ImpromptQ at Stonewall

QIC: Skidmark

PAX: Porcelain, Cathy, Deep Dish, FTTAL, Crawfish, Shambala (visiting from Morresville, NC)

It was cold and most of the usual suspects were out all night rucking, but 7 PAX braved the cold for a good morning beat down. We started with a quick mosey to the basket ball courts.

WOR: SSH, Willie Mays, Baby Arm Circles (Forwards and Reverse), Windmills


7 Station Loop: 

1 Pax does 30 burpees in the middle of the court while the remaining 6 did a series of AMRAP exercises around the outside of the court. Exercises included: Jump-rope, Squat jumps, ‘Merkins, Table Dips, Single leg squat, and an 18lb medicine ball thruster with goal of hitting the backboard with the ball.

Round the world around the world:

We mosey’d around the basketball court performing the following exercises at each corner. Tripod Merkins: Right arm only, left arm only, right leg only, left leg only; Plank Series: Mountain climber, R side plank, L side plank, Mountain climber; then crab walk the outside with 20 WWI situps at each corner

Wheelbarrow Races:

Then we headed down to the brick parking lot and each PAX took 3 laps from the center of the parking lot up the stairs towards the basketball court as a wheelbarrow.

Rows and Squats: 40 and 200 per pair of Pax, performed at the bicycle posts

Then we mosey’d a single lap around the park as a coupon indian run using the medicine ball.

Group Mary including: Flutter kicks, Hello Dolly, Crunchy Frogs, JLo’s, Rocking plank, and American Hammers

Thanks to everybody for coming out. SYITG.




Pre-Final Four workout at Stonewall

QIC: Skidmark

PAX: Big Stick, Hambone, FTTAL, Black Lung, Just Cheese, Deep Dish, 3rd Person, Venus

It was a relatively cold March morning as a few PAX came out early on Final Four Saturday.  As usual, FTTAL nearly ran over the group while trying to pull into his parking space just before the buzzer.

Warm-o-rama: SSH, baby arm circles, seal claps, air presses, chest to ground merkins, low and slow squats

We started out easy with a slow lap around the park.  In order to add some difficulty, we added a 18lb medicine ball which the group passed from front of the line to the back and the final person indian ran back to the front.  About 1/2 way through we stopped at a bridge to do some leg raises.  After 1 loop around the park we stopped at the playground.

Hillevens:  Merkins at the top, Pull-ups at the bottom.  In true ABEH fashion, black lung took a minute to invite a buddy of his who was out doing pullups with a group of Nashville rock climbers.

Once we were done it was coupon indian run to the main building where we did 3 sets each of a wheelbarrow relay up and down the entry way stairs.

Then it was coupon indian run to the short track 1 block south of the park for a Dora 1-2-3, featuring Merkins, Lunges, and LBCs. As we had 9 total, we split into groups of three and did 150, 300, 450 of each exercise.  Following, Dora we coupon ran back to the parking lot for some mary.


The Circle Merk: Pax circled facing inward. All PAX began doing AMRAP merkins while the first PAX performed 5 merkins with the medicine ball under the right hand, 5 under the left hand, and then passed it to the PAX on his left until all had completed the exercise. It was a bit awkward at first, but when the last PAX finished we were all relieved.

Then it was a quick succession of flutter kicks, Mariah’s, and JLos to finish the morning.

Thanks to everyone for coming out this morning and giving me the opportunity to lead!

Physical Fitness Foundation Hill Sprints

Q: Hambone
Pax:Blacklung, Skidmark, Spiderbite, Doubtfire, Shank, Bagger, PA, Bad Boy, Edible, Cowboy, Crawfish

Hill Sprints

Type: Run and muscular endurance

Duration: 1hr

Uniform: F3 Gear and Hambone’s Toro! shirt.

Dynamic stretching 5 min
Note: warm up consisted of SSH, Squats, IST (incorrectly named by YHC), Toy Soldier, and Cherry/Cotton Pickers

~1 mile job from Sevier to Ashwood Avenue. To ensure a steady and slow pace (~9:30 pace), Hambone lead the way and handicapped the crowd. No cobains will be given

Hill Sprints (x4)
60 sec push ups
60 sec LBCs
Sprint up hill (Ashwood Avenue bottom to 15th Avenue Meta Stop sign (sign about the stop sign)- jumping jacks at the top until everyone is there
60 squats
Jog down hill
60 sit ups
60 Werkins

~1 mile back, ~9:30, all together

Many thanks to Bagger for keeping QiC humble during his exercise naming snafu. Many thanks to Bad Boy for a time check to get us back by 0800. I was debating a 5th trip up because that hill was just that great.

