Double 11s

Temp: 68

Humidity: 90%

PAX: Cinderella, Pre – Vac, Money Shot, The Jeweler, Floppy Disk, Drifter, Uncle Jesse, Rabbit, Black Lung, Red Bag, Ha-Ha, Whiz, BV (QIC)

0530:15 Disclaimer

Bolt out down the steps around the Middle School gym, Parkour up the amphitheater steps and back down…circle up in lower lot.


SSH x 13 IC, IW x 13 IC, Squats x 13 IC, OK Mornings x 13 IC…Bear Crawl Kick out explanation and demo


Partner up for some long 11s that ended up being too long.  Classic BV Q Fail…over think and under execute.

11 LT. Dans at bottom of hill

Run up  steps

Speed Bump 1 – Bear Crawl Kick out across upper lot

Speed Bump 2 – One Burpee, One Reverse Burpee, One No Hands Burpee at Concession Stand (probably should execute these on grass, dirt, turf next time)

11 Power Merkins at end of Pavement on the way down to Softball fields.


10 Burpees OYO

20 F Kix IC



So as YHC reflects on today’s festivities, one thing is for sure, it was not planned out well.  I hope those in attendance got all they wanted since we had to call time after only 4 trips up and back.  YHC felt a tinge of the following: 1) don’t Q it, if you can’t do it and b) Is there an old man’s version of this (as 57 YO Ha-Ha raced passed me).

So great to have the Willy Lomans in town from Alpha, Mud Island and out East.  Thank yall for putting forth max effort and max attitude.

Kotters to The Jeweler and Red Bag…two great younger PAX that are so fun to be around and to get smoked by.

Also great to have the one and only Floppy Disk post at the Hill for the first time in a while.  Sadly, he failed a piss test by the IOC after.  See you in 6 months.

One PAX posed the question, “Why do we need a partner?” In true BV fashion YHC responded, “To drag your ass around.”  Turns out I was the one being drug around.  T Claps to Cinderella for partnering up w Drifter and for Rabbit allowing me to shadow him once Pre Vac well Pre Vac’d.


Lots to be thankful for as we round up this school year and also a lot of prayer requests passed along for consideration.  If you were there, try to remember one PAX to pray for and if you are just reading this in the comfort of your Fartsack, post tomorrow so you can have someone to pray for.




Lightning Strikes The Hill

PAX: Big Stick (QIC), Goose, Frugal Macdoogal, Money Shot, Owl Bait (F3 Charlotte), Black Lung, Foxtrot, Hacker, Funyuns, Big Bang, Lunch Lady, Skidmark, Venus, Cowboy, Bagger Vance, FNG Wonderland

Mosey up to the football field.

SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, WMH x 15

10 Squats then Sprint 100 yards.  Repeat x 5

Long mosey over to the tennis courts.  Line up on baseline for shuttle sprints

2 Merkins, then 8 shuttle sprints (baseline to net = 1 sprint).  Repeat with 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 sprints before lightning forced us to go inside.  We have a lightning detection alarm we call Thor at the Hill that goes off when there’s lightning in the area – he started screaming so we moseyed to the MS gym.

10 irkins then 10 sets of bleacher jumps (10 steps each set) followed by 10 derkins.

Mosey to the opposite wall and wall sit and wait till all in.

Suicides Rounds One and Two: Sprint to mid court and back, bottom of bleachers and back, top of bleachers (at the top of bleacher you would do 10 merkins) and back.  Every time you crossed mid court you would do 2 burpees.

Suicides Rounds Two and Three: Same as above but 20 dips at the top of the bleachers and two merkins at mid court.

Suicides Rounds Four and Five: Same as above but 5 burpees at the top with nothing at mid court.

Mosey to the top lot.

Flutter kicks x 61


The Hill 04/26/18 – F.R.Apocalypse


Bagger Vance, Too Tall, Funyuns, Foxtrot, Prevac, Bicentennial Man, Dilly Dilly, Black Widow, Blue Mule, Pop A Lock, Cinderella

12 showed up on a mild morning at The Hill before the rain decided to set in. Figure it had been awhile since there was a Burpee Apocalypse on The Hill, so I set out to remedy that situation after dropping Ye Olde Disclaimer.

Slaughter Starter:
Burpee Apocalypse (Blood Clot missed out.)

Mosey up to the football field. Circle up for:

  • Good Mornings x12 IC
  • Willie Mays x12 IC
  • Slow and Low Squats x12 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x12 IC
  • Michael Phelps x12 IC

Line up on the goal line for 11s:

  1. Squat Jumps (Start with 10)
  2. Forward run to 50
  3. Mountain Climber Merkins (Start with 1)
  4. Backwards run back to goal line

Slow mosey lap around the field to catch our breath a bit.

