Better late than never.  Actual Date 5/8/2018

Q: Skidmark

PAX: Black Lung, Too tall, Cathy, Big Stick, Pop-a-Lock, Venus, Capslock, Dr. Smart, Big Bang, Edible Arrangements, Off-shore, Bagger Vance, CCR, Floppy Disk, Calf-Killer, Donuts, PSL, Dupree, Prevacid (FNG), Goose (FNG)

21 Pax showed up for a refresher course on Basic Life Support. We started with a mosey up to the house for some warm-o-rama.

WOR: SSH, Squats, Windmills, Baby arm circles, seal claps, overhead press


PAX partnered up as live support is a team effort. Seeing as we have had a PAX brought to medical attention recently, it seemed fitting that we should all have some idea of what to do in a medical emergency.  The first step in any emergency situation is to assess the scene for safety so we took a mosey to the bottom of the loop to assess for any signs of danger.

Next, it’s time to see if the victim has a pulse and/or is breathing on their own.

-10 second pulse/respiration check = 10 Burpees

No pulse. Activate the emergency response system and get an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Start compressions at 100 beats per minute 

-1 PAX ran the long speedbump loop back to the stables to get the AED, while the other did 100 merkins (50 Derkins with feet on the chains, 50 Irkins with hands on the chains).  Flapjack.

After the second rescuer returns, it’s time to start 2 rescuer CPR. For this we took a mosey to the playground.  2 Rescuers can give compressions and breaths at a rate of 30 compressions to 2 breaths.   Time for some PUMPS.

Pullups 30 – Windsprints 2

Up-Downs 30 – Windsprints 2

Merkins 30 – Windsprints 2

Plankjacks 30 – Windsprints 2

Squats 30 – Windsprints 2

Five rounds of 30:2 at 100 beats per minute is about 2 minutes.  At this point, it’s time for another pulse check. Since we have an AED we can let it assess if a shock is needed.   

10 second pulse check = 10 burpees

The AED says it’s time to shock, gotta charge to 200J.

100 flutter kicks and 100 LBCs per PAX to charge to 200.

Shock delivered pulse returned.  We can no deliver rescue breaths if needed until EMS arrives.  Mosey to the parking lot.

Mary: Flutter kicks, Box Cutter’s, J-Lo’s x15 each.


Mumblechatter: “What is the difference between a Burpee and an Up-Down?!”

Welcome to new PAX Prevacid and Goose. Glad to have you guys out!

Century Club

12 PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Prevac, Yard Sale, PSL, DMish, Floppy Disk, Blue Mule, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Venus, Dupree, Life Champ

Long mosey to the other side of the Ellington


SSH x 10, Good Mornings x 10, WMH x 10, BAC x 10, RBAC x 10, Overhead Claps x 10


Mosey to the bottom of the hill at the 3 way stop on Marchant for the Century Club workout:

10 Flutter Kicks at the bottom, then run up the long hill (about 175 meters)

90 American Hammers at the top then run back down

20 Deep Squats at the bottom then head back up

80 Hip Thrusters at the top

30 Single Leg Donkey Kicks at the bottom

70 Mountain Climbers at the top

40 Merkins at the bottom

60 Gorilla Humpers at the top

50 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom

50 Jump Squats at the top

40 Gorilla Humpers at the bottom

60 Merkins at the top

30 Mountain Climbers at the bottom

70 Single Leg Donkey Kicks at the top

20 Hip Thrusters at the bottom

80 Deep Squats at the top

10 American Hammers at the bottom

90 Flutter Kicks at the top

Plank and wait

Long Mosey back to the parking lot for COT


Chain Gang

PAX: PSL, Donuts, Bagger Vance, Princess Aurora, Big Stick, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Vegemite, Too Tall, Skid Mark, Ludwig von Oshkosh, Bug’s Life (FNG), Focker, Big Bang, Offshore, Venus

QIC: Floppy Disk

18…er… 17 posted at Sir E this morning for some targeted muscle group work. Funyuns left to dutifully perform his coffee duties for his bride. We missed him out there. It was a chilly 31-degree April morning.

YHC dispensed with the disclaimer before we knocked out a quick 10 merks and proceeded with our warmup mosey around the church before convening in the lower parking lot for some WoR.

