It’s Bomber, Baby!

PAX: Hawkeye, Trapper Keeper, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Porcelain, Preacher Man, Power Lunch, The Baptist, Famine, Dinty Moore, Vector, Bicentennial Man, Lunch Lady

QIC: Hi-Viz

CONDITIONS: 68 degrees, 125% humidity.

14 proved they piss excellence, by getting up and getting better, while paying homage to the most American of sports on NASCAR Day. And yes, apparently that’s a thing. In an effort to up his game and follow PA’s theme-based Q lead, YHC logged on to for some pre-Q research and picked NASCAR Day over HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, International Virtual Assistants Day, and National Visit Your Relatives Day as today’s inspo. You’re welcome.

Mosey up to the upper greenway entrance, which I’ve officially — as my first act as AOQ at Bomber — dubbed The Nip.


Good Mornings IC X 10
LBACs IC X 15 Forward/Reverse
Slow ‘N Low Squats IC X 20

Mosey to the upper parking lot, where it’s race day! Gentlemen, start your engines. As opposed to 400 laps, the PAX only had to run five. However, during each lap, all took a “pit stop” of 10 burpees. Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the driving range for some work on the straightaway.

Alternate bear crawls and lunges down the length of the range. Plank and wait for the six.

Mosey to the parking lot wall for some additional maintenance.
Dips X 10 OYO
Urkins X 10 OYO
Durkins X 10 OYO
Carolina Dry Docks X 10 OYO

YHC brought this back from a vacation visit to the PAX at F3Lowcountry in Hilton Head. All PAX assumed Six Inches. Guy at the end shuffles down the line trying to knock down the feet of each guy in line and assumes his place at the end of the line. Cycle through all PAX. It was such a #CrowdPleaser, we rinsed and repeated in reverse. Smoked.




Pray for Lunch Lady and what may be a new opportunity in Metro Schools for the coming school year.

F3 has a table at tomorrow’s Market Fest at Richland Park from 9A-2P. Stop by and hang, if you’d like. We’re hoping to recruit some new guys and keep the momentum going.

New AO launching in South Nashville on Thursday, 5/24 with 4:13 Strong, which provides job training for at-risk men. It’ll be at 1276 Foster Avenue on Thursday mornings. Try to make it, if you can.

F3 Dads will meet up in Franklin at Pinkerton Park this Sunday at 3P. Bring the 2.0s for exercise, with snacks to follow.

Hey, grab a Q slot! I’d love to see us fill up the next few weeks at Bomber, so have at it. If you want to co-Q, no big deal. We’ll find you someone! Just let me know.




Bomber – 05.11.18 – “Friendly Friday”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: T-Cell, Third Person, Reveille, Porcelain, Vector, Ebola, Cat Scratch Fever, Famine (FNG), Stevie Ray (WD, Chapel Hill), Hambone, Hawkeye, Mickey Mouse, Gables (FNG), The Baptist, Lemon, Binary, Lunch Lady, Right Said, En Fuego, The Jeweler

Today was the inaugural Friendly Friday in F3 Nashville, and the PAX were out in full force as 21 descended upon Bomber for a beatdown suitable for all abilities.


After a mosey around the parking lots along with some agility drills, it was time for the COP, disclaimer, and a brief intro to F3:

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • WMH x 16
  • Merkins x 10
  • LBAC F/R x 15

First F: If we don’t take care of our equipment what use will it be for good? As leaders, we need to better ourselves in order to have lasting impact on our communities. So let’s better ourselves with 11s (scaled to abilities as promised)

  • Charlie: Merkins on Knees, Quarter squats (?)
  • Bravo: Merkins, Squats
  • Alpha: Hand Release Merkins, Jump Squats

Mosey down to the lower lot.

Second F: Leaders need others to teach, others to learn from, and others to both hold accountable and be held accountable by. So grab a buddy, and line up across the curbs.

  • Round 1: P1 bear crawls across parking lot while P2 performs Merkins. When P1 reaches other side, he performs Merkins while P2 bear crawls to him. Repeat going back to start but with Clerkins.
  • Round 2: P1 crawl bears across lot while P2 performs Lt Dans. When P1 reaches other side, he performs Clerkins while P2 crawl bears to him. Repeat going back to start but with Jumping Lunges aka Iron Mikes. Bravo and Charlie are Lunge Walk and Mosey, respectively.

