11s with Friends

PAX: Big Stick, Umbrella, Accounts Receivable, Big Bopper, Venus, Cathy, Magic Mike, Swamp Fox, Black Widow, Offshore, PSL, Black Lung, Prevac, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

15 assembled in the gloom this am at Cruel Hall for a brisk Friendly Friday. YHC dispensed with the disclaimer, explained the 6-count IC Burpee and we were off.

No formal warmup this morning. We moseyed, occasionally stopping for an increasing number of 6-count IC Burpees. The mosey took us around Crievewood Baptist, in between the baseball fields and down towards the playground where we stopped at the rails for some rows and calf raises.

3 sets of:
10x Rows
20x Calf Raises (each leg)

We finished this with AMRAP Rows to be performed until failure.

Feeling a bit warmer we moseyed to the pavilion for the main part of the morning. 3 sets of 11s with increasing level of difficulty.

Round 1: Merkins/Squats
Round 2: Mt Merkins/Jump Squats
Round 3: Atomic Merkins/Jump Lunges (both legs=1)

With the 11s under our belt we moseyed to the bus hill and did: Broad Jumps to the first speed bump, Bear Crawl to the second speed bump and Duck Walk (proper form emphasized) to the third.

Final mosey back to the parking lot for a quick Mary

Flutter Kix x20 (IC)
Freddie Mercuries x20 (IC)
Supermans x15 (IC)
Low Plank 1:00

Floppy Disk

Bears, Burpees…BattleStar Galactica @ Cruel Hall

11  PAX in Attendance: PSL, The (Scranton) Strangler, BlackWidow, CAPSLOCK, Reefer(b), D’MishoNuts, BigStick, Razor (Venus), YouMe, Prevac (true to form),  & 3D (QiC)

3rd week in a row for 3rd Degree to Q Cruel Hall…you asked for it! I decided to remix the last 2 Q’s and title it (sort of) after one of my favorite shows, the Office.



  • Jog around short loop in parking lot
  • SSH IC x 15
  • SJ IC x 15
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15
  • Tempo Squats IC x 15
  • IW IC x 15
  • 30 seconds GM OYO

The Thang(s) 

Royal Burpee: PAX perform 10 of each Burpee style called

We did: Clap Merkins (Clurpees), Double Shots of Jack Burpees (My Personal Fave), Martinis,  (I think we did another variation that I can’t recall now), finished with Turk’n’Burps (Turkish Getup after jump)

Mosey to bottom of ramp at CWBC

Partner Ramp Work: Partner up with someone (or be an odd man out like me). Different Mode of Transportation (MoT) up the hill with partner and when reach the top 10 burpees and then mosey back to bottom of hill. Plank and Wait or Mary exercise until the 6 after both partners have taken turns completing each challenge (each partner performs, both do 10 burpees every time, can switch out positions as needed but must complete 2 ramps per team per MoT)

MoTs: WheelBarrow (BooBoo BearCrawl x 2 for YHC), (Prevac prevacced and BigStick hitched a ride to the latrine at this point), Pax were dropping like flies, Piggy Back Carry, Crawl-Bear (this was a crowd favorite, 5 squat penalty for pausing, BigStick rejoined us at this point) (5 total ramps, 50 burpees each)

Mosey Around Ball-fields back to CH Jungle gym. 10 count PLEASE!

Pain Ground: 7 pull-ups, 14 rows and 21 Sumo Jump Squats. R&R. (My arms were pumped at this point. Caved to D’Mish request for 5 GMs while blood returned to my brain.

AYG Sprints across parking lot x 3 with 5, 7, 10 Merkins pre-sprint

Last but not least…Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear the parking lot width and end with 10 Floating Starfish

CoT, Numbers, Name-o-Rama, BoM/Shout-out

What we Learned today:

  • Dropping the kids off at the pool before posting is an advanced technique that BigStick needs to practice
  • D’Mish and BigStick are fans of Chiropractic care
  • PreVac is true to His Moniker
  • The Strangler Loves Crawl Bears up Hills!
  • YouMe is dedicated and killing it every post. Way to go!
  • My Sweat-Print looks like a Phallic Symbol

Grateful to lead again and shield-lock with you all.

3D, out!

