Teenage Angst at Detention

PAX – 20

Frogger, CCR, BV, Dupree, PSL, Edible Arrangements, Olan Mills, Accounts Receivable, Spider Bite, Donuts, Ludwig, Yard Sale, Black Widow, Hollow Back Girl (this name has really, really grown on me), Reefer, Brother at Law (QIC), Vegemite, Umbrella, Dilly Dilly, Offshore.

A nice round 20 posted at Detention this morning for some Teen Angst with yours truly.  It was balmy and the COT smelled like garbage.  See the end of this BB for some good cross-generational Teen Angst jams.  Great work.


Quick mosey around the big bus loop with some lunges incorporated.

SSH x20

Good Mornings x10

WMH x10

Runners lunge with LBAC x15

Oppo leg runners lunge with RLBAC x15


Count off to 4.  Odds and evens split up on the parking lines head to toe in plank.  Last man burpee broad jumps to the front for a planking Swedish Mile.  Side planks called out on occasion to work on obliques for beach bod season.

Mosey down to Pavilion.  Evens grab coupons on the way down.

4 Corners:

Rotating exercises at the four corners of the Pavilion.  When the Burpee group finishes we all rotate to the next.

Corner 1: 15 Burpees

Corner 2: AMRAP squat and press with coupon

Corner 3: AMRAP Plank jacks

Corner 4: AMRAP coupon swings

Rinse and repeat.  Then gather at the line for 2 sets of suicides.

Back to your respective corners.

Corner 1: 15 Burpees

Corner 2: AMRAP bench jumps

Corner 3: AMRAP Peter Parkers (merkins round one, no merkins round two)

Corner 4: AMRAP coupon squat and press

Rinse and repeat.

Sevens in the Pavilion with jump squats and Carolina dry docks.

Mosey to the upper lot for Mary, returning the coupons along the way.


LBC x25

Shoulder taps x20

Flutter kicks x20

Plank for one minute with some side plank mixed in

Good Mornings x10


Always an honor to Q, thanks for showing up and kicking ass to start the week off right.

4:13 Strong kicks off this Thursday.  Super cool mission and great that we get to be a part of it.  I will be there on Thursday and hope to see as many of you as possible.  Check Slack for details throughout the week.

Prayers for Spiccoli, Olan Mills’ dad, and El Maestro.

Angst if you’re into that kind of thing:

Japandroids: Younger Us (“Remember that night you were already in bed,
Said “fuck it” got up to drink with me instead!”  What a line!  Shout out to Vegemite for screaming “Japandroids!” during Sevens)

The Strokes – Reptilia (Room on Fire doesn’t get enough love, arguable better than Is This It)

Husker Du – Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely (Angsty AF)

Diarrhea Planet – Separations (Shout out to Nashville / Belmont U punk rock)

The Replacements – Alex Chilton (Certainly not their most punk song, but BV’s “Oh I didn’t realize Paul Westerberg was punk” wisecrack was a really bad way to start the week)

Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe in Anything

Guided by Voices – I Am a Tree (Saw them at Basement East on Saturday.  They’re old and good)

Purple Rain

When: 5-14-18

PAX: CCR, Floppy D, Ludwig, Umbrella, Reefer, Dmish, Grisham, Caps Lock, Black Widow, Dr. Smartt, Skid Mark, Frogger, Dilly Dilly, Brother-at-law, PSL, The Jeweler, Too Tall, Tall Rob (FNG), Olan Mills, Edible Arrangement (QIC)

21 Red Pillers started the week off right and embraced the suck of the morning humidity.

WOR:  Quick mosey around the bus loop with some lunges sprinkled in. Then SSH, scruats, imperil walkers, willie mays, wind mills, GM’s, BAC forward, BAC reverse, navy seal claps.

Grab a coupon on the way to the hill on the backside of CHE.

Crank the blue tooth speaker to 11 and metal riffs provided inspiration the rest of the way.

Jacob’s Ladder: 7 times up the hill with increasing number of burpees at the top.

Partner up.

Round 1:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon squat thrusters AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Round 2:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon sit ups AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Round 1:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon squat thrusters AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Mosey to the pavilion.  Partner 1 -> Lt. Danger to ½ court and back, Partner 2 low plank until Partner 1 gets back. Flap Jack. Rinse and repeat.

Restrictor plate partner run around CHE and put coupons back.

Mosey to parking lot.

