Backlast for Stonewall July 28th

Skid Mark, Edible Arrangement, Deep-dish , Hambone, Cowboy and Foxtrottalksalot as Q.

A fresh 6 AM start for the crew of six… The Job Rocker Max was in full effect… We paid homage to U2 today. The full Joshua Tree album and Rattle and Hum album were the back to back play lists.

We began with the F3 disclaimer, whilst engaging in little baby arm circles, and notified all parties that we had two doctors, a lawyer, a miracle worker, and a hambone present for any thing that could go wrong.

Warm up

20 baby arm circles
20 air presses
15 Imperial Walkers
15 hillbillies
10 will Mayes lays
11 good mornings
12 skorpion stretches
10 super mans
10 count quad stretch on each leg
15 merkins

The thang:

Run with heavy Job Rocker Max speaker (sold by Costco for $99) a long path to the side of the community center with railing and wall.

Proceed with the following 11’s excercise.
Begin with wall sit for 10 seconds (no hands and exercising perfect form as suggested by Sergio from Lululemon….keep your bellybutton pressed to your backbone) as 1.
Then 10 burpees.
Then 20 second wall sit using the Sergio technique.
Then 9 burpees.
Then 30 seconds wall sit again with Sergio’s masterful technique.

And all the way down to 1 burpee and a 100 second wall sit….again….applying Sergio’s belly to backbone revolutionary technique, along with a lot of grunting and groaning. @hambone was next to me and whispered in my ear that he was actually doing Kegels as well. Apparently they can strengthen your lower parts area and help you pee better. Who ever knew? Thanks Hambone.

A few waited in plank for the rest to finish. We then moseyed to the parking lot with pavers behind the community center and perched the Job Rocker Max on one of the grassy median islands.

We divided into two teams.

The Wolverines were Foxtrottalksalot,  Cowboy and Hambone.

The Poster Children were Skid Mark, Edible Arrangement and Deepdish.

Team relay.
Each man had to complete two laps around the parking lot circling the other curbed island. Each man had to complete one full lap bear crawling the loop.
Then each team needed to complete the following together:
300 Air squats
200 dry docks
100 Merkins.

Round 1 went to the Wolverines as Hambone crushed the merkins and dry docks. Cowboy saved the team at the end with his stamina.

Rinse and repeat for round 2.

The winner was not clear for this round. Some highlights included Deepdish’s cry for mercy around his bear crawl lap. In a very whiny tone, he said “Guys, I don’t know if I can do this?” At which point Edible and Skid Mark both recommended a gynecologist and that he modify if necessary. Apparently Deepdish immediately realized what a pussy he sounded like and sucked it up to finish the crawl portion. Good job DD.

Moseyed from parking lot thru tennis courts with EA carrying large 40 pound Job Rocker Max playing ‘Van Diemens Land’ as we ran thru the quiet park. It was a nice touch for all 6. Cowboy had his arms stretched out wide as if to say “thank you for this beautiful day”. It warmed my heart. We all did a self hug.

We turned and headed for the home stretch and the song ‘Desire’ came on. Stopped at the playground in time for each to get in 20 pull-ups.

Then Mary. Everyone got their chance to Q their favorite Ab exercise.
Skid started with 30 flutter kicks.
Hambone did 20 LB AC’s
Foxtrot 13 J Lo’s
Deep – 15 crunchy frogs
EA – 20 Freddy Mercury’s
Cowboy – 15 high lows (it had two names like Marge and something)

Group finished with 15 Alabama prom dates and 10 WW2 sit ups.

Cowboy led us out in prayer.

100% coffeeteria participation. Cowboy and Foxtrot enjoyed a good ole cappuccino and reminisced about how such a small drink can provide so much happiness.

We told stories about theft, stray bullets, and other random things.

Until next time.


