Purple Rain

When: 5-14-18

PAX: CCR, Floppy D, Ludwig, Umbrella, Reefer, Dmish, Grisham, Caps Lock, Black Widow, Dr. Smartt, Skid Mark, Frogger, Dilly Dilly, Brother-at-law, PSL, The Jeweler, Too Tall, Tall Rob (FNG), Olan Mills, Edible Arrangement (QIC)

21 Red Pillers started the week off right and embraced the suck of the morning humidity.

WOR:  Quick mosey around the bus loop with some lunges sprinkled in. Then SSH, scruats, imperil walkers, willie mays, wind mills, GM’s, BAC forward, BAC reverse, navy seal claps.

Grab a coupon on the way to the hill on the backside of CHE.

Crank the blue tooth speaker to 11 and metal riffs provided inspiration the rest of the way.

Jacob’s Ladder: 7 times up the hill with increasing number of burpees at the top.

Partner up.

Round 1:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon squat thrusters AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Round 2:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon sit ups AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Round 1:  Partner 1-> 10 pull ups + 15 swerkins, Partner 2 -> coupon squat thrusters AMRAP.  Flap jack.

Mosey to the pavilion.  Partner 1 -> Lt. Danger to ½ court and back, Partner 2 low plank until Partner 1 gets back. Flap Jack. Rinse and repeat.

Restrictor plate partner run around CHE and put coupons back.

Mosey to parking lot.

Purple Rain Dwight Yoakam style. Merkin every time rain sang.
Flutter kicks.
Good mornings.

Hats off to those who came out and supported Nashville Walk 4 Williams.

Solid work gents. Pleasure as always.

EA out.

BS with Noble Virus

Mozy around the square, finish with politicians 10x Good Mornings 10x Imperial Walkers 11x Hillbillies

Announced desire to do 10x 10 Burpee Sets (BS), an individual could call out BS to initiate a set at any time during the workout.

We Mozy’d to the new County Clerk Offices and completed:
2 Sets of (10x Derkens, 10x Dips)
Bear Crawled up the steps, patio and next set of steps

Mozy’d to the parking garage and set boundaries for a game of:
When animals attack – Bear crawl tag

Mozy’d up a level of the garage and completed:
Webbicide – Merkin suicides
Wall sits
Walk Like an Egyptian – line of lunges, person at the end then sprints to front while others hold

Mozy’d up to top of parking garage
Wave of Merkins – completed through a 5 count

Took the stairs down, completing a set of 15 squats at each level Mozy’d back to the square for a ring of fire


Pass the Merlot

8 PAX including 1 FNG: NumbTucks, 3rd Degree, Barney Fievel, Creeper, Show Me, Hush Puppy, Itsy Bitsy Spider (FNG), and Netflix.

Birds were chirping, dew was glistening, and everything was right with the world. This stillness was shattered by the Trumpets of War as Barney Fievel declared everyone was about to puke (unless they needed to modify the workout) via a simple, but dastardly workout routine he dubbed, Pass the Merlot.

Warmup: 20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Willie Mays Hays, 1 Al Gore

Routine: Partner up. One partner takes a lap (.3 mile) while other partner does AMRAP Burpees, switch when partner completes lap. Rinse and repeat for Merkins, WWIs, Dips, Squats, and Planks.

CoT: Good Mornings, Flutter Kicks, and J-Los.

Coffeeteria provided by NumbTucks, F2 and F1 opportunities discussed by 3rd Degree.

“Friendly Friday”

Pax: Yard Sale, Brother at Law, Edible Arrangement, Third Degree, Reefer, Ludwig, Swamp Fox, Razor DBA Venus, Cathy, Black Widow, CCR, Big Stick, Blue Mule, Dupree, PSL, FNG-Backlot, FNG- Hollowback Girl, FNG- Special Agent Greenwall


19 courageous souls descended upon Cruel Hall for yet another Friday installment.  Today’s theme was “Friendly Friday” in an attempt to EH those we have been working on for a while and give them a lighter taste of “just a few jumping jacks and push-ups” (at least that’s how I pitched my FNG)).  The irony of YHC on Q for Friendly Friday was not lost on myself as I suspect most of my Q’s are Friendly Friday-worthy anyway.  I was sweating, so whatever.