SSH x20
Squats x20
High Knees x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs F x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs R x15
Beetle Baileys (Overhead claps) x15
Air Press x10
Good Mornings x10
Windmills x10

The PAX couldn’t stand any more warmup so we moseyed to the playground to start the festivities.


On the playground, 3 sets of:

10x Pullups
15x various Merkins (Diamond, Derkin, Hand Release)
20x Dips
20x Inverted Rows

Once we were all in we moseyed over to the entrance of Ellington for a first-time Sir E surprise. Complements of Prevac we did some arm work (BICEPS!!) on the chains between the brick columns along the walking path. Everyone had their own stall and we (most of us, anyway) started with 3 sets of: 30x single arm bicep curls, 30x single arm upright rows. It became abundantly clear to me that my short reconnaissance of the chains and the few reps I threw up as a test did not do full justice to the weight of the chains. 30x became 20x for the second and third set. PA demonstrated textbook form, the rest of the PAX, not so much, but we still got good work in.

For the last portion we headed over to the steep hill overlooking the gazebo for some leg-work via 7s on the hill. This was a real PAX-pleaser. The exercises were Tuck Jumps at the bottom and Hydraulic Squats at the top. PAX were instructed to reverse mosey up the hill and regular mosey down the hill. It became apparent quickly that quads would take the brunt of this portion. Many reverse moseys turned into slow/intentional reverse hill walks.

Time was drawing to a close. We took the longish loop home around the main Ag Center loop, and returned to the CUMC parking lot in time for about 80 seconds of low plank action.


Great to have PA out in the gloom with us at Sir E! It was a reminder to me that I’m overdue for a visit with our west Nash F3 brethren. Welcome to FNG Bug’s Life (Marshall Alexander)! He’s a friend of Big Sticks, which everyone expressed condolences about, but besides that he’s an allright dude. Hopefully he makes it back out again soon. BV tried to cut corners again. Classic! It was fun to mix in something new at Sir E today. I really enjoyed it out there!


We continued to pray for Spicoli, Olan Mill’s dad and El Maestro.

The Q calendar is wide open gents! If you want to co-Q just let me know. I’m always up for it.

Finally, the F3Nashville shirt order is live until 4/24. Get those orders in! Check Slack for deets.


Sir Ellingtunes

PAX: PSL, Donuts, CCR, Bagger Vance, Yard Sale, CAPSLOCK, Big Stick, Holiday, Frogger, Edible Arrangements, Karamazov, Cowboy, Dilly Dilly, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Dr Smartt, Vegemite, Too Tall, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

19 showed for a windy, musical workout at Sir E yesterday. Quick mosey up to the big house to get warmed up.


WoR (all IC)
Goofballs x10
Skaters x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Guten Morgens x10
Willie Mays x10
BabyACs F x10
BigACs F x10
BabyACs R x10
BigACs R x10
Calfkiller Squats x10

THANG – 4 songs plus a little extra credit

FlowersMoby (aka Bring Sally Up): Push-up on “bring sally up”, down on “bring sally down” and keep the chest of the ground.

Mosey to the big lot.

ThunderstruckAC/DC: Various hopping-related exercises (ssh, high knees, butt kickers) for the duration of the song then burpee on every “thunder” or “thunderstruck”.

Mosey to the neighboring field.

BodiesDrowning Pool: In a plank for the duration of the song doing a combination of plank jax and mountain climbers. During the chorus perform an atomic merkin each time the bodies hit the floor.

Mosey to the bottom of the big hill for a “quick” set of 7’s. Jump Squats at the bottom, split lunges at the top. Reverse mosey up, regular mosey down which was eventually modified to regular mosey both ways based on time constraints.

Long mosey through the beautiful Sir E grounds back to the church for one final song.

Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against the Machine: various ab exercises for the duration of the song that consisted of: Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, Hola Dollies, LBCs and Crunchy Frogs.


BH: Keep Spicoli, Olan Mill’s dad and El Maestro in your prayers.

