QIC: Noble Virus
PAX: Noble Virus, Iditarod, Schnitzel, CDL, Aristotle, Yosef, Woodshed
Warmup lap around the square with a Mozy, cherry pickers and politicians.
7 merkins- 4 sets in honor of July 4th
17 burpees and 76 LBCs in honor of 1776.
Mozy to the parking garage
Bear crawl up the incline with 17 burpees in the middle
17 Star planks (opposite arm/leg reach)
76 Side Straddle Hops
Mozy to the courtyard
17 burpees
17 box jumps
76 American Hammers
Mozy back to the square
17 burpees
Circle of Fire
Modified Indian run, PAX in the back dropped and did 8 burpees to complete the set of 76. Remaining PAX lunged, bear crawled, broad jumped instead of running.

Don’t Stop Til You Beat It with a Bad Jam that makes you wanna Scream

Murfreesboro, Bragg’s Isle, 06/28/2018

Michael Jackson died 9 years ago this past Monday, June 25 (R.I.Pee-hee). AND his dad died just yesterday. YHC has been waiting months to craft yet another musically-motivated creative workout that burns through the King of Pop’s career with his highest-energy hits. This Is It.

QIC: Aristotle, with a single white glove on his left hand

PAX: Iditarod, Aristotle, Ace & Jack (fartsack for King), Noble Virus, Grohl, and special guest The Count from Chattanooga


YHC overcame technical difficulties with the Bluetooth speaker while Noble Virus did a simple lap around the MMC parking lot and led PAX through Good Mornings x10 and Imperial Walkers x15.

(As we shall see, five minutes of fiddling with the Bluetooth was totally worth the next 40.)


Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” (DSTYGE) = With the speaker operational, YHC cut WOR short and quickly queued up DSTYGE as our cardio/mosey theme song and we began a brisk mosey to Bragg’s Isle. Halfway there, we switched to backwards Politician stride (today, it’s the Moonwalk).

Beat It” = Leg workout. As a group, nothing but Lt. Dan’s (squat + bi-weekly lunges) from the weird metal statue all the way to the gazebo. Sprint AYG from the gazebo back to the statue. Squats x25 OYO for good measure. Before the cops catch us for tresspassing, we Beat It.

Mosey to the playground with DSTYGE providing us with a groove. The song lasts for the entire trip there.

Bad” = Back workout. Partner up PAX. One partner does bench dips on the picnic tables, one partner does Pullups (or Negatives, or Inverted Rows) x10 on the monkey bars. Switch. Repeat until the end of the song. Who’s Bad?

YHC intended to mosey PAX to the basketball court to properly stage the next number, but for the first time ever in the history of Bragg’s Isle F3 we were caught by the train. Incline Merkins x20 while we waited, to no avail. So we utilized the soft playground floor instead.

Jam” = the centerpiece and original inspiration for this workout, many months ago. Each synth horn blast in the song, every 8 beats or approx every 5 seconds, is your cue to do an 8-count Bodybuilder (slowed-up burpee with Merkin and split jack). There are 66 horn blasts in “Jam” and no PAX did them all but we tried to keep up. Extra credit: after Heavy D’s second rap interjection, the horn blasts come at you every 4 beats, 7 total. Do burpees there, and stop for the pause where MJ kicks the basketball behind his back into the hoop nothing but net. (Y’all remember.) It ain’t too hard for me to Jam.

With the train long gone, DSTYGE for a gentle mosey back to MMC parking lot.

Scream” = Circle of MARY. Each PAX picks their ab poison while Michael and Janet belt out to remind us the pain makes us wanna Scream:

  • Iditarod – Flutter kicks x20 IC
  • Grohl – American Hammers x10 bi-weekly OYO
  • Ace – Leg lifts x15 OYO
  • Noble Virus – Rosalitas x 15 OYO (in honor of CDL)
  • The Count – Boxcutters x15 IC
  • Jack – American Hammers x15 bi-weekly OYO
  • Aristotle – LBC’s for the last minute of the song

Michael Jackson was awesome, Jesus is better (not sure where I was going with that but it works). Prayer.

Make that change.


QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Aristotle, Grohl, Scraps, Schnitzel, Ace, Noble Virus

Couple of Laps around the Courthouse with Politicians and side shuffles sprinkled in.

Good Mornings
Daisy Pickers
Sid Strattle Hops
Willie Mays Hayes
Big ole AC
Michael Phelps
Mosey to the top of the parking deck

The Thang:
Elevens-Merkins and Squats
Peoples chair for the 6
Burpees x 10
Mosey to the plaza
Merkin Stairs 5 x 10 x 15
4 Circuits-
Box Jumps & Merkins x 10
Step ups & Irkins x 10
Box Jumps & WW1s x 10
Step Ups & Derkins x 10
Mosey to new court house
Merkin Stairs 5x10x15x10
Dips & Diamond Merkins x10
Merkin Stairs 10x15x10x5
Mosey Back to Square

Flutter Kix


BS with Noble Virus

Mozy around the square, finish with politicians 10x Good Mornings 10x Imperial Walkers 11x Hillbillies

Announced desire to do 10x 10 Burpee Sets (BS), an individual could call out BS to initiate a set at any time during the workout.

