Bomber – 10.12.18 – “Nippy Out Here”

19 PAX posted on a wonderfully brisk morning for the 6th edition of Friendly Friday at Bomber.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Hi-Viz, Firefox, Lunch Lady, Trapper Keeper, Wahlburger (FNG), Dutch Oven, Duplex, Pop-A-Lock, Cobra Kai (FNG), Bad Boy, Crablegs, Cunning Linguist, Studio 42, Harvey Updyke, Porcelain, Blue Mule, Bicentennial Man


After a perfectly articulated disclaimer, we stepped off for a medium mosey out of the main drive, up Sloan, and over to “the Nip” for a COP:

  • SSH x 13
  • SnL Squats x 13
  • WMH x 13
  • LBAC F x 13 – 10 ct hold
  • LBAC R x 13 – 10 ct hold
  • Overhead Claps x 13 – 10 ct hold
  • Air Presses x 13
  • Merkins x 13

Count off 1s and 2s and mosey over to the upper lot where YHC has laid out cones for some team suicides. Starting in single file line, P1 runs to first cone and back to the back of the line. Each successive man runs to the first cone and back until all have gone at which point P1 runs to the second cone. Continue until everybody has run to the last cone and back. Between each round, teams performed the following exercises while they waited.

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jump Squats
  • SSH

Mosey on down to the stone benches in front of Neighbors and pair up for some Bell Cow action. In pairs foursomes, call out an exercise for the rest of the PAX and then Indian run to the roundabout, bear crawl around, and return. Exercises, in no particular order, included:

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • SSH

Took the PAX to the playground to knock out a set of max pull-ups whilst the non-pullers planked, and then headed back to parking lot for…


  • Dixie Stampede
  • Bridge Sit-Ups
  • LBCs



Welcome to our FNG’s Eric and Luke, now known as Wahlburger and Cobra Kai. Both were up to the tasks before them, and I have no doubt they are ready for some less “friendly” workouts. Tclaps to Dutch Oven and Pop-A-Lock for getting them out here.


  • Prayers for all of those affected by Hurricane Michael
  • Praises for Bad Boy’s M entering her 18th week of pregnancy.
  • Bomber is still very alive, and we are exploring the possibility of a West Park AO
  • Chattanooga Training Day led by YHC was a success with many an FNG and even more muscle failure. Glad to have been a part.
  • Even on a bye week, go Tigers.

PA out.

Bombs on The Hill

14 pax broke a sweat at Titan this morning, in the gloom that with each passing day lingers just a bit more. Hambone and Porcelain got Centennial ready for us with a two mile run before the main event.

Pax: T-Cell, Huggie, DaVinci, Hi-Viz, Keep the Change, Softwood, Hambone, BnB, Bicentennial Man, Porcelain, Right Said, Tiny Dancer, Crab Legs, Harvey Updyke (QIC)


Disclaimer followed by a mosey to the southern end of the main field, where the pax circled up for some limbering. Got things started with:

  • SSH x 25
  • WMH x 20
  • LBAC x 20
  • Reverse LBAC x 20
  • Good Mornings x 10


At the request of DaVinci, the pax ramped up the intensity level with an Indian Run that took us counterclockwise around the lake, ending at The Hill west of the Parthenon. Distance: 0.7 miles.

At the base of The Hill, we regrouped for an explanation of the next ~23 minutes. The pax partnered up, and did B.O.M.B.S. (a distant cousin of Dora) on The Hill. One partner stayed at the base and worked on the reps while the other partner ran up and back down The Hill. Partners worked together to cumulatively perform:

  • Burpees x 50
  • Overhead Press x 100
  • Merkins x 150
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 200
  • Squats x 250

Per MapMyRun, The Hill appears to be exactly 0.1 miles round trip, so depending on how many times each pair swapped out, everyone ran another 1.0-1.2 miles up and down the hill in addition to their share of the above reps.