Now form two lines with partners lining up next to each other, and commence Double Applesauce (two-man Indian Run) out of the park and down Murphy. Halt when everybody’s gone once, and reverse it back the way we came.

Quick mosey to the playground and form four groups of five. Group 1 picks an exercise for the rest of the PAX to complete while, as a team, they knock out 75 pull-ups. Rotate until all groups have gone.

Mosey back to start, incline plank on the wall to wait for 6, and then 10 Irkins in cadence to close it out.

Third F: Leaders without virtue are dangerous people, so some sort of belief system founded upon faith in something outside of yourself is imperative to have positive impact in our communities. Whether it’s the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, or just the Golden Rule, we need to live third.



  • It was a treat to see some faces I had not seen in a while. Binary, The Baptist, Lemon, and The Jeweler: please don’t be strangers.
  • Welcome to Kevin Dee aka Famine! He is a doctor and assistant professor at Vanderbilt in the infectious diseases division. It’s fitting that these guys in infectious diseases are really spreading F3 amongst their peers. That’s 6 ID guys who’ve been named by my count!
  • Welcome to Anderson Green aka Gables! He is a Sumner County native and works in commercial real estate. Thankfully, he did not defriend YHC after bugging him for weeks to come to a workout. The allure of a friendly workout was too much to pass up! Friendly Friday success!
  • Worth noting is that The Jeweler, while absent, has not lost a bit of fitness.


  • Memorial Day Convergence with F3 Franklin at Concord Rd YMCA. Expect Murph.
  • Due to some conflicting events, I’m working on a new date for the Brew Ruck, but it’s looking like 6/30 or 7/7. Will report as soon as finalized!
  • 9/15 will be a very special Stonewall as we celebrate our 4th anniversary.  Get it on your calendar now.
  • And while your calendar is out, go ahead and mark 9/22 for a one-time CSAUP. More details will be revealed in the coming months, but you won’t want to miss.

Men, it’s always a pleasure to lead and be led by you. Thank you.

PA out.

Bomber – 04.20.18 – “S.M.O.K.E. Break”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Hambone, Porcelain, Hollister, T-Cell, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Reveille, Tongue ‘N’ Groove (FNG), Bad Boy, Blue Mule, Bicentennial Man 

It was a wake ‘n’ bake kind of morning for 12 PAX at Bomber this morning. YHC has never touched the stuff, but, never one to pass on a themed workout, the PAX got their taste of 4-20.

The Thang:

Medium mosey around the circle drive and through the upper lot with some High Knees, Butt Kicks, Backpedaling, and Side Shuffling thrown in. Circle up for the disclaimer and the following:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey down to the long lot and line up along the curb. The PAX would be doing 4 rounds of 20 movements, taking S.M.O.K.E. breaks in between. After each round, PAX planked for the six and started the next round together. The S.M.O.K.E. break consisted of 5 reps each of the following:

  • Star Crunches
  • Merkins
  • Overhead Squats
  • Kraken Burpees (Burpee with 3 HRM)
  • Elbow Plank Jacks

The rounds consisted of various means of travel, counting out/up as 1 and back/down as 2. The rounds were as follows:

  1. Shuttle Run (across lot, touching each curb)
  2. Hill Run (up and down driveway)
  3. Backpedal/Mosey (up driveway/down driveway)
  4. Broad Jump/Backpedal (across lot)

Enough time for 7MOM:

  • Flutters Kicks x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20 (Right Said)
  • J-Lo’s x 20 (Porcelain)
  • Hello Dollies x 20 (Reveille)
  • Hollow Hold for final 30″



We welcomed FNG Andrew Trammell aka Tongue ‘N’ Groove to F3 Nashville. A woodworker who had a kissing experience that prompted him to brush the taste away. He loves his name, so I think that’s enough to get him back. Mumblechatter about the low temps in late April was heard, and YHC spared the PAX by leaving the pull-ups out of the mix today. #frozenhands


