Birthday @ Bomber: Third Saturday in October Edition


Keep the Change, Blue Mule, Hambone, Firefox, Frequency, Crab Legs, Right Said, Lunch Lady, Hi-Viz, Trapper Keeper, The Baptist, Reveille, En Fuego, Tiny Dancer, Dewey Decimal (FNG), Porcelain, Bad Boy, Vector, Lemon, Crawl Space


T-Cell and YHC Harvey Updyke (VQ)

22 (including 1 FNG) gathered together in the early dawn, commenting on the beautiful cool morning; by some unexplainable mystery of nature, the temperature seemed to rise by 15-20 degrees over the course of just a few minutes…

Co-QICs T-Cell and Harvey Updyke educated the pax on the history of the University of Tennessee and University of Alabama football programs, two of the most storied and successful SEC schools in history. T-Cell got things started with the disclaimer and led the first 15-20 minutes.


  • Mosey to the small parking lot near the McCabe roundabout on the golf course side
  • SSH x25
  • WMH x20
  • Merkins x10


Mosey down the greenway past the driving range, 3-4 minutes or so to a fairway with a hill. T-Cell proceeded to commemorate the “Voice of the Vols”, Tennessee sportscasting great John Ward, one month to the day since  his passing. Ward was widely known for his trademark touchdown call “GIVE…HIM…SIX!” As such, we honored his memory with Sixes: 1 Merkin at the bottom, run up the hill, 5 Jump Squats at the top, back down the hill – each round, adding one Merkin and removing one Jump Squat from the count until we fully inverted to 5 & 1.

T-Cell brought the tunes along, blasting Rocky Top at the bottom of the hill. Counterintuitively, the pax were noticeably faster running up the hill away from the music than they were running back down. T-Cell also reminded the pax that the goal line at the bottom of the hill was the speaker; some mumble chatter may have arisen about purposely stopping a little shy, as this was the UT portion of the workout, after all.


T-Cell turned over the ball (hehe) to Harvey Updyke to take the pax home. Wise decision, as you never want to count on UT in the second half. YHC led the pax in a mosey back to McCabe community center, and took them on a quick history lesson: the day was October 21, 2006, and YHC was a freshman at the fine University of Alabama. Head Coach Mike Shula was in his final season at Bama, and unfortunately the Tide could not get it done against Phil Fulmer’s Vols in Knoxville. Fortunately, this was one of the final straws that led to Coach Shula’s dismissal, and as most of us know, his replacement turned out aight. So aight, in fact, that that sad day was the last time that UT downed Bama. It’s been 4,290 days since the Vols have found success against the Tide.

As such, we completed a total of 42 Burpees, along with 90 second intervals around an 8-station Ring of Fire, in the following order:

  • 21 Burpee buy-in
  • Ring of Fire, 90 seconds AMRAP at each:
    • Ranger Merkins
    • One-Legged Calf Raises
    • Lt. Dans
    • Low Country Crab
    • Travoltas
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Dips
    • E2Ks
  • 21 Burpee buy-out


Back in the parking lot, we celebrated each of Bama’s National Championships with a rep in a pax-determined core exercise – so 17 of each:

  • Freddie Mercuries – YHC
  • Scissor Kicks – Vector
  • Crunchy Frogs – honestly don’t remember who called this one, the pain was too great and my glasses are usually fogged at this point


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and welcomed FNG Carlos Shivers aka Dewey Decimal (he’s a librarian). Great to have you out with us man, be sure to come back! Reminders about TN Can Ruck – meet at Fat Bottom Brewery at 1:45 tomorrow – ruck starts at 2 sharp. Prayers for:

  • TK’s wife’s grandmother Marie is in the ICU, prayers for healing and peace among the family
  • Reveille’s cousin continues her recovery process
  • Reveille’s dad and brother both ship out soon, prayers for safety
  • Right Said’s friend getting the ole’ wisdom teeth yanked. Prayers for no dry sockets but maybe some YouTube-worthy pain med vids

It was an honor to co-Q with T-Cell, take on my VQ, and celebrate my 30th birthday with such excellent men. Thank you for the opportunity.

Fastest Mule!

