Bomber – 10.27.17 – “Somebody’s bakin’!”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: T-Cell, Megatron, Porcelain, Firefox, Bicentennial Man, Crawfish, Hambone, The Baptist

9 HIMs posted at Bomber for a taste of some fresh-baked ciabatta.

With four PAX coming off of a 2-mile warmup, the rest of the crew rolled in and we got going.


After a .4 mile mosey of a circular nature, we hit the COP back at the starting point. All exercises IC

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 20
  • LBAC x 10 F
  • Big “Baby” Arm Circles x 10 F
  • Big “Baby” Arm Circles x 10 R
  • LBAC x 10 R

Enough playtime. Step over to the path and whip out the timer for some tabata. Each round of tabata was followed by another .4 mile run.

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. BBS

With some help from Hambone, we broke out the rucks to use as coupons. PAX split into threes. P1 does 10 walking lunges with the ruck overhead while P2 and P3 bear crawl beside him. Rotate through and RnR back to the starting point.

Next up was a 50-yard Farmer’s Walk. Switch sides on the way back. P2 and P3 performed burpees .

Out of time! COT/BOM


Glad to see Bicentennial Man back in the mix, and thanks to Hambone for Qing the warmup trot. Murphy Mile WILL happen


GrowRuck training is happening. Check Hambone’s blast for info on times, places, and routines.

Prayers for T-Cell as they’re expecting 2.1 this week. And praises for Grisham as they welcomed 2.2 Friday!

PA out.


Ruck Training Schedule – PREBLAST


With many questions swirling about ruck training for GrowRuck05 and ruck training in general, YHC is here to deliver a schedule.  A following post will give my recommendations for doing the Tough.

The bottom line with doing a GORUCK Tough is that if you can finish an F3 workout, you can finish a Tough.  Though being a finisher is okay, being a contributor and leader is your goal.  Meet your goal.  Leaders prepare, and these workouts will accommodate.

Saturday, 10/28 – Coupon Ruck March at Sevier Park – 06:00-06:50 (~3.3 miles)

Wednesday, 11/1 – Spearhead at Crieve Hall Elem Parking Lot – 05:30-06:15 – Bootcamp W/Ruck

Thursday, 11/2 – Speed Ruck – 05:00-05:50 – Speed Ruck (~3.3 miles)

Saturday, 11/4 – Coupon Ruck March at Sevier Park – 05:30-06:50 (~5 miles)

Wednesday, 11/8 – Spearhead at Crieve Hall Elem Parking Lot – 05:30-06:15 – Bootcamp W/Ruck

Thursday, 11/9 – Speed Ruck at Sevier Park – 05:00-6:15 (~ 4.5 miles)

Saturday, 11/11 – Coupon Ruck March at Sevier Park – 05:00-06:50 (~7 miles)

Wednesday, 11/15 – TBD

Thursday – Recover

Walk Softly and Don’t Bother with a Warm-up

21 redwoods posted for a beautiful morning at the Hall.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey around parking loop with high knees, butt kickers and lunges interspersed.  Immediately begin sprints across parking lot with 10 explosive merkins after each sprint.  Repeato 30x (probably 10 really but felt like 30).

Grab a partner, grab a coupon and begin 3 minute cycle where P1 executes 10 thrusters, 10 merkins (because we hadn’t already done those.., oh wait) and 10 pull-ups.  P2 does WWIs then flapjack.  Complete two cycles.

Big Stick mumbled something then disappeared.  YHC took Q.

Stay on playground for triple check.  Divide into teams of 3.  P1 does balls to the wall (B2TW), P2 does 10 swerkins, and P3 does leg raises.  Switch when P2 completes swerkins, and each person hits each station 3x.

Mosey to bottom of the hill on the northeast side of the school.  Begin The Beast= 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 stops stopping at ~25, 50, and 75 yards up the hill and then back.  Exercises were leg raises, merkins, squats, WWII, and half of a round of burpees before time expired.

NMM:  YHC contacted Mr Stick about doing a Co-Q this morning, and there was even a comment about YHC’s portion being heavy on merkins.  Not to let that stop him, Big Stick skipped the traditional warmup, disclaimer and chit chat and went right to sprints and explosive merkins.  Was this motivated by YHC calling Big Stick second and not first, or was this because BS informed the PAX he had to go play round ball immediately after his portion of the Q? Who can say.  Nobody puts Big Stick in a corner!

