Lunges x 10 total, Step Up x 10 total

We would rinse and repeat until time was called.


Flutter Kicks x 30

WWI x 10

Burpees x 10




Today, all PAX got 5 points for every completed Mega Hill.   For those on the 4th attempt, a point was given for every cone you reached.  Additionally, bonus points were awarded for the top three finishers (Big Bang 5 points, Funyuns 3 points, Prevac 1 point).

Prevac is trying to distance himself in the standings as he remains the leader.

Top Eleven:

Prevac 145
Tampa Libra 124
Bagger Vance 98
Frugal 84
D’Mish 77
Funyuns 64
Headstud 61
Blue Mule 58
Pop-A-Lock 57
Venus 53
Big Bang 53


There’s not a chance I would have ever worked out in weather like we’ve had this week if it wasn’t for F3 and you all.  I’m thankful for this brotherhood and accountability – it makes me better in a lot of ways.

It was a pleasure to have Faulkner back with us today.  He shared a little about what F3 has meant to him in England as he’s worked out with us from afar.  I know he’s missed around here, but excited what God is doing in and through his family across the pond.


Armada is this Saturday.  Check out Slack for more info, but should be a party.

Three weeks left of the Winter Hillympics – come join us!  If you’re interested in Qing, feel free to sign up.

Till Next Time,

Frugal MacDoogal


New Year’s Day Convergence – 01/01/18 – “Better Than Yesterday”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Bagger Vance, D’Mish, Big Bang, Spicoli, Tortoise, Bartman, T-Cell, Porcelain, Bicentennial Man, Concrete, The Jeweler, Babe the Blue Ox (FNG), Braddock, Hambone, Blue Mule, Grisham, Edible Arrangement, Deep Dish, Numb Tucks, Braveheart, Frugal MacDoogal, Big Stick (LIFO), Cowboy, Hi-Viz, Hustler (LIFO), Pretty Plies (FNG), Ludwig Von Osh Kosh, Offshore, Venus, Private Sandman, Webelo (FNG), Black Widow, Funyuns, Leatherneck

35 brave souls (33 of which were on time) dove headlong into a crisp start to 2018. At 7 degrees with the wind giving us a real feel of -6, this is and will probably continue to be the coldest F3 Nashville workout on record.


Started with a quick mosey down and back up the parking lot to give folks enough time to sign the standard FRA waiver, and then quickly headed over to the track, throwing in some side shuffles along the way. Circle up at the 50 for disclaimer and WOR, all exercises IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 18
  • WMH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 18

Count off 1 through 5 and line up in columns along goal line. Instructions are for PAX 1 to alternate Walk Duck and Backpedal every 10 yards through the 50 before sprinting to opposite end zone. Remaining PAX are to begin when PAX in front gets to 10 yard line and to SSH while waiting. RnR back across the field. That’s Round 1. Round 2 was the Simian Shuffle alternating left and right, and Round 3 was Duck Walk and Broad Jump Squats (Jump Squat immediately followed by Broad Jump) #crowdpleaser.

Next up was a modified mile run. PAX perform 20 Merkins and 18 Squat Jacks followed by a lap. Repeat x3 and plank and wait for six. Big Stick and Hustler decided it was a good time to show up somewhere around Lap 2, and we were glad to have them!

Count off 1 through 5 and line up in columns along the goal line again. This time, PAX 1 sprints the length of the field while remaining PAX cycle through 18 reps each of Carolina Dry Docks, WWI Sit-Ups, and Jump Lunges. Once PAX 1 crosses the opposite goal line, he signals to the next PAX to begin his sprint. Continue to complete the cycle until the last PAX crosses. In keeping with my mantra for this year of “Better Than Yesterday,” we decided to up the speed a bit. First round was completed in 2:40, so the goal was 2:30. After crushing that in 2:08 or something, we decided to take a crack at the two-minute barrier. 1:57!

Through with the huffing and puffing, we circled up for Mary.