Purple Rain Dwight Yoakam style. Merkin every time rain sang.
Flutter kicks.
Good mornings.

Hats off to those who came out and supported Nashville Walk 4 Williams.

Solid work gents. Pleasure as always.

EA out.

Handel and Yandell – He Is Risen


Skid Mark; Ludwig (resident classical music expert); Floppy D; PSL; Donuts; Black Widow; CCR; Accounts Receivable; Yard Sale; Sharks with “Lasers”; Vegemite; Old Hickory; Frogger;  Spark Plug; Barely Legal; Pop a Lock (not CAPSLOCK, totally different people); Dine-n-Dash; Brother-at-Law nee CCR.

Quick mosey around the bus loop, with some side running and backwards running to stretch those hard to reach muscles.


10 Good Mornings; 10 WMH; 10 BAC; 10 BAC reverse; 5 big arm circles; 5 big arm circles reverse; 20 SSH.


Count off 1’s and 2’s and partner up.  Partner 2 grabs a coupon and everybody meets in the Pavillion.

To celebrate the Resurrection, we begin with a rousing rendition of Handel’s Messiah (HWV 56) performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – a four minute chorus.  Run in place and burpee every time the Tabernacle Choir sings “Hallelujah”.  It should have been right about 60 over the 4 minutes, but they come in hot and heavy at certain times so a few might have been missed.  Noted classical musical expert Ludwig didn’t miss a single one though.  I even think he was nailing the harmonies in the background when the sopranos were singing Hallelujah.  Unbelievable.  I see you Ludwig.

Partner Dora – Partner 1 runs a loop while Partner 2 does the following.  Switch out.  Plank and wait after Partner 2 returns from their jog so that we all stay together, both for a few socials sprinkled in and also just a general sense of togetherness – can’t have the Floppy D/PSL combo racing out ahead of everybody.

Happy Jacks (4 SSH  then 2 squat jumps in perpetuity until partner arrives)

Elf on the Shelf (Coupon wood choppers)

I – American Indian Run Social

Swings with Coupons, which sounds like a great dance troupe name for a group of middle aged mothers that swing dance after grocery shopping for the week.

Russian Dips (Dips on benches alternating one leg up with each dip)

Inch worms.  Too much confusion and mumble chatter during this.  I will do better.

Simbas – Squat and overhead lift with coupon.

‘ – Time constraints eliminated the second “E,” which would have been an Escalator social.  Dammit Handel.

Noodling for catfish (bench push up then reach under with one hand at bottom and get that big ole boy with your free hand)

Mosey to parking lot, end with 10 Good Mornings for Donuts’ tender legs.

Great work today everybody.  Thanks for showing up and kicking ass.  My Garmin said we ran 3.4 total and I trust satellites.  A really good cadence on the runs as well, whether we were running the loop or cutting it short by turning around at Brett’s “Piece of shit truck” (credit Donuts).

COT – I have a lot of trouble with F3 names and general F3 protocol.  I’ll get there.

Bullhorn – First Friday lunch at Cookery this Friday at 11:30.  Be there.  It’s a great mission and they make it insanely easy for our large, staggered-arriving group to order and pay on our own.  Floppy will be getting some Nashville F3 gear up on the site in the near future.  Rumors of tank tops and ranger panty’s sent the group into a real tizzy.  Go Ruck Death March is coming up; I believe this Friday.  See Slack for details.

BOM – Grateful for the small miracles this Easter season, like walking out of bed every morning and having a healthy family.  Important to not lose sight of those.

Great work.

Brother-at-Law (My name is my name – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCaBYEEFTKE)



Bagger Vance, Juan Valdez, Black Widow, Floppy Disk, D’Mish, Calfkiller, Ludwig van Osh Kosh, PSL, Yard Sale, Edible Arrangement, Grease Trap, Vegemite, NumbTucks, Tidy Cats, Too Tall, Offshore, Umbrella, Dupree, Dilly Dilly, Pop-A-Lock, Reefer, Dine N Dash, Skid Mark, Black Lung, Barely Legal, Spark Plug, Old Hickory, Big Perm!, Sharks with “Lazers” (FNG), CCR (QIC)

With good weather, and the promise of a Whale’s Vagina, comes many PAX.

circa 475 BC

As the crowd gathered, YHC had to make some quick audibles to ensure there was room to accommodate. Get ready for updates regarding a new Monday AO.  My friend Donuts got the ball rolling with a quick mosey around the bus loop including some lunges and side shuffles before returning back to the parking lot.