Props to the left side of the sprint hill. The left site was the serious side. If I had medals to give, I would have given ourselves medals for being too serious. Then again, with so many studs on the right and their ability to effortlessly sprint up, seriousness wasn’t needed.

I have to admit that I wing most of my Qs. With a varying range of PAX fitness and undetermined numbers of who will show up, it’s always difficult to plan a good Q that leaves everyone smoked yet improved. I stumbled upon a link on Reddit (of all places) that contained a compilation of workouts for Army platoon leaders to implement with hopes of improving their men. This workout was mostly planned with enough variation to allow for modifications due to physical and geographical limitations. I can attest that this was a personally-satisfying Q because I think everyone was able to go and grow at their own pace. No man was left behind. Everyone had to try at some point. There was enough mumblechatter to keep things going.

Going into 2018, I wanted to set myself up to show sustained and measurable improvements in my fitness. I want my five mile pace to be at 8 mins. I’d like to post a 15:00 min 2 mile. With some of these planned workouts and consistent running and posting, I think it’s attainable.

If you’re interested in using these workouts or some variation of them, check them out here (PT workouts) and here (running).

New Take on BLIMPS

PAX: FTTAL, Big Stick, Skidmark, Pop A Lock, Crawfish, Cathy, Just Cheese (FNG), Blue Mule, BV

QIC: Bagger Vance

47 and humid


Lots of MC re temperature and clothing choices. Pop a Lock giving some lame ass excuses for not posting to Ruck. Skidmark broke out his finest cotton in an ode to CAPSLOCK.


FTTAL rolls in attempting to injure as many Pax as possible with his red thing, er Red BMW station wagon


#Disclaimer disclaimed


Slaughter Starter/Welcome Party

10 Body Builders

10 Burpees

10 Merkins

RNR for the first 10′

Mosey over to the Warm O Rama lawn for:

SSH, IW, HB, SQUATS, GMA, Tips to Toes (V Ups), Supermans

All IC X 13

Mosey back to parking lot for YHC phone and speaker


Evolution I:

Run Indian to Clayton and 12S



Lt Dans

Imperial Walkers

Mtn Climbers

Plank Jax


Evolution II:

Run Indian to Kirkwood and 12S


Big Boi Sit Ups

(insert Big Stick to the PAX)


Imp Walkers


Peter Parkers


Evolution III:

Indian Run to Kirkwood and Lealand


Body Builders


Iron Cross


Plank 20″ hold


Evolution IV:

Indian Run to Clayton and Lealand



Lt Dans

Iron Cross


Peter Parker


Evolution V:

Indian Run to base of hill

Three Legged Coupon drag to flag pole and run back

P1 Drags the coupon up the hill while keeping one body part on coupon and other three on ground.

Other PAX perform the following

Plank progression

Merkins x 10


Plank Progression

F kix

Ola Dolly

Pistol LBCs

Mosey back to lot

Mary Up:

Plank for last 30″


Lots of fun this am men. Always enjoy leading at Stonewall. Admittedly, YHC was a bit salty after the Solo Ruck and started w a bit of a Woggler out the gates.

Love BLIMPS, always challenging to come up with alternatives to the original letters.

Cathy was so scared we would come up with a cheezy name for his FNG that he didn’t even stick around for the process and thus Just Cheese is our newest PAX. Insert Walter Sobchack with the “Do you see what happens Larry, do see what happens when you …” Also, Cathy is looking for someone to massage his hernia, he’s kind of a big deal so it’s probably worth your while.

Someone got YHC very confused on the proper way to tie shoes, I haven’t been able to tie my shoes since.

Nice to have Big Stick show up post run. I think FTTAL was starting to get a little teary eyed, kept looking longingly over his shoulder.

Another first, Blue Mule had on a long sleeve shirt. I Team is looking into the possibility that he has some sort of enormous back tattoo of the Scales of Justice. Stay tuned.