It went like this:

Mosey down to the bus loop where I caught my FNG coming in hot.  He was apparently been sitting in the literal back parking lot of the school because YHC had given some bad directions.  Apologies. Caught him and the rest of the pax where the following WOR occurred:

SSH x 10

Squats x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10

Good Mornings x 10

LBAC front x 10

LBAC reverse x 10

Over head presses x 10

Everyone find a spot on the line for Cruel Hall’s newest favorite exercise — CAPS LOCK HOPS. 60 seconds front to back followed by 60 seconds side to side. RNR x 1.  Mosey down to grab some bar for 20 OYO rows and 20 OYO merkins on the bar.  Plank and wait for the 6.

Mosey to the pavilion for burpee/squat 7s. Plank and wait for the 6.

Mosey to the top of the bus loop where we People’s Chair for the 6.  partner up and explain DORA 1-2-3. 100 plank jacks, 200 LBCS, 300 Overhead claps. P 2 is running the loop and beginning reps where P1 finished.

Mosey to the coupon shed for 10 rep coupon pyramid of OH presses. Next set is 10 rep coupon pyramid of squats.

Mosey back to the back lot.  Pax lines up on line and Lt. Dan’s approx 20 yards, 3/4 mosey to the other end (approx 60 yards).  Rinse n repeat back the same way.  All pax lines up for full sprint to end.  Rinse n repeat back the same way.


30 flutter kicks

10 tempo merkins

Finish last 60 seconds with Good Mornings

FNGs: Glad to have three come out last Friday. Welcome Hollowback Girl, Backlot because that’s his favorite place to park for a workout, and Special Agent Greenwall.


Hope everyone enjoyed the first Friendly Friday, as always it was a pleasure to lead you all.



Sweating must be Contagious…F3Franklin Battleground 5/14/18

Pax in attendance:

19 strong with 3 FNGs, two EH’d by guys that were FNGs last week! Exciting stuff…

In no particular order: Tortoise, Torch, Big Bang, Blood Clot, Gig’em, Numbtucks, Barney Fievel, Cahone, Bartman, Shocker, Hack Face, Zoolander, Hoser, Unicorn, Chopper, Flinstone (FNG), TPS Report (FNG), Goal-line (FNG) & 3rd Degree (QiC)

After the pre-party for some, and the gathered Mumble chatter in the light of the sun-rise and balmy 70s to start, off we went @5:45. Mosey around the petri-dish goose-pond then circle up on the literal poop-deck for warmorama:
25 SSH, 15 SJ, 10 TempoMerkins, 15 BAC forward and reverse with the last few as BigACs, 15 IW, 10 TempoSquats
Then we done DID it:
Derkins, Irkins and Dips in sequence. x3, x6, x9 & x12 each. R&R skipping the x9 for 51 total of each. Arms are pumped! On to the DeathStar to get sharpened.
With so many PAX, we split into 2 groups (A&B) for AYG sprints by group (for most it was AYG) to the top of the ramp and then an exercise called by Q. Then Mosey around to next ramp all the way up. We found out BC has 0 patience and DQ’d his sprint after floor 3 every time. Class Clown…
Exercises to the best of my remembrance:
Clap Merkins x10, Pullups x10, Toetaps x10, ManMakers x10, Imperial Squat Walkers x15, Pullups x5 ToeTaps x5 and then sprint to the top of the garage up the last ramp.
R Karaoke long side, mosey shortside, L Karaoke long side, Bear Crawl shortside, Politician run (Back-pedal) Long side, Bear Crawl short side, Politician run (Back-pedal) Long side
25 Flutters IC, 25 Freddie Mercuries, 15 WWI situps, 25 LBCs
CoT, Count-off, Name-o-rama, FNG christening x3 (almost had a Huevos, but the legend has not yet been born), Announcements (F3 Dad’s this Sunday @ Pinkerton Park at 3pm. Kid-friendly AO and snacks afterwards. Hit up BC if you can bring drinks…) 3rd F this Thursday at the Tenney Group @ 5:45am covering James Chapter 2.
Prayed for Spicoli after a word about not only making sure we sharpen each other physically, but that individually we let God’s Word Sharpen us daily… Hebrews 4:12.
BOOM! Sweat-fest continues…

