Daft Punk

QIC: Scraps

Pax: Iditarod, Black Lung, Aristotle, NPR, Papa Juan, Seagull, Schnitzle, Yosef, Mr. Roboto, Grohl

10 Pax posted surprisingly, even though Yosef forgot to send a reminder. Sad Clowns, they are not.

Scraps took the VQ, and did not disappoint. Its like he’s led before.


Big lap of the parking lot, which included politicians and side to side, each side, and ended with a bear crawl.

13x Good mornings, x17 Willie Mays Hays, x9 big arm circles forward, x7 big arm circles backwards, x 11 imperial walkers, x 12 rock a billies.

The Thang:

Scraps introduced Pax to the French acid electronic stylings of Daft Punk. Truth nuggets a plenty throughout.

1) FIRE DRILL to Around the World (Each Pax yells “Fire”)- Merkin, roll right, merkin, roll left, back up to high knees

2) GET LUCKY to Get Lucky- Flutter kicks….”Up all night”- Al Gore- “Get Lucky”- Merkin

3) 100 MORE TIMES- to One More Time- PARTNER GOAL 50 Merkins, 100 crunches, 150 squats- while one sprints down and back

4) Bropees- to Harder, Better, Faster Stronger

5) Television Rules the Nation- Spell that out on your back with your feet all caps

6) Technologic- Patty Cake Merkins

The Thang soaked all the time, and appropriately smoked the Pax.

Cot & BoM: Scraps advised the Pax to use the words we’re insulted by to streghten us, not to be ashamed of what we’re called. Prayed out.

Bullhorn: Tuesday is open for Q if someone wants it.

Aristotle shared some positive news about the youngest on the way. Continued prayers are appreciated


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