All jokes aside, the PAX tackled the exploding sprints of doom and confusion around Triple Checks and The Beast with the usual aplomb.  Mumble chatter was high with discussions on the various modifications of exploding merkins, the various interpretations of balls to the wall, and where the 25, 50 and 75 lines should be for The Beast.  Good times!

PAX: Books a Million, Shug, Big Stick, Bagger Vance, Dmish/Doughnuts, Floppy Disk, Ludwig, Grease Trap, PSL, Cinderella, CAPS LOCK, Toga, Swamp Fox, Offshore, Yard Sale, and a cast of thousands (sorry Big Stick wasn’t there to capture all the names).

Qs: Big Stick, Toga

Stay Classy,

Toga and Big Stick

Just Another Bomb Track


Tampa Libra, Bro at Law, Tiny House, SBRL, Funyuns, Traffic Jam, Cinderella, Yard Sale, Preacher Man, D Mish, Frugal MacDugal, Foggy Pirate, BV


40 and perfect

Double loop up stairs and down HCap ramp

WOR in West End Zone:

All IC X 13



Evolution I

B urpees

O ne Arm Plank Jax

M erkins

B ig Boy Sit Ups

S quats

Start in end zone, each yard line indicates number of reps


(Those 50 Burpees in the middle had a large degree of suck)

Evolution II

Lt Dan length of End Zone

AYG on the diagonal to East EZ

Dan Lt length of EZ

AYG on the diagonal to West EZ

FKix, Plank Progression for the 6

Evolution III

Crawl Bear up bleachers side shuffle Plank to steps and Bear Crawl down. Raccoon walk on lowest seats to steps and Crawl Bear up. Side shuffle Plank to steps and crawl Bear down. Superman Plank on low step for 6.

Evolution IV


Balls to the Wall

Donkey Kicks


Evolution V

Indian Run


Beast R x 10 IC

Beast L x 10 IC

Mariah L x 10 IC

Bridge x 10 IC

Mariah R x 10 IC

Superman x 10 IC

Scorpion x 20 IC


NM: Light crowd at The Hill this AM but work was dispensed nonetheless.  Such a great venue to Q.  Check out the sign up sheet for next opportunity.


GrowRuck 05 still open for sign ups.  Call me, Funyuns, Big Bang or Hambone for intel.

Rob Jones Journey Marathon coming up 7 November at Shelby Bottoms.  Looks like we will start at 0700, run two nine mile loops and one 8.2M loop.

Spitballing the idea of our own Grow School the first weekend of December.  Reach out to Floppy, CCR, D’Mish or myself for intel.


Bagger Vance


Titan 10-25-17

PAX: Bad Boy, Bicentennial man, Mickey Mouse, Third Person, Third Degree, Big Brother, Jackpot, Preacher man, Porcelain, Crawfish (Q)

Conditions: Brisk

Mosey around  south lawn to the east side of the parthenon.

Warmorama: SSH x 30IC, GM x 10IC, WMH x 10IC, BAC f/r x 20IC, High knees x 15IC, Butt kickers x 15IC

11’s on parthenon steps: Mtn climber merkins on bottom, Lt Dans at top w/ 2 burpee speed bump (shout out to Preacher man for going above & beyond by doing a final 11/0 set of merks)

Mosey to the playground. Partner up. 1 PAX runs around the PAC while 2nd PAX completes AMRAP pull-ups. R&R to a combine total of 100.

Mary: Flutter kicks x 30IC, J-Los x 20IC, LBCs x 21IC

Bullhorn: Great to see such solid numbers at Titan, especially on a chilly morning. Keep it up men! Mickey Mouse ripped one so bad during name-o-rama that it made Third Person splash merlot. Happy Birthday, Bad Boy!! Thanks again to Porcelain for the parking lot coffeeteria. Continued prayers for The Kemp Family.



Mountain in the Boro?