Sir Ellington’s Big Brass Balls 02-27-2018

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX:  Bagger Vance, CAPSLOCK, Spider Bite, Umbrella, Vegemite, Dr. Smartt, Olan Mills, PSL, Jigsaw, Donuts, Tulip (FNG), Deck the Hollis, Frogger, Foxtrot-talks-a-lot, Funyuns, Tidy Cats, Karamazov, Floppy Disk, Blue Mule, CCR, Edible Arrangement, Prevac, Black Lung, Too Tall, Venus, El Maestro, Yard Sale, Big Bang, Fristcasso

30 PAX sacked up for this morning’s festivities. As we were coming out cold, we started with a quick mosey up the hill to get the juices flowing. Once we made it to the house it was time to circle up for the warm-up.


B – Burpees x10 OYO

I – Imperial walkers x10

G – Good Mornings x10


B – Butt Kickers x20

R – Reverse arm circles x 15

A – Arm circles forwards x15

S – Seal Claps x 15

S – SSH x 20

Thang:  BALLS

As they usually hang in pairs, the PAX partnered up with like-sized partners. Mumblechatter began immediately as they knew what they were in for. Though hanging close together can keep you warm on a cold morning, groans about knees and backs began before the exercises even started.

We began with a buddy carry around the back loop. Partners changed at each speed bump to spread the work around.

Every ODD numbered speedbump (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), the PAX performed the following exercises and swapped partners for the next buddy carry:

B – Burpees x10

A – Atomic Merkins x20

L – LBCs x30

L – Lt. Dans x20

S – Scorpion Dry Docks x10

For every EVEN numbered speedbump:  5 Burpees and swap partners.

A few pairs were swaying back and forth as they made the run. It started off easy with a slightly downhill trot, but became increasingly harder towards the end as we headed back uphill. Upon returning to the house, it was reverse snow angels for the 6.

A second loop was planned, but we were beginning to sag and time was short. With the pairs now sweaty and warm, it was time to air it out with a mosey back to the parking lot where the PAX circled up for some workout themed music.

AC/DC: Big Balls – Merkin for every time you hear “ball” and Burpees for every “biggest balls of all”

Mumblechatter was overheard “this song must have been written by an 11 year old boy” and giggling was rampant.

Running short on time, we cooled down with a short Mary: Flutter Kicks: x25, J-Los: x15



Thanks to everyone today for coming for my VQ. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and effort that went into the workout as a group.

YHC decided to drive his car off the small cliff at Ellington on the way in while trying to avoid hitting a deer. Thanks to Edible Arrangements and Karamazov for doing the extra work of pushing my car back up the hill. Big balls and big hearts.


Bagger mentioned there may still be spots for the Biscuit Run, a half-marathon from Franklin to Loveless Café.  Hit him up on Slack if you want to run.


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PAX: Bagger Vance, PreVac, Lewd Wig, El Maestro, Big Bang, Black Widow, Big Stick, Karamazov, PopALock, Floppy D, Funyuns, Skidmark, PSL, Olan Mills, Edible Arrangement, Cowboy, Black Lung, Razor, Vegemite, Cathy*

*I am leaving out a pax, investigation is ongoing

22 HIM rose and show for some Mid-30 degree fun at Sir E this morning. Light MC before capri lap around the parking lot and back for a little WOR all IC:

LBCs x 10 front

LBCs x 10 reverse

BAC x 10 front

BAC x 10 reverse

Seal claps x 10

Air presses x 10

Deep squats x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10


Mosey across the street to the Ag Center to the right base of the circle drive. En route, little MC from BV assuming which exercises YHC didn’t care for, more on that later.  Pax to run AYG up the hill, lunge in front of the mansion, jog back, plank for the 6. All in. 5 squats OYO.  Face the “pond” (BV contests this description) and shuffle AYG up the hill, butt kickers in front of the mansion, plank for the 6.  All in.  5 squats OYO. Face the flagpole, shuffle AYG up the hill, high knees in front of the mansion and jog back for the 6.  All in. 5 squats OYO.  Back peddle up the hill, lunge in front of the mansion.  People’s chair for the 6.

Mosey to the museum lot. All pax line up at base line for merkin suicides.  Run to island 1 for 25 diamond merkins, back to base line.  Run to island 2 for 25 wide-base merkins, back to base line.  Run to island 3 for 25 regular merkins and back to base line.  All in

Mosey back to Church playground and borrow Tidy Cats fence for leg lift/ alabama prom date 11s.

Crap, still 10 minutes left.