BEARing with one another @ Cruel Hall

24  PAX in Attendance: Vegemite, CCR, PSL, The (Scranton) Strangler, DineNDash, FloppyDisk, BlackWidow, HVAC, TinyDancer, YardSale, Reefer(b), OlanMills, OffShore, LudwigVanOshKosh, BlackLung, Backlash, Lumbergh (Respect!), BaggerVance,  Venus/Razor, Brother-at-Law, Yumi, SwampFox, Frogger & 3D (QiC)

71 and Beautiful morning to start. This was my 2nd Q in a row at this AO, thanks for showing up! If no one signs up for next week I will make it a trifecta…


Disclaimer: Felt like today was a Bear kind of day

  • Jog around short Bus Loop back to front of CH
  • SSH IC x 25
  • SJ IC x 15
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15
  • Tempo Squats IC x 15
  • IW IC x 15
  • 30 seconds GM OYO

The Thang(s) 

Fun Fact: Bears love Burpees

Royal Burpee: PAX perform 10 of each Burpee style called, BV immediately left circle & started modifying

We did: Burpees, One-legged Burpees, Martinis, Barrel-Roll Burpees, Slap Burpees (Slap hips during Merkin portion of Burpee)

Mosey to bottom of bus loop

Crawl-Bear to top of hill (this was a crowd favorite, 5 squat penalty for pausing)

Fun Fact: Bears love fish (not sure about starfish, but hey…)

30 Floating Starfish at the top (each leg = 0.5)

Mosey to the Pain Ground: Team up in 3s: PAX 1 performs 10 pull-ups while partners Parker Peter Plank. FlapJack. R&R x 3. Penalty for missing pull ups = Toes to Bar or Burpees/Merkins if grip is shot.

Fun Fact: Bears are really fast at short distances

40 yd sprints as teams of 3: PAX will sprint to partner 40 yds away and tag waiting PAX. The tagged partner will then run back to start and tag 3rd PAX who will take off to tag PAX #1. R&R back and forth for about a minute or two.

Then we slow moseyed to the middle and performed reverse crunch/Feet thrusters (Toes to Stars, aka the Back-scraper), American Hammers IC and Mountain Climber Merkins x 7 each.

20 yd sprints as teams of 3: You get the idea

R&R those same 3 exercises (by this time, we could really feel the Ab burn during the MCMerkins) 14 of each

Last but not least…Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear suicide the parking lot width and end with 10 Floating Starfish

CoT, Countorama, Nameorama, BoM


  • Great work today Men! Great to see 24! We make each other stronger.
  • Had on my heart to pray for each other re: temptation to lust and protection against adultery in our marriages. It takes only small steps to lead down a path you would never have chosen the destination of when you took that first step. God help us! Sometimes the strongest and bravest and smartest thing to do is run the opposite way from temptation. Protect your eyes, heart and marriage. AYE!
  • Pray for BackDoor who had a boating accident and traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Convergence 9/11 at Percy Warner Stairs. Ping Funyuns for more info.
  • Shameless Plug for F3Nolensville. Tuesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays 6-7. Come Get Some!


3D, out!

Partner-work Q @ Cruel Hall

18  PAX in Attendance: Vegemite, CCR, PSL, The Strangler, DineNDash, FloppyDisk, BlackWidow, CalfKiller, AccountsReceivable, Reefer(b), Cinderella, Kaison, OffShore, LudwigVanOshKosh, HollowBackGirl, Backlash, Lumbergh (Respect!) & 3D (QiC)

73 and VERY HUMID to start. 16 PAX at the start and we picked up a couple along the way. This was my first Q here at this AO, thanks for showing up!



  • Jog around Bus Loop to back of CH
  • SSH IC x 15
  • SJ IC x 15
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15
  • IW IC x 15
  • 30 seconds GM OYO

The Thang(s) 

Burpee Apocalypse (55 burpees)

Mosey to bottom of bus loop

Partner Work Bus Loop: Partner up with someone you have never partnered with before. Different Mode of Transportation (MoT) up the hill with partner and when reach the gate 10 burpees and then run the small loop together back to bottom of loop/hill. Plank and Wait or Mary exercise until the 6 after both partners have completed each challenge (each partner performs, both do 10 burpees and lap every time, can switch out positions as needed but must complete 2 hills per team per MoT)

MoTs: WheelBarrow, Piggy Back, Crawl-Bear (this was a crowd favorite, 5 squat penalty for pausing) (5 total laps, 50 burpees)

Pain Ground: PAX 1 performs 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins and 15 squats while partner high planks. FlapJack. R&R.