22 a Day

PAX: Cowboy, money shot, Off Shore, Venus, Bagger Vance(QIC)

Temperature 65, Gloom Factor: Low

Disclaimer given and Mosey began around the track stopping at the second set of bleachers for 10 deep squats. Continue around track over to the swings: 10 pistol squats each leg and 10 Swirkin‘s. Continue down Belmont Park Terrace to Shackleford.  YHC shared the tragedy of the 22 Veterans per day that take their own lives due to PTSD and other issues.  In this vein we performed 22 Merkins.

At this point and maybe earlier, YHC noticed that we were dragging Cowboy and decided to slow the mosey but continue the Duration of mosey.

22 deep squats at the corner of Belmont and Shackleford. Mosey up to the baseball field for 22 Nolan Ryan’s right side, 22 Nolan Ryan’s left side. Follow that up with 22 Mike Tysons.

Head over to the east side of Allen arena and knock out a 22 count of right foot on the wall left hand down with right hand up and left foot up, Flap Jack. Head over to the front entrance off Granny White and grab some wall for 22 count hip flexor stretch right side and left side.

This is where the real fun begins for the day as we continue to mosey over to the love nest of one Big Stick and Foxtrot Talks a Lot. Mosey up to the sidewalk in front of Foxtrot’s house and perform the following: 22 Mariah Carey‘s followed by 22 Gorilla Humpers in cadence followed by a deep, deep calf and hamstring stretch whilst pointing our sixes at the home of Foxtrot.

Heading back to we stopped off for 22 wall jumps.  An additional disclaimer was given here in honor of the shins of our fallen comrade, Head Stud.

Continuing South on Granny White we turned right on Lone Oak and did some side shuffles back into the parking lot where we circled up for the following.


22 – 8 count body builders, 22 – 4 count for Flutter Kicks, 22 high plank J Los, 22 – 4 count flutter kicks.



Good hearty PAX this am.  Not much WOR or MARY but some good fellowship on the Mosey.  Covered about 2.4 miles with some good body movement in there as well.  Cowboy was up for the running with his dusty knee.

Razor er Venus shared a great story with us at the end about a song he wrote with a band that will drop on Friday.  Be sure to check out Deep Deep Waters by American Authors on Spotify or iTunes.

Please also be sure to check out Mission22.com for more information on how we can help our veterans in coping with the epidemic of suicide among our heroes.


New AO launches on 24 May at Tennessee Preparatory School on Foster Ave as an outreach with 413 Strong Ministries.  Hit up me or TOGA for more info.  This will be a regular AO and we need HIM to sign up to Q, to lead and to support this initiative…it is why we are in F3…www.413strong.org


Bagger Vance

Bomber – 05.11.18 – “Friendly Friday”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: T-Cell, Third Person, Reveille, Porcelain, Vector, Ebola, Cat Scratch Fever, Famine (FNG), Stevie Ray (WD, Chapel Hill), Hambone, Hawkeye, Mickey Mouse, Gables (FNG), The Baptist, Lemon, Binary, Lunch Lady, Right Said, En Fuego, The Jeweler

Today was the inaugural Friendly Friday in F3 Nashville, and the PAX were out in full force as 21 descended upon Bomber for a beatdown suitable for all abilities.


After a mosey around the parking lots along with some agility drills, it was time for the COP, disclaimer, and a brief intro to F3:

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • WMH x 16
  • Merkins x 10
  • LBAC F/R x 15

First F: If we don’t take care of our equipment what use will it be for good? As leaders, we need to better ourselves in order to have lasting impact on our communities. So let’s better ourselves with 11s (scaled to abilities as promised)

  • Charlie: Merkins on Knees, Quarter squats (?)
  • Bravo: Merkins, Squats
  • Alpha: Hand Release Merkins, Jump Squats

Mosey down to the lower lot.