20 pull ups, 20 Irkins, 20 rows OYO. Lt Dan to top of the hill for some…


20 SSH in cadence just for BV’s assumption from earlier

Tempo Merkins x 10

Flutter Kick x 20

Tempo Squat x 10



Praise: So amazing to have our friend and brother El Maestro back out there this morning.  Fingers crossed we get to see more of him very soon!

The title of today’s workout was inspired by the origin of my F3 name, given to me by Blue Mule.  One time when I was in law school, someone told me that listening to me argue a case was like listening to someone stuck on CAPS LOCK.  While it was so accurate I couldn’t be offended, it made me think about the way I communicate to make a point.  Short story, if you’re loud and passionate about everything, you’re loud and passionate about nothing.  As we enter the Lenten season tomorrow, let us remind ourselves that there is a time and place for loud words, but equally a time and place for impactful actions.

The pleasure, this morning, was entirely mine.




#RF20 at Sir Ellington

PAX: BV, Floppy Disk, PSL, CAPSLOCK, Donuts, Vegemite, Funyuns, Big Stick, FTTAL, Pop a Lock, Karamazov, Prevac, Blue Mule, Venus, Skidmark, Brown Nose, Black Lung, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

I’m blanking on two others. Q fail — rake me over the coals for it.

28 degrees greeted the highly appropriate 20 PAX who were so excited for an #RF20 themed Q.

YHC makes no secret of the fact that he’s an ardent fan of Roger Federer. Each time the Swiss Maestro has won a grand slam, YHC has led a Federer themed workout, and today was no exception. This past Sunday, Federer won his record extending 20th grand slam and 6th Australian Open title. 20 and 6 would be our main numbers for the day.

Moseyed from the church up the left side of the main Ag Center loop to the top for WOR.

20 SSH

10 Good Mornings

10 WMH

20 Air Presses

20 Seal Claps

10 Butt Kickers


BLIMPS (burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, plankjax and squats)

There are 9 speed bumps on the upper loop. PAX would do 20 reps of each BLIMP exercise at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th speed bumps, and a 6th set of BLIMPS back at the start of the loop in front of the house. When all was said and done, a total of 120 reps of each.

Alternate between 20 WW1s and 20 Mountain Climbers until the 6 is in.

As Blue Mule would say: Simple, but effective.

Head back down to the playground for 20 rows and 20 hanging knees to chest. Since Fed went back to back at the Australian Open, it was a given we would do 2 sets of each exercise.

Plank for the 6.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 LBCs

40 secs of low plank

Great work today. Iron sharpens iron, so the group pushes all of us to get better. Or as Nike would say, Betterer.

Keep El Maestro and his family in your prayers. His wife is battling the flu, they have a newborn, and he may have had another seizure last week.

Tough Mudder coming up in the fall. Contact Donuts ‘n Mish for details. If you act quickly, it’s only $400 right now.


Roll Tide Mosey

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, Funyuns, Big Bang, Blood Clot, CCR, Donuts, PSL, Dr. Smartt, CAPSLOCK, Black Widow, Edible Arrangement, Venus, Vegemite, Offshore, Braveheart, Quickie Lube, Oliver Clothesoff, Due Process, Private Sandman, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks-A-Lot, Aunt Bea (QIC)

This will be quick… Disclaimer, MC, more disclaimer, MC, etc.

Capri Lap. COP. Winkie. 10 Burps OYO. 10 Merkins IC. 10 SSH IC. 10 Good mornings IC, not to be confused with the Windmill. 10 Skaters IC. 10 BAC/Seal Chokers/OH Claps IC. Winkie

Let the mosey Begin. A few hill climbs sprinkled in. 10 SSH IC. Slight Diversion to Barn Shuffles. You know the drill. Merkin at the end of the stall. Plank and wait Pre/Post. Winkie

Mosey to Partner Relay in front of the Caldwell Residence.
Line it up. Winkie. Wheel Borrow. Down and Back. Leap Frog. Winkie. Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear. Winkie. Mosey to Home.