  • Walk for Williams is May 12 and is May’s 3rd F service opportunity. See Brother-At-Law for details.
  • Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck will be June 23. This is your service opportunity and CSAUP rolled into one on, though I hesitate to call it CSAUP as we will be supporting Second Harvest Food Bank in fighting hunger across Middle TN. That’s certainly not completely stupid and utterly pointless. See the poll in the #nashville-rucking channel on Slack.
  • Nolensville is launching next Tuesday, April 24 and needs your support. Post!
  • Prayers for Spicoli, Olan Mills’s father, Foggy Pirate’s back, and Tebow’s knee.

Lastly, I want to ask all of you what I asked the guys this morning:

Why do you do F3? 

Please ponder that question this weekend and respond in the comments.

PA out.

Bomber – 48:  Age is Just a Number

PAX:  Porcelain, Firefox, T-cell, Megatron, Hi-Viz, PA, Badboy, Jolene, Harvey Updyke, Reveille, En Fuego, Ebola, Lunch Lady, Cat Scratch Fever (FNG David), Princess Zelda (FNG Kyle), Mo-Fomite (FNG Paul), Myers-Briggs (FNG Adam), Vector (QIC)

18 (including 4 FNGs) enjoyed a balmy morning for my VQ.  As more HIM kept arriving, yours truly felt the pressure to make sure all enjoyed their time in the gloom.

(Bad sign that this VQ was out of breath at the start!)

GM x 12 (well, 13 due to bad counting)
WMH x 12
IW x 12
Squats x 12
(4 x 12 = 48)

LBAC x 24
Ebola for a 24 count
RLBAC x 24
(2 x 24 = 48)

SSH x 48 (VQ Lesson #1:  Try not to have so many reps that you end up smoking yourself before the end; Thx to PA for reviving the count!)
(1 x 48 = 48)

Round #1:  48
Mosey to McCabe Rec Center.
As the oldest Bomber regular,  we celebrated YHC’s 48th by performing 4 exercises x 12 reps representing the stages of growing up:
1) Bear crawl x 12 (infant)
2) Mosey to benches on front of building:  Dips on benches x 12 (learning to sit up)
3) Mosey to playground: pull-ups x 12
4) Mosey to circle: Burpees x 12 (as T-cell stated, represents “dying”??)

Plank when complete — thx to T-cell for Qing impromptu plank sessions incl regular, bird-dog, reverse and other versions of plank pain.

Round #2:  Age is Just a Number
Count off 1-2 and partner up
Partner 1:  Incline merkins (or derkins) x the age of partner 2
Partner 2: Bobby Hurleys (in honor of the greatest 4 days in sports and my beloved Blue Devils) x the age of partner #1

Round #3:  Mary
E2K L x 24
E2K R x 24

Welcomed 4(!) FNGs:  David aka Cat Scratch Fever, Paul aka Mo-Fomite, Kyle aka Princess Zelda, and Adam aka Myers-Briggs.  That’s 4 (Ebola, Vector, Cat Scratch and Mo-fo) infectious disease guys in the group — watch out — we’re spreading . . .
So great to have new men come out into the gloom and experience F3 — welcome back anytime!
Bomber is down in Franklin at Battleground next week to support and lift up Spicoli – meetup at Bomber AO for caravan at 5am.

Special thanks to Ebola for EHing me into F3, to Big Bang for naming me, and for the entire PAX for supporting me even when I’m not the most fit and may lag behind.    Truly was an honor to lead you all this morning as we all push each other to be better men, husbands, partners, fathers, friends.