Line up on the goal line for 50 Yard Partner Carries (Down and Back)

  • 5 Burpees at the 50
  • 10 Merkins on the goal lines

Mosey around football field again and then down to the amphitheater area for more partner work.

Set 1:
Partner 1 does 10 decline wall merkins while Partner 2 does AMRAP amphitheater jumps. Flapjack and rinse and repeat x3.

Set 2:
Partner 1 does AMRAP incline merkins while Partner 2 goes streaking in the quad (no actual streaking took place, Frugal. Promise.) Flapjack and rinse and repeat x3.


  • Flutter Kicks x30 IC
  • LBCs x20 IC
  • Plank for final minute.

Thanks again for those that came out looking to get better and, as always, thanks for allowing me to lead.


Plate Full of Fun

17 PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Blue Mule, DMish, Too Tall, Money Shot, Dr. Smartt, Yard Sale, Funyuns, Vegemite, Dilly Dilly, Old Hickory, Heister, Venus, Umbrella, Mickey Mouse, Pop-A-Lock, Vocals

At 0530, QIC did a quick disclaimer and decided to skip the WOR to mosey to the weight room and dive right in.  All PAX partnered up, grabbed a plate (45lbs) per person and moseyed to the top of the hill at the east side of the football bleachers for three rounds of fun.


  • Partner One runs down the hill and back (approx. 300 meters) while Partner Two does a weighted exercise with the plate. Rotate until complete the following four exercises and then weighted wall sit until all in.
    • Clean and Press
    • RDLs
    • Overhead Squat
    • Floor Press


  • Partner One would run down the hill and back (approx. 150 meters) while Partner Two does a weighted exercise with the plate. Rotate until complete the following four exercises and then weighted wall sit until all in.
    • Curls
    • Triceps Extensions
    • Bent Over Rows
    • Overhead Reverse Lunges


  • Partner One would run down the hill and back (approx. 100 meters) while Partner Two does a weighted exercise with the plate. Rotate until complete the following four exercises and then weighted wall sit until all in.
    • Weighted Plank
    • Chest Press
    • Around the World
    • American Hammer

Mosey back to the weight room to return the plates and call it a day.

Good work fellas!

GI distress at The Hill


QIC:  Skid Mark

PAX: The Ruckers (Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Vegemite); CAPSLOCK, Prevac, Big Stick (LIFO),  Dr. Smartt, Barely Legal, Spark Plug (FNG),

It was a cold morning as the PAX showed up. A pre-ruck of Bagger Vance and Funyuns passed by to pick up Vegemite in the parking lot for continued rucking through the campus. The remaining 7 Pax circled up for the disclaimer and what turned out to be a true gut busting workout, as we lost 1 PAX to an emergent deuce and finished the workout with a 4 minute splashing of merlot.

We started with a quick mosey around the northern half of the campus and then back to the parking lot where we circled up for warm-o-rama.

Warm-o-rama – SSH, Good mornings, Willy Mays, Arm Circles x2, Merkins in cadence

Count off by 2’s – separate into 2 teams for a cold spring morning teams race.

Each team ran to the following places (in different order) and completed tasks to see who could finish first as a team.

  • Football Field
    • 100yd Merkin Suicide (add 1 merkin per 20 yrds)
  • Playground
    • 25 pullups and 100 Squats per PAX, split however
  • Amphitheater
    • ½ PAX Amphitheater Jumps x2; ½ do handstands, then flapjack
    • 2 laps around the quad loop (once for each partner)
      • Wheelbarrow up the stairs
      • Jog the loop and back down then flapjack.
      • If odd number, 1 PAX can bear-crawl the stairs x2

Team 1 was the first to finish but lost Big Stick due to emergent bathroom needs.

We then moseyed behind the football field bleachers and partnered up for some buddy love time and completed the following:

  • Partner 1: 20 Squats; Partner 2: Balls to the Wall AMRAP – Flapjack
  • Partner 1: People’s chair; Partner 2: Flutter kicks x 20 ct – Flapjack
  • Partner 1: LBCs x30; Partner 2: Plankjacks x30 – Flapjack

Mosey to the football field for 100yd sprints x4, then back down to the parking lot for some music and Mary.

Music: Mustang Sally – Buddy Guy version.

-Merkins for each “Sally”; Plankjacks for each “ride”

Mumblechatter arose about the origin story of the song as BV, Funyuns, and Vegemite joined back in at this point. In addition, we had our second loss of PAX to GI distress as Barely Legal proceeded to splash merlot repeatedly for the entire song.  I guess he really doesn’t care for the blues.

Finally, we finished with a quick succession of Flutter kicks, slutter kicks, and box cutters

BH: Come out to Battleground tomorrow (off McEwin just east of I-65) for the convergence workout for Spicoli. Apparently board shorts are the garment of choice for tomorrow.

