02/05/18 The Boro

QIC: Nuggets
PAX: Aristotle, Iditarod, Schnitzel, Yosef, Papa Juan, NPR, CDL, Scraps, Noble Virus, Grohl.

Started the morning with a mosey around the inner square followed by some politicians and some slide shuffles.


X15 Good Mornings IC
X15 Imperial Walkers IC
Handful of washers and dryers
Baby Arm Circles increasing in size.


PAX joined together to Settle Catan through some hard labor.

PAX travelled to each corner of the square for a different exercise (Merkins, Squats, WWI’s, and Lunges). A singular die was rolled to determine the quantity of each exercise (number rolled x 5 = quantity).

After 5 sets, Catan was effectively settled.

Next PAX competed in a 1v1 hand-smacking-plank tourney. Iditarod took the cake in the finals vs. Scraps.

Then PAX hit the curb for a bear crawl, 10 shoulder touches, crawl bear, and 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat.

Then a duck walk, 10 squats, a walk duck, 10 more squats. Rinse and repeat.

Rounded out with an ab circle with a twist of rolling the dice for quantity (number rolled x 5 = quantity)

CoT & BoM.

Field of Dreams at the Square

PAX: Noble Virus, Scraps, NPR, CDL, Yosef, Nuggets McPatty, Buhner (Asheville), Iditarod (QIC).

A Breezy 40ish degree morning 8 PAX chose wisely to take the DRP and work to get better.
Obligatory warm up lap around courthouse. Scraps decides to LIFO in. Capri lap around courthouse.

Circle up for WOR:
GMs x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC

The Thang:
Partner up for 4 groups of 2
Field of Dreams 4 Bases=4 corners of the square side walk
Home Plate-15 Burpees
1st Base-Push Ups
2nd Base- Squats
3rd Base Lt. Dans
Batter starts at Home knocks 15 Burpees out the park and goes to first to relieve 1B. 1B then goes to 2nd and so forth until all pax have completed burpees and pick up the rest of Pax.

Mosey to the plaza for Elevens with Incline Merkin Box Jump Burpees and dips. Run to dips politician back.
Mosey to Pinnacle parking lot for Escalator 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats, 20 Lt Dans.

Mosey back to square for MARY:
WWI’s x 10 OYO
Flutter kix x 40 IC.
COT and Prayer for PAX
Bull horn: Special kids 5k and 15k for any interested. Sign up there’s a F3 group.

Freshman 15

QIC: Nuggets McPatty VQ -Iditarod Assist at the end
PAX: Nuggets, Iditarod, Airwolf, Schnitzel, NPR, CDL, Aristotle, Sea Gull, 3rd Degree, Mr. Roboto, Grohl, Noble Virus

WOR-Washers/Dryers/Willie Mays Hayes

Freshman 15
Semester 1:
High Knees x 15 Each leg
MT Climbers x 15
Merkins x 15
American Hammers x 15
Complete Circuit 3X

Mid Term:Broad jumps to the courthouse and back 3x

Semester 2:
Jump Ropes X 15 each leg back & forth
Lectures x 15 Each Arm
Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15
Sumo Squats x 15
Complete Curcuit 3x

Final Exam: Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear to courthouse 3x

War Baby VQ Nuggets turned over to YHC

Mosey to the Plaza
Burpee Box jumps x 10 OYO
Step ups x 10 Each Leg
Sprints x 8
Irkins x 10
Derkins x 10
Prisoners Squats x 10
Sprints x 4
Burpee Box jumps x 10

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
WWI’s x 10 OYO
Hello Dolly x 20 IC
WWi’s x 10 OYO


Moleskine: Good work and nice VQ by the resident War Baby Nuggets McPAtty. Nice to ha 3rd Degree with us from Nolensville promising to EH his BIL in the Boro. Sign up to Q on the google Doc.


Deck of Death

Clear and Chilly 38 degrees as 11 PAX chose the DRP and defied death for at least another day. Obligatory warm up lap around the courthouse. Pick up Sea Gull after lap 1. Lunges on municipal side of court house. Toy soldiers on the woodsviking side. Some time during the Toy Soldiers, Scraps arrives and with his best old lady voice says “Won’t you go away you Nazi’s, we kicked you out before. Lot’s of awkward laughs until we realized who it was joining us as our second LIFO of the morning.

Mosey to the plaza out side of the Library

Good Mornings x 12 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 12 IC
Hill Billed x 12 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang
Deck of Death
YHC distributed a newly opened and shuffled deck of cards to the PAX each got 5 YHC only got 4 as we were an odd number for distribution.
Joker=Choose Exercise and reps

Going around in a circle the pax revealed a card and all completed exercise x reps corresponding to number on the card. 1-10 Self explanatory. Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, Ace=14.
Two jokers were left in. Noble Virus selected 6 Squats for his. YHC selected 7 Burpees. Each time a round the circle we completed 1 lap.