Men of Bomber Pay Homage to The Last Frontier

Pax: T-Cell, Princess Aurora, Vector, Bicentennial Man, Third Person, High Viz, Porcelain, Hambone, Firefox, Blue Mule

QIC: En Fuego

A near full moon and 37 degree temperatures greeted the fine Pax of Bomber this morning – near ideal settings for YHC to bust out the winter gear again despite multiple showings of t-shirt / shorts pairings from his fellow Pax.  5:30 alarm goes off, YHC asks the 10 Pax to line up in alphabetical order, form two lines.  Teams are set, we’re ready to mosey.  Wait, up pulls Porcelain.  Ten becomes 11, teams are reset, mosey begins toward the Pro Shop.  Disclaimer, followed by COP mix of SSH, LBAC, RLBAC, WMH and GMs – 51 reps in total to celebrate tomorrow’s 51st running of the Iditarod – which leads us to…

The Thang:

We mosey to the driving range where YHC enlightens the Pax on the history of the Iditarod – something admitably YHC knew nothing about until the oldest came home this week with her 2nd grade class project.  Cliff notes – diptheria outbreak in the town of Nome, Alaska in 1925.  Nome is running on short supply of medical supplies to contain outbreak – in come a sled of dogs with antibiotics in tow, with none other than lead dog Balto leading the way.  Tomorrow, over 60 Mushers will lead their dogs through the 1,000 mile journey to commemorate this 1925 event.  Today, two Bomber Mushers got our Friday started right.

5 races, two teams, 1,000 total miles, er reps, (before adjustment to 1,200 to account for extra Pax on pack 2) with Musher Hi Viz in command of pack 1 and Musher Vector of pack 2, thanks to their respective HC first responder slack status.

B – Burpees; 200 total as a team (240 for Team 2).  Musher is responsible for ensuring accurate collective count, and upon completion / Musher command we race down the length of driving range (just over .2 miles).  Instructions to stay in close pack, with Musher ensuring no Pax left behind.  Team 1, aka, Good Guys, take race #1, despite some ensuing Mumble Chatter regarding some rules violations of a separated pack.  Winning team Musher picks exercise of 5 reps for losing team – goes with SSH.

A – Atomic Merkins; 200 / 240, upon completion teams perform Fireman Carry across width of driving range (approx. 100 yards).  YHC made his most strategic move of the day – deciding to quickly hop on the back of Mule vs the opposite.  Despite such winning strategy, Bad Guys take Round 2 – squats our penalty.

L – Lieutenant Dans; 200 / 240, upon completion wheelbarrow race back the 100 yards we just came from.  Bad Guys now on a winning streak, clerkins the punishment.

T – Turkish Sit-ups; 200 / 240, upon completion, team backward mosey back the .2m to start of driving range.  Folks, we now have a tie ball game with one race to go,  with a punishment of Groiners dished out.

O – One-legged Deadlift, whereby upon completion, each team’s Musher has pre-selected two from the pack to race down the .2m stretch and back while teams holds plank.  A confident PA and T-Cell raise their paw in call for duty for Team 2, with Firefox and YHC being tasked to stage the upset for Team 1.  Despite what YHC would deem a strong to quite strong drafting strategy on the way down, team T-Cell and PA were too much to overcome down the stretch, winning by a dog’s nose length.  Perhaps it was more like three body lengths – I can’t recall.

Officially dazed and slightly confused, YHC and Pax head back for final 5 minutes of Mary.  YHC starts off with flutter kicks and quickly passes the baton to Around the Horn format, still gassed, with proper Mary form and count in high debate at this point.

Close out in prayer – off to coffeeteria for those that could partake.   Great work by the crew.  Appreciate the opportunity to be a part of all things F3 with you.

Winning Team – Vector, T-Cell, PA, Hambone, Third Person, Porcelain

Close Runner Ups – Hi Viz, Bicentennial Man, Firefox, Blue Mule, YHC

En Fuego


A Balmy Morning At Bomber

PAX: 3rd Person, Porcelain, Ebola, Firefox, Vector, EnFuego, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Bad Boy, T-Cell, Princess Aurora

QIC: Hi-Viz

11 HIM ignored the siren’s song of the fartsack and were rewarded with a rare 70-degree February morning in Sylvan Park, along with burpees, bear crawl, and a fair amount (2.2+ miles by my count) of running.

Quick mosey to the pub parking.

Good Mornings X 10 IC
IW X 15 IC
Hillbillies X 15 IC


Mosey to Edley’s for People’s Chair. (Wait, is that Pop-A-Lock coming in hot? Indeed!)

Mosey to the top of the hill for 7s. Burpees at the top. Jump Squats at the bottom. The change of direction and longer run was a definite crowd pleaser.