Birthday Smokewall/Stoneboots Fun Times

Bagger Vance, Shoeless Joe (FNG), Princess Aurora, Cowboy, Deep Dish, Right Said, Bad Boy, Brother-At-Law, Bicentennial Man, Umbrella, Black Lung


Yesterday was YHC’s birthday, and I wanted to put something together that would keep up with the recent trend of running oriented workouts at Stonewall. BV brought out an FNG (Shoeless Joe), so I made sure to drop the disclaimer at 5:59:30. After that, we circled up for:

SSH x41 IC (41 was the number of the day. 😉 It was at this point BV asked if this was my birthday or something.)
Good Mornings x10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Forward x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Reverse x10 IC
Air Presses x10 IC
Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC

Since 41 was the number today, we started out with 41 burpees. 10 on the minute for 3 minutes and 11 on the last minute.

After that, I just felt like running.


We ran out the Sevier parking lot and down Linden Lealand over to the 440 Greenway Park (4GP for short). Once there, we ran all the way up the hill to the top of the loop and back down to Sevier Park. We ran this loop 4 times during the course of the workout. Each time back at Sevier, we’d do a little COP that consisted of:

Round 1 & 4:
Alabama Prom Dates x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Round 2:
Flutter Kicks x16 IC
Alternating Shoulder Taps x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Round 3:
Big Boy Sit Ups x16 OYO
Hello Dolly’s x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Four laps to 4GP and back ended up right around 4.2ish miles. I was shooting for 4.1ish, so we’ll just call that extra tenth one to grow on. We still had a few minutes left after our last round, so we moseyed over to the swing set for two sets of:

Wall Dips x21
Incline Merkins x20

We moseyed back to the parking lot for MARY:

Good Mornings x21
Willie Mays Hayes x20

I figured everyone needed a good stretch after putting in four plus miles.


  1. Stonewall is still happening next week even though there are a couple of other events going on the same day.
  2. TN CAN RUCK next Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Touch base with Princess Aurora if you’re interested and haven’t signed up yet.
  3. Warpath takes place down in Franklin next Saturday too. Feel free to double up if you’re feeling squirrelly.

Thanks for allowing me to lead yesterday morning. It’s always a pleasure. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes too!


Stonewall (aka stoneboots, aka smokewall)

10 pax came out for a fun Q and took advantage of a relative break in the summer heat, followed by some great fellowship at the coffeeteria at Portland Brew, one of my favorite parts of the week, every time I can make it.

Q: Black Lung
Pax: Skidmark, Cowboy, Hambone, Blue Mule, Brother-at-law, Tampa Libra, Bad Boy, Popalock, and Dean Spitz

Coffeteeria: Black Lung, Skidmark, Cowboy, Hambone, Blue Mule

SSH x25
Good Morning x10
Willie May Hays x 10
Squats x 40
Slow and low merkins x 10

Mosey north on 12th
Stop in Portland Brew parking lot for:
8 count bodybuilders x 20
Squats x 40
Dips x 20

Mosey north on 12th to the base of the beastly hill at the base of Ashwood Avenue for Hill Sprints/Climbs. Given the running heavy components of the last two Stonewall workouts, it is somewhere along this route that Popalock begins to propose new names for Stonewall, like stoneboots, or smokewall.

The Thang:
#) 60 seconds of AMRAP merkins, sprint up the hill, SSH x 15 and mosey back
#) 60 seconds of AMRAP LBCs, sprint up the hills, SSH x 20 and mosey back
#) 120 seconds of AMRAP squats, lunges to 2nd utility pole, bear climb to 3rd pole, SSH x 15, mosey back
#) 120 seconds of AMRAP WWI sit-ups, lunges to 2nd utility pole, bear climb to 3rd pole, burpee broad jump to 4th pole, SSH x 15, mosey back
#) 60 seconds of AMRAP flutter kicks, sprint up the hill, SSH x15, and start mosey down the hill and south on 12th

Mosey back down 12th to Sevier park with a quick stop at a parking lot halfway back for 60 seconds of AMRAP werkins;

Arrive in Sevier Park parking lot with just enough time for 10 burpees OYO, and 10 Good Mornings.