SHH x20 IC
Good mornings x10 IC
Slow and low merkins x20 IC
Willie Mays Hays x10 IC
Baby arm circles forward x2 IC (yes 2)

YHC took the reigns at this point and led the PAX on a mosey down to the bottom of the holler where everyone spread out shoulder to shoulder to get started on the Whale’s Vagina 3.0…

WOR (already done)
Hill Humpers – 25 humpers of your choosing at the bottom, run to top for 25 humpers, run back to bottom for 25 humpers and finish with 25 humpers on top. 100 total humps.  Mosey back to parking lot.
Atomic Broad Jumps – Ever so slightly different than Burpee Broad Jumps (in name only). We did these back and forth across the parking lot with WWI situps for the 6.  Pop-A-Lock may or may not have had a ruck on during this workout.
Lap around the new baseball/ADA path and back to the parking lot for some
Elevens – Simple.  Merkins and Jump Squats.  Effective.
Squats – Like, Greasetrap deep squats x25 oyo

Various Exercises – Started by D’Mish in Whale’s Vag 1.0, improved upon today.  PAX scatter and listed to me tell them what to do.
AMRAP – 60 seconds of good solid D’Mish-type merkins
Get Ups – 15 get-ups with good form.  No hands to help get up if possible.  Lots of MC related to the coccyx. Mosey back down to the pavilion for some
Incline Merkins – Find a bench…x25 oyo. SSH for the 6.  X20 OYO SSH for the 6.  X15 OYO, SSH for the 6
Nelson Mandelas – It took a minute, but we soon got the obligatory terrorist chatter from Yard Sale as we started 10 OYO and then 5 more OYO.  These really suck…just ask Yard Sale.
All You Got – Three standard suicides in a row (the short dimension of the parking lot)

Things were turnt back over to Donuts at this point:

Flutter kicks right into Slutter Kicks, Supermans (aka Pecker Rinne’s), Hello Dolly’s (aka Barry Squashers), Scorpions (including a high foot five between me and Ludwig) and a few good mornings as cool down. Done.

COT/BOM by D’Mish

First Friday lunch next Friday at the Cookery at 11:30am. Make a point to stop by.   Beer night at Cowboy’s this Thursday at 8pm. See 2nd F channel on Slack for deets.   Go Ruck Death March is next Friday night. Beware.

Always great to bring back the Whale’s Vagina. For those that don’t know, I was born and raised inside the Whale’s Vagina (San Diego) which was the original inspiration for the workout. Continued prayers for Olin Mills’ dad, El Maestro and all those in need.

Until the next time,

CCR on behalf of my better half, DoughNutz

Basketball Jones

15 laced up their Reebok pumps on a cold, snowy morning to commemorate the beginning of March Madness.  YHC has also been MIA at Detention over the last few months due to coaching basketball, so it was good to be back and honored to lead the charge.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Pop-A-Lock, Accounts Receivable, Skid Mark, CAPSLOCK, Ludwig, CCR, PSL, Bro@Law, Dr. Smartt, Braveheart, Barely Legal, Black Widow, Vegemite, Harvey Updike


Quick mosey around the parking lot

SSH x 8, Squat x 8, GM x 8, WMH x 8

Nothing says basketball fun like defensive slides, so to finish getting warmed up, we got in a defensive stance and did slides from line to line for one minute.


We partnered up and grabbed a coupon per group and headed to the swings.

Round One: Partner One worked his rebounding skills by jumping up as high as he could at the swings while Partner Two ran to the building and back with the coupon. Rinse and repeat until each person did 64 reps of jumps.

Round Two: Partner One did step ups x 32 while Partner Two did jump and slides.  You would jump two times forward, slide to the right two steps, slide to the left four steps, then back to the right two steps (no criss cross or everybody clap your hands), and then rinse and repeat until partner finished step ups.

Sweet Sixteen: Partner One did 16 burpees while Partner Two did up downs.  Partner Two would shuffle feet and then do the up down every time their Partner went to the ground.  Switch and repeat.

Elite Eight: This turned in to 10s instead of 8s…we’re overachievers.  On one end of the pavilion you would do 2 Makhtar Merkins, defensive slides to the other end, 8 Get Up Squats (Squat, lunge down to one knee, both knees, then get back up), defensive slides back.  Rinse and repeat by two until 8 Makhtar Merkins and 2 Get Up Squats.