Mosey to the Murphy Bench. One PAX runs to the roundabout for a bear crawl lap and back, while the remaining PAX perform a dealer’s-choice exercise. Burpees, Durkins, Crawl Bear, Lt. Dans, VeryBigArmCircles (VBAC???), etc. (YHC is running short on memory and time to recall all of them. Great variety, however.)

Mosey to home base for Mary. 

Hello Dollys X 20 IC
J-LOs to Finish



Good spirits and great work this morning, men. Always a pleasure to hang with you.

BOLO for details on PA’s BeerRuck coming this June. Should be a good time. Also, he’s planning a September CSAUP.

Also, check out the Slacker for 3rdF opportunities and snag one if you’re interested in Qing one of your own.


Viz out.


Bomber – 01/19/18 – “Poe”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Firefox, Bad Boy, T-Cell, Hi-Viz, En Fuego (LIFO), Bicentennial Man, Megatron, Vector, Porcelain

10 PAX hit up Bomber to help welcome the “warmth” back to Nashville.

The Thang:

Mosey up to and around the upper parking lot and back down to the playground for the COP. All exercises IC:

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • LBAC F
  • Chinooks
  • LBAC R
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers

En Fuego coming in fuego after seeing blue lights this morning. Apparently they don’t put stop signs where you expect them these days. Thankfully, he dropped the F3 bomb on the officer, and she let him pass with a warning.

Mosey back over to the cars and to the bottom of the drive to explain the leg blaster circuit we were to perform. 20 Squats, 20 Lunges (10 ea), 20 Jump Lunges (10 ea), and 20 Jump Squats. Bernie Sanders up to the stop sign. 20 Clerkins. Run back and plank for six. Repeat for three more rounds, dropping reps by 5 each time to end with a Quarter Leg Blaster and 5 Clerkins.

Line up single file for a Prisoner Indian Run. Like a regular IR but with your hands laced behind your head the ENTIRE time. This sucked, but we managed. Normal IR back to the start point and hit the sidewalk for some Mary. Given that it was Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday, I already had the PAX mumbling “nevermore,” but we paid one last tribute with the following exercises IC:

  • Reverse Crunch x 30
  • American Hammer x 20
  • V-Ups x 15
  • E2K x 15 ea
  • Newton’s Cradle x 20



I think double digits are the new standard at Bomber, and soon, it’s only going to get warmer. Guess we gotta get through February, though. Glad to see Vector so regularly now as well.


Many events on the calendar. GoRuck Bataan, Rock’n’Roll Marathon, GoRuck Constellation, and many more. Look for the resurrection of the Nashville CSAUP come June. I mean it.

PA out.


Lucky 7s

PAX: T-Cell, Princess Aurora, Vector, Bicentennial Man, Crawfish, High Viz, Porcelain, Ebola

QIC: En Fuego

9 PAX braved the wintry mix / Ice Storm / Snow Day elements and allowed YHC to get his Bomber VQ on.   Quick mosey through the streets of Sylvan Park followed by COP – SSH (7x); WMH (7x); Good Mornings (7x) and Scorpion Stretch (7x).  YHC mentions that not only does the week mark his 7-month F3 birthday, but that since it’s the start of the year why not get our luck right out of the gate by playing (and dominating) a good ol game of Lucky 7s.  Instead of caravaning to Tunica, however, we bring Tunica to Bomber.

The Thang:

First round of 7s at the hill from base of parking lot to stop sign at top.  Backwards run up the hill; double-up with burpees at top and bottom

Second round of 7s we head to the stairs; urkins at the top, derkins at the bottom

Third and final round of 7s we head to parking lot and bring out dealer’s choice.  PAX can choose between bear crawl, crawl bear, duck walk, crab walk or broad jump each time down and back; jump squats await at one end; iron mike’s at the other

5 minutes to go we head to the playground and partner up.  Round 1: Partner 1 performs 10 pull ups while Partner 2 does AMRAP of WWIs.  Flapjack to complete round.  Round 2: Repeat pull ups, replace WW1s with flutter kicks.  Round 3: Repeat pull ups, replace flutter kicks with American Hammers.