Thanks to the PAX for bearing with me on a tough, run-heavy Q with only a low level of grumbling.

Stonewall – 6/30/2018

PAX: Pop-A-Lock, Cowboy, Skidmark, Spitz (FNG), Animal (FNG), Venus (EXTREME LIFO), Bagger Vance, Blue Mule, Black Lung, Reveille, Vegemite, Bicentennial Man
QiC: Hambone

13 pax posted for a nasty beatdown and 1 posted for a preruck of 4 miles.

17 Slow and Low Squats IC
10 GMs IC
12 Merkins IC

There was an extremely simple and extremely taxing (for YHC) workout.

1. Run to Portland Brew and back to Sevier Park (~.9 miles). Squats, SSH, or Plank for the six/Hambone.
2. COP including 12 Merkins IC as the last exercise.
3. Repeat.

With a total of 4 rounds, the Stonewall Pax completed ~3.5 miles of this awful workout.

Pax closed out with dips, planks, and 6 Minutes of Mary.

1. Sweat was not a rare commodity. TruthNugget that some pax skipped coffeeteria because they were soaked to their jimmies.
2. Truly embarrassing to be at the back of your own workout, but zero regrets and I plan on pulling this one out again.
3. Five pax (Bagger, Hambone, Vegemite, Pop-a-Lock, and Black Lung) posted for coffeeteria.

Stonewall 06-23-18

PAX: Hambone, Blue Mule, Big Bang, Bagger Vance, Bad Boy, Black Widow, T-cell, Princess Aurora, Black Lung, Skid Mark, Vegemite, Foxtrot, Cowboy, Pop-a-lock, Edible Arrangement, Third Person, Hi-Viz, Floppy Disk, Porcelain, Brother at law, Big Stick (coffeeteria), Crawfish (Q)

Conditions: not terrible

Mosey to gravel lot on Kirkwood for warmorama: SSH x 20IC, IW x 15IC, WMH x 10IC, GM x 10IC

The Thang: Dredd’s 5 C’s of Leadership

Candor: being open and honest; frank

– partner up; stay w/ your partner for duration; encourage him, push him

Competence: the ability to do something successfully or efficiently

– Modified Army Ranger Fit Test: Merkins & WWIIs AMRAP x 2 min

Commitment: being dedicated or devoted to a cause

– 10 burpees/min x 10 minutes (15 last minute)

Contentment: consistent attitude

– 10 merkins, bearcrawl width of bball court, 9 merkins crawlbear back, 8 merkins, etc to 1

– 10 jumpsquats, lunge width of bball court, 9 jumpsquats, reverse lunge back, 8 jumpsquats, etc to 1

Courage: strength in the face of pain or fear (represented by the stars & stripes at the top of the hill)

– Partner pushes to top of hill, flapjack, R&R

– Hill sprints x 5

Mary: Flutterkicks x 20IC, J-Los x 29IC

Bullhorn: TN Can Ruck & Warpath 7/21, Last 4:13 Strong this Thursday, Continued prayers for Spicoli and El Maestro

It has truly been an honor to post with you guys the last 3 years. I had no idea how much I needed F3 before that run through Centennial in September 2015. I am better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually thanks to you guys. My wife thanks you as well, because my marriage is better for it too. Keep giving it away and keep the momentum going!