  • LBCs x 18
  • Flutter Kicks x 18
  • Rosalitas x 18
  • Side Leg Raises L/R x 18
  • Plank x 18″ plus…

…to send us out, one at a time, each PAX performed 18 Merkins. Upon completion and moving counterclockwise, the next PAX began his reps. We were probably 10 PAX in when it was wisely decided that each PAX would go when the previous one got to 9.

All in! COT/BOM with Shout-out by Bagger.


  • TClaps/Darwin Award to Big Bang for rocking short sleeves. That’s a lovely shade of red on your arms now.
  • Welcome FNGs Tyler Jones aka Babe the Blue Ox, Ben Weber aka Webelo, and David Gensheimer aka Pretty Plies. F3 is glad to have you, especially if you’re the kind of man who would make his first post in these conditions.
  • Big thanks to Frugal for offering up The Hill and more importantly for the coffeeteria.


  • Warpath with F3 Franklin begins at 0500 this Saturday. 300 minutes of fun!
  • Prayers for those who have lost loved ones this year. Reach out as you are able and take time to cherish your own loved ones.
  • Having the opportunity to lead the NYD workout for 4 years now has been amazing. Thank you all for going along with my shenanigans and cursing me (lovingly) under your breath. It’s truly a privilege, and I’ve enjoyed watching this thing continue to grow. Keep at it this year!
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.


28 December 2017 APFT

When: 28 December 2017

PAX: Tampa Libra, Princess Aurora, Dr. Smartt, Blue Mule, Vegemite, Deck the Hollis, Yard Sale, PreVac, Dupree, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance


Whoah, 13* was a bold kick in the retreated crotch this am.  10 PAX made the right choice and took the RedPill this am to be there for their brothers.  YHC was a bit nervous at 05:25:30 when it was an empty lot but thankfully, the cavalry finally arrived.  Some quick paperwork at 05:28 and mosey over to pick up Veg and Dr. Smartt.


Mosey down to soccer field and track where the day’s Evolutions would take place.  Take a lap around the track with some side shuffles, butt kickers and high knees.  Circle up at mid-field.



SSH x 20 IC, Lunge Progression Right Leg x 5 IC in all directions, Lunge Progression Left Leg x 5 IC in all directions, Deep Squats x 10 IC, GMA x 10 IC, WMH x 10 IC, LBAC F/R x 10 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC, Air Presses x 10 IC, Mariah Carey R x 10 IC, Mariah Carey L x 10 IC, Supermans x 10 IC, SSH x 10 IC


APFT consisting of 2 mins max Merkins, 2 mins max Big Boy Sit Ups, 2 mile run.

After Merkins and BBSU, we did some more calisthenics and movements so no one pulled anything.

As we got back to the start line YHC realized timing had hit the fan so we would do 6 laps instead of 8 and multiply out those times for the 2 mile score.


NM: it is days like today that make us better, not necessarily physically but mentally.  Glad that today wasn’t going to be a solo Q ala Bad Boy several weeks back.  Part of the beauty of F3 is posting for that other HIM…such a different world view than most employ.  With the cold weather, YHC wanted to make sure we got plenty of loosening and warming up in, hopefully as the year progresses and weather turns we won’t be rushed and will be able to do more after the APFT.  Blue Mule and I came to the conclusion that having a heavier partner or at least one that is pretty close in weight is helpful when anchoring on the BBSU.

BH: continue to lift up those brothers who are going through this season having recently lost loved ones.  Also, think about someone you haven’t seen in a while and reach out to him, CCR and I amongst others, have all the PAX contact info if you need help.

Upcoming Events –

1/1/18 – Annual NYD Convergence come one come all even if you still smell like 2017!  Launch at 0700 from The Hill Princess Aurora on Q

1/6/18 – 57th Running of Warpath in Franklin.  Launch at 0500 from Armada, will be 13.2M run with multiple AOs and multiple Qs…Truly something to check off your list and it is an all paces run as No Man Left Behind in full effect.

1/15/18 – 4th Annual 5K4MLK sponsored by Barefoot Republic, great cause and pretty easy course.  Cost goes to $30 on 1/1/18, details here www.5k4mlk.com

Look for more 2nd and 3rd F Opportunities in the weeks to come as well as launch in Tullahoma and Nolensville Q1 of 2018.