  • flutter kix x 25 IC
  • American Hammers x 15 IC
  • 10 Mountain Climber Merkins (4 count Mountain climbers and 1 Merkin) OYO



  • Great work today Men! Intentionally brutal Q that took encouraging words and exhortation to make it through. We make each other stronger.
  • Consider the responsibility & power of the words you speak or write. The tongue is one of the smallest parts of the body and yet can start a fire that quickly gets out of control. We need Self-control. Our words have the power to build up, or tear down. Think about that as you go through the weekend at home, work, or get on social media. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Sky-Q has to change our hearts…DM me if you want more info/clarification
  • Great job as partners looking after your battle-buddy, so I thought I’d leave you with this…

Dora 1, 2, 3….4

28 PAX beat out the early morning desire to fartsack and posted for a cool and humid morning at Cruel Hall with the fog rolling out of the holler and steam rising off of the necks of the PAX.

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX: Yardsale, CCR, Edible Arrangements, Bagger Vance, Prevac, Frugal McDoogal, Numtucks, Ludwig van Oshkosh, Off Shore, Floppy Disk, Lumberg, Reefer, Igloo (FNG), Olan Mills, Barf-ista (FNG), Venus, Dupree, Yumi, Calf-Killer, Capslock, Donuts, PSL, Backlash, Change order, Hollow-back-girl, Tampa Libra, Dine-n-Dash

We started with a quick mosey to the back of the school.  Circle up for WOR.

WOR:  SSH x25, LBAC 25 forwards, 25 backwards, Keep arms up for lunging calf stretch x8 each. Drop arms for willie mays x10 ct.

Mosey to the playground and partner up for…


Dora 1, 2, 3…4: 100 Pull ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 400 4ct Flutter kicks; laps around the baseball field.

We put in about 2 miles of running. Significant mumblechatter erupted about “1600” flutter kicks, but he PAX pushed on.  Eventually, we started to run out of time and YHC called for 1 more minute of flutters before we moved on to the next exercise.

The Hang Off:

The 1s hung from the swing set, monkey bars, or other pull up bar for as long as possible in a battle of forearm strength. Meanwhile the 2s were holding low plank. Flapjack for a second set. Each competition was fierce as Floppy just narrowly beat out Olan Mills for the 1s, and Prevac beat out Donuts for the 2s.  Both Floppy and Prevac were holding on to the small poles of the monkey/pull-up bars rather than the big rod of the swing set which was probably an unfair advantage….due to it’s familiarity.

Back to the parking lot for…

Mary: Circle up in high plank for 2 minutes of Merkins to “Up Down” by Morgan Wallen (ft. Florida Georgia line).

Thanks to everybody for giving me the opportunity to lead again this week. SYITG.

Foundational Four for Friendly Friday

It was a near perfect morning as 29 PAX, including 8 FNGs, arrived for a Cruel Hall friendly friday.

PAX: BV, Robin Hood, Ludwig van oshkosh, Brother-at-Law, Donuts, Reefer, Yard sale, Hollow-back Girl, Joey Freshwater, Dupree, CCR, Floppy D, Venus, Acounts Receivable, Life Champ, Numb Tucks, 3rd Degree, Off Shore, Black Widow, Big Perm, and the FNGs: Change order, Bob Ross, Matthew Luke, GunderArmour, Yumi, Lumberg, Search committe, and South Beach.

QIC: Skid Mark

Disclaimer given at 05:29 and we started off on a quick mosey around the bus loop. Lunge walks between first 2 speed bumps, then bear crawl the second set, then shuffle steps to the last speed bump. Finally we circled up for…

WOR: SSH x30, Windmills x15, LBAC forwards and reverse x15, Overhead claps x15, Willie Mays x10


PAX counted off by 4s and mosey’d down to the playground. Brother-at-law seemed to have an issue with short term memory loss as he held 4 fingers up during the <20 second trip from the parking lot to the playground to remember his number. Once at the playground, we separated into our 4 groups for a rotating AMRAP workout as follows:

Group 1: Row Station (at the hand rails)
Group 2: Merkin Station (at the swingsets)
Group 3: Leg Station (at the playground)
Group 4: Core Station (on the path between hand rails and playground)

PAX proceeded to perform exercises specific to each station AMRAP in 1 minute with 20s rest between sets. Rotating to the next station after completing each set. Following the completion of each round of 4 exercises we took a lap around the baseball fields.

Round 1: Rows, merkins, squats, WWIs
Round 2: Commando rows, diamond merkins, lunges, flutter kicks
Round 3: Typewriter rows, carolina dry docks, Lt. Dans, V-ups
Rapid fire Round 4 (30 seconds AMRAP with 10s rest): Reverse grip rows, Typewriter merkins, monkey humpers, LBCs

Following the last round, we mosey'd to the parking lot for some…

MARY: Mountain climbers x15, J-los x15, Freddy Mercuries x15, Homer-2-Marge


Thanks to everyone for giving me the opportunity to lead, it's always an enjoyable experience. Welcome to all the FNGs, we're excited to have you out. Don't forget about the TN Can Ruck and Warpath on 7/21.