16 June 2018

Temp: 70s

Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Wall Ball, Crawfish, Frogger, SkidMark, Black Lung, Blue Mule, Chiccadance, Umbrella, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance

0600: Disclaimer

8 Count Body Builders x 10 IC

Long Mosey to Upper Lot for WOR:

Squats IC x 13, IW IC X 13, HB IC X 13, SSH whilest YHC gets Tunes lined up

Disclaimer #2…Lots of today’s work will be new to the PAX and Q so #Grace will be much applied and appreciated…

Mountain Climber Merkins IC x 13 (three count Mtn Climber x 1 Merkin = 1)

Head out in Mosey fashion North on 12th Ave

Stop 1 at the Yoga Joint for Evolution I

Wall Sits, Break Dancers x 13 IC

EVO II – Mosey to Howell’s Alley

Right Hip Flexor Wall Sits x 13 IC

Side Straddle Squats x 13 IC

Bear Crawl to Curb

Inch Worm Incline Merkins x 13 OYO

Left Hip Flexor Wall Sits x 13 IC

EVO III – Mosey to the Dry Cleaners

Wall Sits for the 6

Side Straddle Squats x 13 IC

Merkins x 13 IC

EVO IV – Mosey to Jenni’s So So Ice Cream and Partner Up

P1 Dips on Wall while P2 holds feet x 13 OYO, Flap Jack

EVO V – Mosey to Ashwood for Partner Politician Pushes

P1 pushes P2 in the chest as P1 Politicians (Reverse Mosey) up the Hill, Flapjack 1/2 up and Flutter Kick for the 6

Wall Sits w Hip Flexor Stretch x 13 IC R/L

EVO VI – to the rear of Belmont Church, wall sit for the 6 then to high plank

Mountain Climber Semi Circle (High Plank, walk feet semi-circle up towards right hand then back around towards left hang = 1) x 13 OYO

To the front of Belmont Church

Box Jump Squats – start position is sitting on ledge, jump up and then return = 1 x 13 OYO

Face Melters – start position is in high plank, walk feet to the top of steps and perform one decline Merkin, walk feet down to starting position and perform one Merking = 1 x 13 OYO

EVO VII – Mosey to Bernard, wall sit for the 6.  With partner, Bear Crawl up Bernard to first utility pole, Mosey to second utility pole, Politician to third utility pole.  Rinse n Repeat in that order to the crest of the hill.  #CrowdPleaser

Shake out over to Belmont dormitory for more partner work utilizing the 50′ sand bags keeping the temporary fence in place.  P1 back to back w P2 and PAX simply hands bag back and forth between the two for 1′.

EVO VIII – As we were 15 minutes left in the Q and a little over 1M to the StartEx, YHC called audible and had PAX Indian Run back to StartEx.  Great job HIM keeping in formation and in getting all PAX to push themselves to keep moving.


Single Leg Thrusters x 13 IC – on 6, keeping left leg on ground, thrust right leg towards chest

Alabama Prom Dates x 13 IC – Static position of the Mariah Carey

Single Leg Thrusters x 13 (left leg)

Pistol LBCs x 10 IC ea leg

Dynamic Leg Thrusters – movement is just like the single leg thrusters but with both legs in motion.

GMA x 13 IC

Cherry Pickers x 13 IC


NM: Pretty wet n humid this am.  Thank you all for humoring YHC with the new movements; I picked them up from Men’s health…lots more to come from there.

Chiccadance back for more…two weeks in a row looking for three next week.


Spicoli, El Maestro, En Fuego’s friend, Jigsaw…heal up and lean on and into The Lord.

Crawfish Farewell Q at Stonewall next Saturday 0600.  Should be a goody.

Mickey Mouse, Third Person and Crawfish Farewell 2ndF and beers on 19 June…check slack for Deets Edley’s in Sylvan Park is AO.

Purple Cow starts up on Monday at Brentwood MIddle School.  All welcome.

413 will come to an end for this Session on Thursday.  One of the 413 PAX, Wolverine Co-VQ with Porcelain.  Should be a doozy.


Bagger Vance

Sun’s out Guns Out at Stonewall 6/9/2018

19 PAX arrived at Stonewall this morning for a hot workout. Brother-at-Law showed up in his tank top to set the tone.

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX: Eddible Arrangments, Princess Aurora, Bagger Vance, Black Lung, Goose, Vegemite, Bad Boy, Deep Dish, CCR, Brother-at-Law, Floppy Disc, Foxtrot-talks-a-lot, Itsy-Bitsy-Spider, Creeper, Hi-Viz, Chica-dance, Abacus Finch (FNG)

We started with a mosey around the park that finished at the old house.

