Bomber – 04.20.18 – “S.M.O.K.E. Break”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Hambone, Porcelain, Hollister, T-Cell, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Reveille, Tongue ‘N’ Groove (FNG), Bad Boy, Blue Mule, Bicentennial Man 

It was a wake ‘n’ bake kind of morning for 12 PAX at Bomber this morning. YHC has never touched the stuff, but, never one to pass on a themed workout, the PAX got their taste of 4-20.

The Thang:

Medium mosey around the circle drive and through the upper lot with some High Knees, Butt Kicks, Backpedaling, and Side Shuffling thrown in. Circle up for the disclaimer and the following:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey down to the long lot and line up along the curb. The PAX would be doing 4 rounds of 20 movements, taking S.M.O.K.E. breaks in between. After each round, PAX planked for the six and started the next round together. The S.M.O.K.E. break consisted of 5 reps each of the following:

  • Star Crunches
  • Merkins
  • Overhead Squats
  • Kraken Burpees (Burpee with 3 HRM)
  • Elbow Plank Jacks

The rounds consisted of various means of travel, counting out/up as 1 and back/down as 2. The rounds were as follows:

  1. Shuttle Run (across lot, touching each curb)
  2. Hill Run (up and down driveway)
  3. Backpedal/Mosey (up driveway/down driveway)
  4. Broad Jump/Backpedal (across lot)

Enough time for 7MOM:

  • Flutters Kicks x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20 (Right Said)
  • J-Lo’s x 20 (Porcelain)
  • Hello Dollies x 20 (Reveille)
  • Hollow Hold for final 30″



We welcomed FNG Andrew Trammell aka Tongue ‘N’ Groove to F3 Nashville. A woodworker who had a kissing experience that prompted him to brush the taste away. He loves his name, so I think that’s enough to get him back. Mumblechatter about the low temps in late April was heard, and YHC spared the PAX by leaving the pull-ups out of the mix today. #frozenhands


  • Walk for Williams is May 12 and is May’s 3rd F service opportunity. See Brother-At-Law for details.
  • Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck will be June 23. This is your service opportunity and CSAUP rolled into one on, though I hesitate to call it CSAUP as we will be supporting Second Harvest Food Bank in fighting hunger across Middle TN. That’s certainly not completely stupid and utterly pointless. See the poll in the #nashville-rucking channel on Slack.
  • Nolensville is launching next Tuesday, April 24 and needs your support. Post!
  • Prayers for Spicoli, Olan Mills’s father, Foggy Pirate’s back, and Tebow’s knee.

Lastly, I want to ask all of you what I asked the guys this morning:

Why do you do F3? 

Please ponder that question this weekend and respond in the comments.

PA out.

20 April 2018 Crain Hero WOD

Temp: 40

Gloom Factor: Medium

PAX: Barely Legal, Dilly Dilly, Dr. Smartt, Tampa Libra, Vegemite, Bagger Vance (QIC)

0529:45 Disclaimer

Mosey to back of school showing PAX where Box Jump, Burpee, Wall Ball, Pull Up Stations were located.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, BAC F, Phelps, BAC R x 22 IC


Crain –

2 Rounds For Time

  • 34 Push-Ups
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Deadlifts (135/95 lb)
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Clean-and-Jerks (95/65 lb)
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Burpees
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • 50 yard Sprint
  • 34 Pull-Ups
  • 50 yard Sprint

Unfortunately, we only finished about 1.5 rounds before TIME called for


Plank x 34 IC

Flutter Kix X 34 IC

Low Plank x 34 IC

Ola Binary X 34 IC



A younger Bagger Vance would have worked in National Pot Day, er 420 in somehow but this seemed more appropriate.

Officer Michael “Freight” Crain, of Beaumont, California, died Feb. 7, 2013, when he was fatally injured by gunfire in an apparent ambush while on patrol. A former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, the 34-year-old had been with the Riverside Police Department for 11 years, assigned to field operations and the SWAT Team. He is survived by his wife, Regina; son, Ian; and daughter, Kaitlyn.


Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills’ Dad in Prayer.

Nolensville Launch on 24 April

Shirt Order up until midnight 24 April



Closed Shapes of Fire?

Closed Shapes of Fire?