PAX: Lots of FNGs= Mufasa, Sachmo, Avatar, Lil Tony, Claud, Teddy, Can’t Get Right, Fallout, Bruh Bruh, Biscuit, Big Ticket and Gussy

Old Timers: Redskull, Right Said, Hambone, Brother at law, Blue Mule, Frugal McDougal, Life Champ, Toga (QIC)

Twenty, yes twenty, redwoods found some time to get better at The Stronghold.  It went something like this:

Thang: Disclaimer (yes, before we ran a step) and mosey around the complex to the road above the STEM  center for Warmup COP: usual stuff…

Lineup on road for curb crawls= bear crawl to other side of the road for 1 merkin, crawl bear back to other side for 2 merkins… up to five and back down to 1.

Mosey down hill to STEM building for 40 lunges, 30 sec wall sit, 38 lunges, 30 sec wall sit… 36, 34, 32, 30 lunges and 30 wall sit

Divide into teams of 3 for ye ol’ triple check:  P1 wall sit, P2 WW2 sit-ups, P3 run up hill and across lot and back.  All players rotate through all three exercises three times.

Mosey to basketball court for shuttle run of doom= 10 yd shuttle with increasing reps EMOM.  We started with 5, and you had to drop out and work on Mary if you didn’t complete the reps in the minute.  Blue Mule made it to 16!!!

COT:  Reminders for Warpath, Can Ruck and prayers for brothers dealing with illness.  QIC took us out.

NMM:  The PAX was excited to welcome the new 4:13 class, and they got after it.  Lil Tony decided he wouldn’t be held back by the Q’s mosey pace, and took off.  Several of the PAX were right there on the Shuttle Run of Doom up till the 15 rep mark.  Someone is going to overtake Blue Mule’s 16 rep record real soon!

Re the lunges and wall sits, YHC is sure there are some sore glutes out there today.  You’re welcome!

Stay Classy,


Oh Brother at Law, Where Art Thou?

Donuts, Skidmark, Black Lung, Lumbergh, Yumi and Dupree, Yard Sale, Too Tall, Dilly Dilly, Ludwig, Tidy Cats, Accounts Receivable, Grisham, Dine N’ Dash, Brother at Law (Co-Q), CCR (Co-Q)

It was a late arriving crew this am. The northeast anchorage boys “leg-pooled” together, but later commented that they may have chosen the wrong day for that. There is never a wrong day to do something for the betterment of mother earth. The clock struck 5:30 and Brother at Law led us all on an enjoyable mosey down Trousdale, up the bus loop with some stretchy exercises and ultimately back to the parking lot to circle up.

SSH, WMH, GM were all done in cadence along with some mountain climbers, merkins, arm circles each way, air presses, baby seal claps and 1000 burpees. All of that is true except for the burpees. After counting off 1s and 2s, we were off to grab coupons and line up at the edge of the pavilion for some hill work.

THANG PART 1 – Soggy Bottom Boyz
We will be celebrating the Coen Brothers as me and Brother-at-Law are just a couple of Co(Q)’N Brothers in law. A savagely curated spotify playlist made up of hit songs from Coen Brothers movies accompanied our work during the first half of the morning.

All 1’s would run down to the holler, perform 3 reverse burpees (aka Soggy Bottom Boys) and run back to the pavilion. During this time, all 2’s remain in the pavilion enjoying music and performing AMRAP of the exercises listed below. Flapjack, repeat for all exercises. Coupons uses for all exercises.

– Squat / Thrusters
– American Hammers
– Deadlift / bicep curls
– Chest press w/ legs 6″ off the ground
– Kettle block swings
– American Hammers
– Squat / Thrusters

THANG PART 2 – Oh Brother at Law, Where Art Thou?
CCR takes over, 2’s return coupons to their home, all pax circle up in the parking lot. I informed everyone that we were going to play a little game called “Oh Brother at Law, Where Art Thou?” We gave Brother at Law a 2 minute head start as he took off running toward Sir E. The rest of us performed 10 burpees on the minute for 2 minutes before we took off after him. The goal was simply to find him and bring him safely back to the school. With the entire neighborhood at his disposal, I feared it may take a long time to find him. With increasing grumbling, the Donuts-led group made their way down Hogan and we decided to run through the Crievewood United Methodist parking lot on the off chance he was there doing burpees on the church steps. By pure coincidence and a stroke of luck, we found him the first place we looked and still had about 10 minutes before time ran out on our workout. After 20 more burpees, we decided to make our way back home with a speed bump of sorts at every driveway we encountered. I believe there was a total of 12 driveways. With 10 merks followed by 10 tuck jumps, my math skills tell me there was a total of 120 reps of each.