Kettlebell/Barbell AO Qd by Grisham at Granbery Elementary on Fridays at 0530. Bring yer bells.

I am trying to gauge interest in a Ruck only AO. Mostly Rucking with some of the Goruck Wednesday Workout mixed in.  If you’re interested, hit me up



Stonewall – 2/24/2018 – The Strenuous Life


11 Pax appeared on a soggy Saturday morning for another Teddy Roosevelt Laced workout.

PAX: Foxtrot, Hambone, Pop-a-Lock, Deep Dish, Third Degree, Crawfish, Umbrella, Chatty Cathy, Cowboy, Vegemite Third Person

Quick mosey to community center parking lot.



“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

14x SSH

15x BAC front and back

??? Butt kickers? It was early….

15x Seal claps

10x Squats


10 Muktar and Cry’s in cadence – Start in High Plank, down to Low Plank, JLo, up to High Plank and one Merkin (1 rep).

Quick mosey to open area next to tennis courts.

PAX paired off. While one HIM was in high plank, the other did 5 Merkins, then jumps over teammate, then crawls back underneath him. Repeat 20x per PAX, flapjack as necessary. Deceptively difficult. Sufficiently awkward for a Pop-A-Lock Q. With odd numbers, Q completed with an invisible partner, eliciting chuckles and mumblechatter from PAX.

Counted to 10. PAX nervous of a rinse and repeat.

Mosey around the tennis courts. Diverted onto tennis courts, to the relief of the PAX.

Round 1: Crabwalk suicides to ¼, ½, ¾ and full court. Face one direction the whole time. Every time the start point is reached, do 40 1 count flutters.

Triceps burned out.

Count to 20.

Round 2: Ankle grabber (duck walk holding ankles) suicides in same pattern. 20 ab thrusters when baseline is reached.

Quads screaming.

Count to 30.

Mosey to back of hill with flagpole, PAX (and the overly enthusiastic Q) rejoicing there was no rinse and repeat.

Round 1: Bear crawl to flagpole, 20 derkins at top. Bear crawl back, 20 squats at bottom.

Round 2: Crawl bear to flagpole, 20 derkins at top. Crawl bear back, 20 squats at bottom.

Triceps and shoulders completely burned out at this point.

Rounds 3: Back pedal up hill, 20 derkins at top. Sprint back, 20 squats at bottom.

Mosey to hill above playground.

PAX 1 PlankJacks while PAX 2 runs to pull up bars and completes 5 reps. Runs back to top of hill and flapjacks. Repeat 3x for each PAX.

Mosey to parking lot.

Circle of Trust

I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life” – Teddy Roosevelt. Had severe asthma, exercised out of it. Charged San Juan Hill, built the Panama Canal, established the National Parks. Known to kill mountain lions by hand and swim the Potomac in winter (Secret Service in tow).

PAX lived strenuously today. Rinse and repeat every day.


Flood WOD 10 February 2018

PAX: Cowboy, Pop A Lock, Edible Arrangements, Crawfish, Hambone, Bagger Vance


5  HIM canoed over to Stonewall this am for what would be the mostest moistest Q we’ve had in some time.  YHC had a change of garments for post Pre but really, what’s the point, right?

Disclaimer laid out and we headed over to Picnic Area 1 to drop off our tunes and turned northeast to head to the Brickpile.  Each PAX instructed to grab two turn of the last century, probably important and valuable bricks and head back to PA1.  Hey, there’s Cowboy, someone grab him two also. Make that 6 HIM that canoed over to Stonewall.

Carefully place bricks in PA1 and head over to the least soggy area we could find for


SSH, HB, IW, Squats, GMA x 10 IC


Very simple upper, lower and gut exercises.  Not so complicated but will prove to be very effective.  Three Evolutions lasting 15 minutes with work performed EMOM.

Evo I –

10 Merkins, 10 Reverse Thrusters on 6, 10 Thrusters (all w Bricks)

1 min break

Evo II –

10 Merkins, 10 Flutter Kix (ea leg 20 total), Bulgarian Split Squat w Bench squat mixed in from min 5-15

Evo III –

10 Merkins, 10 Lunges, 10 LBCs

All in, return bricks to pile and head back to PA1.