Lap w/ side shuffles and politicians mixed in
10IC Good Mornings
10IC Baby arm circles forward, then backwards
20 SSH

The Thang

Aristotle made a request for bear crawls, so YHC had to oblige.

Bearmuda Rectangle
10x squats
10x LBCs
10x leg raises
10x Merkins
Bearcrawl from station to station x3 laps.

Mosey to the “rest area” portion of the trail next to Gateway Island.

Ring of Fires:
Round one: Man completes 10x Rosalita’s while Pax holds a plank, going around the circle one at a time until all Pax have completed the 10.
Round two: Man completes 10x shoulder taps (both shoulders) while Pax hold an Atlas (Al Gore with arms raised), go around the circle to complete
Round three: Man completes 10x leg raises while Pax holds plank, around the circle till complete.

Mosey back to far corner of parking lot where all the painful exercises are done.

Clock tower: Pax on 6 in a circle, heads pointed in. All legs raised, and one by one, every 5 seconds a member of the Pax drops legs to 6 inches. Held for 20 seconds after the last one completes. Rise and repeat in snake draft fashion x4.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s warm up (He loves rings):
X20 squats
X20 lunges
80m sprint
Mosey back to start
X20 release burpees
100M spring


The Racetrack 18 APR 2018-Gen Z

PAX: Barely Legal (Q), Off Shore, Numbtux, Umbrella, Olan Mills, Yardsale, Black Widow, Too Tall, Headstud, Dr. Smartt, GreaseTrap, and an FNG hereby known as “Cash McMogulston”.

SnapChats were sent, Finstas were created, and crippling amounts of college debt were acquired in the name of getting a humanities degree and becoming a barista at today’s Generation Z led workout.

Short mosey to the parking garage, followed by a warm up consisting of SSH’s, WMH’s, good mornings, “scrots”, baby arm circles (forward and backward), and merkins (may or may not have lost count on these).

A circuit was run, with all 12 PAX running up the stairs to the roof of the parking garage, where a group exercise took place.  The group then ran back down the other side, after which another exercise took place.  This circuit was repeated until the following had been accomplished: 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 WWI’s (miscounted yet again and was swiftly called out by GreaseTrap), 40 SSH’s, 50 shoulder taps, a 60 second low plank, and finally 70 double hip taps (whether this is an actual movement or a joke remains a mystery).

The group then headed to the Racetrack and split into 2 groups; Group 1 doing strict pull ups and Group 2 bear crawling across the field and “sprinting” back.  After completing the bear crawl, the groups switched. Then this was repeated, but with rows instead of pull ups.  Modification was indeed necessary on the bear crawls.

A quick Indian Run back to the parking lot left us with just enough time to be punished by GreaseTrap and his cruel Mary, including WWI’s, American Hammers, and a painful low plank.

Hopefully a good time was had by all.

Barely Legal out.

18 April 18 – 22 a Day

Temp: 58

Gloom Factor: Medium

PAX: Bad Boy, T Cell, Reveille, Princess Aurora, Right Said, Hambone, 3rd Degree, Hi-Viz, Preacher Man, Crawfish, Bicentennial Man, Brother-At-Law, Bagger Vance (QIC)

0530:49 – Disclaimer

Mosey West around Parthenon and hit all fours for some bear crawl down the East Side of P’non only to have our efforts thwarted by a Federal Citizen, no worries lunge walk the South side to Bear Crawl west side, Reverse Lunge walk North side, Mosey East Side.  At the corner, PAX cranked out 15 Box jumps then circled up for


All IC x 22

SSH, Squats (Hiccup on Cadence Call), Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies

PAX partner up and Head South on Plaza up to the dog park.  P1 22 Pull-Ups, P2 22 Merkins and then flapjack.

Indian Run to Lord Kensington w YHC at front directing traffic and then circling back for 6.  PAX to hold up at light at West End for 22 Mike Tysons.  All in, good, head across West End to LK.

Bottom of LK 22 Lt Dans

Top of LK 22 Burpees (all the way through, think the CFers call this a “Chipper” but can’t confirm)

All in at the top, YHC spoke of the importance of staying with your partner.  Also noted, 22 Veterans take their own lives everyday.  Not 100% confirmation but what if they had a partner watching their 6 in peacetime, would this still happen?  Hence, the Partnering up and the 22 count on most exercises.