With only a few seconds to spare, we squeezed in 10 Flutter Kix in cadence before it was time.

After name-o-rama, we started a trial run of something called the 6th Man. The basic concept is that whoever is 6th during the count-off will be featured similar to how an FNG tells us about himself before being named. Today’s lucky winner was Gresham. We learned many things about him. He is a lawyer and his brother in law is T-Cell. He lives behind the school. If you want to know more, just ask him. He is really nice.

TN Can Ruck, WARPATH and Stonewall all going on this Saturday. Please bring canned goods to as many posts as possible this week to help supplement the various drop boxes at breweries.

A true pleasure to co-Q with my brother(at law).  Really glad to see Yumi (and Dupree) and Lumbergh back out for more.  My apologies to those who thought part 2 was anything more than a short play that we used to disguise a run down to the ag center and back. Come out Friday to see if Yumi and Dupree make it out together again. Dupree will be at the helm, so you know it will be a good one.

Until next time, on behalf of my better half,

PT test results

Surprise Army PT Test, unless you were warned on Tuesday. 2 minutes, all you got Merkins, WWII situps, and 2 mile run for time.

Here are the results and notes, just like my XC coach used to do.


Nobel Virus: 46/61/16:10 = 67/77/69 = 213 and PR’s in all metrics!  Last Test:40p/40s/17:01 = 61/55/59=175

Papa Juan: 85/54/18:36 = 100/82/61 = 243. You missed having Scraps to pace you on the 2 mile, previous was 17:04

Schnitzel: 51/40/16:03 = 75/58/75 = 208. Previous score is 169 from Chad’s records, but I don’t have the splits for each exercise.

Grohl: 55/51/22:27 88/79/27=194.  PR’s on pushups and run, including an over 1 minute improvement on the run! 51/63/23:17 last time around.

Yosef: 71/86/13:53 94/100/94=288. Down from 77p and 95 situps, but improvement from 14:30

Omaha: 42/42/28:54 63/57/0=120 First time out was a surprise PT test, now you’ve got a starting place

Iditarod: 80/64/16:33 100/87/74 = 261 Big PR on Merkins, consistent on situps, slight slide on run previous 48/41/18:19

CDL: 53/73/12:49 79/97/100=276 Huge PR’s!: 53/40/18:19 last time

Just Keep Showing Up

PAX: Big Bang, Olan Mills, Canary, Umbrella, Joey Freshwater, Black Widow, Ebola, Yeti (FNG), En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Better than the day before, with a beautiful sunrise in place for Warmarama.

5:30 AM: Disclaimer given – not a professional but have been doing F3 for one year today so there’s that; proceed mosey to top deck of LBMC parking garage.

Warmarama: SSH, LBC, WMH, Scorpion Stretch (PAX-pleaser) and GMs.  Proceed to bottom floor of the garage to begin…

The Thang: We go back in time and perform the same workout that greeted YHC at my first F3 post one year ago today – Q’d that day by HIM Olan Mills.  Details:

  • Sprint up ramp of parking garage to first corner; perform 15 WWIs
  • Bear Crawl right to next corner; perform 15 Burpees
  • Lieutenant Dan down length to next corner; perform 20 2-count American Hammers
  • Broad Jump to next and final corner; perform 15 merkins.  Wall sit until PAX are all in.  R&R 4x.  End with final sprint at top of parking garage and mosey back.  Time.

COT: Welcome FNG Yeti (neighbor of Ebola); prayers for Olan Mills father; Reminder that Warpath and TN Can Ruck are both this weekend.

Great work by the PAX today – appreciate you allowing YHC the opportunity to make first Racetrack post in nearly 12 months and lead you while doing so.

As I was driving home following the gathering in the gloom, I was thinking about this workout today compared to the same one 12 months ago on my Day 1.  As one would hope and expect, while by no means an easy endeavor today, it certainly wasn’t as painful as the first go round, where I was fairly certain and quasi-hopeful that life was going to end after just two sets of the above.