5 laps total
111 Squats
105 Merkins
105 Crunches
112 Burpees

Mosey back to courthouse.

Flutter Kix
Heels to Moon

YHC Shared some reflections from personal reading this am in James on trials and temptations. Prayed for Pax and others going through trials and temptations.

**Thursday @ MMC Special Turkey Day Workout Yosef/Iditarod Co-Q ** 5:30-6:30AM at MMC


QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Scraps, Sea Gull, Aristotle, Grohl, Mr. Roboto, NPR, Schnitzel, Yosef, Noble Virus, Papa Juan

B. O. M. B. S. in the Boro

11 HIM showed up despite a pending torrential downpour on the radars. YHC rolled up to some MC about the weather/YHC’s encouraging er threatening text messages/new groupme thread. Despite the ominous feeling in the Boro YHC started promptly with obligatory laps around the square.
Lap 1-Normal
Lap 2-Politician
Lap 3-Run/Side Shuffle

After lap 3 picked up LIFO Gambino. YHC sensing the Barometric pressure drop thanks to overly sensitive sinuses and pre-arthritic knees directs PAX to mosey to the parking garage to drop B. O. M. B. S. on the PAX.

Just before WOR Bottom drops out and much MC about YHCs timing on getting PAX to the deck prior to

GMs-IC x 10
SSH- IC x 20
WMH + BACF x 10
WMH + BACR x10
Squats slow and low x 10 IC

Partner Work: B. O. M. B. S.-Partner 1 runs up first Parking deck level and back while partner 2 completes exercises flip flop until finished.

B-Burpees x 50
O-Overhead Arm Claps x 100
M-Merkins x 150
B-Big Boy Sit Ups x 200
S-Squats x 250

Tclaps to the random guy driving through the parking deck who decided to play the theme song to rocky to encourage us along the we. He wins the day no matter what else happens. Ace said he was a guardian angel as he had disappeared by the next lap.

Box Cutters x 10 OYO
Ankle Grabbers x 20 OYO
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC


Bullhorn:Get on the groupme thread-We hope it streamlines COM for Boro PAX

Mountain in the Boro?

QIC: Iditarod

PAX: Yosef, Scraps, Ace, Schnitzel, Dolly, Aristotle, Grohl, Sea Gull, G-String, Air Wolf, NPR

Temp about 50 Degrees. Nice cool morning for the DRPers that denied the Siren call of the Fart Sack this morning. YHC Eluded to a journey to the mountain this morning several MC with wonderment. Many comments about how PAX sleeps with an infants/newborn in the house. TClaps from all around as Aristotle posted with a 4 day old in the house. You can sleep when you’re old/dead. AMI Right. 5 AM Let’s go!

Warm up Lap(s)
Side Shuffles
Toy Soldiers all included

WOR (All IC)
Good Mornings x 10
Michael Phelps x 20
WMH x20
Squats x 10
BAC x 10
BAC Reverse x 10

Slaughter Starter-Mt. Dew
YHC gave Pax choice of Stanley Brothers or Willie Nelson I think the Pax was curious and went with Stanley brothers for their rendition of Good Ole Mountain Dew.

Mountain Climbers for duration of the song-1 Merkin for everytime “Mountain Dew” was sung.

Mosey to the newly built Parking Deck adjacent to the square since there are no mountains in Murfreesboro unless you count the trash mountain out in Walter Hill.

The Thang
Deconstructed Burpees and the Parking deck
Each level PAX performed on exercise of the deconstructed Burpee.

Level 1-Squats
Level 2-Thrusters
Level 3-Merkins
Level 4-Sqat Jumps

Crunches or Freddy Mercuries for the six.
Rinse and repeat-Pax completed 3 rounds reps of 10-8-6.
YHC ended workout 7 mins early at parking deck for prayer time for our City in light of the protests that are planned on the Square for Saturday.

Many pax prayed for unity, safety, and Love over hate in our city. Keep praying men!

COT then dis miss only 5 min over time with additional prayer.

Thankful for you guys,


1 Large All the Things from Papa Juan’s

QIC: Papa Juan (HIM)
PAX: Aristotle, Schnitzel, Scraps, Ace, Yosef, Mr. Roboto, Air Wolf, NPR, Iditarod, Gambino (FNG)

11 Unsuspecting PAX were treated in the cool sub 50 degree gloom to Papa Juan’s Large hand tossed with all the things. Papa Juan had cooked up a 15 station beat down that included the following stations:
Deeps (Dips for the uninitiated)
Pushups (Merkins)
Shouder Presses W/ DBs
Run (to the hotlly debated statue)
Star plank
Crunches (LBCs)
Curls (For the Girls)
Leg Raises
Rest Station
Papa Juan instructed the Pax to work with all you got for 45 seconds and then 15 seconds rest/transition to next station after recording reps where applicable with chalk he’d provided at each station. Second round try to meet or bet your previous round. After two rounds pax was sufficiently smoked and many gagged after an apparent early am cleaning of a grease trap or releasing of a septic tank or something nearby.
4-5 mins of around the world choose your own ab exercise from each pax until time was met.
Tclaps to Papa Juan for using the google DOC to sign up and grabbing the Q unsolicited. Grateful for your leadership and initiative. And to FNG Gambino getting involved early introducing the PAX some exercise that definitely helped my SI Joint.
COT: Prayers for our PAX Air Wolf requested prayers for interview this week.
See you in the gloom,
The Boro Scribe