Head back to the bottom for an IR competition.  YHC would set the pace and remain in front whilst PAX raced one another up to the front.  One PAX on right side of column and one on left side.  Since YHC was training eyes on the cars and the light breaking through there can be no objective confirmation of wins and losses.

Cross back over WE only to find out that Mike Tyson was looking for a rematch.  Again, we kicked his A$$.

YHC on Slowsey back to the StartEx only to mix in more lunges: Forward, to the Right, Reverse, to the Left…All in.

Mosey on North side of lawn up past the crazy statue of industrialism and circle up across Plaza for



F Kix

Pistol LBCs

Hola Binary

5 Merkins OYO



3rdF Opportunities Announced this AM for May and June…see PA and B At Law for deets.

Gear order is up until 24 May…Ranger Panties are back in stock no thanks to Hambone buying 12 pair.

Continue to lift up Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills’ dad and all the others dealing with the pitfalls of living in a fallen world.


Nice to finally meet Reveille albeit briefly.  Now I know where his name comes from rising at 0330 to do his AM routine and then meet us knuckleheads out in the Gloom.  Let’s think of ways to support him and get some AOs started up out East in Lebnun (colloquial spelling).

A pleasure and honor to lead.  Great to be back to my first weekday workout lo those many moons ago.  Seems like it was just yesterday that I staggered away from my first F3 workout at Stonewall and the subsequent follow up on that next Wednesday at Titan.  We have had many a PAX fall off since that pivotal day in Nov of 14, we have seen many come and go and we have seen many hunker down in this battle that is LIFE with brothers locked in arms.

So grateful to have met each and everyone of you and to call you all friends and some mentors and accountability partners.  This F3 is an amazing thing to help men come alive in their true leadership roles they were designed to fill.  It is no wonder that HIM(W) in the military miss the action and the men the most.  That said, let us not forget the 22 a day that take their own lives due to only God knows what.  What if we could be a resource to those men and women?  I don’t know what it looks like long term but I know Cadre Danny from GrowRuck 05 has some ideas so hit him up.  #22/Day

It is with a bittersweet knuckle bump that I handed over the F3 Shovel, er Baton to my brother Princess Aurora this am.  You know, I started out as Nantan way back when because when asked who is charge, Binary happened to blurt my name out to DREDD and OBT.  Man, is that the best brain fart I have ever been the recipient of…T Claps to Binary and his momentary lack of clarity during that email.  Truly excited to see what PA has in store for the PAX of Nashville and how he will incorporate that into the PAX in surrounding areas.  Honored to have led and to have been a part of such a great thing.

As a closing loop to my above comments on the # of AO options back in ’14 think about this:

3 Nov 14 (when I started) we had a Saturday and a Wednesday.  As of this typing we have spun out a whole new Region in Franklin.  We have helped launch Chattanooga and Memphis.  We have started Hendersonville (ahem Cashville…hold the line boys) and Murfreesboro and sent a Mustard Seed to NY in the form of Rooms to Go.  We have hosted GrowSchool with DREDD and OBT and led our own GrowSchool as well.  On Tuesday we will launch F3Nolensville which should be very fertile ground to reinvigorate male leadership in our communities through small, free, outdoor peer led workouts.  Our roster now includes over 400 PAX (some are more active than others) comprising 12 AOs (including two running and one Barbell/Weights) across the county.  We have helped (really only nudged and sat back to watch it Blow Up down that way) Franklin become their own growing and thriving AO…T Claps to Bartman, Big Bang, Blood Clot, Tortoise, Probe, Braddock and all the regulars down that way.

I would make one last request as Nantan, please find something bigger to F3 than the workouts which are great but it is only the Magnet, not the Glue of 2ndF and the dynamite of 3rdF.  Who will answer the call and ring the Bell to expand on the 2nd and 3rd F opportunities while PA focuses on building relationships and casting a vision for long term growth?

So it is with a little Pollen in my good eye that I bid you farewell as Nantan of F3Nashville and hello as ATQ (Emeritus) and now Director of Mumble Chatter (self named); I hope to see you at the many different AOs we have started and in the other regions and AOs we will start.