We Mozy’d to the new County Clerk Offices and completed:
2 Sets of (10x Derkens, 10x Dips)
Bear Crawled up the steps, patio and next set of steps

Mozy’d to the parking garage and set boundaries for a game of:
When animals attack – Bear crawl tag

Mozy’d up a level of the garage and completed:
Webbicide – Merkin suicides
Wall sits
Walk Like an Egyptian – line of lunges, person at the end then sprints to front while others hold

Mozy’d up to top of parking garage
Wave of Merkins – completed through a 5 count

Took the stairs down, completing a set of 15 squats at each level Mozy’d back to the square for a ring of fire


March Madness

QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Iditarod, Aristotle, Grohl, CDL

A balmy 30 degrees awaited the 4 Red Pillers who decided to deny the fartsack and continue to condition themselves against apathy this AM.

YHC had toiled yesterday and came up with a workout to celebrate the madness that has no doubt riddled every prognosticator’s bracket. After assuring that the two streetballs that were in YHCs possession were inflated as near to proper specification as was possible our Fab Four, Frozen Four, Final Four set off on a mosey to new vision court for this AMs festivities. The PAX was serenaded by YHCs carefully curated playlist of Jock Jams mostly old but a couple of newer gems sprinkled in. See link if at all interested.

Upon arrival at New Vision formed two lines for warm up lay ups

Brief Stretching

Free Throws F3 Style-Upon a made free through the successful pax called out rep and exercise. Every missed free throw required 3 burpees as penance. Did several rounds of this. Our best percentage round was a round of 75%.

Knockout or Bump-F3 style-Your standard playground version with a twist after a made basket you were required to do a merkin before taking next shot. Once knocked out PAX completed suicides until the game was over. Did several games of this.

Once CDL LIFOed out for Daddy Duties the pax completed a few rounds of escalators 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs.

Mosey back to MMC for TOT and Prayer.

Iditarod Out

The Dirty, Hurty, Wordy Thirty-Three

QIC: Aristotle
PAX: Iditarod, Yosef, Schnitzel, Aristotle, Grohl, CDL, NPR, Tiger’s Blood, a welcome back to Scraps, and a hero’s return to Omaha

YHC turned 33 on March 10. Decides to use his belated birthday Q to push his and all the PAX’s limits.


Long lap around the Square, counter-clockwise
SSH x33 IC
WMH w/BAC x11 IC
Good Mornings x11 IC
Hillbillies x33 IC


Mosey to the bottom of ‘Sweat Box’ parking deck between Maple and Walnut.

Simple math. Three Elevens = Thirty-Three. (Not 311 the band, though YHC wished out loud that he brought some portable tunes.)

First Eleven:

Squats at bottom, jump/squat thrust at the top. Four flights of stairs in between. So much thigh burn. Convene on the 2nd floor. Mosey to 3rd floor.

Second Eleven:

On one side, use the handily-placed concrete joist to attempt pull-ups. If pull-ups unsuccessful, try Negatives or a dead hang for as long as possible.

On the other side, do some ‘REAL MERKINS’ i.e. proper push-ups: glutes and abs tight, back straight, no humping the ground, break the plane and pop yourself back up.

Many midwife noises on those attmpted pull-ups. And bits of concrete in the hair…

Third Eleven:

Ascend to 4th floor. LBC at bottom of the ramp, brisk mosey to the top of the parking deck for alternating shoulder taps.

With time running out, cut this last Eleven short for WW1 x33 OYO

Mosey back to the Square.

COT: Jesus was also 33 when he was crucified and rose from the dead. Ergo, YHC dreamed up a moderately excruciating workout. Encouraged PAX to recall the cross until Good Friday and await the hope of resurrection Sunday aka Easter.

02/05/18 The Boro

QIC: Nuggets
PAX: Aristotle, Iditarod, Schnitzel, Yosef, Papa Juan, NPR, CDL, Scraps, Noble Virus, Grohl.

Started the morning with a mosey around the inner square followed by some politicians and some slide shuffles.


X15 Good Mornings IC
X15 Imperial Walkers IC
Handful of washers and dryers
Baby Arm Circles increasing in size.


PAX joined together to Settle Catan through some hard labor.

PAX travelled to each corner of the square for a different exercise (Merkins, Squats, WWI’s, and Lunges). A singular die was rolled to determine the quantity of each exercise (number rolled x 5 = quantity).