Cruel Pony

Q: Vegemite, Hambone
Pax: Venus, Tinder, Brother-at-Law, Offshore, Frogger, Black Widow, Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, PSL, Olan Mills, CAPS LOCK, Edible Arrangement, Holler Back Girl, Tiny Dancer, Captain Flatline

17 men posted at Cruel Hall to start the weekend off right.

WOR (Vegemite):
Mosey down the bus loop with lunges and some backwards running thrown in as we went up the hill. Circle up for:

* SSH x20 IC
* Hop Kicks x10 IC
* Slow and Low Squats x10 IC
* Good Mornings x10 IC
* Willie May Hayes x10 IC
* Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC
* Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x10 IC

Thang 1:
With help from Ginuwine’s Pony, partner 1 completed gallops around the outside school parking lot while partner 2 performed burpees. Once partner 1 returned from his ride, each partner flipped.

This was a repeat from Donuts’s version last week. We did this for 10 minutes, and my main contribution to this workout plan was to swap out the William Tell Overture for Pony. You’re welcome.

Pax mosied down to the swingset and performed 3 sets of:

Merkins IC X 12
Low Flutter IC X 20
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Pax mosied to the playground to do 3 sets of:
Pull ups to failure
5 partner-assisted pull ups

Merkins X 10 IC
Bridge 30 seconds

Pax mosied to the parking lot to do a modified version of sevens–threes! Two burpees, sprint down, one burpee, sprint back, one burpee, sprint down, two burpees, sprint back.


Awesome work at Cruel Hall. Truly my (Hambone) first post at the AO and it didn’t disappoint. Strong pax, strong area.

I have to admit I was a little embarrassed galloping down the sidewalk with cars passing, but I guess it’s not the craziest thing F3 does in public.

6.29.2018 Pony Racing

Posting live from Midtown hospital after arrival of another 2.0 by the M. Sorry for the delay.  20 come out for a muggy beatdown.  Little does the PAX know it will be a surprise Co-Q with Big Stick and YHC, to be referred to as Big Nuts moving forward.

Start our with a brief mosey and return to the parking lot for the WOR.  Can’t fully remember with all this hospital time but it was pretty standard.  20 SSH, 10 squats, 10 merkins,  10 GM, 10 BAC and a few cherry pickers all IC.

Big stick on DJ spins some amazing William Tell Overature for the PAX to experience my welcome home from work ritual my children have adopted.  During the song (all 10 minutes), group 1 will King Arthur around the parking lot while group 2 does AMRAP hand release burpees. Flap jack until song is complete.  Really got the heart pumping and saw some horrible form by the end!  Hans Zimmer never cuts corners on his epic movie soundtracks.

Hand off to Big Stick for a brutal circuit of 20 rows, 20 power merkins, 20 WWIs, 20 tuck jumps and then 15 butler pull ups all together as a group.  We did 3 rounds of this with a surprise last round of 40 reps in honor of CCrs bday he didn’t tell anyone about.

PAX:  Big Stick, Donuts, BV, Floppy, PSL, CCR, AR, Capslock, Edible Arrangements, Reefer, PSL, Flatline, SkidMark, 3rd degree, Robinhood, Vegemite, Venus, Ludwig, Swampfox, Yard sale.

TClaps to BV for best Coconut form during the KAs.  ATQ never skimps.

Partners, Coupons and Whatnot

PAX: Prevac, Yard Sale, CAPS LOCK, Tinder, Dupree, Brother-at-Law, Black Widow, A Fib, Captain Flatline, Ludwig von Oshkosh, Vegemite, PSL, Big Stick, Reefer, Tiny Dancer, Swamp Fox, Accounts Receivable, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

Cooler than normal temps for this week met the 18 that posted at CH this morning, dutifully taking their red pill. Big Stick Q was originally on the menu, but he phoned in a favor last night so YHC picked up the reigns. We commenced with the obligatory bus hill warmup mosey discussing 20 year reunions and Canada. Circle up in the parking lot for some COP.