Final Four: Partner One grabs a coupon and pushes weight out (as if holding steering wheel) four times then presses weight above head four times.  Partner Two runs suicide.  Switch and repeat and then rinse and repeat.

64: 64 Mountain Climbers

32: 32 Dips

16: 16 Pull Ups

8: 8 High Jumps

4: 4 Long Jumps

2: Run 2 Suicides

Return coupons and head back to the parking lot to partake in the final (championship if you will…) exercise, from henceforth named Lil Penny.

YHC played Barry White’s Space Jam version of “Basketball Jones” while PAX shuffled feet in squat position (or pulse squatted).  Every time the word “basketball” was said, PAX would jump.  For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the song, it’s about 85 times in 5 minutes.

To make sure we wouldn’t forget our basketball stances, we finished with another minute of defensive slides.

Good work today, fellas!

Go Lipscomb and Go Vols…

Detention 02-12-2018 – Station to Station

A pretty bold virgin solo-Q on my part insofar as I trotted in at 5:42.  Did you know you can turn an iPhone alarm on silent?  Heat went out in the Lenihan household this weekend so the boy was sleeping in our room with a space heater.  Tried to turn my alarm as quiet as possible.  Indeed.  Many thanks to Ludwig for kicking it off in my absence.  Here it is.

PAX: Sorry I missed the first few, was fumbling with my phone: Calf Killer; Off Shore; Skid Mark; Floppy D; Braveheart; Walter White; CAPSLOCK; Frogger; Black Widow: Vegimite; Shanked (that can’t be right, I’m sorry); Homeboy; Yard Sale; Pop a Lock; Umbrellla; PSL; Lunch Lady; Numb Tucks; Dupree; Ludwig; Brother at Law (QIC basically)

Ludwig kicked off the mosey and WOR: Moseyed around the bus loop with some lunges up the hill sprinkled in. Circled up in parking lot.  Disclaimer; at which he apparently said things were getting scary if I didn’t show up, which explains more than one person thanking me for showing up late I guess?


20 SSH
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 Butt Kickers
10 High Knees
10 Tempo Merkins


Partner up for some bear crawl/crawl bear suicides.  P1 performs suicide across width of parking lot, while P2 performs called exercise until P1 returns. Round 1- burpees, but then I arrive….

Today’s big event was inspired by Bowie’s seminal 1975 album Station to Station.  Count off 1 to 4 and find your group.  Mosey to pavilion while 4’s grabbed coupons.  Groups break out to corners of the pavilion for your respective stations.  Each station included five exercises, each performed for one minute, with a ten  second rest between each exercise.  We were supposed to mosey after the completion of each station, but because somebody showed up late, we only got to do it once.  Rotate to the next station after mosey.  Stations were:

Station 1 (legs): Jump Squats; Jump lunges; Lt. Dumps; Sumo Pulse; Jump Squats

Station 2 (core): Plank jacks; WWI; LBCs; Flutter kicks; Mountain climbers

Station 3 (merkin medley): Merkins; Burpees; Dips at benches; Atomic merkins; Carolina dry docks

Station 4 (coupon): Swings; Squat and press; Single leg deadlift; Mariah’s (with or without coupon); American hammers.


Announcements: Harvard tour graduate Calfkiller is starting a 4:30 AM nude summer workout, check Slack for details.  3rd F service projects are available (I believe) from June and forward, so think about partnering up and signing up.  February announcement from Floppy and CCR was either “pending” or “impending”.  I couldn’t hear, but that’s definitely a big difference so I should have asked.

Moleskine: Thanks to CCR for signing me up well in advance for my first solo Q.  Thanks to Ludwig for salvaging my first solo Q.  Thanks to Bagger for going to Westeros so that I was spared a deluge of shit talking while trying to get my wits about me in the Pavilion.  That’s kind of what it’s all about right there.

Brother-at-Law aka Brother-late-law (props Calfkiller).

Detention – 1/29 – The Debt Snowball

PAX: Floppy Disk, Donuts, Yard Sale, Calfkiller, PSL, Ludwig van Osh Kosh, CAPSLOCK, Rooster, Accounts Receivable, Juan Valdez, Frogger, Vegemite, Dr. Smartt, Edible Arrangement, Greasetrap, Numbtucks, Harvey Updyke, Pop-a-Lock, Offshore, Umbrella, Drone Zone, Lunch Lady, CCR, Kamel Toe (FNG)

QIC: Braveheart

25 PAX started the week off right at Detention, got a bonus personal finance lesson via Dave Ramsey, and had a lot of grace for YHC on my VQ.