And in thinking about it, the only thing YHC can take credit for since that Day 1 to allow for a more successful 45 minutes today is the fact that I’ve just kept showing up.  Nothing more, nothing less – just kept showing up.  Good reminder of how that same discipline applies to so much more than F3.  In our marriages, with our kids, in our friendships, in our careers and in our spiritual walks, regardless of the conditions of your gloom, sometimes at the end of day all you can do is keep showing up.  And while the fruits of that daily discipline aren’t always as visible as we’d like, make no mistake that in doing so seeds are not just being sown but are being sown well.  Look no further than F3 as proof.


En Fuego

Everything Under The Sun

Q: Hambone
Pax: Right Said, BnB, Keep The Change, Harvey Updike, Crablegs, Porcelain, Reveille, Hi Viz, T Cell, Studio42

11 Pax showed up for what has already been done under the sun (a lot). My Qs are about as original as a McDonald’s hamburger. I like their hamburgers.

Disclaimer about the Disclaimer: I think it was right.

19 x SSH IC
13 x Toy Soldier IC
14 x IST
Good Morning OYO
10 x Willie Mays Hays IC

Pearls on a string (running with COPs interspersed), but with a little bit of order:

1st Pearl
10 x Merkin IC
10 x Slow and Low Squat IC
10 x Monkey Humpers IC

2nd Pearl
11 x Merkin IC
12 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

3rd Pearl
12 x Merkin IC
15 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

4th Pearl
13 x Merkin IC
13 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

5th Pearl
14 x Merkin IC
14 x Slow and Low Squat IC
30 Second Bridge

Run to Parthenon Facing Hill and Perform “Fours”
Up the hill, 1 burpee, back down
Up the hill, 2 burpees, back down

Up the hill, 4 burpees, back down


Naked Man Moleskin:
Great work by all to go through with the 2.7 mile run total. Porcelain knew what was coming and unearthed the flag to make the journey with us around the ‘non.

Reminder: Warpath and TN Can Ruck are coming up this weekend. Pick one or both. TCell says he will honor you greatly if you do both #TruthNugget

Soccer Drills and History Lessons @ Broken Wheel

11 PAX in Attendance: HushPuppy, ShowMe, Mr. Belding, MRSA, Nimbus 2000, Aunt Bea, Shocker (F3Franklin, Respect), WMD (FNG) and KEEN (FNG), Soccer Mom (VQ) & 3rd Degree (Co-Q YHC)

Warm up Mosey around Parking Lot x 2 while HushPuppy pulled the classic 2-wheel turn in…

Round up, Disclaimer for the FNGs (and all PAX, but especially them)

Warm-Up all IC except for GM:

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Seal Jacks
  • 10 Tempo Squats
  • 10 Tempo Merkins
  • 10 LBACs forward and 10 Reversed with last 3 IN Big Arm Circles
  • 25 seconds of GM OYO

Handover to SoccerMom who lost sleep due to giddyness to lead his VQ…BTW, did we mention he is a seasoned soccer player and coach? Game on!

The Thang pt.1:

Terrible Things Come in 3s:

Bear Crawl Cone to Cone (10yds apart) with 3 Merkins at each cone (4 cones in a square) for 3 minutes, Then Lunge Walk cone to cone with 3 burpees at each cone x 3 mins., then back to Bear-crawl with 3 WWIs @ each cone x (you guessed it…) 3 minutes.

The Thang pt.2:

Wall of Jericho

Q is also a History Major and teacher, so he briefed us on Bible lessons about Joshua and the Israelites marching around the wall 7x and taking Jericho…

So we ran the cones and after each lap (~40 yds) we did 30 seconds of whatever exercise he called:


  • J-Los
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Peter Parkers
  • SSHs
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • WWIs

No walls came down but heart-rates were UP!

The Thang pt.3:

Waves of Americans: Another Hx lesson where we celebrated the anthem of America the Beautiful and the amber waves of grain, except now it’s Merkins.

Circle of Fire where High plank is held and then as Q goes to down position of Merkin, PAX to right in successive wave go to down and then Q returns up to high plank and circle continues, forming a vocal wave of pain, completed an unknown numbers of waves

The Thang pt.4:

Hx lesson about Pyramids…

Partner up and while one PAX performs 20 Merkins, the other does WWIs x20, then flapjack. Followed by 30 of each, then 40 of each.