Plank for 6



Very simple, very effective routine.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated and bizarre to kick ass.  I am not a great Math guy but that adds up to about 450 Merkins…should feel it in the AM.

Pop and Hambone were heading to PWP for a Nashville Ruckstars post for 6M.  Trails should be good for that.

We partnered up to hold each other accountable and to push through.  It always helps to have a standard and accountability.

T Claps to the 6 who ignored the Sky Qs shower and got out anyway.


F3 Serve for Feb is being Qd by Dupree and Prevac…I think, reach out to Dupree for Details.

Keep Family Jewels in your prayers,  I am happy to share more in person if you would like.

I picked up a grey Nike vest at The Hill if anyone is missing one.

Need someone to step up and Q next Saturday at Stonewall…who will it be…




Stonewall – 01/20/18 – “Breaking Bad”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Bagger Vance, Deep Dish, The Jeweler, Pop-a-Lock, Bad Boy, T-Cell, Too Tall, Spider Bite, Black Lung, Woodshack (KNOX), Edible Arrangement, Cowboy, Hambone, Crawfish, Mickey Mouse, Vegemite, Razor aka Venus

2 for Pre-Hustle and 6? for Pre-Ruck this morning. YHC clocked a brisk 4 with The Jeweler and enjoyed some good 2nd F along the way. Hambone led the ruck contingent, but was apparently so in the zone that he forgot to get back for 0700 with his crew.

Starting with the rest, mosey over to the handiramp for some Bear Crawls. Air Chair for the six and then mosey back to the lot to gather the ruckers and get on with the COP. All IC:

  • SSH
  • SnL Squats
  • Overhead Press
  • LBAC F
  • LBAC R

Today marks 10 years since perhaps the greatest television show ever, Breaking Bad, premiered on AMC. Naturally, I chose this as my theme for today’s workout. Exploring themes of each season, the PAX would experience Walter White’s decay physically. Each PAX grabbed a partner – a Jesse to their Walt – and got to work making the finest meth in Nashville. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Season 1 – “Darkness” – Walt begins to break bad

A modified Colonel Trautman:

Starting in the lot, P1 performs AMRAP Merkins while P2 runs over bridge to jungle gym and performs 5 Pull-Ups. Flapjack until time is called. 8′ and a short mosey to the community center parking lot later, it was time for

Season 2 – “Cause and effect” – Jesse meets Jane and causes a rift between him and Walt. Women, am I right?

DORA 1-2-3. YHC called time and had partners work together to close out reps sans running.

Mosey over to the tennis courts for

Season 3 – “Acceptance” – Walt begins to accept that he sucks. And so does this Q.

Suicides across the courts while your partner holds Tabletop.

Sucking wind, we mosey over to the soccer field for

Season 4 – “Loyalty” – There are many people at odds with each other, but Walt still craves Jesse’s loyalty. Also, this seasons ends with a bang, so

Partner B.O.M.B.S.:

Burpees x 25, Overhead Clap x 50, Merks x 75, BBS x 100, Squats x 125. P1 backpedals to halfway point and resumes normal run to far soccer goal. Repeats backpedal/normal to starting point where P2 has been repping out the above exercises. Flapjack. RnR until all rep counts are met.

Mosey over to the bottom of Sunnyside Hill for

Season 5 – “Rise and fall” – Walt has cleared out the competition and had a meteoric rise, but it all comes crashing down as he has alienated so many from his life.

At this point, all PAX are on their own. Run the hill to flagpole and back. AMRAP until time.

YHC managed to make 11 trips, representing the $11 million that Walt left to his family.

Mosey back to the lot for COT/BOM


This workout was actually a lot of fun in spite of all the non-fun. Does that make sense? We covered over 3 miles while managing to do at least 200 reps of plenty of exercises. Sadly, no merlot was splashed. You’re all just too fit!


F3 Dads Camp is coming this summer. Get with BV on the deets.

PA out.

Stonewall 01-06-17

PAX: Hambone, Bad Boy, Princess Aurora, Vegemite, FTTL, CCR, Crawfish (Q)

Conditions: Still cold

5 burpees right out of the gate to get the blood pumping and get warm.