WoR (all IC)
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x15
High Knees x10
Butt Kickers x10
Guten Morgens x10
Willie Mays x10
BACs F x10
BACs R x10
Air Press x10
Squats x10

Partner up and send one pardsy to pick up a landscaping coupon. Meet back up at the incredibly necessary sidewalk rails for some coupon rows and merks. 3 sets of:

15x weighted rows while partner holds legs
15x weighted merks

Grab those coupons and head to the pavilion. Partner 1 does amrap block exercise while partner 2 does some playground work with merkin variation. Flapjack. 3 total sets.

Block Exercises: Thrusters (with bicep curls), KB swings, Dead lifts
Playground Exercises: 10x Pullups, 15x Diamonds/Swerkins/Atomics, 30x bench dips (or 15x bar dips)

Return the blocks and head back to the parking lot. Partner 1 runs the front loop while Partner 2 does amrap Burpees. Flapjack. 2 rounds of Burpees then 1 round of Squats.

20x Flutter Kix (IC)
20x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
10x WW1s (OYO)

2nd/3rd F tomorrow, 6/23, at Crievewood Baptist hosted by our own Dupree. 4pm. Bring yo kids and yo wife. Don’t hide them. Continue to lift up our brothers Spicoli and El Maestro.

Floppy Disk

Friendly Friday at Cruel Hall

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, Donuts, PSL, Brother-at-Law, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, Frogger, Landshark, Sharks with “Lazers”, Black Lung, Skid Mark, Vegemite, Third Degree, NumbTucks, Barney Fievel, Foxtrot Talks A lot, Ludwig van Osh Kosh, Reefer, Offshore, Cinderella, Edible Arrangement, Why Guy, Life Champ, Olan Mills, Hollowback Girl, Swamp Fox, Slugs n’ Bugs, Dupree, CAPSLOCK (Coffeteria and donut delivery), Nick Papagiorgio (FNG), Jake Brake (FNG), CCR (QIC)

Slamburry PAX for Coffeteria: Greasetrap, Dr. Smartt, Tampalibra,

A large group came out in the soup to get the scoop on the 2nd running of Friendly Friday at Cruel Hall.  YHC realized the group was larger than expected, made some slight modifications and asked the PAX to bang out 5 merkins before embarking on a slow mosey down Trousdale to the bus loop for some lunges, toy soldiers (aka hop kick warm ups), backpedal and just a regular old mosey back to the parking lot for some WOR.

SSH x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Hillbillies x20 IC

Hop Kicks x10 IC ( I think this is the max reps)

Slow and Low Merks x10 IC


Partner up…Partner 1 grab a coupon and everyone circle up in the pavilion.



20 seconds of high intensity exercise with 10 seconds of rest. 8 total sets.

Broad jumps/Fast Feet for the first 4 sets and Merkins for sets 5-8.

Bagger mistakenly identifies Young the Giant as punk rock…he got his punk on Monday


Partner 1 runs down to the holler, touches a sign and runs back up the hill to relieve Partner 2

Partner 2 performs AMRAP of the called exercise

Plank and wait for the 6 – 10 merkins IC between each round.


We did Thrusters, sumo squats and full body work (thruster with a curl and skull crusher mixed in)


Parking lot…1s in front shoulder to shoulder, 2s pole to their partner’s hole

1s 50% to Vegemite’s ride and 100% to the end of the lot

Drop down for merkins while down there, repeat on way back.

Meanwhile, 2s perform various exercises with their coupon.

Flapjack. We did this sequence 3 times total


1s in front, 2s behind – Broad Jump to 1st speed bump, 10 jump squats

Lunge to 2nd speed bump, 20 merkins

Backpedal to 3rd speed bump, 10 jump squats

If you are up for it, run to grab a coupon and return. If not, mosey to parking lot and circle up for some…


Flutter Kicks x31 IC

Megan Barry’s x10 IC

J-Los x20 IC

Mariah Carey’s x10 IC

One-Armed Mariah Carey’s x2 IC

High plank for 1 minute

Done? Nope…still have 5 more minutes.  Those without a watch were snookered into thinking that was it.


Sevens – Merkins / Jump Squats.  Now we’re done.


Welcome FNGs Jake Brake (Bill Pickup) and Nick Papagiorgio (Lucas McIntosh). Great to have you out…see you back out again soon.


YHC challenged the PAX to think of one personal relationship that they have not been attentive to. The idea is to identify that one relationship and reach out to them TODAY.  I am personally trying to do that at least once a week and encourage you all to do the same.  My boy PSL closed us out in prayer and then it was coffee and donut time thanks to Donuts (for the coffee) and Capslock (for the Donuts). It was a pleasure always.

Until next time,