Open Gates

6 stepped up to get a little better this morning at The Purple Cow.  Here’s how it went down:

PAX: Backlash, Boone’s Farm, Olan Mills, Umbrella, Black Widow, Toga (QIC)

Quick disclaimer, grab a coupon and head to BHS track, yes, the track was open!

Deposit coupons by the track and begin warmup COP.., the usual stuff.

Side shuffles, backwards run, power skips/Chauncey Woof and Poof

Begin tempo run drill= 2 min slow pace, 1 min uptempo pace, repeato x4

Partner up for to execute exercise with coupons while partner runs 100 yds and repeato x2.  Exercises = kb swings, overhead tricep extensions, single leg deadlifts, and APD up and overs passing weights to the partner after every 5 reps (Note: EPIC fail)

Back to the parking lot for COT.

NMM:  Backlash and YHC arrived early to determine whether or not the track was open.  The PAX showed legitimate wonder at this fact but ran the laps nonetheless.  It really is a nice facility, and YHC is certain we’ll find our way over there again.

Stay Classy,


The Bomber Roller Coaster

Weather: It’s Always Sunny in Sylvan Park

Q: T-Cell

Pax:  Princess Aurora, Dewey, Lemon, Hambone, Bicentennial Man, Vector, Harvy Updyke, Studio 42, Porcelain, High Viz, Firefox, Lunch Lady, Rocket League, Barthelona, Reveille, Keep the Change, DaVinci, Trapper Keeper, Crab Legs, Huggy, Clark Stint (FNG), Vinyl Signs (FNG), Rainmaker, (FNG)

24 rolled up, including a clown car of FNG’s from recent FNG DaVinci for a T-Cell special that apparently had Hambone feeling semi-erect for the last 24 hours.

Mosey around the hood just to get some Sylvan Park flavor and back up to the top parking lot. Warmorama of 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Willie Mays Hays, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers, and finish with some Bat Wings.

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill to board the roller coaster. Here was the deal, run up to the top of the hill, perform 1 burpee, run down other side to the gate, reverse run back up the hill, perform 2 burpees, run down to the start. This continued until you did 8 burpees. Porcelain remarked that this felt like a roller coaster since you went up slowly then put your hands up at top before coming back down. Alas, we now have the Bomber Roller Coaster.

On to the parking lot for relay races. Each time squared off in a sprint against a member of the other team whilst the pax did squats and SSH. Had a marquee start with PA and Dewey leading us off.  Dewey however pulled a hammy on the way back. The 2’s took the competition.

Finished with some Mary, which turned into a impromptu “Plank Up Comedy Show”. Lots of good jokes. None of them repeatable.

Wrapped with COT and the naming of the new guys.

Keep Lunch Lady in your prayers as he’s got a challenging year ahead at his job. Praying things get better with his boss and his blood pressure (those two are related)

Praises for Reveille’s father being back on US soil. Grateful for his service.

Had 10 for coffeteria.

Thank you men. It’s an honor to lead you.

Dora 1, 2, 3….4

28 PAX beat out the early morning desire to fartsack and posted for a cool and humid morning at Cruel Hall with the fog rolling out of the holler and steam rising off of the necks of the PAX.

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX: Yardsale, CCR, Edible Arrangements, Bagger Vance, Prevac, Frugal McDoogal, Numtucks, Ludwig van Oshkosh, Off Shore, Floppy Disk, Lumberg, Reefer, Igloo (FNG), Olan Mills, Barf-ista (FNG), Venus, Dupree, Yumi, Calf-Killer, Capslock, Donuts, PSL, Backlash, Change order, Hollow-back-girl, Tampa Libra, Dine-n-Dash

We started with a quick mosey to the back of the school.  Circle up for WOR.

WOR:  SSH x25, LBAC 25 forwards, 25 backwards, Keep arms up for lunging calf stretch x8 each. Drop arms for willie mays x10 ct.

Mosey to the playground and partner up for…


Dora 1, 2, 3…4: 100 Pull ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 400 4ct Flutter kicks; laps around the baseball field.

We put in about 2 miles of running. Significant mumblechatter erupted about “1600” flutter kicks, but he PAX pushed on.  Eventually, we started to run out of time and YHC called for 1 more minute of flutters before we moved on to the next exercise.

The Hang Off:

The 1s hung from the swing set, monkey bars, or other pull up bar for as long as possible in a battle of forearm strength. Meanwhile the 2s were holding low plank. Flapjack for a second set. Each competition was fierce as Floppy just narrowly beat out Olan Mills for the 1s, and Prevac beat out Donuts for the 2s.  Both Floppy and Prevac were holding on to the small poles of the monkey/pull-up bars rather than the big rod of the swing set which was probably an unfair advantage….due to it’s familiarity.