Mosey to soccer fields for Warmorama: IW x 10IC, Hillbillies x 10IC, Squats x 10IC, Merkins x 10IC, SSH x 20IC, WMH x 10IC

The Thang:

Since the AO is called Stonewall YHC felt like we should incorporate its namesake today. 11s: atomic merkins & jump squats – climb up 4ft stone wall in between

Mosey to playground & partner up. PAX 1 runs to top of hill while PAX 2 performs AMRAP pull-ups. R&R x 5.

Flutter kicks x 30IC

Circuit of 15 swerkins, 15 sit-ups, 15 dips, and 15 box jumps. R&R x 3.

Indian run around perimeter of Sevier. Stop at base of flagpole hill for a quick Jacobs Ladder. 7x up the hill w/ increasing number of burpees each trip.

Plank progression.

Mosey to tennis courts. Lunge walk width of courts & back.

Mary: Crunchy frogs x 20IC, LBCs x 20IC, Flutter kicks x 20IC, J-Los x 20IC, 30s high plank.

Bullhorn: Nice work men! Not a lot of mumblechatter today, which I always take as a sign of a good beatdown. Congrats to the PAX who completed Warpath!



30 December 2017 MARSOC Short Card

PAX: Deep Dish, Cowboy, Vegemite, The Jeweler, T Cell, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance

At 0610, 34* felt down right balmy as YHC, Deep Dish and Cowboy headed out for Pre.  Pretty uneventful run, save nearly getting run over on Caldwell and DD having the slowest fall ever recorded by a 40 something year old.

The rest of the PAX slowly trickled in around 0657 as the 3 Pre were shaking off the run.  Oddly enough, T Cell repeated almost verbatim the conversations DD, Cowboy and YHC had 40 minutes earlier…Temp, Christmas tree dump, etc.

Ok, here we go, short mosey coupled w Side Shuffles and Politicians to the Parade ground for

WOR (weak attempt from YHC to replicate the day’s Q)

SSH x 13 IC

Squats x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Mtn Climbers x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

Boredom set in and we started the Thang:

Run up to Sunnyside Mansion

Quick bad run down on the days Evolutions, turn on the speaker and start jamming out to Punk Radio on Pandora with commercials, bc who doesn’t want to save money on car insurance?!

Today’s Beatdown brought to you by the Leathernecks of the USMC and the MARSOC short card:

Perform 30X exercises then 10 X exercises, technically no running and performed back to back with no rest…that makes it just a bit more difficult!

Evolution I

30X Merkins       10X Burpees                      30X Merkins                       10X Burpees

30X Squats          10X Windmills(IC)            30X Flutter Kix (IC)           10X Cherry                                                                                                                                                 Pickers (IC)

30X LBCs              Down hill and back          30X Mtn Climbers (IC)    Mosey

Evolution II

30X Merins         10X Burpees                      30X Merkins          10X Burpees

30X SSH (IC)       10X Chain Breakers (IC) 30X Lunges        10X AmHammers (IC)

30X Supermans Down Hill & Back       30X Ola Binarys (IC)    Mosey

Rinse & Repeato (crowd pleaser)

To the Playground for 2 Rounds Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups with Mary thrown in


Alabama Prom Dates


Mariah Carys

LBC Pistols


Mosey back to Lot


NM – while we modified some of the MARSOC short card by adding SSH instead of Star Jumps, flipping the F Kix and Mtn Climbers and adding in the running it was still a pretty nasty beatdown.  I woggled snot for sure, can’t speak for the rest of the PAX.  Awesome to have Jeweler back in the mix, Kotters.  By the by, may want to get a new alarm clock as we still start at 0700!  Fun workout in a box as Hambone would call it, perhaps in 2018 we can implement the Long Card…we shall see.

Thank you all for being a part of F3 this year; it has been really neat to see this thing grow.  As you wind down ’17 and reach for ’18 please think of that guy that could benefit from shared suffering, not being left behind and having a Fellowship that seeks to protect him.  I am ever grateful for 5 Star’s introduction of F3 to me in the fall of ’14, it goes without saying that life would look a lot different without you HIM around.  Again, I would encourage you to reflect upon the HIM that you have come to know for the first time or have gotten closer to through F3 and urge you to focus on just one EH a quarter that you can share this IMPACT with.

So, in closing, I want to thank yall for pushing me, allowing me to push you and for being a part of something that is bigger than us all.