Farmers Walking in a Winter Wonderland

1. Why is there snow on the ground in March in Nashville?

2. 13 PAX didn’t seem to mind as they came out to partake in the fun that is The Hill.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Money Shot, Tampa Libra, Tokyo Rose, Lunch Lady, Vegemite, CAPSLOCK, Black Widow, Bicentennial Man, Big Stick, Grease Trap, Bagger Vance

Grease Trap and Bagger Vance elected to get a lovely ruck in in preparation for their upcoming events while the rest of the PAX moseyed down to the weight room.


SSH x 10, Squats x 10, Good Mornings x 10, WMH x 10



We partnered up and grabbed a trap bar (135lbs.), dumbbells (20-25lbs.), and a jump rope per group and then headed out to the front of the library.

Exercise one: Partner One farmers walk around the library loop, stopping halfway through for 10 trap bar deadlifts. Partner Two burpees until partner begins deadlifts. Partner Two sprints to switch with Partner One – gets trap bar, deadlifts, then farmers walk back to starting point while Partner One sprints back to starting point and does burpees until partner arrives.

Exercise two: Same as exercise one, except dumbbell curl instead of burpees.

Exercise three: Same as above, but jump rope instead of curls.

Exercise four: Same as above, but dumbbell shoulder press instead of jump rope.

Exercise five: Partner One trap bar squat jumps x 20 while Partner Two jump ropes.  Switch and repeat.

Exercise six: Partner One trap bar shrugs x 30 while Partner Two merkins. Switch and repeat.

Exercise seven: Partner One trap bar calf raises x 30 while Partner One american hammers.

Mosey to weight room to return weights, grab dumbbells, and head out to amphitheater.

Exercise eight: Curl Train – curls x 8 each arm with 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, then back down 30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 10.  PAX get in a line and start doing burpees when the first person begins.  When the first person ends (and each person thereafter), he does AJs (amphitheater jumps) until all PAX finish.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and QIC called it early.

Mosey to top lot for COT.


Delayed BB from The Hill

Here’s the work that was put in by 17 last week thanks to Big Stick at The Hill:

PAX: Big Stick (QIC), Frugal, Umbrella, Pop-A-Lock, Money Shot, Black Widow, Foxtrot, Cathy, Venus, Vegemite, Too Tall, Baby Scout, Prevac, Blue Mule, CAPSLOCK, Yard Sale, and one more I’ve missed…


Big Stick arrived right before 5:30 and took off to lead the charge with a mosey to the playground.  PAX partnered up and did:

Wheelbarrow merkins x 50 each

Pullups x 10 each

Squats x 50 each

Wheelbarrow merkins x 50 each

Pullups x 10 each

An off road mosey behind the baseball field led us up to the football field.

12-15 100 yards sprints with 10 merkins between each (not sure the exact number as I was way too winded to count).

Mosey down to the amphitheater and partner up.

Partner One does 4 amphitheater jumps (AJs) while Partner Two decline merkin then rotate.  Rinse and Repeat.

We followed that up by running the Quad Loop then immediately in to two AJs.  Rinse and Repeat x 3.

We then partnered up for some partner AJs x 8.

To wrap things up at the amphitheater, we rotated between Incline Merkin x 10 and Decline Merkin x 10.  Rinse and Repeat x3.

Mosey to parking lot.

10 burpees

Flutter kicks x 40



Spontaneous Q

It was a gloomy morning on the Hill for a fun spontaneous q from yours truly, Frugal Macdoogal.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Pop-A-Lock, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Blood Clot, Too Tall, Big Bang, Tampa Libra, Skidmark, Vegemite, Cowboy, Money Shot, PreVac


Mosey to the football field.

SSH x 10; WMH x 10; GM x 10; Forward BAC x 10; Reverse BAC x 10; Overhead Claps x 10; Shoulder Press x 10; Seal Claps x 10


Football Field Suicides: Start on goal line. Run 5 yards and do one merkin; run back to goal line and do one deep squat.  Repeat increasing 5 yards and one merkin/deep squat each time.  Work up to running 100 yards and 20 merkins then running back to goal line and finishing with 20 deep squats.

PreVac led abs until all in.

Partner up.

Exercise 1: Partner Hamstring Curl x 20.  Partner One lays on ground in merkin position and pushes up to kneeling position using hamstrings to curl up then returns back down to starting position as controlled as possible to work hamstrings.  Partner Two provides weight on ankles to assist.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 2: Partner Leg Throws x 20. Partner One lays on ground on back holding the ankles of Partner Two.  Partner One then kicks their legs up to Partner Two’s chest and Partner Two pushes legs back down.  Partner One stops legs before they hit the ground to work abs and then kicks back up.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 3: Burpee Broad Jump x 50 yards

MARY:  5 Minutes of Abs – each PAX chooses an ab exercise to lead until time is called.