Bagger Vance

Winter Hillympics Week Three

Week Three of the Hillympics is in the books! It’s been a blast so far – great idea Frugal!

The assumption was that Prevac ruled the day..not true! Donuts comin’ in hot with 26pts to Prevac’s 24pts!

PAX: Tampa Libra (QIC), Razor, Frugal,Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Prevac, Pop-a-Lock, Funyuns, Donuts, FTTA, Headstud, Buffalo Bill, Brother-at-law, CAPSLOCK

Quick WOR:
Forward arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
Good Mornings x 10ish
Willie Mays Hays x 10


Sprint circuit: 20 yard sprint,  10 hand release merkins, back peddle 10 yards, 2 split squats – repeat length of the field.

1.  Prevav
2. Razor
3. Pop-a-Lock

Group competition 1 – 50 yard partner carry while rest of the group planks

Team 1 (winners):
Donuts, Prevac, Funyuns, Headstud, Buffalo, Brother-at-law,  CAPSLOCK, Tampa

Team 2 (not winners):
Razor, Frugal, Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Pop-a-Lock, FTTA

Group competition 2 – Merkin ladder to 10. (Person 1 does 1 merkin, then person 2, 3, etc. Then person 1 so 2 merkin’s, and so forth up to 10.)

Team 1 (winners):
Donuts, Prevac, Funyuns, Headstud, Buffalo, Brother-at-law,  CAPSLOCK, Tampa

Team 2 (not winners):
Razor, Frugal, Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Pop-a-Lock, FTTA

Mosey (hobble for Toga and Tampa) to weight room to grab two-10lb plates each. Meet in the tampa-theater.

30 seconds of shoulder press with the plates, 30 sec hold at the top x 2 – count your reps.

1. Donuts. I didn’t write it down but it was something ridiculous like 108
2. Tampa Libra
3. Prevac

30 seconds of strict curls with the plates, 30 sec hold at 90 degrees x 2 – count your reps

1. Donuts
2. Frugal
3. Prevac

Last, we split into groups of 3 (one group of 4) for a last-team-standing (or planking, rather) competition. Only one team member can be up at a time while the others hold a plank. You can switch out as often as you’d like and in any order but your team member must be down before the next one gets up.

– Winning team was Donuts, Frugal, and Prevac


Here is the top ten after week 3:
Prevac (77), Tampa Libra (70), Headstud (60), Frugal (58), Pop-A-Lock (56), Bro-at-law (49), D’Mish (47), Skid Mark (46), Dr. Smartt (44) & Toga (44), Black Lung (40)

Winter Hillympics Week Two

Apologies for the late backblast – it’s been quite the week. Either way, week two of the Winter Hillympics is in the books and we have a new leader – Prevac!  Another strong showing of 20 PAX getting after it and competing for points.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Black Lung, Bro At Law, CCR, CAPSLOCK, Tampa Libra, Toga, Prevac, D’Mish, Headstud, Dr. Smartt, Cinderella, Black Widow, Pop-A-Lock, Skid Mark, Cowboy, Chum, Bagger Vance, Too Tall, and Vamos (F3 Charlotte)

We started off the morning splitting in to two teams then a quick mosey to the football field.


  • SSH x 10
  • Squat x 10
  • Merkin x 10
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Willie Mays Hays x 10
  • Forward BAC x 10
  • Backward BAC x 10


We started off with some 1v1 Team Competitions:

  • 50 Yard Tunnel of Love
    • Everyone on each team is in a high plank forming a tunnel at the goal line. The person in the back does 10 merkins then crawls through the tunnel. Rinse and repeat and first team to the 50 yard line wins.  The turf was cold and frozen so this felt great.
    • Team 1 wins
  • 50 Yard Indian Broad Jumps while team squats.
    • Everyone on each team is in a line at the 50 yard line doing squats. The person in the back does broad jumps to the front.  Rinse and repeat and first team to the goal line wins.
    • Team 1 wins
  • 40 Yard Sled Push
    • Each member of the team would push the sled to the 20 yard line and back to their team. Rinse and repeat until everyone has gone.  Everyone else OYO abs.  First team to finish wins.
    • Team 2 wins
  • 20 Yard Sled Pull
    • Each member of the team would pull the sled to the 10 yard line and back to their team. Rinse and repeat until everyone has gone.  Everyone else OYO abs.  First team to finish wins.
    • Team 2 wins

Mosey to weight room.