Second F: Leaders need others to teach, others to learn from, and others to both hold accountable and be held accountable by. So grab a buddy, and line up across the curbs.

  • Round 1: P1 bear crawls across parking lot while P2 performs Merkins. When P1 reaches other side, he performs Merkins while P2 bear crawls to him. Repeat going back to start but with Clerkins.
  • Round 2: P1 crawl bears across lot while P2 performs Lt Dans. When P1 reaches other side, he performs Clerkins while P2 crawl bears to him. Repeat going back to start but with Jumping Lunges aka Iron Mikes. Bravo and Charlie are Lunge Walk and Mosey, respectively.

Now form two lines with partners lining up next to each other, and commence Double Applesauce (two-man Indian Run) out of the park and down Murphy. Halt when everybody’s gone once, and reverse it back the way we came.

Quick mosey to the playground and form four groups of five. Group 1 picks an exercise for the rest of the PAX to complete while, as a team, they knock out 75 pull-ups. Rotate until all groups have gone.

Mosey back to start, incline plank on the wall to wait for 6, and then 10 Irkins in cadence to close it out.

Third F: Leaders without virtue are dangerous people, so some sort of belief system founded upon faith in something outside of yourself is imperative to have positive impact in our communities. Whether it’s the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, or just the Golden Rule, we need to live third.



  • It was a treat to see some faces I had not seen in a while. Binary, The Baptist, Lemon, and The Jeweler: please don’t be strangers.
  • Welcome to Kevin Dee aka Famine! He is a doctor and assistant professor at Vanderbilt in the infectious diseases division. It’s fitting that these guys in infectious diseases are really spreading F3 amongst their peers. That’s 6 ID guys who’ve been named by my count!
  • Welcome to Anderson Green aka Gables! He is a Sumner County native and works in commercial real estate. Thankfully, he did not defriend YHC after bugging him for weeks to come to a workout. The allure of a friendly workout was too much to pass up! Friendly Friday success!
  • Worth noting is that The Jeweler, while absent, has not lost a bit of fitness.


  • Memorial Day Convergence with F3 Franklin at Concord Rd YMCA. Expect Murph.
  • Due to some conflicting events, I’m working on a new date for the Brew Ruck, but it’s looking like 6/30 or 7/7. Will report as soon as finalized!
  • 9/15 will be a very special Stonewall as we celebrate our 4th anniversary.  Get it on your calendar now.
  • And while your calendar is out, go ahead and mark 9/22 for a one-time CSAUP. More details will be revealed in the coming months, but you won’t want to miss.

Men, it’s always a pleasure to lead and be led by you. Thank you.

PA out.


Better late than never.  Actual Date 5/8/2018

Q: Skidmark

PAX: Black Lung, Too tall, Cathy, Big Stick, Pop-a-Lock, Venus, Capslock, Dr. Smart, Big Bang, Edible Arrangements, Off-shore, Bagger Vance, CCR, Floppy Disk, Calf-Killer, Donuts, PSL, Dupree, Prevacid (FNG), Goose (FNG)

21 Pax showed up for a refresher course on Basic Life Support. We started with a mosey up to the house for some warm-o-rama.

WOR: SSH, Squats, Windmills, Baby arm circles, seal claps, overhead press


PAX partnered up as live support is a team effort. Seeing as we have had a PAX brought to medical attention recently, it seemed fitting that we should all have some idea of what to do in a medical emergency.  The first step in any emergency situation is to assess the scene for safety so we took a mosey to the bottom of the loop to assess for any signs of danger.

Next, it’s time to see if the victim has a pulse and/or is breathing on their own.

-10 second pulse/respiration check = 10 Burpees

No pulse. Activate the emergency response system and get an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Start compressions at 100 beats per minute 

-1 PAX ran the long speedbump loop back to the stables to get the AED, while the other did 100 merkins (50 Derkins with feet on the chains, 50 Irkins with hands on the chains).  Flapjack.