Bagger Vance


Just a Swangin

QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Aristotle, CDL, Grohl, Beanstalk, Papa Juan, Yosef, Ace
Nice chill in the morning about 35 degrees. YHC had a plan to heat it up though. 1 lap around the courthouse normal followed by second lap with sides huffles and politicians. Gave brief disclaimer then had the PAX cash in with 10 Burpees then headed down main for a long mosey to the CMS field.
GM x 10 IC
WMH x10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Mosey to Cumberland pres.
11s-Burpees and Hanging leg raises (crunches for those who couldn’t hang from the 9 ft swing sets) Cobain for misremembering the height of the swingset.
Partner Up
1st Round- P1-10 Swingset Knee Tucks, P2 squats until P1 finish then flip flop 4 sets
2nd Round-P1-10 Swerkins, P2 Lunges then glip flop 4 sets
LOOOONGG Mosey baxk to court house
Circle of Trust

Chain Gang

PAX: PSL, Donuts, Bagger Vance, Princess Aurora, Big Stick, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Vegemite, Too Tall, Skid Mark, Ludwig von Oshkosh, Bug’s Life (FNG), Focker, Big Bang, Offshore, Venus

QIC: Floppy Disk

18…er… 17 posted at Sir E this morning for some targeted muscle group work. Funyuns left to dutifully perform his coffee duties for his bride. We missed him out there. It was a chilly 31-degree April morning.

YHC dispensed with the disclaimer before we knocked out a quick 10 merks and proceeded with our warmup mosey around the church before convening in the lower parking lot for some WoR.

SSH x20
Squats x20
High Knees x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs F x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs R x15
Beetle Baileys (Overhead claps) x15
Air Press x10
Good Mornings x10
Windmills x10

The PAX couldn’t stand any more warmup so we moseyed to the playground to start the festivities.


On the playground, 3 sets of:

10x Pullups
15x various Merkins (Diamond, Derkin, Hand Release)
20x Dips
20x Inverted Rows

Once we were all in we moseyed over to the entrance of Ellington for a first-time Sir E surprise. Complements of Prevac we did some arm work (BICEPS!!) on the chains between the brick columns along the walking path. Everyone had their own stall and we (most of us, anyway) started with 3 sets of: 30x single arm bicep curls, 30x single arm upright rows. It became abundantly clear to me that my short reconnaissance of the chains and the few reps I threw up as a test did not do full justice to the weight of the chains. 30x became 20x for the second and third set. PA demonstrated textbook form, the rest of the PAX, not so much, but we still got good work in.

For the last portion we headed over to the steep hill overlooking the gazebo for some leg-work via 7s on the hill. This was a real PAX-pleaser. The exercises were Tuck Jumps at the bottom and Hydraulic Squats at the top. PAX were instructed to reverse mosey up the hill and regular mosey down the hill. It became apparent quickly that quads would take the brunt of this portion. Many reverse moseys turned into slow/intentional reverse hill walks.

Time was drawing to a close. We took the longish loop home around the main Ag Center loop, and returned to the CUMC parking lot in time for about 80 seconds of low plank action.


Great to have PA out in the gloom with us at Sir E! It was a reminder to me that I’m overdue for a visit with our west Nash F3 brethren. Welcome to FNG Bug’s Life (Marshall Alexander)! He’s a friend of Big Sticks, which everyone expressed condolences about, but besides that he’s an allright dude. Hopefully he makes it back out again soon. BV tried to cut corners again. Classic! It was fun to mix in something new at Sir E today. I really enjoyed it out there!


We continued to pray for Spicoli, Olan Mill’s dad and El Maestro.

The Q calendar is wide open gents! If you want to co-Q just let me know. I’m always up for it.

Finally, the F3Nashville shirt order is live until 4/24. Get those orders in! Check Slack for deets.


Broken Wheel: Starting to Spin

Hey F3 Nashville! The new kid on the block, Broken Wheel, the newest AO in Nolensville is set to start next Tuesday 4/24/18 at 5:30am. We are looking for a successful and supported launch and want you to be on the lookout for sad clowns you know that would benefit from Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. If any come to mind, point them to @F3Nolensville on twitter, or they can email F3Nolensville with any questions. Numbtucks, Barney Fievel, Tebow, Auntbea or 3rd Degree are the point men for this launch. Clown car caravan on over and we’ll see you in the gloom!