COT and closed it out in prayer.  Off to some coffeeteria.

Strong work by each of the PAX getting Snow Day started right – thankful for and appreciative of the opportunity to lead and work alongside each of you.

GrowSchool 2.0

0600 Time to Go…Couple of Stragglers coming in on Two Wheels
Mosey to Soccer field w side shuffle L/R, Politician, High Knees and Butt Kickers
WOR (Princess Aurora)
All IC
SSH X 20
The Dirty McDuece
Count off 1s and 2s to partner up
Round I
Merkins, Squats, Ola Dollies x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round II
Atomic Merkins, Lunges, LBCs x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round III
CDD, Jump Squats (OYO), Reverse Crunches x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round IV
Burpees (OYO), Jump Lunges, Flutter Kix x 12 IC
Run 400M
High Plank on Hill for some of the Genesis of F3 Nation.
Looooong Aunt Bea like wandering mosey around the football field, softball field past the playground through the woods, slalom through the red tips.
Plank Progression in parking lot. More on F3Nashville’s beginnings.
Cross country over to JOHS baseball field back up to rear parking lot. Plank progression on Leadership, Fartsacking and the like.
Why do they call it Mary, CCR? From the famous car ride scene in Something About Mary…look it up.
High plank, low plank, flutters x30 IC, American Hammers x20 IC, Mariah’s x13 IC, j-los x13 IC, 10 burpees oyo
Goal today was to replicate the Qs of OBT & DREDD of GrowSchools and GrowRucks of the past. Must say, think we nailed it! Great work by Qs to explain what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Nice work by the PAX in chiming in w the MC and hard work. Probably the most Forward Leaning Rest/Listening Position/High Plank on record.
Proud to be a part of this great group of men. Thank yall for your hard work and dedication to the reinvigoration of male leadership in our communities.
If anyone knows of some small men that may need this, please a little EH on em.
Lots of great stuff going on right now…many opportunities to serve. Please reach out to me if you feel led to serve in any of the roles we mentioned this am or in any other way we would love to help.
I will get all of the GrowSchool info in one document and see about getting it on the interwebs.
Bagger Vance
Bicentennial Man, Brother @ Law, Right Said, PA, CCR, Floppy Disk, FTTAL, TOGA, T Cell, Traffic Jam, HiViz, Bad Boy, Pappa Lock, Frugal McDugal, Life Champ, Dupree, Numbtucks, Nimbus 2K (FNG), Black Lung, Hambone, Crawfish, PreVac, Lewd Wig, Foggy Pirate, Chum, Vegemite, Big Stick, Deep Dish, Cowboy, BV

Bomber – 10.27.17 – “Somebody’s bakin’!”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: T-Cell, Megatron, Porcelain, Firefox, Bicentennial Man, Crawfish, Hambone, The Baptist

9 HIMs posted at Bomber for a taste of some fresh-baked ciabatta.

With four PAX coming off of a 2-mile warmup, the rest of the crew rolled in and we got going.


After a .4 mile mosey of a circular nature, we hit the COP back at the starting point. All exercises IC

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 20
  • LBAC x 10 F
  • Big “Baby” Arm Circles x 10 F
  • Big “Baby” Arm Circles x 10 R
  • LBAC x 10 R

Enough playtime. Step over to the path and whip out the timer for some tabata. Each round of tabata was followed by another .4 mile run.

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. BBS

With some help from Hambone, we broke out the rucks to use as coupons. PAX split into threes. P1 does 10 walking lunges with the ruck overhead while P2 and P3 bear crawl beside him. Rotate through and RnR back to the starting point.

Next up was a 50-yard Farmer’s Walk. Switch sides on the way back. P2 and P3 performed burpees .

Out of time! COT/BOM


Glad to see Bicentennial Man back in the mix, and thanks to Hambone for Qing the warmup trot. Murphy Mile WILL happen


GrowRuck training is happening. Check Hambone’s blast for info on times, places, and routines.

Prayers for T-Cell as they’re expecting 2.1 this week. And praises for Grisham as they welcomed 2.2 Friday!

PA out.