Team 1 started by grabbing trap bars (135lbs total weight) and headed outside for farmers walks while Team 2 started inside for bench press, then headed outside for jump rope and amphitheater jumps.

  • Bench Press Medal Competition
    • 1 minute AMRAP with 65 lbs.
    • 1st place (7 points): Prevac with 75 reps
    • 2nd place (5 points): Tampa Libra with 71 reps
    • 3rd place (3 points): Pop-A-Lock with 70 reps
    • Everyone else 1 point
    • Team 1 did not get the chance to do this, so if you were on Team 1 and want to attempt to medal, you can meet Frugal at 5:20am this Thursday to attempt. If not, you will get one point.
  • Jump Rope Medal Competition
    • 1st place (7 points): Prevac
    • 2nd place (5 points): Skid Mark
    • 3rd place (3 points): Toga
    • Everyone else 1 point
  • Amphitheater Jumps Medal Competition
    • 1 minute AMRAP
    • 1st place (7 points): CCR and Tampa Libra
    • 2nd place (5 points): Pop-A-Lock
    • 3rd place (3 points): Cinderella
    • Everyone else 1 point
    • Team 1 did not get the chance to do this, so if you were on Team 1 and want to attempt to medal, you can meet Frugal at 5:20am this Thursday to attempt. If not, you will get one point.
  • Farmers Walks Medal Competition
    • 5 minutes with 135 lbs. walking from cone to cone.
    • 1st place (7 points): Frugal
    • 2nd place (5 points): D’Mish, Bagger Vance, Headstud, Bro At Law, Skidmark, and Prevac
    • Due to so many 2nd place, everyone else 1 point


Here’s the top ten after week 2:

Prevac (53); Tampa Libra (52); Headstud and Skid Mark (46); Dr. Smartt, Pop-A-Lock, Frugal (44); Bagger Vance (36); Bro At Law (35); Toga (34)

Winter Hillympics Week One

The first annual Winter Hillympics kicked off yesterday at The Hill as 20 strong enjoyed the cold morning with some fun and games.

The Winter Hillympics is a two-month long competition to see who can earn the most points and take the title of Winter Hillympics champion.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Big Bang, Skid Mark, Toga, Funyuns, Buffalo Bill, Bro At Law, Dr. Smartt, Monkey Feet (FNG), Pop-A-Lock, Headstud, Bagger Vance, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Pope, Tampa Libra, Prevac, Black Lung, Too Tall, Venus

All PAX received 5 points just by showing up.


SSH x 12

Squat x 12

Merkins x 12

Good Mornings x 12

Willie Mays Hays x 12

Forward BAC x 12

Backward BAC x 12

Overhead Clap x 12

Shoulder Press x 12

Mosey to the Endzone



Competition #1:  100 yard Bear Crawl

  • First Place (7 points): Pop-A-Lock
  • Second Place (5 points): Dr. Smartt
  • Third Place (3 Points): Funyuns
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout
  • Once all in, all PAX do 20 squats and 30 LBCs OYO.

Competition #2: 50 yard Sideways Crab Walk

  • This was far more difficult than QIC had thought when planning workout
  • First Place (7 points): Buffalo Bill
  • Second Place (5 points): Dr. Smartt
  • Third Place (3 Points): Funyuns
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout
  • WWI until all in.

Mosey to the weight room, partner up, and grab a barbell with 10lbs. on each side (total of 65lbs.) per group and take it out to the amphitheater.