20 something’s. No Hands Burpees, Crunchy Frogs, Baby Crunches, Hello Dolly, Freddie Mercuries, Merkins, Flutters(Scissor) Kicks, Mariah Carey’s,

COT/BOM/COFFEE (Thanks to Floppy for bringing the pot of Joe this am)

Hit up Bagger for more details about the Barefoot Republic 5k 4 MLK. Monday. Here is the link for more information as well…https://barefootrepublic.org/archive-events/5k-4-mlk/
Remember to un-silence your alarm when you go to bed tonight.


0451 Fill In BOMBS and Short Card 2.0


Floppy Disk, Big Stick, Funyuns, Donuts, @unt Bea, Vegemite, PreVac, Big Bang, Willy Loman (?), Bagger Vance (ATQ)

At some point yesterday YHC and CAPSLOCK were corresponding about some high level cases going on in Music City at which point the deal was struck to CoQ CAPSLOCK’S triumphant return.  This am at 0451 the text came in that CAPSLOCK was unable to go due to ongoing 2.0 feeding/sleeping issues.  YHC gladly grabbed the baton, as you all know ATQ is always looking for the spotlight.

5 ish degrees met the 9 RedPillers of the day.  We had a Willy Loman in from the Carolinas and sad to say he didn’t make it all the way through…more to come.  We took off heading out towards the back part of the lot in a Politician style mosey which led into some side shuffles and out of the corner of YHC’s floating/wandering eye another PAX was spotted.  Our wildest dreams came true as we turned north on Marchant to see the Silver Stallion that belonged to none other that the elusive, infamous and otherwise absent @unt bea.

Circle Up for

WOR: SSH x 13 IC, Squats x 10 IC, Imperial Walkers and Hillbillies x 10 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Mtn Climbers x 10 IC…BOMBS inserted as a nod to CAPSLOCK as he mentioned that being on his radar…5 Burpees, 5 Overhead Squats, 5 Merkins, 5 Burpees, 5 Squats OYO…enough time to REMIX Stonewall’s MARSOC short card, Cobains Vegemite!

Quick lap around CHUM

All PAX partnered up for accountability purposes for today’s festivities.  This would come back to haunt YHC as his #Pardsy got a bit light headed halfway through the Card, took a knee and ultimately bailed on us.  Well, so much for my ability to help PAX push through…a great and timely blow to YHCs inflated ego!  So, we partner up for the following

MARSOC Short Card

30X Merkins (OYO), Squats (OYO), LBCs (IC)

10X Burpees, Windmills (OYO)

quick mosey 1/2 down lot and back

30 Merkins (OYO), 30 Flutter Kix (IC), 30 Mtn Climbers (OYO sgl ct…these proved to stump YHC as we normally do these IC but hey, it was 5* out)

10X Burpees (YHC Count), 10X Cherry Pickers (OYO)

quick mosey 1/2 down lot and back

30 Merkins (OYO), 30 SSH (IC), 30 Supermans (YHC Count)

10 Burpees (OYO), 10 Chain Breakers (IC)

quick mosey 1/2 down lot and back

30 Merkins (OYO), 30 Sgl Leg Lunges (OYO), 30 Ola Binary’s (IC)

10 Burpees (YHC Count), 10 Am Hammers


5 Dead Hang Pull Ups, focusing on the negative on way down

Rinse N Repeat

No Mosey in between sets, Time called right before Am Hams

NM: a little cold and frost and the PAX dwindle down significantly.   Floppy was on bean patrol this am and you know he brought some seriously bad coffee when he bolts out and has Donuts bring the carafe back.  So great to have @unt Bea back in the Gloom, he picked up right where he left off busting everyone’s balls and rolling in 2 minutes late!  Now all we need to do is get Juan back out and we can resume our Mission from God.  Cobains to Willy Loman on many counts 1) not getting his F3 name when he was my Pardsy 2) not realizing he was fading during the Short Car 3) not getting his info to follow up with him post workout.  If you are reading this, please accept my apology and know that the rest of F3Nashville/F3Franklin is much more empathetic and caring than YHC.

I saw a twitter post from a PAX in a different region who had performed a rogue test.  He dropped out of his normal running and boot camp AOs for 2.5 months to see if anyone would notice.  While I think this is a bit, “hey look at me”, he brought up a telling point that only 1 PAX reached out to him and only one other did he bump into at Church.  I share this to say, yall think about the PAX you were sweating next to a few months ago that have been absent, reach out to them and let them know you care and want them back in the Gloom with the rest of us Disrupters.