Back to the sidewalk near the JT statue for…


Pax lined up on their sixes and starting at the southern end, called out an exercise and counted us off for 15 reps each. Worked our way up the line, skipping every other pax in the exercise choice. Choices included (might be missing one):

  • LBCs
  • Flutter kicks
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Box cutters
  • Big boy sit-ups
  • J-Los


  • First Friday lunch this Friday, 11:30am at The Cookery
  • Grow School coming up in September, more details coming soon
  • Prayers for Tiny Dancer’s colleagues Ben & Jeff, who are recovering from injury and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Five for coffee and CFB @ Three Bros.

Honor to lead you men this morning, thanks for kicking off your Wednesday with me.

No trees were harmed in the making of this workout.

The Bomber Roller Coaster

Weather: It’s Always Sunny in Sylvan Park

Q: T-Cell

Pax:  Princess Aurora, Dewey, Lemon, Hambone, Bicentennial Man, Vector, Harvy Updyke, Studio 42, Porcelain, High Viz, Firefox, Lunch Lady, Rocket League, Barthelona, Reveille, Keep the Change, DaVinci, Trapper Keeper, Crab Legs, Huggy, Clark Stint (FNG), Vinyl Signs (FNG), Rainmaker, (FNG)

24 rolled up, including a clown car of FNG’s from recent FNG DaVinci for a T-Cell special that apparently had Hambone feeling semi-erect for the last 24 hours.

Mosey around the hood just to get some Sylvan Park flavor and back up to the top parking lot. Warmorama of 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Willie Mays Hays, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, and finish with some Bat Wings.

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill to board the roller coaster. Here was the deal, run up to the top of the hill, perform 1 burpee, run down other side to the gate, reverse run back up the hill, perform 2 burpees, run down to the start. This continued until you did 8 burpees. Porcelain remarked that this felt like a roller coaster since you went up slowly then put your hands up at top before coming back down. Alas, we now have the Bomber Roller Coaster.

On to the parking lot for relay races. Each time squared off in a sprint against a member of the other team whilst the pax did squats and SSH. Had a marquee start with PA and Dewey leading us off.  Dewey however pulled a hammy on the way back. The 2’s took the competition.

Finished with some Mary, which turned into a impromptu “Plank Up Comedy Show”. Lots of good jokes. None of them repeatable.

Wrapped with COT and the naming of the new guys.

Keep Lunch Lady in your prayers as he’s got a challenging year ahead at his job. Praying things get better with his boss and his blood pressure (those two are related)

Praises for Reveille’s father being back on US soil. Grateful for his service.

Had 10 for coffeteria.

Thank you men. It’s an honor to lead you.

Birthday @ Bomber: Third Saturday in October Edition


Keep the Change, Blue Mule, Hambone, Firefox, Frequency, Crab Legs, Right Said, Lunch Lady, Hi-Viz, Trapper Keeper, The Baptist, Reveille, En Fuego, Tiny Dancer, Dewey Decimal (FNG), Porcelain, Bad Boy, Vector, Lemon, Crawl Space


T-Cell and YHC Harvey Updyke (VQ)

22 (including 1 FNG) gathered together in the early dawn, commenting on the beautiful cool morning; by some unexplainable mystery of nature, the temperature seemed to rise by 15-20 degrees over the course of just a few minutes…

Co-QICs T-Cell and Harvey Updyke educated the pax on the history of the University of Tennessee and University of Alabama football programs, two of the most storied and successful SEC schools in history. T-Cell got things started with the disclaimer and led the first 15-20 minutes.


  • Mosey to the small parking lot near the McCabe roundabout on the golf course side
  • SSH x25
  • WMH x20
  • Merkins x10


Mosey down the greenway past the driving range, 3-4 minutes or so to a fairway with a hill. T-Cell proceeded to commemorate the “Voice of the Vols”, Tennessee sportscasting great John Ward, one month to the day since  his passing. Ward was widely known for his trademark touchdown call “GIVE…HIM…SIX!” As such, we honored his memory with Sixes: 1 Merkin at the bottom, run up the hill, 5 Jump Squats at the top, back down the hill – each round, adding one Merkin and removing one Jump Squat from the count until we fully inverted to 5 & 1.