QIC: Iditarod

PAX: Yosef, Scraps, Ace, Schnitzel, Dolly, Aristotle, Grohl, Sea Gull, G-String, Air Wolf, NPR

Temp about 50 Degrees. Nice cool morning for the DRPers that denied the Siren call of the Fart Sack this morning. YHC Eluded to a journey to the mountain this morning several MC with wonderment. Many comments about how PAX sleeps with an infants/newborn in the house. TClaps from all around as Aristotle posted with a 4 day old in the house. You can sleep when you’re old/dead. AMI Right. 5 AM Let’s go!

Warm up Lap(s)
Side Shuffles
Toy Soldiers all included

WOR (All IC)
Good Mornings x 10
Michael Phelps x 20
WMH x20
Squats x 10
BAC x 10
BAC Reverse x 10

Slaughter Starter-Mt. Dew
YHC gave Pax choice of Stanley Brothers or Willie Nelson I think the Pax was curious and went with Stanley brothers for their rendition of Good Ole Mountain Dew.

Mountain Climbers for duration of the song-1 Merkin for everytime “Mountain Dew” was sung.

Mosey to the newly built Parking Deck adjacent to the square since there are no mountains in Murfreesboro unless you count the trash mountain out in Walter Hill.

The Thang
Deconstructed Burpees and the Parking deck
Each level PAX performed on exercise of the deconstructed Burpee.

Level 1-Squats
Level 2-Thrusters
Level 3-Merkins
Level 4-Sqat Jumps

Crunches or Freddy Mercuries for the six.
Rinse and repeat-Pax completed 3 rounds reps of 10-8-6.
YHC ended workout 7 mins early at parking deck for prayer time for our City in light of the protests that are planned on the Square for Saturday.

Many pax prayed for unity, safety, and Love over hate in our city. Keep praying men!

COT then dis miss only 5 min over time with additional prayer.

Thankful for you guys,




Funyuns, Big Bang, Grease Trap, Cinderella, Edible Arrangements, Floppy Disk, Bagger Vance


Bagger Vance

41* and perfect weather to do some Good LIvin…7 fall in and await instruction.

PAX instructed on how to line up…Dress Right

PAX instructed to open Ruck for inspection

Mosey over to Baptist Church for some quick Ruck style bloodflow movement…

Merkins x 10 IC

OH Squat x 10 IC

Zercher Squats x 10 IC

Mosey down to Marchant and Hogan avoiding the Skunk at Juan Valdez’ hooch.

Mosey on to Rogers Walk and up to the Gravel Hill.  At this time Cadre/Q/YHC instructed that one PAX to become a casualty.  Cinderella was the man for the job.  Grease Trap takes hold of the EVAC to the halfway point at which time YHC takes over.  T Claps to the PAX who literally pushed me up the hill.

PAX instructed to get back to AO in 17′ which was way too easy to accomplish.

Back at AO:

Ruck overhead hold 1′

Ruck in front of chest ‘1

Ruckish Get Ups x 5 Ea Side


Nice to lead a strong group of GR5ers this am.  Look forward to hitting it up again next Wednesday.


More coupons will be employed next week.



More Murph at The Racetrack

PAX: Offshore, Life Champ, Red Skull Bone, Numbtucks (sp?), Toga, Shug, Black Widow

Lucky 7 posted to take on The Murph at the Racetrack.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey down Maryland Way for a half mile to kick things off.  Head back to the pull-up bars at the park. = ~1 mile

Complete 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats.

Run back down Maryland Way for a half mile and then head back to the flag.  Some folks had time for a little Mary when they got back.

COT: YHC took us out

NMM:  Ludwig’s version of The Murph last week at Cruel Hall got me thinking about doing something a bit more like the original.  The Murph may be the most well known WOD, and you can read more about the amazing act of courage of Lt. Murphy here.  Nobody had body armor or a weight vest nor did we come close to Donald Trump Jr’s sub 32 minute PR (only 4 minutes off of the world record no less).  It was still fun to get out there and knock this out before sunrise.  The PAX cruised through all ten rounds, but the mumble chatter was distinctly light.

Stay Classy,


Murph at Cruel Hall

18 PAX gathered to finish the week strong.

Started with a mosey around the bus loop and circled up for WOR.

SSH x20

Butt-Kickers x10

High Knees x10

BAC x10

RBAC x10

Head to the playground for the thang.