Mosey the usual loop, with lunges halfway up the bus hill, and backwards run on the back half. Disclaimer.

SSH x 15
Good Mornings x 10
WMH x 10
BAC + reverse x 20
Air Presses x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15 (+1 on a false start)
Butt Kickers x 15

Count off by 4s for circuits later.


Mosey back to bus loop. Explained the origin of my F3 name Braveheart being the Producer for the Dave Ramsey Show. Dave teaches the Debt Snowball (paying off debts smallest to largest to gain momentum) as part of the 7 Baby Steps, so with the number 7 and reps increasing from smallest to largest was the theme.

1) Modified Stairway to Sevens:

bottom of the hill: 1 Burpee, run up to
1st speed bump: 1 Jump Squat
2nd speed bump: 1 Carolina Dry Dock
top of hill: Lunges, 1 per leg

Run around the small loop and repeat adding a rep each time up to 7 total. The running loop was added in last-minute per a question from CAPSLOCK, which prompted a few grumbles but I liked the added cardio. Compared to 11s this didn’t seem difficult at first but the lunges burned by the end.

Mosey to playground/pavilion.

2) Circuits:

1s: Rows
2s: Dips
3s: TableTops
4s: Merkins

x 30 reps, rotate each circuit, then rinse/repeat with 45 reps (way too many)

Cut this short for time, back to parking lot for Mary.


Hello Dollys x 15
Flutter Kicks x 15
Mariahs x 15
Freddie Mercurys x 15
Jane Fondas x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Low Plank


Another reminder to sign up for opportunities to serve, check Slack for details.


Thanks to CCR for helping me plan my VQ and to my first FNG Kamel Toe for waking up early to see what F3 is all about (despite inadvisably wearing 3 layers of shirts/pants and wool mittens on a warm 38 degree morning).

– Braveheart

Dentention DREAM

PAX: Floppy disk, Vegemite, Pop-a-lock, CCR, Donuts, Grisham, Numb Tucks (boomer sooner), Too Tall, Dr. Smartt, T-Swiss, braveheart, Olan Mills, Due Process, Barney fifel, Offshore, Psl, Pre-vac, Pope, Black widow, Ludwig von Oshkosh

QIC: Dupree

As today is the day we remember the life of MLK Jr., Q thought that it would be befitting to workout the DREAM.  Dr. King gave America a great vision of judging people on the content on of their character rather than the color of their skin.  Today we honor that dream and of course judge you on the content  of your burpees.


Mosey around the bus loop back to the parking lot.  Disclaimer

SSH Xs 20

WMH xs 20

Good mornings xs 15

Baby Arm Circles xs 10

Reverse xs 10

Slow and low squats xs 10

merkins in cadence xs 10


Mosey back down to the bus loop.  Dr. King came to prominence with the Montgomery bus boycotts.  So today we work the bus line.

D – Derkins xs 25 after bear crawl up the hill

R – Robot squats xs 25 after lunge up the hill (some thought these were called hydraulic squats, but Q disagreed and needed an R)

E – Elevens up the hill.  Bottom of hill burpees into a lunge (Blunge?  Blurpee?).  Top of the hill Mountain Merkins (Q’s favorite King speech is the mountain top speech).

A – Atomic Merkins xs 20 – after broad jump up hill

M – Merkins xs 25 – quick run up the hill

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary.


Flutter Kicks – xs 45 in cadence


Hello Dolly

End with some good mornings.


Q has been talking with Bagger and other PAX about expanding F3 Serve.  This would be part of the 3rd F.  What we are wanting to do is take the F3 workout philosophy to F3 serve.  Once a month one of us would Q a service project for the guys to get involved with.  In November we did Room in the Inn.  December Numb Tucks led out with the backpacks for foster kids.  This is an opportunity for you to step up and we learn about the issues and people you care about.

Mole Skin:

CCR approached me about Qing today, and it hit me that it would be MLK Day.  His life is an inspiring one.  The philosophy of overcoming hate with creative love is a legacy and a challenge that endures to this day.  Because of MLK we have come a long way as a country in racial relations.  We still have a long way to go.  Let’s continue to be men of character and live out MLK’s dream.