Back to the parking lot for…

Mary: Circle up in high plank for 2 minutes of Merkins to “Up Down” by Morgan Wallen (ft. Florida Georgia line).

Thanks to everybody for giving me the opportunity to lead again this week. SYITG.

Stronghold 8/2/18

Rolled into the 4:13 compound with a truck bed full of fun this balmy AM.

21 PAX:

Red Skull, Hot N Ready, Big Ticket, Gussy, Biscuit, Satchmo, Bruh Bruh, Teddy, Lil Tony, Can’t Get Right, Fallout, Claud, Jersy$ (FNG), Olan Mills, PA, Bagger Vance, CAPSLOCK, Porcelain, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Blood Clot, Preacher Man (Q)

Circle up and read the riot act. Mosey to upper field for some side-shuffle, back-peddle and the following WOR: Goo’mornin, SSH, LBC forward and back, Squats, and maybe something else.



You know when you can’t help but take your work home with you? Well YHC couldn’t help but take his work to his workout with him. PAX were informed we was going to be at church this morning and started off with a bang:


C – Crawl Bear roughly 100yds

H – High Knees x50

U – Up-downs (5 steps + 1 drop) x10

R – Russian plank-kicks x50

C – Crunches x50

H – Hallelujah High Knees x50


Mosey back to edge of upper field where PAX partnered up and lined up in two rows – on top and bottom of steep bank. Top row AMRAP of Murkins, bottom row AMRAP of squats. All the while, wheelbarrow full of unknown weight of blocks, rocks, and wood was passed up and down the bank from partner to partner all the way down the line…and back so everyone had the pleasure of pushing the roughly 75lbs of flat-tired fun up the bank.


Mosey to bball court for quick sprint races (loser does 10 burpees) and then circle up for Mary.



Spell “church” with outstretched legs

Flutter kicks X20

WW1s X20

J-Los X10

Hallelujah High Knees for 1.5 mins


Countoff/Nameoff with naming of FNG Jersey$.


The Hill 8/2/18

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Skid Mark, Black Widow, Too Tall, Yard Sale, FNG Foley

Mosey down to the amphitheater


SSH x 15, GM x 15, WMH x 10, FBAC x 10, RBAC x 10, Overhead Claps x 10, Seal Claps x 10, One set of AJs

Grab dumbbells from the weight room (15 or 20lbs.)


  • 11s:
    • WWI
    • Weighted bear crawl to the other side
    • Derkins
  • Battle ropes: partner up.  One partner on the ropes and the other resting.
    • 20 seconds: small alternating waves
    • 15 seconds: small waves
    • 10 seconds: big alternating waves
    • 10 seconds: power slams
    • 15 seconds: outside circles
    • 15 seconds: inside circles
    • 20 seconds: power slams
  • 7s:
    • Squat into thruster with the dumbbells
    • Weighted lateral bear crawl
    • AJs

Return the weights then mosey to the top lot for COT.



Mary’s Ugly Sister Dora

70F and clear.  The true gloom is starting to return to 0530.  The challenge is keeping it going through below 40F and rainy/snowy.  18 brave pax there to meet the challenge.  Porcelain (YHC Q), Blue Mule, Hambone, Studio 42, ABC, TK, Harvey Updike, Rocket League, Crab Legs, T-cell, bicentennial man, hi-viz, crawl space, Huggy, DaVinci(FNG), Reveille, Right Said, Stang.

warmarama: slaughter starter mosey 1/2 mile with stops every 200m for 10 burpees.  Circled up at playground: Don quixotes x10, ssh x20, low and slow squats x15

the thang: buddy up for Dora mod.  Partners could start at any workout. Running route around the art center.

50-pull-ups with knees to chest


150-picnic table step ups

alternating planks for 6 then mosey to the green for extended Mary.  3 orange cones (not placed by Q) there worked out perfect for group on line sprints about 20m with a called an ab exercise for 10 reps called out by each pax working down the line before each sprint then a new ab exercise.  Some of the exercises were: v-ups, leg raises, alternating Superman, burpees, Freddy Mercury x2, American hammer, lbcs, ww1s, inverted crunch, flutter kicks, plank, j-los, the alphabet, crunchy happy frogs

cot: glad to have another FNG DaVinci running strong with the team.


80’s Birthday Fun

PAX: WMD, Von Trapp, CheezWhiz, Ragdoll, Show Me, Sterno, Soccer Mom, Auntnea, Tebow, Netflix, NumbTucks (QIC), Nimbus 2000, Barney Fievel

13 PAX came out to celebrate 35yrs of NumbTucks. With the humidity high and the 80’s tunes blaring to celebrate a birth in the 80’s we got to work.