10 Burpees OYO


Great work today fellas!  There were some announcements about some biscuit run and some other dates that I’ve forgotten, but I’m sure BV has slacked about it, so check it out.

As a reminder, we’re planning on having a quick devotion after each Hill workout.  Today, BV shared about our calling as husbands to love our wives like we do Jesus and be intentional in our relationship with them.  It was a great work and encouragement to me as I definitely give leftovers too often when things get busy.   Pop-A-Lock will be sharing next week, but feel free to sign up on the Q signup beside The Hill workout Q signup.



08 February Hill-evens

PAX: Angies List Killer, Billboard, Red Bag, Life Champ, Umbrella, PreVac, Vegemite, Skid Mark, Too Tall, Venus, FTTAL, Big Bang, Funyuns, Pop a Lock, Frugal McDugal, Tampa Libra, Dr. Smartt, CAPSLOCK, BV

QIC: Bagger Vance

23 met the HIM of F3 Nashville this am. 0529:30 call was given to get thyself ready to roll. 0530 Disclaimer dispensed. Head out as some stragglers were streaming in. Quick mosey through the courtyard into the Amphitheater up the steps to the weight room. Each PAX grab a Med Ball, plank and wait in Amphitheater. All in, head out the other side and up to the Ticket booth dropping med balls in upper lot for


SSH X 13 IC, GMA X 10 IC, IW X 10 IC, SQUATS X 10 IC, HB X 10 IC


Simple 11s w 2X Speed Bumps

Squats at lower lot

Lunges behind concession stand at football field

Speed Bump 1 on way up 3 Med Ball or Sand Bag Burpees

Speed Bump 2 on way down 3 Med Ball or SNd Bag reverse Burpees

PAX instructed not to skip steps on way up and down … Penalty of 1 Burpee per skipped step. Apparently when YHC tripped that counted as a skipped step but everyone else hit every step 🙄

0608 PAX instructed to drop the running and finish reps in upper lot

0610 quick mosey back through FRA to return Med Balls


Plank for 90″



Fantastic to have Red Bag back out with us this am. Kotters to Too Tall as well for being back. Yall be sure to Re-EH a brother you haven’t seem in a while. He will appreciate it and we will all be better for it.

A little MC from YHC during Mary RE: Standards and Accountability. It’s a dichotomy of sorts when you try to enforce Standards after you’ve told PAX to MAN (modify as necessary). Maybe that’s just a personal dilemma.  Anyhoo, great to be able to lead.

As you may expect PreVac was at the front of the lead lap along w Red Bag. May be time for a piss test for those dudes.

Devo for 5-10 Minutes post The Hill next week will be led by Frugal, YHC will take week II, need takers for the next couple weeks.

Get your Full EH on, the days are getting longer and warmer, now is the time to get some Sad Clowns out in the Gloom with us.

Look for launch info for Nolensville…@unt Bea, Numbtucks and Tebow will be the Redwoods down there.

Service Project for Feb reach out to Dupree

F3 Dads camp is shaping up nicely.  Look for more details coming soon.




PAX: Bagger Vance, Dr. Smartt, Prevac, Skid Mark, Bartman, Yard Sale, Vegemite, Deck the Hollis, Tokyo Rose, Black Widow, Bicentennial Man, Funyuns, Venus, Big Stick, Lunch Lady, Jolene (FNG), Pop-a-lock, Tampa Libra

QIC: Tampa Libra

Mosey down to the bottom, across the lots, up the hill and back around. Circle up for standard F3 warmups: SSH, Willie, Good Mornings Butt-kickers, High Knees.

Mosey to the field to sharpen our mental game with some agility work on the ladder. 6 different workouts, two times through on each one. Jog to the 50 for a few more stretches.

Tabata: 4 exercises – 30 sec hard, 10 second break, 1 minute rest after each round.

Peter parkers, split squat jump, plank get-ups, burpees.

4 total rounds

Mosey to the back of the stadium and partner up. 1 Partner in a wall sit while the other partner does decline pushups with feet on their partner’s knees.


Bulgarian Split Squat using partner instead of bench. 5 each leg.


2 rounds of the above.


Sarah Michelle Gellar’s (wide leg, cross-over, situp) – 25
Eureka’s Castle’s (sit-up, v-up) – 16
Florence Nightingale’s (pulse ups) – 25
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s (heel touch) – 150

COT. Prayer.
A lot of sickness going around. A lot of tragedy across F3 Nation with deaths in the family or F3 brotherhood. Lunch Lady requested prayers for several students (age 8) with behavioral issues needing constant restraint.

We live in a broken world. Go and be Lights in it this week. Proud to walk with you all.