Big Bopper Belding Holds Year’s Last DETENTION

PAX: Floppy Disk, PSL, Yard Sale, Calfkiller, Ludwig von Osh Kosh von Lederhosen, Edible Arrangement, Dr. Smartt, Vegemite, Umbrella, Walter White, Black Lung, Accounts Receivable, Blackwater, NumbTucks, Private Sandman, Harvey Updyke, Skid Mark, Pop-a-Lock, Black Widow, Too Tall, Life Saver (visitor from Charleston), Life Saver’s Son-in-Law (visitor from Charleston), Dick Belding (Nate Miley – FNG), CCR (CO-Q) and Brother-at-Law (CO/VQ)

QIC: CCR and Brother at Law

26 fine men came to Detention today for CCR and Brother at Law’s Co-Q. The weather was delightful: a downright balmy 46 degrees with high humidity. And it felt like a true detention with Principal Dick Belding keeping an eye on things. Here’s how it went down:


10 burpees OYO
Mosey the loop to the pavilion

CCR led us in a different and dynamic warm-up that he wanted to try “because Bagger isn’t here”. Shoulder to shoulder then:

High knees run and back.
Butt kickers run and back (Backwards return aka “Ludwig style” – Pro tip: sound things out before trying to get cute to spell them backwards for the reverse movement in the BB)
Skips and back (Return Ludwig Style)
Low slow merkins x10 jog and back
Dive Bomber Merkins x10 jog and back
SSH x20

Count off 1’s and 2’2 for partner exercises later in the morn.

Bro at Law tags in and we mosey to the hill for HILLEVENS.

Atomic Merkins at the top
Jump Squats at the bottom.
SSH until all in.

Lots of grunting. 1’s follow Brother at Law to grab coupons. 2’s follow CCR to the parking lot. Coupon work as follows:

Round 1: Partner 1 lunge walks with coupon length of pickup lines, then same back but with coupon overhead, while Partner 2 plank jacks. Switch out and repeat.
Round 2: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 does Lion Kings (squat into overhead press with coupon). Switch out and repeat.
Round 3: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 kettleblock swings. Switch out and repeat.

Good work to get the coupons put away for 1 minute of Mary led by CCR:

Flutter kicks in cadence x20.


Excellent work by all today. Great having the one and only Dick Belding in our presence and welcoming Life Saver and his son-in-law from F3 Charleston with us. To the schmohawk at the December 2 convergence that suggested I lead with a Catholic prayer, joke’s on you: https://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/prayers/StTeresaofAvila.htm.

Prayers for Brony, BAM, and Yard Sale and their families as they cope with the loss of loved ones.

TAK PAKs were collected by Numbtucks and he will be collecting them at Racetrack on Wednesday as well. This is a really great cause for some of the most vulnerable kids in our society, so thanks so much for organizing Numbtucks.

It was an honor to lead you all for my VQ and I look forward to many more Q’s.

Brother at Law & CCR

Monday Funday

Under a bright super moon on an unseasonably warm December morning, 21  decided to start the week out right…
PAX: Olanmills, Legalzoom, Offshore, CAPSLOCK, Umbrella, Yardsale,  Dine ‘n Dash, NumbTucks, PSL, Harvey Updyke, CCR, Dupree, Pop A Lock, Donuts, Ludwig van OshKosh, TooTall, Floppy Disk, Black Widow, Accounts Receivable, Blackwater, Dr Smart

Started out with 10 Burpees and then a jog around the ball field…
20 side straddle hops
15 good mornings
15 BACs forward
15 BACs backward
15 high knees

The Thang:
Indian run to the bottom of the hill / entrance of Ellington (.4 miles)
20 jump squats
Indian run back up the hill to the school (.4 miles) and meet at shed to pick up coupons
Begin the Murph
Break up 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats w/ coupons into 10 sets (10/20/30)
We get through about 5-6 sets before time to run again
Indian run to bottom of the hill / entrance of Ellington (.4 miles)
Indian run back up hill to the school (.4 miles) and circle up for Mary

40 WW1s
20 Freddie Murcury’s
10 tempo merkins

Good push by all and welcome to FNGs Randy Bostich aka Legal Zoom and Malcolm Reddoch aka Harvey Updyke.

Announcements: It’s Joel Kemp’s bday on Friday. Please keep the Kemps in your prayers.