Short mosey around lot.
35 SSH – get use to this number men
10 slow low merkins
10 slow low squats
10 BAC (forward and backward)
35 Burpees before we take off

Indian Run with speedbumps along the way
SB#1: 35 Merkins
SB#2: 35 Monkey Humpers
SB#3: 35 Flutter Kicks IC – sorry jogger for getting in the way, we need to learn manners

Thang 2:
Arrive at back of field small hills on the top
Since I was born in 1983 start off with:
19 Burpees then 2 round of:
8 WW1s at top
Bear crawl down
3 Worst Merkins
Crawl Bear Up

Slow Jog Back to lot, we have more time and good 80’s tunes so more speedbumps:
SB#1 – 70 Copenhagen’s (Sterno suggestion)
SB#2 – 20 Picnic Bench Shoulder Press (4 to a table)

IC Alabama Prom Dates
IC Up Downs
Good Mornings
Just to end on a good note 35 burpees

Good work men, a good way to celebrate 35 years!

Westeros 30 July: 14 PAX rinse and repeat Indian run and merkins

Westeros 30 July: 14 PAX rinse and repeat Indian run and merkins

14 Pax: Blue Mule (Q), Vector, T-Cell, ABC, Porcelain, Studio 42, Keep The Change, Right Said, Trapper Keeper, Crab Legs, Rocket League, Reveille, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz

Mid 70s with average humidity – about the best conditions you could hope for in the South in the summer.

Extremely simple Q.

Mosey from start to school circle.

Warm-o-rama: Squats, Willie Mayes Hayes, side straddle hops, imperial walkers, bumpkins, and arm circles to get the blood flowing.

Indian Run from School to Lover’s Circle — ~1 mile, mostly up hill.

Circle of Pain: 10 overhead arm claps in cadence followed by 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat, adding five repetitions each time. Stop when complete 30 repetitions. That’s 100 total exercises.

Indian Run from Lover’s Circle to School — ~1 mile, mostly down hill.

Circle of Pain: Rinse and repeat.  Brings exercise count to 200.

Sprint from school to parking lot.

… And that’s about all there is to it.


Blue Mule


We Got Knocked Down But We Got Up Again

8 Pax showed up to get better in the gloom at the Skunk. PAX:Proton, OTP (Off The Premise; FNG Aarron Oaks), DriveTime (FNG: Carlos Castilleja), Life Champ, Razor, Cathy, Enfuego, and Cowboy YHC.

YHC came in a little hot as some last minute recon was needed to verify that Q elements were gonna work. With new faces the expectation to go by the book is stepped up, so Proper Disclaimer, Proper Count, and Proper Intensity were in the Q’s head.

WOR: Mosey around the parking lot with dipsy doodles, backwards, sides, etc.
Circle and the following IC
SSH x30, IW, HB, GM, LBAC, BigAC, Seal claps exch x 15
10 Slow & low merkins
10 Plaits (slow Suzanne Sommers Squats)
10 Plats (squat, hold at the down and IC) Feel the Burn! – Impressive we all made it.

The a brief mosey to the front of the school by the produce stand for some Chumbawamba! Tubthumping. We all got knocked down and we got up again. About 3:30 min of it in fact.

Then a mosey to the Lipscomb parking garage. Brief stop along the way for 20 dips 20 Carolina Dry Docs – rinse and Repeat.
Continue on to the Parking Garage

In the stairwell.
Hop up stairs
Merkins x as many steps as you hopped at the landing and at the top
Run down parking garage to stairs at the opposite end.
Out the door and back to the original stairs. All that for 3 rounds
7s at the hill Burpees at the bottom and Peter Parkers at the top.
Crawl Bear the 1st and the last trip up the hill
Indian Lunge Run – Lunges in a line with Indian Run Style rotation
To the Corner of Granny White and Shackleford
Half Sprint back stopping at our wall along the way for another set of Dips and Carolinas
Round back of the school and Sprint (AYG) to the home parking lot.

It was time, Count off, Name-o-rama, FNG naming, BOM


Purple Cow Multi Task Delight

A PAX of 7 (Blackwidow, Joey Freshwater, Backlash, Ponzi, Boons Farm, Olan Mills and Offshore (QIC)) showed up on a cool July morning to get after it. It went something like this:

Warm-up: Brief Mosey to GW park after disclaimer. The PAX completed Goodmornings x 10, Willie Mays x 10, SSH x 15, Seal Claps x 10, Overhead Press x 10, and Squats x 10.

Thang: 11’s on the GW soccer field with Burpies and jump squats (100 yard run between sides. Then mosey to play ground equipment for 10 pull ups & 15 atomic merkins x 3. Brief mosey to awning to complete box jumps x 10 and dips x 15 for 3 sets. Mosey to basket ball court to complete 3 sets of suicides before mosey back to home base for some Mary.

Mary: Flutter kicks x 30, LBCs x 25, supermans x 10, goodmornings x 10, squats x 10, american hammers x 25.