T-Cell brought the tunes along, blasting Rocky Top at the bottom of the hill. Counterintuitively, the pax were noticeably faster running up the hill away from the music than they were running back down. T-Cell also reminded the pax that the goal line at the bottom of the hill was the speaker; some mumble chatter may have arisen about purposely stopping a little shy, as this was the UT portion of the workout, after all.


T-Cell turned over the ball (hehe) to Harvey Updyke to take the pax home. Wise decision, as you never want to count on UT in the second half. YHC led the pax in a mosey back to McCabe community center, and took them on a quick history lesson: the day was October 21, 2006, and YHC was a freshman at the fine University of Alabama. Head Coach Mike Shula was in his final season at Bama, and unfortunately the Tide could not get it done against Phil Fulmer’s Vols in Knoxville. Fortunately, this was one of the final straws that led to Coach Shula’s dismissal, and as most of us know, his replacement turned out aight. So aight, in fact, that that sad day was the last time that UT downed Bama. It’s been 4,290 days since the Vols have found success against the Tide.

As such, we completed a total of 42 Burpees, along with 90 second intervals around an 8-station Ring of Fire, in the following order:

  • 21 Burpee buy-in
  • Ring of Fire, 90 seconds AMRAP at each:
    • Ranger Merkins
    • One-Legged Calf Raises
    • Lt. Dans
    • Low Country Crab
    • Travoltas
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Dips
    • E2Ks
  • 21 Burpee buy-out


Back in the parking lot, we celebrated each of Bama’s National Championships with a rep in a pax-determined core exercise – so 17 of each:

  • Freddie Mercuries – YHC
  • Scissor Kicks – Vector
  • Crunchy Frogs – honestly don’t remember who called this one, the pain was too great and my glasses are usually fogged at this point


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and welcomed FNG Carlos Shivers aka Dewey Decimal (he’s a librarian). Great to have you out with us man, be sure to come back! Reminders about TN Can Ruck – meet at Fat Bottom Brewery at 1:45 tomorrow – ruck starts at 2 sharp. Prayers for:

  • TK’s wife’s grandmother Marie is in the ICU, prayers for healing and peace among the family
  • Reveille’s cousin continues her recovery process
  • Reveille’s dad and brother both ship out soon, prayers for safety
  • Right Said’s friend getting the ole’ wisdom teeth yanked. Prayers for no dry sockets but maybe some YouTube-worthy pain med vids

It was an honor to co-Q with T-Cell, take on my VQ, and celebrate my 30th birthday with such excellent men. Thank you for the opportunity.

Friendly Friday the 13th: Boogying Down at Bomber

PAX:  PA (pre-ruck), Hi-Viz (pre-ruck), T-cell, Third Person, Bad Boy, Blue Mule, Hambone, en fuego, TK, Reveille, Lunch Lady, Mighty Stork, Canary, Ebola, The Baptist, Lemon, Crawl Space, Studio 42, Meatloaf (FNG), Frequency (FNG), Harvey Updyke, Firefox, Tiny Dancer, Voucher, Keep the Change, Vector (QIC)

26 (including 2 FNGs) enjoyed a perfect mid-70s (in both temperature and playlist) morning.


The First F:  Fitness – Warm-o-rama:
WMH x 13
LBAC x 13 (Aside #1 – this was disrupted by mumble chatter pointing out Bad Boy and T-cell’s matching outfits; rumored conversation between the two later in the workout: “Next week, let’s go with an orange motif.”)
Lunch Lady for a 13 count (aside #2, Kotters to Lunch Lady – you were missed!)
Seal Claps x 13
RLBAC x 13
GM x 13

Mosey to McCabe Rec Center.  To commemorate Friday the 13th, YHC, noting the very few PAX who were alive in the 1970s (aside #3:  Major Kotters to Mighty Stork’s return and glad to have a pre-1980 HIM with me), decided to use this day of bad luck and horror movies to go back to a murder — July 12, 1979.  Comiskey Park, White Sox vs. Tigers.  A local DJ held a promotion – $1 ticket to a doubleheader if you brought in a disco record.  Between games, they were taken on field (the records, not the fans) and blown up (along with a section of center field), in an event forever known as the “Death of Disco.”  As such, our workout today focused on remembering that horrifying (yet catchy) music of my youth.   Also, as mental strength is as important as physical strength for HIM, the workout was performed to a playlist of disco classics (that I actually may or may not have in my collection):