WOR:  SSHx20, Squatsx20, Baby Arm Circlesx15, Seal claps x10, Overhead claps x10


Partner up:  Each set of 2 alternated Bear Crawls and Lunge walk to complete the loop around the old house.  LBCs for the 6. Then it was a set of Crawl Bear and Reverse Lunges in the opposite direction to finish the circuit.

With our guns blazing, we transitioned to Dora-1-2-3 with Merkins, Pistol Squats, and Flutter Kicks.  Plank for the 6.

Following Dora, was a short mosey to the parking lot.  It was time to give the old arms a break and give the legs a better workout. A little competition always brings out the best in the PAX so it was time for a race.

1s and 2s line up in groups for an all out sprint from one end of the parking lot to the other.  The last man across had to sit out after the first round and judge the rest of the races. After that, the last 2 men in each race were removed from each racing group and transitioned to doing squats while waiting for the others to finish. When it was down to 5 PAX, the groups merged for a final race.  Itsy Bits Spider took the victory (aided by some well timed boxing out of Floppy Disc). As he is 20 years old, we all did 20 burpees in his honor.

Lastly, we mosey’d to the swing set area for some walks along the outer wall of the play area. 1) Derkin walk clockwise, 2) Right Leg step ups, 3) Derkin walk counter-clockwise, 4) Left leg step ups.

Mary: Due to some poor time management skills on my part, we ran a bit short on time during this 1 hr workout. Fortunately, most people were drenched and our arms and shoulders will be swole enough that nobody will be looking at our abs.


Welcome FNG “Abacus Finch”.  Thanks again men for letting me lead.  It’s always an honor.  Keep El Maestro and Spicoli in your prayers. Brew Ruck is scheduled for 7/21/18, information to be coming soon from PA.

Stonewall 6-2-18

PAX: Hi Viz, Vegemite, Hambone, Skidmark, Pop-a-lock, Frogger, Edible Arrangement, Shooter (Knoxville), Cowboy, Brother at Law, Deep Dish, Crawfish (QIC)

Mosey to soccer fields for warmorama: SSH x 20IC, GM x 10IC, IW x 15IC, WMH x 15IC, BAC x 15IC, High Knees x 10IC, Butt kickers x 10IC

Burpee Mile: Lap around the park w/ 10 burpees at start, each corner, and finish (60 total).

Hambone’s partner pull-up special: Max out underhand, overhand, and parallel pull-ups then partner assists for 5 more. Flapjack. R&R.

HIIT Intervals: 5 exercises, AMRAP x 30s, x 3 rounds, no rest.                                       Rnd 1; Groiners, Jump squats, plank jacks, high knees, flutter kicks                           Rnd 2: Merkins, Monkey humpers, mtn climbers, box jumps, american hammers

Merkin compass: 10 merkins, rotate 90 degrees right, 10 wide merkins, rotate 180 degrees left, 10 diamond merkins, rotate 90 degrees right, 10 merkins.

Mary: Flutter kicks x 20IC, Freddie Mercuries x 15IC, Hello dollies x 15IC, JLos x 20IC, 2 minute plank progression.

Bullhorn: Sign up for Ironclad, Brewruck 7/21, lots of 2nd & 3rd F events coming up so keep an eye on Slack, continue to pray for Spicoli.



Stonewall – 05.26.18 – “Fresh Flowers and Ether”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, Deep Dish, Just Cheese, Stout (Davidson), Hambone, Blue Mule, Venus, Umbrella, Cowboy

10 PAX blessed Sevier Park with their presence and kicked off the long weekend with a Full-body Fatblaster ™. The air was as thick as our midsections, but we could only reduce one.