Warpath 6.5 this weekend in Franklin.  Starts and ends at Armada, it’s gonna be cold and it’s gonna suck.  There will likely be many variations of burpees and there will undoubtedly be a crap ton of running, should be just what you need to get the NewTear started.

5K4MLK supporting Barefoot Republic on 15 January starting at East Community Center, check this out for more info: www.5K4MLK.com

Keep Leveraging yourself to Serve others and help them accomplish what is important to them.   Keep Lowering yourself to Lift others.  Keep Headlocking to eradicate SadClownism in your community!


Bagger Vance

Twenty Seventeen

Edible Arrangements
Due Process
Deck the Hollis
Big Stick
Floppy Disk
Blood Clot
Lewd Wig
D’Mish O Nuts
Pre Vac
Blue Mule
Off Shore
Skid Mark
Black Lung
Yard Sale
Life Saver
Quickie Lube (FNG)
Oliver Clothesoff (FNG)
Too Tall
Slow capri lap up to Manley down Marchant and circle up in lower lot of CHUM
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
HB x 17 IC
Mosey to Upper lot
20 Merkins
17 Lunges
Mosey to Handicap parking spots
20 Merkins
17 Squats
Mosey to Lower lot
20 Negative Merkins
17 Squats
Plank and Wait
Side shuffle up Marchant to upper lot
Crabwalk 20 yards
Walkcrab 17 yards (ok who knows if it was 17 yards or 20 for that matter but I’ve got a theme going here)
20 negative Merkins
17 Squats
Head down to playground
P1 Hold Chest to bar 20 ct
P2 17 Squats
Flap Jack
RnR but switch to Jump Squats
Wheel barrow up hill
20 merkins
17 Squats
Empty wheel barrow down hill
Flap Jack
Firemans Carry P1 up steps
Flap Jack
20 ct chest to bar hold
17 air presses
Flap Jack
RnR but switch to Thrusters
20 Derkins on fence
17 Squats
Head back up to Caballo Blanco Plank for 6
P1 in Hcap spot P2 opposite spot 1 Merkins in place bear crawl to center 1 Merkin crawl bear back until P1 and P2 get to 20 merkins
P1s Indian Run up Manley
P2s Indian Run down Marchant
When the two meet 10 Burpees
Finish IR
P1 in Hcap spot
P2 opposite
Duck walk
Walk Duck
Squats x 17
Supermans x 17 IC
Ola Binary x 20 IC
Dive Bombers x 17 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Great work today HIM! Awesome to have one of the OGs and a Franklin regular Blood Clot with us, he was even early!
Due Process making a triumphant Return to the GLOOM and a fine showing indeed. KOTTERS
I enjoy the Partner aspect for a couple reasons, one: accountability on reps and form two: lots of good convos happen btwn the two PAX during the Mosey and the Suck.
Two Willy Loman back at it again today, thank yall for posting with us and seeing multiple AOs and Qs. Tell dem boys back in Mecca that we are on point here in Music City!
Good to spend time w FNGs Oliver Clothesoff and Quickie Lube. Couple of notes in them, Oliver posted even though his EHs didn’t show. QL posted thanks to D’Mish O Nuts which isn’t all to surprising but did damn near the entire workout as prescribed with a prosthesis…HIM! Don’t tell me you can’t push through something when you see a fellow PAX like QL doing it!
New Lexicon: God Name … total Q fail when asking a simple Question
It’s been a real honor and blessing to see how our group has grown this year and how lives have been IMPACTed and how IRON has been sharpened! Yall are an inspiration to me and to others. Whenever you think “it’s too cold” “it’s been too long since I’ve posted” “I’m tired” “I smell like last night” don’t forget about the other HIM saying the same thing but CHOOSING the REDPILL because he doesn’t want to let YOU down!
As we near the end of ’17 please think about what F3 has meant to you. Is it just a workout or is there something more to it to you? We hope that the workout is beneficial but more importantly that you are becoming a better leader in your own AO, that you have come alongside someone to SHARPEN them and that whatever your FAITH walk entails it has been strengthened.
Prayers up for the Kemp Family, Humphreys Family and Verner Family
Bartman’s elbow surgery
Grease Trap’s back
Bagger Vance