After 5 sets, Catan was effectively settled.

Next PAX competed in a 1v1 hand-smacking-plank tourney. Iditarod took the cake in the finals vs. Scraps.

Then PAX hit the curb for a bear crawl, 10 shoulder touches, crawl bear, and 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat.

Then a duck walk, 10 squats, a walk duck, 10 more squats. Rinse and repeat.

Rounded out with an ab circle with a twist of rolling the dice for quantity (number rolled x 5 = quantity)

CoT & BoM.

Field of Dreams at the Square

PAX: Noble Virus, Scraps, NPR, CDL, Yosef, Nuggets McPatty, Buhner (Asheville), Iditarod (QIC).

A Breezy 40ish degree morning 8 PAX chose wisely to take the DRP and work to get better.
Obligatory warm up lap around courthouse. Scraps decides to LIFO in. Capri lap around courthouse.

Circle up for WOR:
GMs x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC

The Thang:
Partner up for 4 groups of 2
Field of Dreams 4 Bases=4 corners of the square side walk
Home Plate-15 Burpees
1st Base-Push Ups
2nd Base- Squats
3rd Base Lt. Dans
Batter starts at Home knocks 15 Burpees out the park and goes to first to relieve 1B. 1B then goes to 2nd and so forth until all pax have completed burpees and pick up the rest of Pax.

Mosey to the plaza for Elevens with Incline Merkin Box Jump Burpees and dips. Run to dips politician back.
Mosey to Pinnacle parking lot for Escalator 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats, 20 Lt Dans.

Mosey back to square for MARY:
WWI’s x 10 OYO
Flutter kix x 40 IC.
COT and Prayer for PAX
Bull horn: Special kids 5k and 15k for any interested. Sign up there’s a F3 group.

Freshman 15

QIC: Nuggets McPatty VQ -Iditarod Assist at the end
PAX: Nuggets, Iditarod, Airwolf, Schnitzel, NPR, CDL, Aristotle, Sea Gull, 3rd Degree, Mr. Roboto, Grohl, Noble Virus

WOR-Washers/Dryers/Willie Mays Hayes

Freshman 15
Semester 1:
High Knees x 15 Each leg
MT Climbers x 15
Merkins x 15
American Hammers x 15
Complete Circuit 3X

Mid Term:Broad jumps to the courthouse and back 3x

Semester 2:
Jump Ropes X 15 each leg back & forth
Lectures x 15 Each Arm
Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15
Sumo Squats x 15
Complete Curcuit 3x

Final Exam: Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear to courthouse 3x

War Baby VQ Nuggets turned over to YHC

Mosey to the Plaza
Burpee Box jumps x 10 OYO
Step ups x 10 Each Leg
Sprints x 8
Irkins x 10
Derkins x 10
Prisoners Squats x 10
Sprints x 4
Burpee Box jumps x 10

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
WWI’s x 10 OYO
Hello Dolly x 20 IC
WWi’s x 10 OYO


Moleskine: Good work and nice VQ by the resident War Baby Nuggets McPAtty. Nice to ha 3rd Degree with us from Nolensville promising to EH his BIL in the Boro. Sign up to Q on the google Doc.


Deck of Death

Clear and Chilly 38 degrees as 11 PAX chose the DRP and defied death for at least another day. Obligatory warm up lap around the courthouse. Pick up Sea Gull after lap 1. Lunges on municipal side of court house. Toy soldiers on the woodsviking side. Some time during the Toy Soldiers, Scraps arrives and with his best old lady voice says “Won’t you go away you Nazi’s, we kicked you out before. Lot’s of awkward laughs until we realized who it was joining us as our second LIFO of the morning.

Mosey to the plaza out side of the Library

Good Mornings x 12 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 12 IC
Hill Billed x 12 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang
Deck of Death
YHC distributed a newly opened and shuffled deck of cards to the PAX each got 5 YHC only got 4 as we were an odd number for distribution.
Joker=Choose Exercise and reps

Going around in a circle the pax revealed a card and all completed exercise x reps corresponding to number on the card. 1-10 Self explanatory. Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, Ace=14.
Two jokers were left in. Noble Virus selected 6 Squats for his. YHC selected 7 Burpees. Each time a round the circle we completed 1 lap.

5 laps total
111 Squats
105 Merkins
105 Crunches
112 Burpees

Mosey back to courthouse.

Flutter Kix
Heels to Moon

YHC Shared some reflections from personal reading this am in James on trials and temptations. Prayed for Pax and others going through trials and temptations.

**Thursday @ MMC Special Turkey Day Workout Yosef/Iditarod Co-Q ** 5:30-6:30AM at MMC


QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Scraps, Sea Gull, Aristotle, Grohl, Mr. Roboto, NPR, Schnitzel, Yosef, Noble Virus, Papa Juan