Titan – 2.10.21 – Choose your own adventure

Intent was to keep PAX guessing as to what was next

PAX: Cub Cadet (QIC), Michelin Man, Smoke Jumper, Vector (R-E-S-P-E-C-T), Defrost, Crawl Space, Ask Jeeves, Hambone, Siri, Rich Soil, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Black Lung, Natural Ice, Freakonomics

Conditions:  Cold enough for most of us to wear hats, but warm enough for Mule and Soil to wear shorts

Usual disclaimers and warm-up in front of the Parthenon.

Main Event:  Top of front steps of the Parthenon was considered home base.  One random pax would select an adventure, identified by letter A-F, with outcome unknown until selected.   Each adventure included a group run to a point elsewhere at Centennial Park, followed by one minute each of two different exercises.  The group released to sprint back to home base.  Upon arriving at home base, squat jump up steps and hold plank at top.   Sequence selected as follows:

  • Adventure F: Back of ellipse, formerly near women’s’ suffrage statue. Wide Arm PU, American Hammers
  • Adventure C: Open air theater near McDonalds. Route cut short by construction fence.  Dips, Leg raises
  • Adventure E: Play set / playground. Pull-ups, LBC
  • Adventure A (fan favorite): Hilltop monument across road vic dog park. Burpees, Alabama things
  • Near time, so skipped Adventures B and D; modified by doing squats, flutter kicks at home base.
  • Sprint back to AO

COT: no FNG.  Each PAX asked to share aloud one specific item of thanks / gratitude for today.  Prayer.  Coffee compliments of Hambone.


Cub Cadet

Westeros 2-8-2021: Art Class

Last Friday at Bomber, Blue Mule taught music class, so today at Westeros, 17 HIM learned about art – colors, to be specific.

PAX:  Vector (QIC), Ask Jeeves, BnB, CB, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, DFrost, F3G,  Natural Ice, Oatmeal,  Porcelain, Rock Bottom, Siri, Sooner, & FNG Fancy Bikes with our running club of Pumpkin Spice & Michelin Man.

Conditions:   Balmy 28 degrees.

Disclaimer given. Mosey just beyond the port-a-potty and the sketchy parked cars for the

Warm-o-rama:  SSH x 15, LBAC x 15, RLBAC x 15, WMH x 15, Good Mornings x 10 OYO

Mosey to front of WEMS for Round 1 of the Main Event:

Main Event:
Because I always base my Qs first on a playlist and then scramble to fit a workout to the theme, this week’s theme was based on colors (My daughter deemed it “pretty cool, Dad” so I had that going for me).  So 3 sets with 3 stations representing the featured colors.  Move between the stations until the 3 songs are over.  Then move on to the next set.

Playlist in italics:  So. Many. Colors.

Round 1: Front of WEMS
Little Red 🔴 Corvette – Prince
Orange 🔶 Crush – R.E.M.
Yellow 💛 – Coldplay 

Red Station (at right end of WEMS) – 30 Squats
Orange Station (steps of WEMS) – 10 burpees
Yellow Station (at left end of WEMS) – 30 squats

Round 2: the traffic circle
Green 💚 River – CCR (the band, not the dude)
Blue 🔵 Monday – New Order
Purple 💜 Haze – Jimi Hendrix 

Green Station (at stairs at WEMS traffic circle) – 40 LBCs
Blue Station (the driveway loop) – Run around circle
Purple Station (at far end of traffic circle) – 30 American Hammers

Round 3: back to parking lot
Pretty in Pink 🎀 – Psychedelic Furs
Back in Black ⚫ – AC/DC
White ⚪Lines: Grandmaster Flash

Pink Station (at end of lot with stairs) – 10 irkins
Black Station (middle of lot by the cars) – 20 lunges
White Station (at end by greenway sign) – 10 merkins


  • Welcome FNG Fancy Bikes (EH of Oatmeal who noted FB has bikes that are more expensive than his car) – other options included “Falcon” (he was his high school’s mascot) and a riff on his role as portfolio manager (I think) for State of TN.  We were feeling fancy, hence “Fancy Bikes.”