Dying Cockroach: LBC position, where lower half goes up and to left, followed by top healf in 2 full rotations. TIME!

Great VQ SoccerMom!!!! Thanks Coach 😉


  • Christened FNGs WMD and KEEN, Welcome fellas!
  • Praise for Barney and his family welcoming Savannah Rose home recently (hopefully we will see this bleary-eyed Papa again soon…)
  • Saturday the Forge will burn-on as Numbtucks returns and Qs
  • Warpath 8 Saturday 5am @ F3Franklin AO BattleGround. 3D and Shocker at least will represent
  • TN CAN RUCK taking place the same day…message Princess Aurora about it

Love getting to lead these HIMs. Love seeing newer PAX stepping up and leading. Love seeing two new PAX initiated today, WELCOME! You are why we’re here.

Until next time,

3D, out!

They Don’t Get Easier, You Just Get Better

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Princess Aurora, Bicentennial Man, En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Hot & muggy; missing a good January gloom

5:30 AM: We mosey, where halfway into it YHC realizes no disclaimer was given.  Disclaimer given mid-mosey.   Head to the soccer field for…

Warmarama: SSH, LBAC, WMH and GM.  During GMs, YHC informs the PAX that tomorrow is QIC’s one-year F3 birthday and thanks the PAX for coming to kick off the birthday festivities.  In honor of that birthday celebration this week, we’re going back in time reliving a couple milestones, including YHC’s first Q, delivered 9 months ago at the friendly confines of The Skunk – and in doing so testing the old F3 adage that the “workouts don’t get easier, you just get better”.  With that, we begin a slightly modified (soon to be regretted) version of that first Q.

The Thang:  We celebrate the 2nd F of F3 and bring Fellowship to the forefront.  QIC informs the PAX that from this point forward everything we do we do in two’s – so we partner up.  Fireman carry to the end of the soccer field to commence the following:

Partner 1 begins suicide utilizing length of soccer field – 1/3rd, 2/3rd and full length with one burpee, two burpees, and three burpees at the respective stops.  Second F twist is that Partner 1 doesn’t stop facing Partner 2 throughout suicide, so half is performed running backwards.

Partner 2 commences the following, with partners flapjacking until the below is complete:

  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Jump Squats
  • 100 Power Merkins (modified from merkins in initial Q; regret sets in)
  • 100 Iron Mikes (modified from lunges; further regret)
  • 100 BigBoy Situps (modified from LBCs; modifying now a foolish decision at this point)

We’re all in, completely drenched, and PA is now shirtless.  With the latter, our lady friend from senior housing appears – mumble chatter between her and PA ensues; no questions asked.  Fireman carry to center sideline, where Partner 1 wheelbarrows to midfield; switch partners for return trip and end with 5 irkins and 5 derkins.  That’s one set; r&r 3x – increasing to 10 count of each on the final set.

Final minutes comprised of mixture of pull ups and sprints with Mary’s baked in.   Time.


  1. TN CAN Ruck this Saturday – reach out to PA for details.
  2. Prayers for Reveille’s cousin and brother; Bicentennial’s mom

As always, great effort by the PAX – appreciate you coming out to the party today and certainly thankful for the fellowship and accountability you’ve provided over the last 12 months.

Jazz in Music City


Making progress! I recorded the CoR this time….but it  didn’t save to my stupid phone, so let’s see how well I do.

Blue Mule, Princess Aurora, Crab Legs, B&B, Porcelain, Vector, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Bad Boy, Trapper Keeper, Studio 42, Harvey Updyke, and Voucher. (Thanks for the assist Vector!) I swear, one day I will get the HC right.