Staying Alive, Bee Gees
Boogie Wonderland, Earth, Wind and Fire
Heart of Glass, Blondie
That’s the Way (I Like It), KC and the Sunshine Band
I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
Le Freak, Chic

Round #1:  Split into 6 groups (F2: Fellowship – as we need others to become true leaders and to push us along the way).  Each group at a station. Rotate when runners return (runners do 13 dips on first set on McCabe benches).  2 Sets.

D:  Derkins
I:  Incline Merkins
C:  Crunchy Frogs
O:  Over/Under (line up in plank position, jump over your group members and crawl back under)

Round #2:  Mosey to playground, same groups, same concept, 1 set

S:  Squats/Split-squats
U:  pull-Ups
C:  Calf Raises
K:  “Killer” Burpees (whatever version of burpees kills you — for some, even thinking of burpees at this point was a killer)
S:  Swerkins

Round #3:  Mary
PAX choice, 13 reps.  Got 8-9 different exercises in from Flutter kicks x 2, American Hammers, Boxcutters, Newton’s Cradle, etc. etc.  To ease the mental angst from disco, playlist included several non-disco classics from 1979:

London Calling, The Clash
Let’s Go, The Cars

COT – F3: Faith:
Welcomed 2 FNGs, Frequency (who likes to listen to morning radio with one ear at work), and Meatloaf (a transplant back home from ATL).  So great to have new men come out into the gloom and experience F3 — welcome back anytime!  Prayers for Reveille’s cousin (now in rehab) and praises/prayers for Lunch Lady’s new/old job.  Truly was an honor to lead you all this morning as we all push each other to be better men, husbands, partners, fathers, friends.  Was told I get “Most Improved Cadence,” which means my first Q, I must have really biffed it!  And I’m not apologizing for all those disco ear worms that swam throughout your head all day.


Conn School field trip Senioritis

70ish F and some clouds.  16 for Bomber class field trip to Conn school in Richland Park.  T-claps to our pre-ruckers PA and Hi-viz (am I missing one?).  Q-Porcelain Pax-Princess Aurora, Hi-viz, Right Said, Crab Legs, Vector, Cut Throat, Harvey Updike, Reveille, 3rd Person, Lemon, Bicentennial Man, Firefox, T-cell, Bad Boy, and Pop-a-lock.

Warmarama: 20xSSH, 20xwillie Mayes Hayes (after Q forgot the name), 10xgood mornings.

The thang: Had 12 books still on the ledge after no one raised their hand for sub-6 min mile runners.  Sub-7 minute milers grabbed a large text book.  Sub-8 runners grabbed a medium text book.  Remaining text books grabbed by the rest.  Mosey due north up 48th Ave N to Richland Park.  Speed bump of 5 burpees and alternating shoulder taps over the around 3/4 mile.   At the playground went into a quick setup and explanation of the circuit that would executed one by one starting with the first activity as the timer a run uphill up the Conn school steps and back 1:30 run for most.  Stations were marked with numbered Comic Sans font paper signs and kept in place by the carried books.  Moleskin: comic sans font to celebrate comic sans day.  No kidding, couldn’t find a Star Trek reference for today.  Conn!

Other stations:

Crunchy happy bench frogs

LT Dans


Curb calf raises


Hanging row

Hanging Knees to chest


Picnic table exaggerated leg raises

Picnic table Step ups


Completed a full round before regrouping with books, grabbing water at the fountain, then racing at own fastest pace back to the rally point at McCabe for Mary.

Mary: Fastest group planked each arm then held 6 inch flutter kick position then roll backs as the six arrived.  Flutter kicks x 20.  Dixie stampede counted off by 2’s then alternating elevated or low hello dollies for 40 with transitions every 10.