Was an honor as always to lead you men this morning.  Glad to hear appreciation for the playlist — like to expose you young un’s to the classics now and then.  Until next time . . . 


TITAN – February 3, 2021 – “NOT the most disappointing Titan of the football season”

Wednesday, February 3th 2021

Gloom: cold, real real cold

PAX:  Buster Bluth , MichelinMan, CubCadet, Natural Ice, Blueprint, Minus 3, RightSaid, AskJeeves, CrabLegs, D-frost, Siri, Badboy, BlackLung, Hambone

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog to the Parthenon, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow Merkins, lil baby arm circles, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work:  Circuit training around the Parthenon:

Using the corners of the Parthenon as “baseball bases” we traveled with Hillbillys/ High knees, Emerial walkers/ butt kickers, Pumpkin Spice patented “Obamas” and Lieutenant Dans. Halfway box jumps or run the stairs. Home plate = 20 merkins, 3rd base = 20 pullups and 1st/3rd =20 seconds rest

MARY: 5seconds of situps and Burpees

COT:  good work, men!


YHC Crawlspace

Racetrack – Golden Glutes Beatdown 1/27/2021

PAX: Umbrella, Black Widow, Olan Mills, Wedding Singer, Ponzi, Ginger, Double Check, Moving On Up, Faulkner, Venus, Leatherneck, Hugs not Drugs, Nurse.Ratched, Not-a-Sport

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: nice crisp 35 degrees


Mosey to parking lot next to parking deck

  • SSH x20
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10
  • But-kickers half parking lot x2
  • High knees half parking lot x2


Mosey to parking deck stairs

  • 20 merkins, lap 1 up stairs, 5 burpees, down stairs
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, lap 2
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, lap 3
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, lap 4
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 Iron Mikes (1 is 1 rep), lap 5
  • 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 6
  • 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 7
  • 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 8
  • 20 lunges, lap 9

Great work by all this morning. Great coffeeteria  fellowship after. Umbrella is going to post a service opportunity on Slack for 3/6.  Leatherneck is going lead 2 hour ruck/workout 2/6.

Always an honor,


It will wash off

15 redwoods posted to see just how wet and muddy they could get.  Here’s how it went down:

Gloom Factor: Nada!  Seventy and sunny

PAX: Noble Virus, Detective Pichachu, B&B, Toga (QIC), Red Skull, THE Black Widow, Hambone, World tour, Man about Town, Tender foot, Dry rub , Butt Dial, Zyppah, Bagger Vance, Billy Blanks (FNG)

Quick disclaimer then mosey to gravel lot on the back 40.  Warmarama then line up facing the far side of the lot for Noah’s ark= transport down and mosey back using the following modes:  bear crawl, crab walk, inch worm merkins, kangaroo hops (broad jumps), some other animal?

Line up in the grass facing South for 5x grass drills= chopping and rolling

Mosey to bball court for some bonus calisthenics then line up on the side line for ye old EMOM shuttle run.  We started with 5 and increased by one rep EMOM.  Time was called at 14 reps

COT with YHC taking us out!

NMM:  The focus of today was working through not so awesome conditions, not giving up and not letting the guy next to you down.  Strong performance by the PAX!  Shoutout to Butt Dial who is not only the first 4:13 member to bring an FNG, but he’s also expecting a new arrival and could use our prayers for a healthy baby.

14 for MLK Day At Westeros 1.18.21

Gloom: cool but high 30s no wind isn’t too bad

Blue Mule
Michelin man
Natural Ice
pumpkin Spice
Red skull
Rich Soil
Right Said

Mosey to pick-up circle
Cherry Pickers
Air presses
Imperial Walkers

Dueling Doomsday Clocks

Squat holds to Up and Down by Venga Boys
(Squat hold when they say “down” and stand up when they say “up.”)

11s pull-ups on playground and burpees at top of school steps

Mosey back to startex

Dealer’s choice abs

Cafe Prius and Cafe Tacoma followed.


21 for a Bomber Beatdown 1.15.21



Gloom: dark but at least it was 35 and not 25. Enthusiasm level high.