Long mosey with a lap around Sunnyside Mansion before circling up in the gravel lot at the NW entrance. COP:

  • SSH x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • WMH x 16
  • Merkins x 15
  • LBAC F x 15, 20ct, R x 15

Mosey over to the tennis courts for the first half of the main event. Introducing the Daisy Chain: beginning at the net, PAX lateral shuffle to the baseline, jog forward to center service line, shuffle back to the net, jog forward to doubles sideline, shuffle to baseline, cross over to the next court, and repeat pattern on court 2 and then on the other side of the net. Rinse and repeat x 2.

With the PAX thrice familiarized to the route, it was time to introduce the R.O.S.E. 5 reps each of Reverse Burpees, Overhead Squats, SSH, and E2K (ea side). Follow that with one run of the Daisy Chain and plank for six. Repeat two more rounds, adding 5 reps to each exercise each round. Later dubbed McEnroes.

Long mosey over to 440 Greenway and partner up for Dora 1-2-3 with the partner running the loop up and around the rock. All in, and it’s up Gale with two pole-to-pole sprints thrown in because why not?

Head down to the playground for pull-ups. PAX performs reps to about two shy of failure and then tags out with partner. Repeat three more times, aiming to get within at least two reps of the previous round.

Circle up for a crowdsourced 9MOM with lots of focus on hip flexors.  American Hammers made an appearance not just once but twice.



  • Good to have Stout in from Davidson, NC. Of course he was the one to make a sarcastic comment about the running workout listed on another day of the week. To be fair, we did cover about 2.7 miles.
  • Hambone and Blue Mule weren’t showing the 5 miles they rucked prior to the workout. Strong work out there.
  • Foxtrot regaled a few of us post-COT with a story about the last time he smelled his own fat burning. Something about cycling until the ether of vaporized fat stores emanated from his pores. Apparently I brought this on again, so…compliment taken!


  • Continued prayers for Olan Mills, The Jeweler, Spicoli, and Dilly Dilly’s close friend.
  • Ironclad Challenge starts Friday, June 1. Read more about it here. Sign up for it here.
  • Memorial Day Murph at Concord YMCA Monday, May 28. 0600-0700.
  • First Friday lunch is June 1. Check the Twitter and Slack for details.
  • Next Friday, June 8 is our second Friendly Friday. Keep EHing!

PA out.

ImpromptQ at Stonewall

QIC: Skidmark

PAX: Porcelain, Cathy, Deep Dish, FTTAL, Crawfish, Shambala (visiting from Morresville, NC)

It was cold and most of the usual suspects were out all night rucking, but 7 PAX braved the cold for a good morning beat down. We started with a quick mosey to the basket ball courts.

WOR: SSH, Willie Mays, Baby Arm Circles (Forwards and Reverse), Windmills


7 Station Loop: 

1 Pax does 30 burpees in the middle of the court while the remaining 6 did a series of AMRAP exercises around the outside of the court. Exercises included: Jump-rope, Squat jumps, ‘Merkins, Table Dips, Single leg squat, and an 18lb medicine ball thruster with goal of hitting the backboard with the ball.

Round the world around the world:

We mosey’d around the basketball court performing the following exercises at each corner. Tripod Merkins: Right arm only, left arm only, right leg only, left leg only; Plank Series: Mountain climber, R side plank, L side plank, Mountain climber; then crab walk the outside with 20 WWI situps at each corner

Wheelbarrow Races:

Then we headed down to the brick parking lot and each PAX took 3 laps from the center of the parking lot up the stairs towards the basketball court as a wheelbarrow.

Rows and Squats: 40 and 200 per pair of Pax, performed at the bicycle posts

Then we mosey’d a single lap around the park as a coupon indian run using the medicine ball.

Group Mary including: Flutter kicks, Hello Dolly, Crunchy Frogs, JLo’s, Rocking plank, and American Hammers

Thanks to everybody for coming out. SYITG.