16 April 2018 MARSOC short card, et al

Temp: 34

Gloom Factor: High

PAX: FTTAL, Money Shot, Life Champ, Cowboy, Cathy, Funyuns, Venus, Preacher Man, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Disclaimer 0530

Quick Mosey east then back west in lot Side Shuffle R/L, Politician

WOR:  High Plank while YHC get his $#!+ together.

Cherry Pickers, Merkins, SSH, Chain Breakers, Squats, Mtn Climbers ALL X 10 IC

EVO I : Head over to the West Side of the School for 13 HSPUs OYO

EVO II : MARSOC Short Card w Mosey

  1. 30 Push-ups
  2. 30 Air squats
  3. 30 Crunches
  4. 10 Burpees
  5. 10 Windmills (Mosey)
  6. 30 Push-ups
  7. 30 Mountain climbers
  8. 30 Flutter kicks
  9. 10 Burpees
  10. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count) + (Mosey)
  11. 30 Push-ups
  12. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
  13. 30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
  14. 10 Burpees
  15. 10 Chain breakers (4-count) + (Mosey)
  16. 30 Push-ups
  17. 30 Lunges
  18. 30 Binary’s
  19. 10 Burpees
  20. 10 Putin Pounders (4-count) + (Mosey)
  21. Max sets P1 holds the “Up” position of the pull-up on the rails while P2 holds his feet Flap Jack and RnR x 3


Wall Work

Wall Sits, Wall Sits w hip flexor stretch, Supermans, Wall Sits, Supermans w Peter Parker, Wall Sits w hip flexor stretch, Supermans w Mtn Climbers, Wall Sits w one leg on ground (switch), Supermans w one arm up, Wall Sits…


Plank, Flutters, Plank, Burpees 1 min, Low Plank


Spotify Playlist (Les has Premium, apparently, I am not on her account thus we found out about all the Spring Cleaning BOGOS at Publix):

Crazy Train , Killing in the name , Run Like Hell, Spirit of the Radio, Harvester of Sorrows, Unthought Known, Kashmere, Knockin on heavens door GNR, NIGHT MOVES, Paranoid, American Girl, Cult of personality, The Call of Ktulu


PAX instructed to Partner up for accountability and for someone to push them through the MARSOC portion of the Q.  Those 30 Merkins at the beginning of each rotation started to suck as we got on with it.

Not much MC during today’s event, seemed to be lots of MidWife noises though.

Great to have the Legend, Funyuns post with us up in this part of town.  He is the rare PAX like Big Bang that can successfully float from Nashville to The Shire to Franklin with open arms and a hearty welcome from all HIM.  If you haven’t posted to a different AO in a while, I would encourage you all to do so.

Thank yall for allowing me to lead and to hone my skills with yall.  Always a pleasure to see the HIM of F3Nashville get smoked with a smile and grimmace.


Continued prayers for Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills.  Foggy Pirate is down in the back and looks like he will be out for 6-8 weeks on a rehab program.

Keep the EH alive…



Westeros – 04.09.18 – “Three Amigos”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: T-Cell, Hi-Viz

It was a beautiful morning for the three of us who escaped the fartsack to get a little better than yesterday. After some chatter about the intimate number, we took off on a medium mosey down the parking lot and around the school and circled up at the drop-off loop.

The Thang:

COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 15
  • LBAC F x 15
  • Air Press x 15
  • LBAC R x 15

Skip over to the playground for a light circuit:

  • Merkins x 50
  • Split Squats x 50 (each side and all reps must be completed before switching)
  • Imperial Walkers x 50
  • Squats x 50

Long mosey to Fairfax and Marlborough for a brutal Jacob’s Ladder. Once all PAX were in, mosey back to the start.


  • Boxcutters x 15
  • Flutter Kicks x 15
  • Leg Raises x 15



A small but quality trio today at Westeros. We got 3.07 miles in by my watch, and I think we had the energy to get another 2 if there was time. Saved by the bell!


  • Continued prayers for strength and peace for Spicoli and his family through his cancer treatment.
  • Congrats to the men who suffered the Bataan Tough last Saturday. I heard nothing but brutal things, but we can all rest knowing it was not even close to what those men who experienced the true death march endured.
  • Get signed up to Q. There’s no reason there should be any blanks on the schedule for the next month. If you’re waiting until you’re sure you can make it, you’ll always have an excuse. Sign up now, and then manage conflicts as they arise. Be a leader.

PA out.