After the second rescuer returns, it’s time to start 2 rescuer CPR. For this we took a mosey to the playground.  2 Rescuers can give compressions and breaths at a rate of 30 compressions to 2 breaths.   Time for some PUMPS.

Pullups 30 – Windsprints 2

Up-Downs 30 – Windsprints 2

Merkins 30 – Windsprints 2

Plankjacks 30 – Windsprints 2

Squats 30 – Windsprints 2

Five rounds of 30:2 at 100 beats per minute is about 2 minutes.  At this point, it’s time for another pulse check. Since we have an AED we can let it assess if a shock is needed.   

10 second pulse check = 10 burpees

The AED says it’s time to shock, gotta charge to 200J.

100 flutter kicks and 100 LBCs per PAX to charge to 200.

Shock delivered pulse returned.  We can no deliver rescue breaths if needed until EMS arrives.  Mosey to the parking lot.

Mary: Flutter kicks, Box Cutter’s, J-Lo’s x15 each.


Mumblechatter: “What is the difference between a Burpee and an Up-Down?!”

Welcome to new PAX Prevacid and Goose. Glad to have you guys out!

The Burp Tour, and other Fun Things

Gateway (burp) Island Tour

PAX: Mr. Roboto, CDL, Schnitzel, Grohl, Scraps

Warm up lap (even though it was pretty warm this morning)
X10 Daisy Pickers
X10 Annie’s
X10 Good mornings

Cash in with ATM (modified to x30 alternating shoulder taps x20 merkins)

Mosey to the new benches, x15 Derkins, x15 squats

Mosey to new building, used the parking lot for Circle Burp and Bulgarian Nutbusters. Also did quick paced step-ups around the parking curb.

Mosey to 3 way intersection for core burn: x25 WWII situps, x50 Scissor kicks, x50 Bicycles

Sprint to next intersection: Circle Burp

Mosey the long straight stretch to the next intersection. Finished last 1/3 as Politicians.

Aiken Legs: x15 burpees, x20 split lunges x30 squats

Mosey back to starting lot.

Finished w/ circle burp, COP with call your favorite ab exercise and reps. Included 6inches, Lolitas (rosalita’s), American Hammers, WWI’s, Bicycles, and crunchy frogs +2 AYG sprints to finish.

BoM, CoT.

Bullhorn: Top Gun is coming next Thursday in honor of its 32nd anniversary (5/16/18). You don’t want to miss it. If you’re interesting in watching it, holler at YHC

Lightning Strikes The Hill

PAX: Big Stick (QIC), Goose, Frugal Macdoogal, Money Shot, Owl Bait (F3 Charlotte), Black Lung, Foxtrot, Hacker, Funyuns, Big Bang, Lunch Lady, Skidmark, Venus, Cowboy, Bagger Vance, FNG Wonderland

Mosey up to the football field.

SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, WMH x 15

10 Squats then Sprint 100 yards.  Repeat x 5

Long mosey over to the tennis courts.  Line up on baseline for shuttle sprints

2 Merkins, then 8 shuttle sprints (baseline to net = 1 sprint).  Repeat with 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 sprints before lightning forced us to go inside.  We have a lightning detection alarm we call Thor at the Hill that goes off when there’s lightning in the area – he started screaming so we moseyed to the MS gym.

10 irkins then 10 sets of bleacher jumps (10 steps each set) followed by 10 derkins.

Mosey to the opposite wall and wall sit and wait till all in.

Suicides Rounds One and Two: Sprint to mid court and back, bottom of bleachers and back, top of bleachers (at the top of bleacher you would do 10 merkins) and back.  Every time you crossed mid court you would do 2 burpees.

Suicides Rounds Two and Three: Same as above but 20 dips at the top of the bleachers and two merkins at mid court.

Suicides Rounds Four and Five: Same as above but 5 burpees at the top with nothing at mid court.

Mosey to the top lot.

Flutter kicks x 61