COT: Thanks from YHC for you guys keeping me sane through grad school.  I have wicked senioritis.  Avoiding writing my final paper now.  Prayers for Reveille’s cousin that is recovering from being hit by a car.

Bomber 6/29/18

A baker’s dozen got up and got better.

PAX: Trapper Keeper, Reveille, Hambone, Crablegs, Barthelona, EnFuego, The Baptist, Crawlspace, Porcelain, Pop-A-Lock, Princess Aurora, T-Cell

QIC: Hi-Viz

CONDITIONS: Pretty darn perfect.


Slow-N-Low Squats X 20 IC
Air Presses X 15 IC
Reverse LBAC X 15 IC
Good Mornings X 10 IC

Mosey to the driving range for Bear Crawl and Lieutenant Dans, switching at each post along the way. Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the stop sign and partner-up for DORA. One person runs down the hill and back up (with a three-Burpee speedbump), while their partner makes progress toward the team goal of:
-100 Hydraulic Squats (Dropped the Hydraulic part for time/knee sake)
-200 Merkins
-300 Plank Jacks

Mosey to the parking lot wall for some newly-dubbed ‘Durkin Docks.’ Complete a Durkin, walk your hands back to a pike position and complete a Carolina Dry Dock. Walk hands back and start over. One minute was enough.

BoxCutters X 10 IC / Reverse X 10 IC
Flutters X 15 IC
High Plank


-Sign-up for TN Can Ruck. 7/21. Hit up Slack or PA for details. (The patch looks killer, BTW.)
-4th of July convergence at Titan. Two-hour Co-Q. Should be a barn-burner.
-Speaking of the 4th, if you’re looking for afternoon family fun with a great purpose, check out Slack for details on the event to support St. Jude and Team #JobLikeTheBibleName.
-Hambone on deck at Stonewall in the AM.
-First Friday lunch next week.

Great work, men. SYITG.

Friendly (playlist) Friday

It’s always perfect in Sylvan Park. No need for a weather update.

QIC– T-Cell

Pax– Princess Aurora, High Viz, Right Said, Porcelain, Third Person, Hawkeye, Trapper Keeper, Firefox, The Baptist, Lemon, Vector, Ebola, Bad Boy, Reveille, Crawlspace, Tiny Dancer (FNG), ABBA, (FNG) and Crab Legs (FNG).

Friendly Friday at Bomber last week. After Big Bang promising 20, we were so close, except we were missing one person, Big Bang. Sadly, after a visible mosey we circled by for some bricks.

COP – SSH, GM, Squats and some Merkins.

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill. Partner up for some friendliness. We had two circuits. One was leg heavy.

Box 1 were lunges or jump lunges for the pros.  Box 2 were squat or jump squats for the pros. Box 3 were calf raises and Box 4 were Bulgarian Split Squats. And then two runners half-way up the hill as timers.

Other sides was Box 1 merkins or burpees for the pros. Box 2 were Lat Raises with bricks, Box 3 were overhead press with a cement block and Box 4 were Bat Wings (20 front circles, 20 reverse, 20 seal claps, and 20 overhead claps. And then two runners half-way up as timers.

I tried to add a little music for the day but my Haim centric playlist was getting panned. Only hard rock for this crew apparently.

Each group went through twice and then we switched.

Lil mosey around the building and finish with some mosey.

Great to have another great crowd at Bomber. And great having 3 FNGs, way to go Right Said and Third Person for the recruits. And great to have Fernando from the Sylvan Park Fest out. The tent worked!

I had to bolt, but rumors of 13 for coffeteria. We might have to open our own coffeeshop.

#KBA #BlameBigBang




Baker’s Dozen at Bomber

TEMP: Beautiful


PAX: Preacher Man, Trapper Keeper, Porcelain, Firefox, Bad Boy, Right Said, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Reveille, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz, Hambone, Third Person

Q: Third Person

Long mosey through the streets of Sylvan Park with the following exercises mixed in:

Burpees x 10, merkins x 9, squats x 8, burpees x 7, merkins x 6, squats x 5, burpees x 4, merkins x 3, squats x 2, burpees x 10. Pax loved that last one.