Competition #3: AMRAP Curls in 1 Minute

  • Partner One curls while Partner Two wall sits, then rotate.
  • First Place (7 points): Frugal Macdoogal and Dr. Smartt with 29 reps
  • Second Place (5 points): Skid Mark and Headstud with 26 reps
  • Third Place (3 Points): Big Stick with 25 reps
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout

Competition #4: AMRAP Upright Rows in 1 Minute

  • Partner One rows while Partner Two wall sits, then rotate.
  • First Place (7 points): Big Stick with 42 reps
  • Second Place (5 points): Headstud with 26 reps
  • Third Place (3 Points): Tampa Libra with 24 reps
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout

Competition #5: AMRAP Shoulder Press in 1 Minute

  • Partner One presses while Partner Two wall sits, then rotate.
  • First Place (7 points): Big Stick with 37 reps
  • Second Place (5 points): Tampa Libra with 34 reps
  • Third Place (3 Points): Dr. Smartt and Prevac with 28 reps
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout

Competition #6: 1v1 Curls

  • Partner One curls while Partner Two runs Quad Loop.  When runner gets back, partner stops lifting weights.   You were competing against your partner.
  • Winner: 3 points
  • Loser: 1 point

Competition #7: 1v1 Upright Rows

  • Partner One rows while Partner Two runs Quad Loop.  When runner gets back, partner stops lifting weights.   You were competing against your partner.
  • Winner: 3 points
  • Loser: 1 point

Return weights to weight room then mosey up to football field.

Competition #8:  100 yard Sprint

  • First Place (7 points): Prevac
  • Second Place (5 points): Big Stick
  • Third Place (3 Points): Tampa Libra
  • Everyone Else receives 1 point for completed workout


Great job by all and an awesome start to the Hillympics!  I’m excited for the next two months.  If you missed out on week one, you can still be a part.  You earn points just by showing up at a workout at The Hill and taking part, so come join us!

Here’s the point standings after Week One:

Big Stick 33; Dr. Smartt 27; Tampa Libra and Headstud 25; Pop-A-Lock, Prevac, Skid Mark and Frugal 21; Big Bang and Buffalo Bill 19; Monkey Feet and Funyuns 17; Toga, BV, Foxtrot, and Pope 15; Bro@Law 14; Too Tall, Venus, and Black Lung 13.

If you want to lead a Winter Hillympic workout, sign up – we’re booked through year end, but will have a few open dates in January.

See You Next Week,


GrowSchool 2.0

0600 Time to Go…Couple of Stragglers coming in on Two Wheels
Mosey to Soccer field w side shuffle L/R, Politician, High Knees and Butt Kickers
WOR (Princess Aurora)
All IC
SSH X 20
The Dirty McDuece
Count off 1s and 2s to partner up
Round I
Merkins, Squats, Ola Dollies x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round II
Atomic Merkins, Lunges, LBCs x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round III
CDD, Jump Squats (OYO), Reverse Crunches x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round IV
Burpees (OYO), Jump Lunges, Flutter Kix x 12 IC
Run 400M
High Plank on Hill for some of the Genesis of F3 Nation.
Looooong Aunt Bea like wandering mosey around the football field, softball field past the playground through the woods, slalom through the red tips.
Plank Progression in parking lot. More on F3Nashville’s beginnings.
Cross country over to JOHS baseball field back up to rear parking lot. Plank progression on Leadership, Fartsacking and the like.
Why do they call it Mary, CCR? From the famous car ride scene in Something About Mary…look it up.
High plank, low plank, flutters x30 IC, American Hammers x20 IC, Mariah’s x13 IC, j-los x13 IC, 10 burpees oyo
Goal today was to replicate the Qs of OBT & DREDD of GrowSchools and GrowRucks of the past. Must say, think we nailed it! Great work by Qs to explain what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Nice work by the PAX in chiming in w the MC and hard work. Probably the most Forward Leaning Rest/Listening Position/High Plank on record.
Proud to be a part of this great group of men. Thank yall for your hard work and dedication to the reinvigoration of male leadership in our communities.
If anyone knows of some small men that may need this, please a little EH on em.
Lots of great stuff going on right now…many opportunities to serve. Please reach out to me if you feel led to serve in any of the roles we mentioned this am or in any other way we would love to help.
I will get all of the GrowSchool info in one document and see about getting it on the interwebs.
Bagger Vance
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