Good Morning Vietnam

QIC: Air Wolf

PAX: Airwolf, Sea Gull, Iditarod, Dolly, G-String, Papa Juan, Scraps, Woodshed, Ace, Schnitzel, Grohl, Mr Roboto, Aristotle

Warm Up Lap
Stretch OYO

The Thang
1 Mi run Courthouse to Oaklands
Spiderman Crawl/Pushups to All Along the Watchtower in intervals
Descending Circuit Start with 7 Work down to 1 Squat Jumps, V-Ups, Push Jacks.
200m run each circuit
1Mi run back to courthouse together as PAX

COT: Air Wolf shared about need to be devoted to Christ over ones political views regardless of what personal bent was. prayer for pax.

Iditarod translated this message for Air Wolf with some emphasis added.


October 3, 2017

QIC: Iditarod

PAX: Yosef, Aristotle, Woodshed, Papa Juan, Grohl, CDL, NPR, G-String, Scraps, Dolly (FNG), Air Wolf (LIFO)

In the mood for something different YHC decided for a change of scenery.

Obligatory lap around the courthouse scanning for stragglers.  Only Garage BARRE practitioners in sight.  Extra long mosey down main st with a couple of stops for various warm up exercises along the way.   Mainly squats.

Stop at field adjacent to CMS for …..


SSH x 10 IC

WMH x 10 IC

BAC x 10 IC

RBAC x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Hill Billies x 10 IC

Squats x 10 IC Slow and low

Mosey to playground near the Presbyterian Church-AKA the nearest unguarded swingset to the Boro AO

The Thang:

Swingset thrusters x 10 OYO

Dips x 10 OYO

Merkins x 10 OYO

Rinse and Repeat 3 rounds

Swingset thrusters x 10 OYO

Lt. Dans x 10 OYO

Dips x 10 OYO

Rinse and Repeat 3 rounds

Long Mosey back with multiple stops for Squats of varying number in cadence and not IC.  Pax mostly thankful no Monkey Humpers were involved.

MARY: Around the world pick your own ab exercise.  Only made it halfway around before time.  Several pax neglected instuctions to keep count below 20 for selected ab exercise.

COT: Payer for PAX and for Leadership in our homes and communities.

Moleskin:  Welcome FNG Dolly  whom YHC mistakenly called out upon arrival “Are you wearing Khaki shorts.”  They were indeed khaki in color.



Sonic the Hedgehog’s workout

Q: Yosef

PAX: Aristotle, Mr. Roboto, Jack, King, Ace, Iditarod, Schnitzel, Black Lung

The Sandman must have made the rest of the Pax very comfortable fartsacks. Made for a small PAX to post.

Warm-o-Rama: 1 lap around the lot straight up, lap 2 required everyone to face North until the lap completed. Made for side shuffles on the ends, politician up the back stretch.

Side straddle hops x20 IC

Willie Mays Hayes while doing forward and backwards arm circles x10 IC each direction

Tha Thang: Iditarod was fresh off his anny celebration, which involved a lot of strength, but not much cardio. Since Aristotle had recently Q’d a Mario workout, Q felt like his childhood hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, needed to be honored as well.

Sonic wasn’t just naturally a fast hedgehog though. That requires a smoker of a workout.

Mosey across the parking lot to the Corner of Pain, for a Circle of Pain.
Introduced PAX to Sonic’s difficult workout, time limitations did not permit the SuperSonic workout.

20 sec high knees, 20 sec mountain climbers, 20 sec burpee.
30 sec of rest, rinse and repeat x10

Mosey across the lot to a different corner and explained that Sonic never defeats Dr Robotnik by himself, Tails is always helping out.
PAX paired off and completed 100 Merkins, 200 air squats, and 300 side straddle hops. While one partner worked on the exercise at hand, the other ran suicides to the tune of the street lights. Partners switched at each completion of a suicide.

PAX was sufficiently smoked and sweaty, and ran one minute long.
COT and BOM was brief, Q reminded PAX that as much of a hurry as we want to get in, and life is moving at Sonic speed, slow down and focus on other around them. Serve and love and develop those relationships. Prayed out.

BULLHORN: Tuesday workout is up for grabs. It doesn’t hurt near as much when you get to tell everyone what to do!
Airwolf could use a few more volunteers at Greenhouse oil change Day. Give a shout out today if you can help or want to learn.