Bullhorn –

NYD workout led by Princess Aurora at The Hill at 0700 on 1/1/18…it will be a doozy, I’m sure but worth every minute of it!  I don’t know what this year’s theme will be but I can almost guarantee you a well schemed theme.

Keep our brothers in your prayers that have lost loved ones over this last year on the front of your prayer/thought list.  This is a tough time for them and we should be lifting them up as much as possible.

Warpath version 93 coming up on 6 January, should be about ½ Marathon distance wise with about 4 AOs sprinkled in for good measure.  Startex is Armada at 0500, endex should come 3-3.5 hours later, guessing back at Armada. Please reach out to Big Bang for routing and details.

5K4MLK coming up on 15 January, see for more details and information.


Bagger Vance

Stonewall – 12.16.17 – “Cowbois ‘n’ Indians”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The Pax: Hambone, Bagger Vance, Spider Bite, Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, T-Cell, Black Lung, Heister (Charlotte), Chum, Vegemite, Pop-A-Lock, Deep Dish, Crawfish, Skidmark, Bad Boy, Edible Arrangement

16 PAX took a trip back to elementary school at Stonewall this morning. True to the childish nature of the workout, the morning began with name-calling, making fun of my clothes, and picking on my outdated watch.

The Thang:

Resisting the urge to take my ball and go home, YHC tried to quiet the crowd with a brisk mosey down Clayton and over to the basketball court for warm-o-rama. All exercises IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Merks x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • LBAC F x 10 w/ 20-ct hold
  • LBAC R x 10 w/ 20-ct hold
  • SnL Squats x 15 (plus another 5 to make sure Foxtrot had a chance to download that mental image into his memory bank)

Mosey on over to the 440 Greenway and explain today’s main event: Cowbois and Indians. PAX divide into two teams. Team 1 performs prescribed rep count of the exercises below while Team 2 Indian Runs the loop. Teams flapjack, then RnR.

  • Clerkins
  • Overhead Squats
  • Werkins
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Overhead Lunges
  • Imperial Walkers

Round 1: each exercise x 10; standard Indian Run

Round 2: each exercise x 15; Indian Run with last man dropping for one Burpee before sprinting to front

Round 3: each exercise x 20; standard Indian Run for two laps

It was close, but Team 2 proved victorious on the plains.

Mosey up Gale alternating backpedals and regular run between light poles and then splitting the last distance with walking lunges and a crowd pleasing Duck Walk.

Back at the Jungle Gym, PAX buddy up for some Pull-ups. P1 performs 10 pull-ups while P2 performs another exercise called by Q. Flapjack, RnR

  1. Pull-ups x 10/Tabletop Hold
  2. Pull-ups x 10/Crab Jacks
  3. Pull-ups x 10/Toe Touches

Trek over to the soccer field to meet the new kid at school, Jack Webb. Sadly, nobody liked Jack, and they cheered when he was expelled for smoking. With him out of the way, it was time for a game of Chinese Freeze Tag! For those of you who don’t remember, it’s like Freeze Tag, but you have to crawl through someone’s legs to unfreeze them. I do hope this actually pleased the crowd.

Short mosey back up toward the tennis court to find a sunny spot on the hill. Commence 9MOM. In no particular order:

  • J-Lo’s
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • American Hammers
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Mariah Careys
  • Burpees
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Boxcutters
  • Flutter Kicks
  • WWII Sit-ups
  • 20-ct Plank IC
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Alphabet (A-F)
  • Hello Dollies
  • Manmakers to close it out

Back to the parking lot for COT/BOM


Great to see so many faces new and old (to me anyway) at Stonewall this AM. It was a pleasure leading you today, and I promise to show a little more skin next time. #TClaps of the day go to Crawfish for his home plate slide to unfreeze me during tag. “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”


See T-Cell’s Slack post in #f3-nashville-general about the Job Kemp Memorial Fund. In this season of giving, please consider contributing to honor the life of Job and impact the lives of others fighting similar battles. Frugal MacDoogal will be collecting checks at The Hill or anywhere else you can find him, and please note that your gift is tax-deductible.

New Year’s Day convergence will be upon us before you know it! Stick to that 2018 resolution and post at The Hill on 1/1/18 from 0700-0800 for what is sure to be a great start to the year. Reach out to me with any questions.

PA out.