I recycled (ripped off) the Memorial Day convergence Q from PA and Floppy, which was a Murph.

The standard Murph workout is named in honor of LT. Michael P. Murphy, who was KIA in Afghanistan in 2005. The Murph was one of his favorite workouts, which he completed wearing a 20lb vest.

Standard Murph is:

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 merkins

300 squats

1 mile run

But for our version, we divided up into teams of 4, where one person runs a lap around  the school from the playground down to the bus loop and back, and the other 3 are doing AMRAP of the 3 exercises until the runner returns. A new runner begins the next lap and remaining PAX cycle through the exercises. Since this was a team version of the Murph, each team is trying to complete a combined number of reps of

400 pull-ups

800 merkins

1200 squats

I don’t know that any team actually finished, and we certainly didn’t have time to run a full 2 miles, but Big Bang indicated 1.4 miles or so logged on his watch.

Head back to parking lot for Mary.

Flutter Kicks x40

Tempo Merks x10 – because I can

30 sec low plank

Good day. Simple workout but effective. Big Stick mentioned several times how “creative” it was. (sarcasm font)




Floppy D, Me and Sir-E…and Dupree

Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Big Bang, Ludwig von Osh Kosh, PSL, Calfkiller, CAPSLOCK, Cinderella, Hambone, Dr. Smartt, Grease Trap, Prevac, Dupree, Too Tall, Edible Arrangement, Foxtrot Talks-A-Lot, Walter White, Brother-At-Law, Spring Break on Ricki Lake, Nightstand, Black Lung, Floppy Disk (Co-Q), CCR (YHC)

It was a clear black morn, a clear white moon (see photo from after). Floppy D and I decided to take the last minute co-Q. Always love trying to fit two beatdowns into 45 min. 23 PAX turned out for the show…CAPSLOCK rolled in hot and hurdled the chain to meet us midway through our mosey up the hill to get the blood flowing. Hambone graced us with his presence along with his ranger panties…so there’s that.

SSH x20 IC
Windmills x20 IC
Good Mornings x10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Forward x15 IC
Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Backward x15 IC
Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC
Air Presses x15 IC
Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC
Smoked already. Mosey down to the church playground for…

Hillevens with Atomic Merkins on Bottom and Jump Squats on top. Plank and wait for the 6.
All PAX complete the following OYO:
Pullups x20
Rows x30
Dips x50
Already time to hand the reigns over to CCR…and we were off on a mosey to the bottom of the loop.

Start with 15 Atomic Merkins at the bottom, all you got to the top followed by 10 Burpees. WWI and wait for the 6. All in…lets mosey to the parking lot. Since I am sick of using overhead claps for an “O” exercise, I made up something called the Ocho Cinco. 8 Mountain merkins on one side, sprint to middle island, 5 burpees, sprint back to start, 5 Mountain Merkins, sprint to middle island, 8 burpees, sprint back to start. Flutter kix for the six. Circle up for some Mandela Merkins x20, SSH then Mandela Merkins x10. Butterfly situps x10 before we lined back up for a round of Sevens with Jumps Squats and Merkins. This time we only went to the horse trailer. Flutter kix for the six. Flutter kix as a group x20 IC. Everybody up for a nice easy yog back to the point of origin. -30 seconds to spare so we threw in 5 burpees OYO for good measure.


Grow Ruckers…we are starting a ruck training session on Wednesdays at 5:30am at Crieve Hall Elementary. It will start and end around the same time as Smoke Boots, but it won’t replace it.

I always love a good Co-Q with Floppy D. Glad he was up for the last minute effort. Also love that there was 23 PAX out there this AM. Sir-E is alive and well. Glad to have Big Bang and Hambone make the trek to the Shire this morning. Brother-at-Law also made trek from Easy Nasty. Having SBORL and Night Stand back was the icing on the cake…and Black Lung. Please think hard about ways that we can serve our community as a group. We have a ton of resources and brain cells amongst the PAX and I would love for us to bring those to bear this holiday season. Bring us your ideas. T-Claps to Bagger for making it to his 250th post of the year. You are an animal. Also great to see Calfkiller‘s bare ass in the picture. very nice bare ass.

Until next time,
CCR (YHC) on behalf of my better half Floppy D.