WOR and Disclaimer:


SSH, GM, WMH, IW, LBAC forward and reverse


Since it’s baseball season, I decided the pax needed some work on the basepaths for some “bears-ball.” Split in to groups of 3/4 and each moseyed to a base to await instructions.

Round 1: Bear crawl to the next base – 1 burpee. Crawl bear to next base – 2 burpees. Bear crawl to third – 3 burpees. Crawl bear home – 4 burps. Heading for home, I was very thankful the bases weren’t farther apart

Round 2: Duck walk instead of bear crawl. Lt. Dan instead of crawl bear.

Round 3: Same as round one.

Mosey to the playground and partner up. Partner 1 does pull ups to failure, then partner 2 assists for 5 more. Flapjack. 20 merkins and 20 plankjacks OYO. Mosey around the community center.

Round 2 of pull ups followed by 20 merkins.

Mosey to the front of the community center.

2 minutes for Mary: Absolution x 10 IC, LBCs x 20 IC.


Great to lead everyone through this work out.


*Memorial Day Murph Convergence at Concord Road YMCA on Monday at 0600.  Big Bang on Q.

*First Friday lunch on 1 June, next Friday at Cookery.

*Continued prayers for Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills’ dad, The Jeweler’s mom and others.

*Keep Dilly Dilly’s friends family in your prayers as they deal with his violent death this week.


Third Person

It’s Bomber, Baby!

PAX: Hawkeye, Trapper Keeper, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Porcelain, Preacher Man, Power Lunch, The Baptist, Famine, Dinty Moore, Vector, Bicentennial Man, Lunch Lady

QIC: Hi-Viz

CONDITIONS: 68 degrees, 125% humidity.

14 proved they piss excellence, by getting up and getting better, while paying homage to the most American of sports on NASCAR Day. And yes, apparently that’s a thing. In an effort to up his game and follow PA’s theme-based Q lead, YHC logged on to for some pre-Q research and picked NASCAR Day over HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, International Virtual Assistants Day, and National Visit Your Relatives Day as today’s inspo. You’re welcome.

Mosey up to the upper greenway entrance, which I’ve officially — as my first act as AOQ at Bomber — dubbed The Nip.


Good Mornings IC X 10
LBACs IC X 15 Forward/Reverse
Slow ‘N Low Squats IC X 20

Mosey to the upper parking lot, where it’s race day! Gentlemen, start your engines. As opposed to 400 laps, the PAX only had to run five. However, during each lap, all took a “pit stop” of 10 burpees. Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the driving range for some work on the straightaway.

Alternate bear crawls and lunges down the length of the range. Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the parking lot wall for some additional maintenance.
Dips X 10 OYO
Urkins X 10 OYO
Durkins X 10 OYO
Carolina Dry Docks X 10 OYO

YHC brought this back from a vacation visit to the PAX at F3Lowcountry in Hilton Head. All PAX assumed Six Inches. Guy at the end shuffles down the line trying to knock down the feet of each guy in line and assumes his place at the end of the line. Cycle through all PAX. It was such a #CrowdPleaser, we rinsed and repeated in reverse. Smoked.




Pray for Lunch Lady and what may be a new opportunity in Metro Schools for the coming school year.

F3 has a table at tomorrow’s Market Fest at Richland Park from 9A-2P. Stop by and hang, if you’d like. We’re hoping to recruit some new guys and keep the momentum going.

New AO launching in South Nashville on Thursday, 5/24 with 4:13 Strong, which provides job training for at-risk men. It’ll be at 1276 Foster Avenue on Thursday mornings. Try to make it, if you can.

F3 Dads will meet up in Franklin at Pinkerton Park this Sunday at 3P. Bring the 2.0s for exercise, with snacks to follow.

Hey, grab a Q slot! I’d love to see us fill up the next few weeks at Bomber, so have at it. If you want to co-Q, no big deal. We’ll find you someone! Just let me know.