I figured it was time for the guys to get a taste of what I do for the army, so it was all about the Jazz this morning. Crab Legs brought out an FNG (B&B), so disclaimer happened as soon as we started a mosey at 5:30. After that, we circled up for:

Windmills x10, LBAC x 10, Seal Claps x10, OH claps x10, RLBAC x10, Willy Mays Hayes x10, Good Mornings x10 OYO, then mosey on to the soccer field


Lined up on the outside of the field to learn a couple musical terms:

Jump squats x10

Alligator Merkins x10

Zombie Crawls x10

Zombie Walks x10

2 rounds total to make sure they fully grasp the wonder of Jazz. Now that we’ve got the main genre down, let’s learn about some subsets of jazz:

Body Builders x10

Lt Dans x10

Up Straddle Hop x10

E2K x10

Stagger Merkin x10

Ipod got stuck on repeat, so we got to listen to a round of blues twice. Then studied a bit of:

Sumo Squats x10

Werkins x10

Imperial Squat Walkers x10

Non-Alternating Shoulder Taps x10

Gorilla Humpers x10

Of course, you can’t talk about jazz without studying one of the greats:

Merkins x10

Iron Mike x10

LBC x10

Elevated Merkins x10

Smurf Jack x10

Little to no mumble chatter, so the students must have been captivated by the music.

Now the interesting part: a little friendly competition with 1 round of Blue Falcon. 2 teams each have 3 minutes to come up with a workout for the other team. The team finishing last had a penalty of 15 burpees.

Team 1 created: Burpee Broadjumps x10, Manmakers x10, Hydraulic Squats x10, and Monkey Humpers x10

Team 2 put together: Burpees x10, Sprint to the end of the field, rinse and repeat 4 times with 1 final set of Burpees x10 at the end.

It was a close race, but Team 2 scraped by with a victory. They got to “rest” and do field sprints while Team 1 cranked out their 15 Burpee penalty.

Good workout today gents, and a hearty welcome to B&B! Vector asked to keep his family in our prayers as their son goes off by himself for a few weeks to camp. Also, please keep my cousin in your thoughts as she’s recovering, as well as my brother since he left yesterday on his second deployment.


  1. Stonewall is still happening Saturday even though there are a couple of other events going on the same day.
  2. TN CAN RUCK Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Touch base with Princess Aurora if you’re interested and haven’t signed up yet.
  3. Warpath takes place down in Franklin Saturday too. Feel free to double up if you’re feeling manly.


Birthday Smokewall/Stoneboots Fun Times

Bagger Vance, Shoeless Joe (FNG), Princess Aurora, Cowboy, Deep Dish, Right Said, Bad Boy, Brother-At-Law, Bicentennial Man, Umbrella, Black Lung


Yesterday was YHC’s birthday, and I wanted to put something together that would keep up with the recent trend of running oriented workouts at Stonewall. BV brought out an FNG (Shoeless Joe), so I made sure to drop the disclaimer at 5:59:30. After that, we circled up for:

SSH x41 IC (41 was the number of the day. 😉 It was at this point BV asked if this was my birthday or something.)
Good Mornings x10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Forward x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles Reverse x10 IC
Air Presses x10 IC
Slow and Low Merkins x10 IC

Since 41 was the number today, we started out with 41 burpees. 10 on the minute for 3 minutes and 11 on the last minute.

After that, I just felt like running.


We ran out the Sevier parking lot and down Linden Lealand over to the 440 Greenway Park (4GP for short). Once there, we ran all the way up the hill to the top of the loop and back down to Sevier Park. We ran this loop 4 times during the course of the workout. Each time back at Sevier, we’d do a little COP that consisted of:

Round 1 & 4:
Alabama Prom Dates x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Round 2:
Flutter Kicks x16 IC
Alternating Shoulder Taps x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Round 3:
Big Boy Sit Ups x16 OYO
Hello Dolly’s x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC

Four laps to 4GP and back ended up right around 4.2ish miles. I was shooting for 4.1ish, so we’ll just call that extra tenth one to grow on. We still had a few minutes left after our last round, so we moseyed over to the swing set for two sets of:

Wall Dips x21
Incline Merkins x20

We moseyed back to the parking lot for MARY:

Good Mornings x21
Willie Mays Hayes x20

I figured everyone needed a good stretch after putting in four plus miles.


  1. Stonewall is still happening next week even though there are a couple of other events going on the same day.
  2. TN CAN RUCK next Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Touch base with Princess Aurora if you’re interested and haven’t signed up yet.
  3. Warpath takes place down in Franklin next Saturday too. Feel free to double up if you’re feeling squirrelly.

Thanks for allowing me to lead yesterday morning. It’s always a pleasure. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes too!