Sideout (FNG)
Smokejumper (FNG)
Spinal Tap
Bad Boy
Rich Soil
Ranger Rick
Michelin Man
Princess Aurora
Hi Viz
The Nanny
Crab Legs
Right Said
Natural Ice


Mosey to greenway trailhead and around to McCabe parking lot.




Cherry Pickers



Air Presses

Foot to hand plank stretch (both sides)


Deuling Doomsday Clocks

2 circles of PAX each doing 1 Merkin each and incrementing the count

PAX bowed out once unable to hold plank or do do Merkin

First clock with fewer than 5 PAX loses.

Which clock won is unimportant. Much effort was exerted by all.



100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 squats


Mosey back around to lower parking lot for Mary

Dealer’s choice abs exercises until time.

Props to Smokejumper for the surprise FNG cadence call.


Thanks to our coffee sponsors, Cafe Tacoma and Cafe Prius.



14 Jan 21


Temp : 34
Gloom Factor : Moderate


Flava, Noble Virus, Stranger, Detective Pichachu UltraTech, BnB, Olan mills, toga, Red Skull, black widow, porcelain, blue mule, crawl space, right said, Hambone, Benjamin Button, world tour, Man about Town, jersey shire, Tender foot, dry rub , butt dial, double flush, shin guard, Zyppah, maybe, clean trim, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Disclaimer Claimed
Blocks grabbed by 413ers

Mosey to back gravel lot for

All IC x 12


P1 Worm Burners (initially called Murder Bunnies but corrected by Right Said and Shootuh) ~30 yards

Imperial Walkers
Flap Jack
Then rinse n repeat x 3

Squats (R2)


Lots of PFT this week so YHC modified a bit :
2min Timer w P1 working while P2 planks and counts

R1 – Burpees
R2 – Flutter Kix (4 ct)
.75M run


Such an honor to see all the F3 PAX out this am in the Gloom to support our new 413 brothers. Thank y’all for the commitment to changing these guys lives one Burpee at a time.
Cobains for the Qonfusion on block needs and calling Worm Burners Murder Bunnies.
Be sure to record your FIT Test numbers for measuring at the end of this class.

BH :
Prayers up for this class of 413ers. Specifically for Crop Duster and the recent loss of his Mom. Several PAX asked for prayers regarding discipline and trust.


Dozen PAX in the Cold at Titan 1.13.21


Black Lung
Crab Legs
Rich Soil
Michelin Man
Blue Mule
Natural Ice
Right Said

Dark and cooooooold

mosey around Centennial park to Dragon
cherry pickers
plank position – foot by hand – both sides
step over fence forward/back – both leg
modified air presses (press over the “net”)
with squat
with jump squat

Parthenon step box jumps

parking lot shuffle
shuttle run up and down lot lines, burpee at every other lot line – and back

1m plank hold
side plank – both sides
AL prom dates
1-leg AL prom dates – both legs
Dealer’s choice to finish out

mosey back to Startex

Prius and Tacoma Cafes and fellowship followed


New Year, Same PFT

PAX:  Umbrella, Venus, Faulkner, Toga (QIC), Too Tall, Ponzi, Hugs Not Drugs, Enron, Nurse Ratched, Penny Loafers, Not a Sport, Double Check, Plus 1 more?

Gloom Factor:  Nada, 70 and Sunny

13 redwoods set some bars today as the PAX took on the USMC PFT.  It went something like this:

Thang: Mosey to the park for a very brief warmarama with an explanation of the day’s events.  Two columns on the pull-up bars for strict form pull-ups.  Partner up for 2 minutes of crunches.  Mosey to the street and start 3 mile out and back route heading West on Maryland Way, turn left on Granny White and reverse direction at the Virginia Way light.

The PAX closed with a brief Mary session, COT and Umbrella’s finest roast.

NMM:  YHC hadn’t really done this since college, so it’s always good to see what that looks like.  The PAX will plan to leverage this little activity quarterly with goals now set for the coming months.  Strong work today!

Stay Classy,